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the 1st beethoven is for her the it. is for the. beethoven distrusts plato for his foreleg the beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary here. welcome to global 3000 crocodiles are nothing to fear according to this scientist in belize mission is to protect them. sustainable clothing and
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decent labor conditions far from a given in the garment industry. ghana grows tons of tomatoes but also imports them on a growing scale global trade doesn't always make sense. in today's world goods and services are traded between countries and continents on an unprecedented scale as globalization is credited with boosting economic growth free trade is a big honor for the corporations and benefits millions of people around the world but the price for that prosperity say critics is paid by the poor and nowhere is that gulf more visible than in africa. 54 percent of the continent's workforce relies on the agricultural sector but cheap and often subsidized goods brought in from asia and europe are swamping domestic markets causing prices to plummet. over 120000 tons of tomato products enter ghana annually that's
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a $95.00 fold increase since imports began in 1996 and that boom is taking its toll on local producers. so martos they could be goners red to gold the soil is ideal and they've been cultivated in the country for decades yet ghana's tomato factories now stand empty and farmers are opting to leave the country. there are many reasons and unstable. powergrid unsuitable tomato varieties and global trade policy italy china and other countries are dumping canned and processed tomatoes on ghana. benedicto are free from is a tomato farmer into a bottle in the middle of one of garner's mame tomato production regions but many day laborers looking to be hired during the harvest season attest to widespread
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unemployment even at the busiest time of year some work to find work. nearly half of garner's population lives from agriculture a robust tomato growing industry would boost growth in rural areas and nowhere is this industry more likely to flourish and here in the country's fragile middle belt where you live but now that factories are no longer buying locally grown produce farmers are becoming increasingly worried that. benedict grows tomatoes on a hectare of land if you believe that. that was. the last that then as well unions would there be also will we have to buy water every day when it doesn't rain or. a change of water cost $120.00 c.d.'s 20 euros and that's not even enough for the whole farnaby asshole but we have to buy
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water every day for about a month and a half until the rain comes on that we have a lot of problems which makes it hard to survive in this country and them into the now my. crops grow in abundance here the farmers could cultivate even more land and employ more workers yeah but they lack funds if they want to buy seed and fertilizer and pay for irrigation water they need to take out loans. benedictions husband has gone to italy hoping to earn money to help support the family to pay for the children's school fees and also so they can invest in a house and a well to irrigate their crops. and yeah but it's a 2 down here my husband can earn more there than in ghana one season. he sends money every month. for me and our 2 children meanwhile play.
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reminds your mind palace and. create trade is the principle that opens the african market to exports after independence african countries introduced customs duties in order to protect a mess stick farmers and emerging industries but now these restrictions are being lifted despite the fact that most african nations still struggle to compete on the international market garner came under international pressure want to try to increase import tariffs on tomato products to 40 percent than our 10 percent and containers full of cut price tomatoes continue to rise in the country. and now that the factories are closed farmers such as benedikt to have to sell their produce to the market queens to sell it on in the cities. there's a surplus of projects during the harvest season so the farmers have to sell at rock
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bottom prices. is the amazon match for 320 cities they offered 270 and said others are getting even last at this price i wander in anything out of . my. tomatoes are a food staple in ghana they account for 40 percent of spending on vegetables middle class canadians like their tomatoes can. meet at least a portion of it's demand itself but the canned tomatoes here on the market i'm not domestic ones come out of china come up to me and some on this panel some of the street i'll be very happy if me how the company here in town could use a lot tomatoes canidae and instead of people points a game what's it like i'm going to need serious spend a lot of my day when big money to that kind of tells the country to become an.
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economist corbett no 2 is familiar with the problem and as an academic he can speak more freely than the gun and government which has to take into account international investors. so this one child. alan me touches presenter math to. about 70 percent spot. you do not have a half assed chin business because you have lost control of our clothes your awhile back about. been plucked off sick on food from the us and us could come out of africa and work on a fortune which is talked. about how the shows the response time if you try to
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change policy to get by you. may. reach issue or not destroy a life. without smith massage sometimes for the plan to fund all those in the profit but if you. don't loose assignment. on the surface can. blind sanction seems to be bringing people closer together but some of us hold when others revisited 8 countries in asia and europe to see the conditions people actually walk under and found differences but also similarities almost social justice from. the ninety's depp asserted in our series work places. 8000 people work at this site in central java.
