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from politics to flash from calls like a good time this is what. welcome to the 77 percent. this week and g.w. . the for. this is the news coming up. to fight cancer women in pakistan donate their hair so cancer patients like not can have their self-esteem back. fell out. it was very long and beautiful i asked my mom if it would come back. to medics on strike which coronavirus pharaoh's gripping their city medics go on strike to demand the closing of 4 does which means less china. i'm with
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a woman president and a record number of women role because taiwan leads the way for gender equity in government but new n.p.c. battling sexism is part of the job. i'm british managing welcome to the dublin years a show it's good to have you with us. breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in pakistan that's according to the health organization for the thousands of women coping with that diagnosis each year in the country emotional support is a crucial part of recovery for many it can be something as simple as regaining lost. correspondent reports. since being diagnosed with breast cancer not monitored shot has many challenges after several
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rounds of chemotherapy the 52 year old wasn't prepared for the side effects of her treat me. with my hair fell out i cried a lot it was very long and beautiful i asked my mom if it would come back. my hair has now regrown but it's not like it was before. this is a devastating loss but we believe everything is a test from god. over the last 25 years but the start has witnessed a significant rise in the number of people diagnosed with cancer according to the world health organization 174000 cases were recorded in 2000 and. 20 percent of those for vim and with breast cancer but years of foreign investment in the health care system is highlighting the country's inability to tackle growing
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health crisis and it after here and after thought it is often left to charities to help feel like them says again. here to help is one such organization members of the public do need their hear which is then turned into and given to dos in hospital wards free of charge. initial resistance from some people to the initiative forced the charity to get an islamic scholar to issue a fatwa in favor of people donating. who will there be people who still believe that this is a sin especially if the head they donate is misused but i assure them we have nothing to do with black magic i encouraged by telling them that their hair will grow back and that for women who are going through this trauma these weeks can be a huge boost to their self-esteem. their.
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human hair. and looks more natural which is why it is preferred over synthetic. but they're more expensive so the charity offers free here as an incentive to come for. a difficult cancer patients go through a difficult time finding this disease and then they suffer from hair loss and hair is important to the overall appearance of a woman in pakistan as citizens it's our duty to encourage those in need. and for donors. they know that this small gesture can make a big difference to them and recovering from. in a red admission trying knowledge the shortcomings and its response to the koran the virus outbreak president xi jinping is now calling the crisis
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a court people's war of prevention but it's of rallying cry that rings hollow for many in hong kong which has reported its 1st death from the coronavirus trust in beijing is already low after months of pro-democracy protests and many residents. by memories of the sars epidemic 2 decades ago where hong kong recorded merely the same number of deaths as on the chinese mainland and now health care workers have gone on strike. to demand a complete border closure with the mainland the strikers say that's the only way to stop the koran of virus from spreading. close the border save hong kong that's the demand of thousands of the city's health workers on strike for a 2nd day for those battling on the virus's front line the current precautions simply aren't enough. thing i hope the government listens to our demands
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quickly closes all the borders and bring this epidemic and to control. so many this latest epidemic serves as a painful reminder of the deadly sars outbreak nearly 2 decades ago and few have forgotten china's initial attempts to cover up that outbreak severity which killed nearly $300.00 in the city state now as then people in hong kong are critical of a government response they say is lethargic on monday or thora he's took further measures closing all the 2 land border crossings the international airport also remains open. hong kong's chief executive has hit back at critics. i certainly would not agree with the allegation that. sort of not addressing this public health concern adequately and certainly i don't agree with the allegation that we are putting politics above public health. a statement likely
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to fall on deaf ears with protest is valid to continue their strike until the end of the week. we have a correspondent charlotte shelton bill is in hong kong and you're drugged on the line now charlotte water's been the impact on medical services of the strike. well this is now the 2nd day of this 5 day strike in the hospital here in hong kong is that there's been a serious impact on medical services here mentioned in particular web. services and they took intensive care services as well have been. impacted by this strike so with 3 days still to come with the many front line stuff including doctors and nurses expected to continue to strike this could be a very serious for. those who are taking part in the strike and stress
