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oh. this is deja vu news live from berlin in his state of the union address president trump tells americans you've never had it so good. in american a trencher has only just begun and my fellow americans the best is yet to come. republicans cheer and chant 4 more years but the
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democrat speaker of the house sitting just behind the president makes clear what she thinks of his speech. also coming up how china likes the world to see its efforts to curb the spread of the corona virus and the reality body bags left lying near to patients we report on the work of a brave video blogger and citizen journalist and the rare moments when the children of it live in just the children we visited orphanage taking care of youngsters who have been bombed out of their homes as syrian government forces advanced on the last rebel stronghold. oh. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump hailed what he called the great american comeback and his annual state of the union address to congress in a speech covering a wide range of his. policies he celebrated america's booming economy that's his
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main platform in this election year trump also touting his moves on a range of signature foreign policy issues including trade deals and pressuring nato allies to increase military spending the speech comes against the backdrop of his impeachment trial in the senate. as don't know trump made his way to the podium it was clear he had the support of his republican party. but as they chanted for more years there was no escaping the fact that this house is democratic controlled impeachment wasn't mentioned but president trump appeared to snub house speaker nancy pelosi the most powerful elected democrat by refusing to shake her hand. and this was to be his show
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3 years ago we launched the great american comeback tonight i stand before you 2 share the incredible results jobs are booming incomes a story poverty is plummeting crime is falling confidence is surgery and our country is thriving and highly respected again. from the economy to trade foreign policy to defense donald trump in short he was sent to stage america's enemies are on the run america's fortunes are on the rise in america's future is blazing bright. the years of economic decay are over. donald trump also had a few surprises up his sleeve. please take this message back he was 60 called
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venezuela's opposition leader one why don't know who was watching from the gallery the legitimate president of venezuela the best is yet to come back but is trump true to a close it was what was going on behind him that stole the show nancy pelosi ripping up his speech the bitter feud between the 2 boiling over once again. and we're joined here in the studio by tyson barker fellow at the truman national security project welcome to the program tyson if you put the speech into context for us because this wasn't your typical state of the union address right i mean this was a very choppy week of a very politically heavy week we have iow we have the state of the union and of course today we have the vote in the senate on impeachment and removal which looks like obviously trump or remain in office but more than anything if you look at yesterday's speech it was the declaration the beginning of his reelection campaign
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and he was emphasizing really 2 areas one is the economy it's the economy stupid you know unemployment below 4 percent heavy growth stock market rising for one case doing fantastically and the other was trying to energize his base and the best symbol of that was the presentation spontaneously of the medal of freedom which is the largest the most important civilian honor that the u.s. government can convey on somebody to rush limbaugh who has a quite a right wing provoked a tour so that's signaling to his base i'm with you we're going to do this together and we also had political polarization really on full display in what has been a packed week as is articulated here we got some public reaction to the president's address this is among some students in washington d.c. let's have a listen and then we'll get your reaction to all on our air tran supporter so like i'm watching it sort of to mock him. and i think a lot of the stuff he said about like abortion and things i don't really agree with and i think he's just like because the economy thriving like not because of him
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he's using that as like a platform like make himself look good and even starting with snow yes it was his answer to the very start it was very much one sided you see out there and you know one side having people standing up i mean it's koreans and the same thing is very very partisan and i think we were all hoping you know for a more unifying message coming from president trump but i don't really think that it's reasonable to expect from him especially because he leans into the polarization in order to kind of get the media attention and get the attention of the american public no one's minds being changed right now everyone's everyone is using the speech and from the previous views i think. polarization you have it there tyson i mean what is the state of it in the country right now i mean it's extremely polarized you know some democrats question whether or not it was you know that they needed to be at the speech including alexander cost of cortez very famous democrat from new york who did not attend the speech and said that it would be legitimizing in essentially an illegitimate president the cloud of impeachment
