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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2020 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news live from berlin vigils across germany as this country mourns the 10 people killed by a suspected far right extremist but there's also anger and questions about what more the government should be doing to combat extremists. will also be visiting the community near frank 1st devastated by the tragedy and speaking to those who have
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lost loved ones. he was about to leave the bar just wanted to finish his meal he had just passed his exams a week ago we were going to work together. also on the show a murder mystery that goes right to the top the prime minister of the african kingdom of le saux thoreau is to be charged with killing is a strange one. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us this morning. thousands of people across germany have been holding vigils for the 10 people killed by a suspected far right extremist in the western city of hono authorities have identified the attacker as a 43 year old german national and they are investigating this as an act of domestic terrorism the attack is fueling the debate about the extreme right here in germany
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where people have been coming together to mourn the victims and also to call for action. the fear and disbelief in how now people gather to stand up to hate and xenophobia one of the mourners germany's president. p.c. and there's going to be a man i'm standing with people who are threatened by hate and violence to go that we stand side by side nightgowns i guess violence and language and that degrades and excludes people. all too often paves the way for violent acts. in big. one night earlier in hono a 43 year old german national killed 9 people on a shooting rampage most of them of turkish and kurdish to scent the suspect was later found dead in his home his mother also shot dead he was a member of
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a gun club and was not on the authorities radar germany's attorney general has taken over the investigation. he said the suspect wanted to send a provocative message olf. home page has more suspects web page contained a video message. the kind of manifesto. money fist. you need full of confused thoughts and conspiracy theories almost he'll be in all sorts profoundly racist mindset if you seen him off license in berlin chancellor angela merkel condemned the violence yes this was racism is a poison hate is a poison and this poison exists in our society and is responsible for far too many crimes few and far but i can mention we don't distinguish citizens according to their background or religion yet. we stand with all our strength and determination
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against all those who try to divide germany half an inch last night and. lynn is gathered at the brandenburg gate to show solidarity with the victims. even more marched through the multicultural districts noise to share their courage anger and grief. unite to tell it is 11 of those in git is a good friend of mine what has happened has really affected me and them it's been them it. was a place i had often been too young. we had to match not be. it gives me heartache. we've experienced violence in our country is we've come to germany as refugees reaching you're going to experience it again here in germany you know here in georgetown 2 of us and that really hurts just to time we. came up the
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problem is getting worse but germany is a rich country things are good here and in the state of hessen too i really didn't understand it. many are demanding answers as to how right wing terror has been able to spread in recent years. let's talk about this more now with the political correspondent on strands here in the studio with me and our party soci joining us on the ground in hono for us as well good morning to both of you art can you tell us what's happening where you are and where are you right now. right now i'm outside the 1st place of the shooting and it's the midnight sports bar over to my right there on the other side of the street and right now investigations continue there i didn't see any forensic officers this morning but they were very busy here yesterday combing this entire part of the
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street and of course police are have still cordoned off the area and so it's still an active investigation and of course this was a very busy place here yesterday also because we had the president of germany. and also the minister of interior paying their respects a an homage to the victims and so a lot and it's a very emotional area still people groups of people still coming out talking and very much affected by what happened. as we heard there not only in cross the country it's been an outpouring of public sympathy is this in some ways a watershed moment for germany and lot of politicians a lot of people talking publicly yesterday have described as those that have said that this is such a severe attack on you hasn't had something similar for a very powerful quite a long time at the same time we have a right wing populist party of you know photo for germany being very prominent in
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parliaments moving representatives across the country in regional parliaments. these 2 factors together. for many people it is a watershed moment we have to see however whether it is recognizable as that in the future and of those we have to see what developments follow on on this act. whether in the in the end you can in fact describe it as such a warship a break ok the country's top attorney general the federal attorney general is taking up this case it's looking into whether this was an act of domestic terrorism were an attack fueled motivated by racial he treated what's the distinction well i mean the fact that. federal attorney is taking on this case means that it is regarded as an act that threatens in some sense the german state in other words it's a potential act of terrorism that's all it is being investigated and the attorney general himself has said that racist motives behind this so there's no question
