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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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the at. this news coming to you live from berlin china sees its deadliest year yet in the corona virus outbreak health officials actually beat the search in deaths and infections to a new reporting methods the spike raises fears that a virus poses a greater threat to china and the world also coming up was it
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a military necessity or a needless tragedy germany remembers one of the most controversial chapters of the 2nd world war the bombing of dresden by the allies 75 years ago today. and the mesmerizing world of david hockney the technicolor seen sprung from kids imagination stretch millions at an auction and have made him a pop pop art royalty we take you along for a close up look at a retrospective in time. color of a warm welcome to you. there's been an alarming surge in the number of infections and deaths from the corona virus named by scientists as cool vid 19 health officials are getting increasingly worried and this is the reason why a. a magic rise in the number of infections up 260000 now and that's after some
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15000 new cases were reported in just one day over 250 deaths were recorded on wednesday alone in the chinese province of the epicenter of the outbreak it was the deadliest day so far since the virus emerged. for the very latest let me go in correspondent much has been in the who's in beijing lydia's what is the reason behind the spike in infections and fatalities in china. it is indeed a new reporting method the local authorities have decided to include patients who show clear symptoms of viral pneumonia but. not tested positively for the virus into this to 2 sticks the reason is that many patients could not been tested be tested so far because there is
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a lack of laboratories and testing kits and we are also hearing cases where people have tested negative lead b. despite clear symptoms that point to the corona virus infection i have spoken to some of them one woman told me that mother was suffering from says it was suffering severely could not be admitted into hospital because she tested negatively twice despite her symptoms and only the 3rd test was positive so hopefully this new method of. counting will also lead to more patients having a chance at proper treatment because they can be admitted to hospitals now it might also mean that the queues for the hospital beds will be longer and people and people will still have to wait it is it seems that the 1st political and political consequences have taken place as the way this crisis of coronavirus is being
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handled in china bring us up to date with what's happening. yes 2 major officers have been replaced today the party secretary of the province of who bay that is the person on top of the governor so the most senior person in the hierarchy of this province and the party secretary of war as well they have been replaced this is not. a surprise. local authorities have been criticized widely by the chinese public and it's also something that the central government the communist party adopts often when it has a crisis that it cannot handle it tries to keep the flame blame on the local off issues in order not to get the whole system. affected by criticism what we know about the new party secretary is that he is somebody who seems to be
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close to see jinping he has started his career into a young province where he's in pain was at the time the head of the province of authority and he has a background in the security services in the police which might point to strict control of the population and possibly a crack in even small city a crackdown on dissent in the city but he is willing to thank you very much for that update on how china is handing the corona virus epidemic. meanwhile you have ministers are meeting in brussels for talks on europe's response to the virus the deadliest max zonda went to europe's emergency response center coordinate is there a working around the clock to help citizens in china get back home. a dramatic journey coming to an end these passengers disembarking from
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a german air force jet in frankfurt earlier this month were among the 1st to be evacuated from china to europe due to the coronavirus it was a challenging task to organize. here at the european commission in brussels christiane yacoub is helping europeans in china return home safely on flights such as the one to frankfurt in the operation room of the emergency response center it's his job to oversee all processes and coordinate help we are in close contact with our member states by phone by e-mail and true specialized information systems we are in close contact with the chinese authorities in order to receive these from them and to see. the most need to lie to them so that you know to contain the disease thingy r.c.c. has been coordinating the e.u.'s response to global emergencies since 2001 during the evil after demick in western africa the organization oversaw assistance and
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relief to the affected countries such as liberia valuable lessons that are proving helpful today operations in brussels have taken up pace since france triggered an e.u. wide emergency response procedure over the corona virus outbreak situation definitely is worrisome. to some epidemic this is a serious danger. this virus as you know spreads with great speed so measures have to be taken and we are trying to see the taken in a coordinated manner for the e.u. getting its citizens out of china is a 1st important step but with the number of coronavirus cases growing rapidly brussels and member states will have to come up with a broader strategy to prevent the disease from spreading on european soil. correspondent mary nestor joins me now from brussels now and that he was clearly wise about the impact of the coronavirus tell us more about the kind of measures