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continues to hover above him we have to remember that he is still in impeachment and has not been acquitted by the senate so this is a cloud that a little happier i think that what will happen today and really it is the way that the united states works its all about turnout in elections we have about a 60 to 65 percent turnout in presidential election years so it's all about energizing bases and for him he was trying to really use a lot of red meat on abortion on the rush limbaugh point to energize his base on the democratic side and i think when we heard from those students a lot of them seemed to seem to be democratic leaning there are some worrying signs for example in iowa in the iowa caucus turnout was at the same level as it was in 2016 much lower than it was in 2008 when it was hillary clinton versus obama versus john edwards the enthusiasm gap that we saw from 220162 now versus 2008 is a worrying sign for the democrats as they try to energize their base to go up against in the general and as you mentioned i mean trying to really trying to draw
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everyone back to his economic track record and in fact we heard a lot about that in the speech we also heard about the trade war between washington and beijing let's have a listen and then we'll discuss i also promise there are certain issues that i would impose tariffs to confront judges massive theft of america's jobs. our strategy has worked days ago we signed the groundbreaking new agreement with china that will defend our workers protect our intellectual property bring billions and billions of dollars into our treasury and open vast new markets for products made and grown right here in the usa. sounds like a really rosy picture her picture of tyson i mean what is trump's track record on the economy is this correct well you know honestly it's quite mixed if you look at trump's approach to china more hawkish approach to their trade relationship on
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things like intellectual property property manufacturing he has a lot of bipartisan support and the house a lot of support within the country that said even though unemployment is low the job growth that is taking place in the united states is not in the manufacturing sector and in fact those suffering most from the trade war have been a lot of his base including farmers very important constituency in the republican base in some rural states like iowa nebraska cetera the other thing is if you look at the trend line of the us economy it has been the same since the obama days so when he spoke in his inaugural speech about american carnage and today says we have the best economy ever the trend line has been the same and that's been based on a lot of policies that frankly predate his administration as well what he can't take credit for of course are the the tax cuts major policy initiative which did give a jew to the economy and $27989.00 going into now and you know when you look at his his pro-choice to to china you have to say for example on the handling of the
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coronavirus he has overwhelming approval right now i think it's around 65 percent for his handling of the coronavirus and one more data point to point out he has the highest approval rating he's had in his presidency 49 percent still underwater but still the american public are at least to some extent coming home to him alone. but so take all of these factors now what he said last night also what you've mentioned there in terms of his approval ratings and let's not forget we are in an election year right now so all of these clues combining together how do you see his his re-election bid this is this is the $24000.00 question right and you know like many others i would not be in the prediction game because it's really too soon to tell and anything can happen a week is an attorney be in politics and we still have about 7 months or 8 months before we even know who the democratic nominee is so let's let's take a hold on that i think after the last election we all stopped projecting thanks to parker fellow at the truman national security project thank you thank you. let's
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get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world somalia authorities in the united nations have called for urgent humanitarian assistance amid a food shortage that they say could threaten millions of people they say the situation could be exacerbated by swarms of locusts that have been damaging crops across east africa. severe floods in new zealand's south island have forced thousands of people to flee their homes and farms the flooding follows days of torrential rain authorities have declared a state of emergency for the region forecasters say the weather should ease in the coming days. malawi's president peter without reka is to appeal after the country's constitutional court an old his victory in last year's presidential election his spokesperson called monday's appalling an attempt to circumvent democracy the court said there was grave irregularities in the vote in may last
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year. china says the number of people infected by the corona virus is now topping 24000 and almost 500 have died several cities in china are on lockdown notably the city where the virus was 1st detected will han efforts are being made there to test and treat patients but it seems that not all is going us moodily as the chinese government wants people to believe. a conference center converted to an enormous makeshift hospital part of who hands response to the flood of new infections chinese state television broadcast footage of recently completed hospitals with multitudes of doctors taking care of few patients. but secretly recorded videos from hospitals paint a very different picture body bags containing the dead lying close to patients even in waiting areas the citizen journalist visited 4 hospitals and we hand.