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about this being a racist as in a phobic attack. the distinction of all let's say the definition as a terrorist act i think depends to some extent on whether this person was acting on his own and whether he was acting within the framework of an ideology a racist right wing extremist ideology and here things are starting to get a little bit unclear at the moment the investigation is focusing on whether there was a network behind those whether he was connected maybe online to some groups that may have encouraged this act that he may have informed beforehand of on this act. so i think that is why officials at the moment reticent in calling this a terrorist act but it's clear that it was a racist attack everyone has been saying that what's the sense where you are from people you've been talking to and how now what's the sense of their threat level do they feel more risk today. i would say they definitely feel more
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at risk today they're wondering that some of them who've been here for 3040 years who were actually born here because their parents 1st emigrated here. have they not been accepted yet some german still not look at them as germans as equal as they are. they're there they're upset they they don't know anymore whom to trust that's and often that's a big theme here how can we even be sure where we go now you know we go to a sports bar we want to watch a champions league soccer game which was one reason why number of people went to the bars and on that night and you get shot up and there's there's one there's a number of wounded now talking about what happened one very brief example here he said he had gone to the other bar not the one behind me but the other one the 2nd shooting area it was called the arena bar and then look the gunner came in the shooter came in looked everyone in the ice just started shooting and they started
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falling on top of each other the victims and one the man who was talking about this experience said one man said above i'm shot in the neck i can't breathe i can't breathe and he also everyone pray everyone pray and then all of a sudden there's silence because no one's answering they're all shot either dead or terribly wounded once these shootings have united all of the country's major political parties against the right wing populist alternative for germany. is cooperation with the which was already in question over the last few weeks at any level now unlikely for the foreseeable future well certainly all of the other political parties represented in parliament have safe that have said that under these circumstances against this background against the party of just racism that in itself is. has an anti immigrant has. issued statements that come close to the right wing extremist positions that under the
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surface. since there's no possibility of ever cooperating with these bullet the it's represents isn't it in the various part of parliaments in germany i think at the moment certainly that. is out of the question these parties will not cooperate with the f.d.a. in any way the party itself is obviously defending itself saying it does not encourage terrorism it doesn't encourage crime stats as such as these but i think there's no question that some of the positions taken publicly the perpetrator of these acts close to those positions taken by a representative of the. force of the studio art so see for us in thanks very much to both of you boss we've heard there the killings have shaken the community in odd how as a population of just under 100000 with a wide range of various things backgrounds the confederation of kurds in germany
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has confirmed that a number of the dead did have kurdish origins or reporter that family members of those killed. many members of the kaddish community have gathered at this cultural center on the outskirts of hama in shock and in solidarity with the family who lost their eldest son on wednesday night the grieving mother and father of the victim needed medical attention they haven't slept since they learnt about the death of best sunfire at one close relative tells us what happened in the she. said at this michael's or. it is my cousin was i only know i got a call at 11 pm from his friends that he was taken from us. just. he was about to leave the bar just wanted to finish his meal he had just passed his exams a week ago so we were going to work together. we've been talking about that a lot. what upsets him in the many here is that they are still seen as outsiders
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despite living in how for generations his grandfather came here in the fifty's as a construction worker and helped build him now his father grew up here for hart was born here he graduated and went to a german school the only thing that differentiated him from the germans is how he looked if now we are just reduced to the way we look that has nothing to do with democracy but they will cut these little across town not to use project doesn't to run echoes that view is if it's got there isn't always then a phobia has reached the center of our society and we germans with a migration background we feel that it's. mostly i feel german i was born here but i see from my appearance that others are real germans as i think i don't belong here on the map this nice kind that there's just so that's all color. longer
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preparing plaque calls for a vigil in hama now naseem and his friends were shocked when they 1st heard of the attack happened and that she should ball in the city center it's a place they regularly meet and hang out for the future is global and i don't think i was there at the shisha bar 2 weeks ago. we were there with friends smoking shisha of all months it or it makes me tremble it could have been me on my sisters and. my niece west naseem told us 3 people he knew lost a close relative in the shooting and that terrorist attacks always seemed like something that happened to other people but sadly now it's a reality that has touched many here. let's preview now on some of the other stories making the news today a boat carrying some 91 migrants has reportedly gone missing in the mediterranean after making a distress call the dany carrying mainly african migrants set out from her bully in