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the e.u. how to ministers may be looking at to deal with the situation. the number of people in fact it here in europe is still quite low are having about 43 cases so health ministers here there's no need to panic buzz on the other hand we're seeing the numbers exploding in china so there is a little worry here and for example german health minister yen sponsored. this whole crisis might turn into a pandemic and europe has to be prepared europe has to take measures and has to take measures together as the european union there will certainly discuss possible travel bans for example is really has already banned flights from and to china member states have taken totally different approaches that will be something they'll discuss and also supply chains because a lot of pharmaceutical products used here in that you peon union actually originally from china and with production stops in china and maybe
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a possible rise of numbers here off in fact to people in europe that might be a shortage that's something your health ministers will deal with today but any kind of plan. coordination from all you member countries do you think they really be able to agree on the common issues strategy. health actually is a national issue so legally your member states can decide on their own what kind of measures what kind of approaches they want to take but on the other hand the pressure is really high because we're seeing the number of in fact it's people rising all over the world and it's clear that wire says don't respect borders so you health ministers have to work here together and will have to align measures to be more proactive need to be gone as well in marina strauss in brussels
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thank you very much. let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world the u.n. has released a report that accuses more than 100 israeli businesses of being complicit in violating palestinian rights by operating in the occupied west bank palestinian officials have broken the report i mean by israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has called this a shameful attempts to blacken his country's name. german media reports a conservative politician free mess is starting to run for the leadership of america's christian democratic party he's one of his fiercest critics in 2018 he narrowly lost to cut and bauer who announced on monday she would step down as party leader. it was 75 years ago today in the final months of the 2nd world war that british and american aircraft began bombing the german city of dresden in
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the days that followed warplanes dropped fire bombs that killed thousands of people many of them women and children fleeing the soviet army is advance in the east there's been much debate about whether the bombing was justified military grounds or was it unnecessary and a war crime we met one of the survivors in the now rebuilt city of preston. when aaron's tears comes to the new marked public square and sees the restored. he is reminded of the dresden bombings 75 years ago. everything was destroyed and this was where most of the people were killed in the fire storm then on the next day the terrorists and for sure collapsed yes the square was reduced to rubble. on the evening of february 13th 1945 over the span of just 15 minutes the allied force. has dropped bombs
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containing $900.00 tons of explosives on dresden during the next 2 days 3 more attack waves followed after that the baroque old town lay in ruins. at the time aaron's tears was 9 years old when the bombs were dropped on dresden he and his parents he had in a bomb shelter in the cellar of their house seen here in the former your hungry organ alley. after the 1st attack we left the apartment while everything was burning and i can still see it before my eyes the flames creeping over the rooftops of neighboring houses and. that's what it looked like afterwards that was my parents' apartment was on the top of that's what the ruins looked like you can see the facade was still in good shape but inside the building everything was burned out and that's what the whole
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wonderful stream looked like. ants tears and his parents were lucky they were able to flee the city as many as 25000 people died during the air raids many of them suffocated during the firestorms. in my eyes this was a war crime many things happened on all sides but this was an act of destruction directed at the civilian population. and steere started working as a camera man in the 1950 s. he sneaked in was the eye of dresden he documented the reconstruction of the destroyed city and he's been collecting photos and videos of dresden since the 19th century for his film archives. documentary film can be brutally honest if you do not read it or change the footage and i never did this then for me it is the most impressive historical witness. today
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the rebuilt cityscape of dresden betrays few signs of the destruction that took place here 75 years ago. the most wonderful thing of all is that the dresden for our own care has been restored that is really the biggest miracle and after the destruction i experienced in my childhood and youth i never hoped or expected this to happen i hope it will stay this way forever . the dresden from one cure here is where aaron's tears was baptized before the war today he sees it as a symbol of peace. so was dressed in a legitimate target or a war crime to talk about that i have with us our correspondent good british she's in dresden as well as between the studio did of the analyst and john berry a welcome to both of you if i missed out with you john now we heard the survivor in