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people are not being informed about the real situation state t.v. doesn't go where it hurts but i think this needs to be seen. the journalist found more body bags outside one hospital inside he saw dying patients together in one room he posted his videos online. officials had him arrested and released him after a public outcry but in china his online videos have been deleted. a cruise ship carrying people who may be infected by the deadly coronavirus has returned to hong kong after being denied entry to taiwan health officials say the 30 members of the crew are showing symptoms the world dream has returned to hong kong though it remains unclear whether passengers will be allowed to disembark
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coronavirus symptoms can take 2 weeks to surface meaning suspected carriers must remain in quarantine print least that long to prevent further transmission health officials have begun testing the passengers and crew on board with confirmed cases already being sent to hospitals. the ships arrival came as hong kong health workers began a 3rd day of strikes in the city but he wants a meeting with hong kong chief executive kerry lamb to discuss officially closing the border with mainland china a move a believe would hope the spread of the corona virus that has infiltrated hong kong and already killed one man. urge to solve this situation by coming out to. talk to us the world health organization has declared the virus a global emergency but not a pandemic in other words it might be spreading but don't panic currently we are not independent make. we are as
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a phase where it's an epidemic with. foresight and we will try to distinguish the transmission in each of these. china was praised this week by the w.h.o. for its reaction to the outbreak but the virus relatively well contained until now . it's arrival in hong kong represents a new challenge this government has now proved it is equal to the task of dealing with it. and for more we go to charlotte charles until our correspondent in hong kong who is at the harbor there and charlotte i would like to ask you what is happening with the passengers on board that quarantined cruise ship because we heard that there was a man taken from the hong kong cruise liner into the ambulance after a coronavirus check well this is clearly going to be a very anxious wait for the passengers on board this cruise liners they're facing
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an additional extra nights now quarantine in this cruise ship now what they don't know at this stage is exactly how long they will be there authorities have not said how many more nights they could be facing here. on the ship but we do know is that several of the crew members were displaying symptoms they've now been taken off the ship and are being tested for that new coronavirus we also know that on board this ship on a previous trip there was 3 people from mainland china who were then diagnosed with the new coronavirus and it is that which is causing so much for concern for people on board the ship every now and then we hear announcements telling people to thank you people for their patience saying it's not clear when they'll be allowed to disembark that testing is being carried out every now and then people coming onto the balconies just behind me just to have a look around just to see what's going on looking at the press pack below reporting is the situation unfolds so what is the mood there given all about charlotte and
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how much of a risk is hong kong really facing from the coronavirus. well everybody has very painful memories of the bar is back in 2003 which almost 300 people lost their lives in a in a densely populated city kong with such close ties to mainland china this is an area where this virus could spread very quickly and of course everybody knows that it could take up to 2 weeks before people displaced symptoms that is causing a great deal of war here that is exactly why i carry am encourage people today to stay at her and not go out unless necessary to wear face masks while people that we've spoken to say that they ideally want all of the borders with mainland china now to be closed it's for that reason the medical staff are on strike at the moment demanding just that saying hong kong needs to take as many preventative measures as possible to stop the spread of this virus carry lamb and mounting today further
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measures she said anybody travelling from mainland china will not be quarantined for 14 days as of february 8th in an attempt to try and stop the spread of this virus charlotte pill in hong kong thank you charlotte. you're watching news coming up later in the program teaching climate change and education authority in the north east of england is aiming to get united nations recognition for its new program we'll see how one teacher is going about it. first it is to syria where a government offensive against the last rebel stronghold is causing one of the biggest waves of displacement in the 9 year war the united nations humanitarian aid to humanitarian coordination office says that more than half a 1000000 people have been forced to flee the province since the beginning of december 80 percent of them are women and children and. there are reports from an
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orphanage now and that offers children some respite from the fighting. rare moments of happiness in which could can simply be a child. the 11 year old fled with her 2 brothers from the bombs to the southeast of the city if it looked the family home was hit by russian fighter jets the father fell into the hands of government troops no one knows if he's still alive. how do remember how bombs ate our house and that of our neighbors both houses were completely destroyed a girl from next door lay dead in the rubble i saw her the poor thing. the children's mother was overwhelmed and left them here at the orphanage in it live it's a roof over their head but they are not safe here either. bombs keep falling nearby we are so afraid i hold the plane spare us and don't shoot at us.