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and she's one of the people in charge michelle joe cross a patrol took over the textile company 10 years ago when her father died she had no previous experience in the field that nearest was in. that that situation is because of the 98 crisis so led by my local for it was still in the. like a bat that situation so it means that we couldn't pay to. install wind bands we call it category 5 it's not liquid it was challenging and but it also set the course of my journey. at the age of just 25 the young woman suddenly found herself heading a sizeable company and she had to implement some major changes. now there are only a few really old machines left at the factory for example in its dye works joe
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close a patrol took out loans and invested in modern technology the machines have made production much more efficient they save electricity and make life much easier on staff as well the boss has also just started using thread made from sustainable sources. and this thread is made from wood near the city of porto in portugal it's. also used to sew products for a german startup co-founder team makes clothes out of a material called tensile the wood based fibers breathe well and they make a material that's quite durable this is not throwaway fashion in the movies and. you can make a really cool fabric out of this it's extremely soft and that's why we decided on wood as a source we're working with the raw material that grows here and is also being processed here in europe. the wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests the
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1st step in turning wood into yarn is to put it through a chipper. blended with an organic solvents the resulting be mixture is then spun into thread. this process saves up to 1000 liters of water per t. shirt for the team of wild sustainability is part of the corporate image raw materials production and transport routes are all in and from europe not asia like most clothing manufacturers that further reduces its carbon footprint. michelle. would also like to go down the sustainable route she has plans to gradually increase production at dan leary with wood based yarn every year at the moment just one to 2 percent of the company's clothes are made this way but the yarns even being used for the traditional clothing that's so popular in indonesia it's usually made out of silk or cotton so the change is a breakthrough albeit on
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a small scale for now. and so it's actually showing us more shine which actually in any fashion like more i think the marketplace and it's. how we can be more sustainable i think. partly responsible. change and all the ways that we at least from my part how can i be more sustainable . the business woman has also changed the way the company produces cotton all the factories cotton waste is now recycled and reprocessed into products like baskets or furniture. cycling is done by older members of the community as well as people from the region with disabilities for many the extra income is very welcome. in europe and his team maintain good working conditions for staff. in doing so
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is it here regulations. these stipulate that as a rule employees shouldn't work more than 8 hours a day. breaks must be guaranteed and sick leave with pay as well. the young company is distancing itself from the sectors conventionally cheap mentality and i am of clothing from wild costs at least $30.00 euros not to the point of india of course it's more expensive because we're producing in portugal within the e.u. for sure it's more expensive to use sustainable materials but direct sales via our website mean we can offer the clothes at a reasonable rate so people can still afford to buy them. in portugal used to be the cheapest place to produce clothes in europe then
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competitors from asia and eastern europe sent the industry into a tailspin portugal struggle to hold its own but through investment and innovation products like technical textiles that are for example fire resistant or smartphone compatible the sector was able to recover it now accounts for 10 percent of portugal's exports and 19 percent of all jobs in manufacturing. employee he said leary's work of 40. were weak with paid overtime and health insurance this is unusual in indonesia michelle joe cross a patrol wants to motivate her stuff her new incentives are focused on further training opportunities for promotion and workforce wellbeing employees who have been working here for 20 years have observed many changes in that time. 35 year old nami has been working here for 7 years she works in quality control.
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evidence it is in my mouth. shut it down the company has supported me but also myself that it funded my university course people forced down the thinking that one out of say out of the wages here a timely research better than those paid by similar companies. that now that the album on that is the money for i started working here i worked somewhere else and that's how i know people that enable this on the field. can change. that the people are. not there is how we do things. now and global snack this time from uganda.
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kampala the capital of uganda the country's rich soil produces almost anything the heart or the stomach desires and its street food is unparalleled among other delicacies the roadside stands here serve up uganda's unofficial national dish the rolex a timeless treat. a rolex will fill you up longer than other males you can order rights or much hope. which is mush planting but that won't satisfy your hunger for more than 4 or 5 hours but a rolex will opt for even longer at. a rolex is basically an omelet rolled into patty patty was introduced to east africa by indian immigrants in the mid 19th century it's a kind of unleavened flatbread cooked on a skillet in oil.