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our report and his he described what happened in dresden today 75 years ago as a war crime what is your assessment. it's a difficult question to answer simply and because there is controversy about it among historians and legal experts the short answer that i think is the consensus is. by the standards of the time it it was not a war crime there was a carpet bombing. so-called strategic bombing of cities in order to demoralize the populations done by both sides and it was considered at the time the gist of it of course if it were to happen today. it would definitely certainly be regarded as a war crime turning to you know a kid i mean the far right in germany is using these commemorations in dresden in a very targeted and particular way tell us more about their perception and strategy . well rita the far right scene and near nazis here in germany have
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been instrumental izing these commemorations of the dresden bombing for many many years now as part of their propaganda and that all stems really from immediately after the raid 75 years ago when the nazis who were of course still in power at the time really adjusted those numbers quoting numbers of deaths and casualties manipulated those figures saying that anywhere between 200000 half a 1000000 people perished in this tragic bombing but of course nowadays we know that they was actually around 25 people 25000 people who perished in these in these areas in the firestorm that took hold of dresden just behind me on the other side of the elba and of course this year we are expecting to see the far right march again this weekend today we are expecting to be to not really see anything over the far right seamless on saturday here in dresden they're expected to hold
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a demonstration or a tile a mosque as they call it a sense of a march of mourning to remember the victims and so we're still seeing this interim an instrumentalist ation continue in today and we're expected to see people from not only germany's far right scene but people are expected to descend on dresden from across europe as well and john the narrative surrounding the destruction of dresden has been instrumental is not just now as kate was telling us but right from the start tell us more about that years of gerbils who was the nazi propaganda minister on the day after the 1st wave of bombing. not only exaggerated the numbers mentioned quite rightly he also suggested that it was women refugees and children who had been killed and that dresden was not the truly significant it was that the aim of the targeting was. against the cultural city of dresden now that's
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simply a lie of course also there was hatred as always and revenge sorts of revenge in the allies and they were targeting civilians as well quite clearly but dresden had a very significant military position at the time the red army was advancing from russia had already crossed into german territory was surging towards berlin the capital germany had not yet surrendered and dresden was a garrison city with 20000 troops there with armament factories and was also the main rail hub to the east supplying armand's to the to the to the to determine forces fighting the russians so there were also military reasons for attacking it. get your standing in the heart of dresden what do people there feel about this debate on these conflicting narratives that we are getting. well dressed in a city am not only want to remember the victims of the right 75 years ago but they
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also want to use the memorial in the commemorations today to take a look at exactly what's happening in the present and how we today how society today can learn from the atrocities of the past and i think that's reflected in the commemorations taking place today if you look at the front of the program for the service later today it simply says nish forgets and meaning just to not forget and i think that will be shown as well later this evening when 10 round 10000 people a jew to unite around dresden across both sides of the river elbe or behind me to unite and create a human chain and that is supposed to create a signal of unity against all signs of hate. and violence and of course german president front fell to steinmeyer will also be taking part so the commemorations today are not only about remembering the past but also reflecting on what can be learned and applied to the present day kid in reston and john derek did of these
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analyst here thank you both very much for your perspectives. and we bring you live coverage of the 75th anniversary commemorations of the bombing of dresden this start at $1500.00 c.e.t. that's a bit under 3 hours from now so do join us for that if you can millions of people in east africa are facing an impending disaster swarms of locusts are ravaging fields of props the u.n. is calling for urgent action saying the food security of people in the affected region is risk more rainfall in the weeks ahead will bring fresh vegetation to feed new generations of the pests efforts to contain the pest in windy in central kenya . experts say this just a short window to prevent the worst. still on the ground there feeding and grouping together but it's only a metal from time to fall they're able to fly. it's time for the international
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community to understand. to be with no otherwise we would. break there would be a level of acute food insecurity there would be 1000000 more people who. are food assistance and it would take years years to cawnpore disintegration once a swarm can fly it becomes difficult to control the insects does not locusts can cover distances of up to 200 kilometers a day the insects that constantly multiplying each female locus standi lay about $100.00 x. after 2 weeks millions of new hopeless to much and the cycle goes on and on and on and so just think of a swarm that covers manhattan from the south to the north and this is just a medium sized swarm and it's not really a big swarm for desert locusts that swarm in one day. can eat the same amount of