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libya a migrant support group said the boat shared its location before contact was lost. talks on the next joint budget are to resume in brussels today after european leaders failed to make headway thursday the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. has left the blocks budget with a massive gap member states are struggling to agree over funding for climate investment farm subsidies and border security. the irish prime minister layo better odd car has formally resigned but is staying on in a caretaker capacity the move came as parliament convened for the 1st time since the election 2 weeks ago it has left 3 parties wrangling to form a stable government. bolivia's electoral board has disqualified the exiled former president in former all of us from running for senate in may's election. the
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court said rollo's did not meet residency requirements he fled bolivia in november miss protests following his disputed reelection. polls have opened in iran's parliamentary elections in which many moderate candidates have been barred from running runs guardian council rejected almost half of the candidates the country's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei was the 1st to cast his ballot he called for a big turnout describing the vote as a religious duty for all arraignments but many are expected to boycott this poll in protest against the country's leaders election comes and it's continuing economic hardship under crippling u.s. sanctions. deb used recent droppers in tehran and said that voter apathy there is high. the turnout is very important for the islamic republic that's why the supreme leader has called on iranians to put to support and cast their vote but for now they are not doing so there are hardly any boadicea in this polling station and
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all then to iran because with the help of the candidates that from running people feel they do not have a choice this time and they can make a difference anyway so while hard line us are sure to emerge victorious from this election polls also predicting the lowest turnout in the u.s. . still to come on the show as the berlin film festival gets underway we turn the spotlight on a film adaptation in which literature itself is taking center stage. but 1st the prime minister of the african kingdom of le saux though thomas to bonnie is to be charged with the murder of his a strange wife the 58 year old little payload to bonnie was gunned down by unknown assailants ahead of her husband's inauguration in 2017 the couple were going through divorce proceedings at the time the prime minister's current wife has also been charged with murder did abuse even increase has been following the trial in the south of. early tuesday morning the 1st lady appeared at court in this sort of
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caper to my cereal only to every hearing postpones the police needed more time for the investigation. she has erupted from the 1st lady's supporters it was a bizarre reaction to someone accused of murder. now since friday he is also facing charges prime minister thomas' tab on it in 2017 his wife at the time was shot and killed the then 1st lady had been refusing to divorce her husband to the displeasure of taliban and his current wife my asya since the shooting speculation has been rife but even more so since the police brought their surprise murder charge this year after the police commissioner informed the prime minister about the investigations the prime minister tried to fire him but he did not succeed instead events took an unprecedented turn in the history of lizotte or with the police trying to force their way into the state house to arrest the 1st lady but at
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1st she fled the country only later turning herself in we measure our court appearance but the 1st lady prefers not to speak instead she let an entourage do it for her political ally a member of the domestic staff 2 of the prime minister's sons a close friend and the head of her foundation the main message. oh this is something tonight his loony. if in a family. because if this lady has been a very quick person not only to be on with him in fact with a whole initiative list of her supporters accuse the police commissioner of a politically motivated investigation there are several high profile cases. we haven't been given this much attention and one wonders why all of
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a sudden when this guy is being good and getting rid of all of this that in he's interested in this b.s. and everybody is convinced of her innocence we're with her in the room right now why isn't she communing with the statement we believe in the in the justice system. she believes in this is just political analyst francis marco out hopes the courts will remain free of political influence this time around unlike so often the past he says the country has been paralyzed by political disputes for us you've. faced in the entire state sit in the social issues and other pressing issues and not be addressed and this is what has been happening in this country will have time but there were phone calls really has not been to go out of the country. leachman the people awfully sort of hoping the courts will ship some light on the case and bring much needed stability to the kingdom until they do
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the political situation in lives or to remains explosive the country only recently saw an attempted coup against in 2014. we have some football now and the europa league round of 163 german teams taking part on thursday night played at home they give their fans something to smile about i track frankfurt flew past salzburg frankfurt daiichi commodity netting a hat trick in the 41 victory bar leverkusen defeated porto 'd of portugal by 2 goals to one and it was also 21 as vosburgh. in tennis roger federer will be out of action for a number of months after undergoing need surgery later or has been struggling with his right knee since last month's australian open. the operation means a fator it will again miss the clay court season including the french open the 20 time grand slam champion and his doctors are confident that he will make a full recovery. surfing will be making its debut at
