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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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violence or comes children. this is d.w. news live from berlin a thai soldier goes on a shooting rampage play side more than a dozen people are dead and several more wounded on 3 open fire at a shopping center in the city of herat the attacker is reportedly still at large we'll go live to thailand also coming up germany's latest scramble to contain a political scandal involving the far right the country's ruling conservatives are
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holding crisis talks with their junior coalition tolerant person into tax cuts up to the party's regional leaders shattered a decades old subdued by teaming up with right wing extremists to elect a state leader. and hong kong takes a fresh action to stem the spread of chronic virus as the disease climbs more lives the territories later and now says amanda tricked aren't taking anyone arriving in mainland china. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program emergency services in thailand say more than a dozen people have been killed and many more wounded in a mass shooting police say a soldier opened fire in the city of course north northeast of bangkok it's thought he took a gun from his military base and opened fire on video footage shared on social media show. paper on the street apparently claimed to safety as multiple shots rang
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out. police have identified a suspect or allegedly posted on facebook they were also saying that hani in a popular nearby shopping mall where the shooter is or to be still holed up. well let's go to bangkok now a foreign issue is standing by for us for a what do we know about the shooting at this stage. by now we have learned that the incident apparently started around 330 in the afternoon that is more than 6 and a house hours ago so this situation has been going on for quite a while now and it is still ongoing as you said. at harrington least 17 people have been killed this is the latest that we're hearing certain has been concerned death by the police but apparently it's 17 casualties at this point many wounded.
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has actually taken that trolls down off to take the trade. after he had posted videos and photos of his front page so about 2 hours ago this facebook profile was shot down. police have actually asked the stations and also try that citizens knocks to share life footage on television or on social media because this might actually help the top of the trade who is as you said is still holed up in this shopping mall so the authorities are really really trying to suspend all kind of life pictures the health minister has posted on his facebook page has encouraged people in the caret area to go to the hospitals and to donate blood that is the latest that we have been hearing. and fly and how common are incidences like this in thailand.
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their definition not common even though thailand has or is among the. leading nations when it comes to private gun ownership so a lot of guns in this country but those kind of mass shootings of very very rare about a month ago there has been an incident inside a shopping mall ouster of probably. shop and see people have been killed but this is a completely different scenario now so someone who actually goes on around page poses actions on line targets indiscriminately you know people this is something very very rare here in thailand thailand has an insurgency problem in the deep south and that's the most southern province is where
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the. majority of the population is muslim we have seen some incidents there also shootings that is that is now happening in colorado 250 kilometers north of bangkok this is something. very very rare. on for day to be correspondent foreign nation bangkok thanks very much for the update. the ladies of germany's 3 governing coalition parties have been meeting in berlin the south and their job to stop a political scandal in a small east and german region turn into a full blown crisis for michael's federal coalition leaders of the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. and the center left social democrats discuss the fallout from wednesday's events. for my kids from local c.d.u. sided with the far right alternative for germany to elect a new state premier for the regional government chattering a german post-war political to boo against cooperating with the far right parties
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the political maneuver has sparked widespread national outrage and hundreds of protesters gathered outside today's meeting. was standing by for us in berlin outside without meetings taking place is data we have political correspondent kate brady kate tell us there's been a recent development in this story what's the latest. well there certainly has rebecca the meeting has since come to an end and a statement has now been released give you that now it just says that the election of the state premier in turn with a majority that was only achieved with votes from the a.f.p. is an unforgiving bull event the coalition partners expect the elected state premier thomas kemalist to draw the only correct conclusion and to step down from office today now it is necessary to ensure stable and transparent political conditions inter in jail as
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a next step the coalition partners expect the regional parliament to immediately elect a new state premier so it does continue to go on saying that it is necessary to quickly hold fresh elections in her engine now let's just break that statement down a little bit we've actually already seen. some action taking place as a result of that statement and thomas kemah of ish the f.t.p. politician of the pro-business f.t.p. who was controversially appointed as the church state primary earlier this week he has now already stepped down officially now if you've been following this story closely you might think haven't we already heard that news already well a couple of days ago kemah bishop did indeed say that he would be stepping down from his post but then saying that he would only do so when a replacement had been found but during these meetings today it seems at least from some media reports that the s.p.d.
