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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2020 2:15am-2:31am CET

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when not yet seen this time how kimi found him and he smashed it past public up collins night but is the good gold 48 of the c's it. don't mean down bray mean to neil. handy the home side their 5th straight loss in the league. and you are of course watching it d.w. news live from berlin after a short break stay tuned for sports life on the spicer thanks for watching. we're all set. to go beyond. that we're on live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you country. what ever.
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running not. made for minds. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. liverpool
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2019 champions league winners world class players top coach mega fan base every team in the world for years the rates right now liverpool themselves are scared of anyone except maybe. crystal palace liverpool's bogey team. i feel for a lot but i. get it all out. why the clubs even have both teams. the team is a team that impacts the psychology of a novice has. basically that bogey team creates a detriment of performance in the other take their they fall into a low performance mindset so subsequently don't perform as well as they should and to me don are afraid of sharks. valentia fear into themselves.
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mentioned linebacker really scared of rb lights. and after reverberates last minute defeat in the 21000 couple eager to doris final will be having bad dreams about real based club flamingo forever. the only one safety ellis allowed to become a litigant i don't know that it's soon to be while i've been there the last night of mussing but about this levy was. led by the lead on and in the more militant ok of this i'd let you go madrid fairness scared of facing reality but wait real madrid is a giant of european football everyone's at least a little scared of them a true bogey team is one that really should be beatable but somehow manages to keep tripping up your team. pals come out.
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it's a wall of fame in order to be a boat. you have to be very good seen nobody says that liverpool is the same anybody. bible teaching we mean something like this. i hate to play against celtic to play against ever ness colors when in fact so when we play them i have to look between my fingers because they always. say it's true minnows inverness caledonian thistle have knocked the mighty celtic out of the scottish cup 3 times. we always seem to lease to them they've got that player they set up in this way they go about it in their style those are the kind of thoughts that fuel those feelings of insecurity that the opposition is superior that they're a better team even. know checkley not maybe even if they play in
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a division below. often seems to have suffered a negative result fear taking the same punishment again the next time around. and that brings us back to crystal palace who have made liverpool suffer time and time again. me 24 to liverpool were on the cusp of winning the title when they travel to london to play palace to stevie and is known for its unique atmosphere. despite. a game like that and. europe you felt it and boy did it hurtles. second last time see for you know off the 54 minutes and then 33 against crystal palace at the end of 90 present very good very good record against. i'm burning their chances and at the dream thanks you're welcome. in the last 11 minutes liverpool conceded 3
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goals shattering their hopes of a 1st league title since 1990 it was the argent of palace's status says the liverpool team. has certain expectations influences the narrative that you completely strongly hypothesize is that we're going to have a bunch of us are focusing on the fact that we have got to be creating a bunch of in a picture related to lucy. and so it proved in may 2015 palace travel to liverpool and ruined and other special moment the legendary stephen gerard's last home match. after 26 years at the club and over 700 professional games lost his last game in front of the home crowd at anfield.
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it's a group of fly is constantly focus on and think about the team as a poky team when that narrative starts to snowball it becomes almost like a belief across the organization a collective mental. in november that. got his 1st dose of crystal palace they inflicted his 1st defeat as liverpool coach and failed crystal palace and. of course liverpool also won plenty of games against palace but it's always a close affair the psychological barriers are clear to see. the board against his most feared opponent harry potter. or mike tyson who could never beat holyfield. who can just never get the better of jerry. and kept. and you have against the white whale moby dick.
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by i. think. that will soon see me go off soon as you thing i missed was from lunch and i'm sure that's right in the bundesliga byron had a problem with blood but. it's based on statistics. in the seventy's lot behind byron both won multiple german titles byron success continued the falls haven't won the league since 1977 but they could be buyers equals they could at least become their bovey team since the summer of 2014 no bundesliga side is one of many points against germany's most successful club. and they've scored more goals against biron than any other team in the league. to collective have conversations the conversations happen in the current goal is to
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happen in the changing room it happens across the organization at conversation and we as human beings are constantly. constantly judging who are up against what's happened in the past. what's happening now. after whatever the reason almost every club has a bogey team boca juniors for your club at least equal to the mark. to quake at the prospect of playing number. i'd let you go madrid give barcelona nightmare. and the great real madrid to your life. not in the kind of all those latin for numbers all sport but you know this it also didn't put a ball on the muzzle though it's always going to support a ball it got up and you got to it's like what i said when you're in the i'm an asshole fun and i hate it when we play manchester united at old trafford we have a one there since 2006. and i think. that.
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because here it's not so much the team as the stadium that seems to provoke fear. that we are in fear which is what we think we can plan a certain location and we can feel quite we can plan and. unfold paul and that might not have anything to do with a selfish just off perception. in greece and i could have a problem with p.a.'s. they've never won in a way to them either in the league or the cup. and there's a curse on the french city of bordeaux. at least for olympic must say because they simply cannot win there they failed in 37 attentions 1977 both of the old stuff musts and i thought you.
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sometimes even whole nations live in fear of certain opponents. ireland have never won a competitive game against sweden. ivory coast have a serious problem with cup of nations nemesis egypt. argentina have lost 2 world cup finals against germany and england also fear germany especially when it goes to penalties but germany themselves have a bogey team italy ok so they beat them on penalties at euro 2016 but otherwise they have lost every big game against the. now we come to personal fears. which again brings us to liverpool and their current coach who have been clipped he's the most feared opponent. of pep guardiola even though pep has mostly. the stronger team in that time coach has beaten him on more
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occasions than quote for now at least. and perhaps individual fear seems to spread to his players club has won 9 of their team meetings during the city and in the last 11 games has won just 3. top. are sending is another coach with an emphasis in 1000 games against. he's only tasted victory twice. so what can sides do to beat their bogey teams so as a sports psychologist with the coaching staff to try to change the narrative to try
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to change the focus of attention that the players have their focus on what they don't want and they're focused on the things that are christ about the opposition they need to focus on themselves they make the focus on their strengths they need to focus on what they do have they need to focus on how they want to play it's about helping players stay here rather than having them. who reply. are we never be judged by stop let's come back to what we can do as individuals as a collective. so basically doesn't really exist except in your own head. we only have. to. say exactly there's really nothing to fear about these opponents it's just your brain being negative so forget the whole thing just be confident.
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car culture. hair. superman. superfood stylish style icon to let those. life style 0. 0. it's smelly business feeding the world's ever growing population. agricultural multinationals are appeasing global hunger with cheap meat. impoverished small farmers decimated ecological systems and an economy dominated by
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monopolies are the devastating consequences of industrial farming soil islam. in 45 minutes on d w. c up to date don't miss our highlights. programme online w dot com highlights. nico is in germany to learn german english beneath. why not learn with him d w z e learning course because fake. welcome to your marks and the law because that's what you say here in kelowna a germany during kano load it's being celebrated their annual leave the highlights of yes that one for those of you have not recognized me yet i need this week it's
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me mike it could go and we're dedicating the whole show today to cottle of across europe will go.


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