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the orphans are aged between one and 15 years old and they come from all over syria . 20 children live here together often in the bitter cold the house only has one heater. hans now reads books to the children helps them learn to read and write one year ago she and some friends collected money rented this house and bought books and toys to give shelter to these children in need. who try to satisfy the most basic needs of the children at least. of course there is still a lot missing but we do our best the situation is hard and life here is expensive but most of all it's not safe. and. the attacks are getting closer despite a truce russian and syrian fighter jets are reportedly bombing islamist positions
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in syria in reality however it is mainly civilians who die. a few days ago more than 20 people died in an attack on an industrial area of it lip any trip to the city can be fatal. pas not has learned to live with the risk she buys sweets rice and eggs for the children there is not enough money for much more they wait for her at home playing outside is too dangerous they helpers prepare 3 sparse meals a day not everyone is full but they are still grateful. i seen nor we are very concerned about the fate of these children it seems they have a difficult future they've been displaced several times the bombs death and destruction lots since did they commit to experience all this misery here and live
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and yet it is a place of hope in a region that leaves so little reason for hope in the end it is children who are hardest hit by war not terrorists. in the meantime elsewhere in the world for about a year now schoolchildren around the world have been heeding the call of the activists gratitude burps a strike to protect the climate of the world glaciers but how far has teaching moved to reflect the science of climate change one education authority in england aims to be the 1st in the world to have a climate change teacher in every state primary school and secondary school recognised by the united nations take a look. at the science experiment a 6th grade class in the northern english town of hexham tries making fire with different types of fuel the teacher meryl botch elder asks her pupils the difference between energy derived from paraffin and even all bella answers that only even on this carbon neutral it's
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a science lesson about climate awareness whose aim is to teach young people how to mitigate global warming. we do this practical so we burn paraffin we burn ethanol what does it matter when you say actually the type of fuel makes a difference to our long term survival and health on earth then that makes it relevant if you meryl batchelder is england's 1st climate change teacher certified by the un for which she took a 20 hour mind course and her goal to raise awareness among children as a foundation in the movement against climate change. heat waves appearing from all from july to the end of august i think that really changes how we think it's our future and like people like costanza it's not their future it's our future and our kids' futures suffield we should have a bigger say than just little things like getting the electric cars or turn your
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lights off when you're not in the room that's what merrill does she's taken the initiative to put a climate change teacher in every school in the region convincing school administrators was easy everyone recognizes changes in their natural surroundings bench elder recently switched to solar energy at home and tries to raise her own food she 1st heard about climate change 30 years ago but felt optimistic but i was not particularly concerned i thought government would protect us i thought times would change now that we knew the science and the evidence was coming out 30 years later nothing much has changed now merrill much older is taking their. into her own hands as a climate change teacher and northern england. to rugby and the 2021 women's world cup will be held in new zealand bringing the final to the southern hemisphere for the 1st time organizers are hoping that the 5 time champions new zealand squad
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will draw crowds comparable to the men's final in the country in 2011 the last women's rugby world cup took place in ireland setting records for attendance and television the draw for the tournament will be held later this year. and now a glimpse of an exhibition at the vatican where many unpublished works of art are on display for the 1st time the show called the signs of the sacred unveils masterpieces by. nero and others the works are part of the vatican collection which organizers say aims to give witness to contemporary spirituality and reestablished the historical link between the church and modern culture. this is g.w. news and these are our top stories. u.s. president donald trump has celebrated what he called the great american comeback in his annual state of the union address the speech focused heavily on the economy
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democrats mostly stayed seated during his speech often in silence. hong kong has quarantined a cruise ship after several people onboard showed symptoms of the corona virus authorities also announced people entering from mainland china would be isolated for 2 weeks there are now over $24000.00 cases of the virus worldwide. somalia and authorities in the united nations have called for urgent humanitarian assistance amid a food shortage that they say could threaten millions of people they say the situation could be exacerbated by swarms of locusts that have been damaging crops across east africa. malawi's president peter move there rica is set to appeal after the country's constitutional court an old his victory in last year's presidential election the court cited graver regularities in the may vote in its ruling on monday. this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at
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t w news or visit our website dot com. and coming up next made in germany find out how the country famed for its cars is saying goodbye to gas cars. there's all that more coming right up i'm sorry kelly in villain thanks so much for watching have a great day. it's
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only dying slowly dying the combustion engine. loyalists are progress from one of them. and this may. but michael
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follow. up question on somalia for the german auto industry. in germany. you. africa. and more is the way to save listen endangered species. and bills are threatened by environmental destruction. a south african project tries to protect the baby birds lovingly rearing them by hand. but there's nothing to stop nature from calling eco africa. 60 minutes d.w. . southern
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napalm 250 plant people are about to see again the glass is one of them the food the from an improvised clinic is being set up in the temple complex. and to the next day. can you see. anything that a reporter on the move with a police officer most just talked to really seeing the light start separate on t.w. . the fact that. the internal combustion engine has driven economic and social development for more than a century just think of cars but at some point people began to realize that they are.


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