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the olympics this summer in tokyo and for a one american surfer with a japanese background the moment will have special meaning already a seasoned pro the 22 year old has a golden opportunity to be a pioneer both for the sport and his country. with skewes like a no eagle rashi's it's safe to say surfing is in his genes and that's more than just an expression. his father was a surfer a huge fan of the sport before canoe it was born the garage the family moved from japan to california for one reason surfing at 22 years old pinoy is now a top ranked pro as a dual citizen he's representing the host country japan at the summer games and he knows surfing at the olympics will be special for his parents. obviously for any parent you know seeing your child in the olympics is one thing but the connection
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of how close this olympics serving the 1st time a sport where they grew up doing to. see in tokyo where all my family's from it's you know i feel like i'm representing them all in the olympics as well so it's you know it's much more than just having the sort of the olympics i think could no himself has no shadow of a doubt that he'll make his family proud and i have everything it takes to become a gold medalist and. just with that just me enough confidence you know. to see it's a visualize it and you know i know i'm doing everything i can to get closer to that goal and you know i can't wait to come if he indeed does win gold in tokyo japanese american could no eager rushy could become the face of a sport trying to establish itself on the international stage. 7 years edition of the berlin allah has officially kicked off the international film
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festival opening with the book turned film my salinger year wever starring in a film about an american author who helped shape the world of modern thanks in the 1000 fifty's and sixty's the late j.d. salinger. the festival's new director duo are beaming at the presence of their 1st big name guest sigourney weaver she plays a leading role in the film my salinger year and it turns out she has something in common with the barely knowledge festival i turned 70 this year the same as the pair so i feel it's a great celebration. in the film weaver plays margaret the literary agent of the great american novelist j.d. salinger. it's the early ninety's one of margaret's main jobs is to keep fans like these away from the reclusive writer of the catcher in the rye flour right now on the thought but enjoying herself an aspiring writer is in charge of reading and
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tossing his fan mail. but it's rough going between the new hire and her veteran boss that whole time where writing was so respected in may such a profound difference to people where they were the writer is king or queen i think she feels in a way like the high priestess to put her her arms around that world and keep it safe jericho's. yes terry silencer is just a ghost haunting the film a guiding influence on 2 women the younger of which is still finding her way take a sound. i think it's the moment in your life where you have aspirations and you have to find the courage in this trying to chase your dream. and i also think it talks about a moment in our history where things were changing it was just before the internet swallowed up everything it was a time where the written word meant something is that on it's
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a time when great writers were still flooded with emotional letters with the advent of email that tradition began to disappear. but my salinger year is not quite the impressive start to the bell another that some had hoped but it's a sensitive love letter to a bygone new york literary world people i don't know who these people are why they don't have more important things to do in their lives j.d. salinger is the archetype of the 20th century writer seen by his fans as a mythic hero with god like status even today his reclusive life remains part of his enigma for millions the film isn't it to the man and his work but even more than that it's an all march to his readers and those who are called to the craft of writing through the example he set. let's get you a minor now of our top stories this hour germany is held vigils after a suspected far right extremists killed 10 people in the town of kano near frankfurt protesters also took to the streets in berlin to demand that the
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governments do more to combat right wing extremism and islamophobia. the state of your news live from berlin up next our talk show to the point the face where the germany can really call itself a country for immigration and don't forget there's always the latest at our website or at our twitter feed i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks me.
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to the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. germany is actively looking abroad for skilled workers even wanted to court other
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migrants whose temporary asylum has expired and meanwhile zina phobic right wing parties are on the rise opened or closed is germany a country of immigration joined us on to the point to the point. where knox took on the t w. a sustainable closed loop economy turned down. traditional t.v. production consumes vast quantities of new and. now pressed sugarcane ismene used to drive the leaves. turning on used waste into a valuable commodity. global 3000. and 60 minutes on d w. i'm
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not often kept the gem of a from downtown but i stand up and whip it up and we have to have an thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes question put in here think the seizure of the country behind on time. needed to take his grandmother down. it's all about a new i might show join me for meet the germans on the w. . post. the jobs are there but the manpower is missing faced with increasingly urgent labor shortages germany is casting its nets far afield in the search for skilled workers policy makers are actively courting. workers for sectors from health care to food services health minister should ban travel to mexico on his quest the new law aims to promote skilled labor immigration at the same time germany's deporting refugees
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whose temporary asylum has expired and zina phobic right wing parties are on the prize open or closed is germany a country of in.


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