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the social democrats put huge pressure on the conservative c.d.u. saying unless we see a signal sent from berlin to the f.p.g.a. to make kemah vish then stand down immediately then we will be leaving the german government coalition so huge pressure it seems was flaunted today from the social democrats which of course is a huge blow to the conservatives and. re much a victory for the s.p.d. in these crisis talks today yeah and some pretty strong words there on forgivable sort of words of echoing the words of chancellor angela merkel who called her a grave mistake kate how is this likely how is this incident likely to affect michael c.d.u. party on a national level. well i think it's specially a.k.k. and create karam vow is going to be affected she is the current party leader of the conservatives and for a long time has been seen as a threat is
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a the heir apparent to anglo-american but it seems that this will be yet another blow to her and her conservatives especially in the run up to those elections ahead of the 2021 elections which are due to take place here in germany next also but of course because of this crisis a clear case of dorothy over her party is being brought into question once again with other parties including the social democrats especially the greens and asking whether she is really fit to whip her party because at the end of the day the c.d.u. ensure enjoyed by cooperation with the far right a.f.g. this week in effect stepped over the party line and that is the big issue here in the party line for all of the parties actually in germany is we do not work with the f.t. in directly or directly and so very clearly the c.d.u.
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overstepped the party line this week and so this will certainly be a blow to a.k.k. and also to the conservatives and i'm president incident in post-war germany kate pretty standing by for us outside that meeting was just taken place in berlin thanks very much for the update. turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world or thora t. as in kazakstan say at least 8 people have been killed in rioting in villages in jumbo province near the border to kurdistan the area is home to a muslim minority of chinese arjen president casts enjoyment talk have has ordered an investigation to determine what caused the violence. people in india's capital delhi of voting in local elections it's the 1st poll test since the national government passed controversial citizenship laurel's prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist party is hoping to wrestle control of delhi from the opposition the city's chief executive has campaigned for re-election on his
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record or a record of improving public services. the trumpet ministration has fired top white house ukraine specialist army lieutenant colonel alexander vin mum then men have provided damaging testimony about president trump during the recent improvement in patient process media reports say trump is also recalling the us ambassador to the a u gordon sunderland is also tests who also testified against the president. for us media saying american man has died of the new corona virus the u.s. citizen died in a hospital in the chinese city of will hand where the outbreak began it's the 1st known corona related death of a non chinese person in china and here in europe in a french mountain town french authorities say 5 british tourists have been diagnosed with the virus the group includes a 9 year old child local authorities shut down 2 schools close to the ski resort meanwhile france's foreign office now recommends that its citizens do not travel to
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china. and in hong kong also or he's making a fresh if it to prevent the crime corona virus from spreading they've imposed a mandatory 2 week quarantine for anyone arriving from mainland china. an unusual plea from hong kong's leader or for you said. i would like to make an appeal to the public i know there are people in a position to buy a small number of masks maybe 10020000 masks if anyone has sources to buy them i appeal to them to donate them to those who are in need. hong kong is desperate to contain coronavirus this is aerial footage of thousands lining up to face miles with some camping out overnight people are stocking up even hoarding food and medical supplies some countries have stopped exporting their stock of protective equipment all together with factories struggling to meet demand. someplace short and monday's high. that would be bad practice is like ordering in
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order to sell them on higher prices. and that's why we are sports. and people who really understand what fighting an outbreak like. hong kong has implemented mandatory quarantine measures for new arrivals anyone from mainland china must self quarantine either in her tells or their homes the subject to daily phone calls spot checks and even wearing tracking devices those who breach the nero's could face a hefty fine or even prison many rushed to meet the midnight deadline where the new measures came into effect. the medical staff in hong kong are overwhelmed they've been striking for days because they want the border with china shut completely escalating already high tension between the 2 countries the.
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the president of france as isis for its federation didier guy again has stepped down i mean an ongoing sexual abuse scandal in figure skating the sport has experienced an unprecedented crisis that was triggered when sarah abbott both a former world championship bronze medalist published her autobiography earlier this week in it she accused have former coach of rape he has several times during from 198992 the outgoing president announced his decision to resign after a meeting of the federations federal council in paris on saturday morning. but just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you at least 13 people have been confirmed dead and several more wounded after a mass shooting in thailand the shooter a soldier opened fire on people at a shopping center in the city of more. than germany's. ruling c.d.u. he is holding crisis talks with a junior coalition partner over
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a political scandal involving the far right that comes out of the city use regional leaders brokered to boot by teaming up with the right wing state to elect a stately. you're watching news from the end coming up part one of a documentary that delves into the stories behind some of the world's most iconic song that's the stuff this.


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