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that this disruption will be nothing to the disruption that would be cool if this period really takes hold here and they say that medical already stretched and that they simply won't if the number of cases of this current virus which is. the time when the. potential. as yet. how much of it is there for these striking. well of course the strike has been condemned by the government chief executive edging medical staff to return to work as soon as possible many in the medical community as well and by the government to carry edging medical staff to return to work as soon as possible many in the medical community as well
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a warning that doctors and nurses must perform their job particularly now while this the corona virus is starting to spread in hong kong having said that many people that we've spoken to at the very least support the cool of to strike the reason behind it they also want all of the borders closed here in hong kong there are so many people remember that saw the outbreak of 2003 when with 300 people lost their lives here in hong kong they know that is very densely populated the spread can start to take hold very rapidly and that is a big concern here a number of people that we've spoken to as well worried about the fact that there is a very urgent shortage here that blaming the authorities the north getting a supply of those more functional here in hong kong the facts now that i've been to more cases confirmed today right a full cases of the 17 and believed to have been transmitted while in hong kong not
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coming from a non china that really is starting to to increase the concern for people here. in hong kong thank you very much for that. a little over 3 weeks back taiwan elected psion one to a historic 2nd term as leader of the island but along with side taiwan he's also elected a record 42 percent women to parliament that makes taiwan the only region in asia with the highest number of female parliamentarians this is thanks to a nearly century long struggle to increase political representation for women that's also seen the introduction of kowtows for most election races but still it isn't easy going he didn't correspondent phebe kong met newly elected m.p. fun union of the ruling democratic progressive party she began by asking her what difficulties she faces as a woman in politics. do you personally encounter any of these nice acts of some behavior difficulties that during your campaign of course for example
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when i when some people still mean they not only me a bitch sometimes they will just say. so it's not only in the real war actually in the the so-called virtue or in the internet you see even more. morse i will say it sounds like you still need some time to change the culture so. that's the question that's a question will like to ask so is there anything you think like can improve in taiwan in terms of gender equality to what are you going to plan to do and what should be done in the future differently i think we have more things that we can do to improve the situation of for example i would propose day we should we said to our public funding for women to. pay because compared to their male partners of their male counterparts women have less resources to be
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a politician especially to. kenya date and i would say that we have to set up some education a gender education mechanism in our city council and also in our national congress because they are the you know they are the people who look up to dan if the male politicians often have some comments i see is really a send up the wrong sim the wrong message to the taiwanese people. taiwanese m.p. fun your interview with the correspondent. that's it for now i don't want your website. online and for other stories from the future. leave it all with a look of the life of. just outside of the. it's a winter tradition there to treat coffee bought us to fruit confused offspring vaults with superstar.
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happiness beers for everyone schumann penises are very different from primates we have many totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature and their favorite and this is climate change crisis sex how fetus increase books you get smarter for free . on. europe. what
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unites. what defines. funny looks tragic course. what binds the continent together. the answers and stories a plenty good. spot why don't people. focus on girls on g.w. . forget the glitz and glamour of macau is a ghost town the crown of buyers sees the chinese gambling enclave close its casinos the outbreak continues to take its toll on global business. yeah bust bribery protasis. told are asia's chief executive steps aside well authorities investigate unusual payments at the malaysian carrier. and in thailand small
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breweries set out to disrupt the be a market sector that's unfairly skewed to big multinationals. and been visible in let's do business counting the costs of the coronavirus analysts say the outbreak could rapidly weaken global growth the situation is already fragile goldman sachs says debates a modest hit to growth this year while the macroeconomic effects is still unclear the near term implications for chinese output of becoming very clear economists say the viruses cost china's restaurant tourism and movie industries $144000000000.00 in losses of the lunar new year holiday casino stocks have slumped the world's gambling capital macau is closing old venues for at least 2 weeks that will cut off the lifeblood of the city's economy. the prospects for tourism in macau are as uncertain as a throw of the dice that one of the territories gets the casinos the virus has seen
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billions of dollars wiped off the market value of the macau operations of las vegas giant think looting when m.g.m. and sam's macau.


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