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fine so maghera why makes this quick snack all day long from 5 in the morning to 10 at night but what's the best time for a rolex i'm going to talk about what's in it does not i'm but any time you feel like you have money to buy in you feel like your hand really gone by. pfizer the stand is an insider's tip in the neighborhood. but it's a. little bit. at the heart of the rolex is the omelet usually cooked with tomato onion cabbage and chili peppers one of these snacks costs $1500.00 ugandan shillings around $0.40 pfizer earns about 11 euro's a day with the snacks so much more on the weekends. once it's browned and sizzling the omelet is rolled between 2 chip patties then it's ready to eat. a little bit no
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i don't know stand this cleaner or better than this one. then why do i don't why that i want to know it's simply the best neck shop in this entire neighborhood on a western. and that's a special treat on valentine's day so offers his customers a heart shaped rolex. a romantic snack to go. dolls might not seem like the most inviting creatures but they've had a lot of bad press over the years in fact they have more reason to be afraid of us than vice versa. the reptilian predators are themselves hunted in many parts of the world. they also fall victim to human made pollution in the rivers they inhabit and seen in belize. reporter can't you do not visited the area around the
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capital. and met with people committed to protecting the animals. a small crocodile has been kept as a pet for the past 3 years and has clearly grown used to its creature comforts. this is from a lot of chickens. keeping a crocodile in your garden pond is illegal in belize reptiles that have been confiscated by the author of put into the care of marie said tay is on her in geo research coalition. 66 where i tell people i study crocodiles what comes to mind are dangerous paths vermin man eaters monsters and all this stands for all dramatize ation that you see. as well as the media. for mercer tales and her fellow conservationists every
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crocodile deserves protection with the help of a local vet she gives this moral lays crocodile a check up before taking the specimen to its new home this year such a good fat boy. originally from the us has been fascinated by large predators since she was a child. her doctoral thesis focused on crocodiles. today and she's effectively belize's chief lobbyist for the reptiles. it's an hour long day trying throughout the country with a crocodile in the back. where this crocodile will ever be fit for reintroduction to the wild still remains to be seen. crocodiles are part of life in the rivers and lagoons of belize but most people want as little contact as possible with them not surprising given the largely negative headlines i'm not want to get
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harmed by crocker live because. i love my feet and my hands so that's to the interest for me. going i want there on. my calf your feet and that's. where with the end you're at the i made me i knew my. peaceful coexistence with the animals is possible as marissa tay is eager to communicate whenever she can today she's bringing that message to a podcast people that are protecting one species or the world think it's dangerous and it's. in our mission is to assist educate protection and conservation crocodiles and their habitat. and when she's not out fighting for greater awareness she dedicated herself to individual crocodiles in need of help. the coalition small team also get outside support among their partners is the national zoo. the vets here see to those animals that require intensive medical
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treatment. and. one of their more acute cases is a tragic one. evidently somebody tried to chop this crocodile's tail off for some people in belize a delicacy. luke was able to escape with his tail severed he was found by chance by the crocodile research coalition while out on an excursion how luke escapes from someone chopping at his tail we will never know but he has an important story to tell. the tale has yet to grow back together properly if the vets decide they have to undertake luke will remain in the zoo as a warning the crocodile hunting has to stop. and illegal hunting is far from the only danger faced by crocodiles. urban expansion is also a problem in many areas the new river near the town of orange war in the north of
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the country has become toxic and indeed lethal for the reptiles. there is something in the water has been causing. you know when you conducted a new crop see everything inside had turned to mush these crocodile have been slowly dying for months. what is killing them is probably waste water discharge by the sugarcane front reason lining the river. murray said taylor's and her team head out to check on the crocodile populations healthy at night when they're active. some baby crocs are small enough to be plucked out of the water by hand. the examinations only take 5 minutes long enough for the specimen to have various
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measurements and samples taken and its skin analyzed. 30. skins are. this young animal at least seems to be in great health but it will not remain the case in addition to moralise crocodiles belize is also home to a 2nd species the far larger american crocodile across the country both species live an increasingly restrictive and polluted how retired. so currently both species are protected by law however there is no conservation and national action plan to all this data that we are collecting it is to help the government to then create the most appropriate action plan. croc
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is right here. 2 months expedition is not a very fruitful one the cim haven't spotted many crocodiles. now he is now he went way way back another day another task marissa taylor is this is a team one of the larger crocodiles being tended to by her organization. gilly also used to be kept as a pet and is now to tame to ever be returned to the wild. they would stay caylee. uses a few basic commands for the purposes of training her and gaining gillies respect target where you go good target even if gilly seems relatively harmless marissa says crocodiles belong in the wild and many of the specimens she sees need help to survive there this is where education is so important because education provides
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the knowledge the knowledge to be able to co-exist with these animals because we can co-exist with these animals and business cultures have been coexisting with these animals for thousands and thousands of years. that's it for this week but do june in next time if you have any thoughts about the show please get in touch just send an e-mail to global 3000 at d w dot com or visit our facebook page women see you soon.
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they were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies in the air tools. the history of the slave trade is africa's history book describes how the greed for power and profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence these slaves system created the greatest player and accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment to. from its very beginnings until this very day she mn trafficking is shaped the way. this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history.
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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. the boy. this is live from berlin at the united nations palestinians deliver angry rejection of donald trump's middle east peace plan listing them president mahmoud abbas tells the un the proposals would be a gift to israel the palestinians he says all being offered a fragmented swiss cheese of a state also coming up.


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