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food entire population of kenya. unusual rain falls at this time of the year the breeding conditions extremely favorable for the locusts and extremely unfair for farm us. so we have really depend on this farming season we have to be even if the one beginning in april is short and not as productive we depend a lot on this one we worry that the locusts will destroy our harvest and we end up going hungry the rest of the year we sing for october when we have the next cropping season after devastating large areas in somalia ethiopia and kenya the swarms have now reached uganda and us threatening south sudan and tanzania. in other news indonesia's mount merapi volcano has erupted spewing ash thousands of meters into the air residents were told to stay outside at 3 kilometer no go zone in the rockies want the world's most active volcanoes its last major eruption 10
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years ago killed more than 300 people. accuse one person is dying just a wrench of rains battered australia's east coast a woman has also been reported missing emergency workers have rescued dozens of people from the france and many schools have been closed authorities say the rain has have them put out multiple blazes in the fire ravaged region. electric car make a test is recalling nearly 15 cars and s.u.v.s in north america to correct a potential issue with this steering safety officials say both on some 2016 models might screw road and break off leading to a loss of power steering. the keys are the most important and most expensive living artists a work by a british painter david hockney just went under the hammer at sotheby's auction. house in london the celebrated pop art painting the splash sold for 27400000
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euros it's one of the trio and considered one of the standout images of the 20th century in the buyer is yet unknown but some say the opportunity to see hockney's works up clue should be seized without delay and if you want to do that head straight to the north german city of hamburg where there's a major retrospective of his works. the grand canyon painted in radiant colors a panorama stretching more than 7 meters divided into 60 smaller canvases the portrait of the artist's parents. again that speaks volumes and such daily care drawings of the artist's friends david hockney paint centrals whatever moves him and asked done so his entire life. just for signature and david
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hockney is what's fascinating in hartley's work is the never ending curiosity he's always looking for new ways of expressing himself and what occupies him said one point it's perspectives at another it's capturing time for relationships once those various facets of his work are also shown in the media he uses oil paintings drawings graphic works for talk. book he takes us along with him in this exhibition and each room is something new showing new aspects of his work and smiles and my aspects and shuffles and the young artist at the beginning of the sixty's hockney shifted between concrete and abstract art on bella. a turning point was his 1st trip to new york in 1981 aged 24 in those sketches he shows of the indirectly erotic experiences in gay clubs hockney couldn't leave open
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me as a homosexual because at the time it was still punishable by law goes. through. finally. one of his means of expression is creating paintings based on photographs here his poetry 2 of his friends say a nasty cockney turns the pictures into his version of reality to 2 lovebirds to not look at each other the gays out to tell us the artist even allowed himself an inside joke he painted on. his own picture is on the living room wall. hockney's work is crazy to look at that perspective he doesn't seem right but that's intention. for david hockney all perception is composed from different perspectives and he still paints the same way even at the age of 82 but after all his motto he's only when the ice stops moving are you dead. and.
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here's a recap the top story that we're following for you on d. w. china has reported a record surge in corona virus stands health officials say more than 250 people have died in a single day and have diagnosed over 15000 new infections china attributes the spike to a new method of counting cases. coming up next our program focus on europe i have more news for the double b. alan see that.
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when others give up. natalia keeps on fighting. many russian mothers are in similar situations. their sons have run afoul of the country's arbitrary justice but her only hope is protest. and she's
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not a long. odds against. up next on t.w. . into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. my guest this week here in rome is the jesuit priest father whose solo tour is illegal acts but closer to abuse among the kludgy those the vast ago serious about real challenge for will continue to provide opportunity as cover for priests who commit these awful close conflicts of. in 60 minutes phone d.w. . we're all set to go beyond geologists. were made.
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as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you about something behind the good bishop or what ever it takes to go running up to me come on up to exchange good night good night good w. mark made for a minus. a low and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in vladimir putin's russia a russia that tolerates little in the way of protest and those who do have the.


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