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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm. glad you could join us today racism is poison those were the words of germany's chancellor angela merkel after a gunman shot 10 people dead in the city of hama now questions are now being asked if officials are doing enough to protect citizens from right wing violence the
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killers specifically targeted foreign looking people and authorities say he had a deeply racist worldview. well the crime has shocked her now unless people with immigrant background fearing for their safety the cold blooded act has left a deep scar in the once peaceful city our reporter traveled there and met with hanna mussa he bore witness to the events on february 19th including the last moments of his friend's life. had planned to have an enjoyable evening with a few friends at their favorite how now she should bar instead it turned into a nightmare one that had no we'll never forget the trust of us i write quite early i think it was 6 or 6 30 pm we just wanted to smoke a pipe and then head home but then another friend joined us in kharkiv called and said we should stay and watch football with champions league. at half time the door
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suddenly flew open and a man entered shots rang out then after just a few minutes the man vanished shocked henna checked on his friends. and then some 23 times telling him we need to go to the back there was no reaction i looked more closely and saw blood in his head and running from his ears. or hello would never have expected such a racially motivated attack in his home town on the other hand he has noticed more and more derogatory comments about she should bars. when people hear you often go to issues should bar the accusers of doing shady deals there or dealing drugs. locals are still grieving those killed in the hanover shooting but slowly ever more people have started calling for preventative action to be taken on their start the german state needs to better
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protect and support its citizens eric needs to invest in better education invest. teaching people about democracy is good but not enough. for days there have been marches through hand now with protesters demanding migrants and their venue's be better protected than our shooting was the 3rd right wing extremist attack in germany in just 9 months and many are angry and concerned. never as do man who was born in hand now to kurdish parents has been working tirelessly to spur migrants into action. she says even though many germans show solidarity migrants need to join forces. via we can't we as migrants an anti fascists need to get organized and defend ourselves by that i mean listening to those affected. those who might be murdered tomorrow will he
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face racism. but these people need to be heard so what comment the central council of muslims in germany has already suggested deploying its own security staff to protect mosques and other meeting places but not everyone in hannele thinks that's a good idea you have here we have laws in this country you imagine if everyone started carrying their own guns around. we would all end up fighting each other if you know what i mean. german lawmakers and high ranking state representatives came to hand after the killings to express their sympathy. the government has now acknowledged that far right extremist terrorism poses a great threat to our democracy and must be countered german interior minister forces e who 1st has promised that police will be extra vigilant in protecting mosques. but despite these reassurances the handle killings have left many people of foreign descent like hannah and his sisters question their relationship to the german state
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. and how often people in had now are wondering will there be another attack and who will be targeted this time where and how much we want the government to assure us that such an attack will never happen again does it i'm worried that people of foreign descent will start illegally carrying guns with them but that's no solution to that and that's to. mention that a cunt feel safe here in germany where the. the message from the han our shooting is clear the german government and people must ensure that everyone can live here in equal safety. the message from the people in hand now we want more protection it's an issue that is also affecting other parts of the country such as the capital berlin there politicians across the spectrum are targeted by
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people with extremist views for falco leka and mahdi their work as lawmakers is directly affected by the hostility they face in addition to serving their constituents they also have to defend themselves against threats and attacks both on and offline. it's. a few days ago our family car was torched at our home right outside our door in the middle of the night as good gives you a quick easy feeling to be honest it gives you a lot to think about what i'm feeling. going to attack you at home that's my private life people know where you live and that's not published everywhere these days. there are no suspects so far but state security services are investigating falcon lake is deputy mayor and current district the c.d.u. politician has been receiving increasingly dire threats from leftwing extremists
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radical islamists and criminal clans. they have to be on the clabber it's because they have a clear stance on many political issues that many others don't like i tend to provoke an polarize. and i'm used to others not appreciating that but what's new to me is that they resort to such means noise for me september 28th tain a multiple offender was gunned down in the street soon after a graffiti artist spray painted his portrait on a wall it's become a kind of shrine for professional criminals with ties to organized family gangs like acted quickly and have removed the response was not long in coming 5. k. you miserable dog you're such a lowlife i hope. you lose your job and somebody attacks you some day today no trace of the graffiti remains in falcon lake or is proud of that. to be honest i never thought i'd become the target of such animosity the signal the or thirty's
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ascending else that we are able to take quick action was to me an important message traffic obviously felt completely discusses the situation with his staff the police are keeping an eye on his home and security has been tightened in his office. on the one hand it's scary on the other both on the political and personal level it'd be a serious mistake if we let ourselves be influenced by these incidents and that's exactly what the perpetrators want. and of course i won't put up with that wish for 5000 some 20 kilometers west of my current and i'll call her marty is the local head of the green party. and i get lots of racism based on my name and appearance and sexism which i'd say most women in politics experience with the criticism isn't aimed at political issues it's more along the lines of personal attacks that is yet so in and of them they still have. a marty was born in iran over 20
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years ago her parents fled to germany with her they were granted asylum she's experiencing a fabulous since she was a teenager. they were mainly experiences with neo nazis once i was attacked right in front of my door by friends of my neighbor they simply jumped me and started beating me i was 17 years old at the time having to wish to mileage by the victim now as a politician most of the animosity directed attack is anonymous for her that's even worse than physical violence when i had practice kind effect you don't really have a visible enemy find that sounds a bit odd but you don't have a direct adversary when i don't know who dealing with you is at this time the same one who insulted or threatened you online the day before. toward her. nov 25th a marty was at a christmas market hear
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a singer on stage started crossing some lines saying there were 2 things he didn't like called mulled wine and women who said no to her that went too far. does not and for all we knew right away that we had to react we needed to make a statement we couldn't let that go on punished we couldn't let that stand without comment. staffing this i won't comment here in. this ng a poster is criticism on facebook that made the greens politician a target of many of his fans hatred once said the young woman email saying we like to burn witches naked in the marketplace in the 21st century to us but i'm just a man that was the moment that really made me cringe i'm sure it took me 3 days before i could read on by that among other things the letter said that more public statements like that would be dangerous for me statements for. fairly he'd research to find out where i lived and worked and so on is political and.
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marty took the offensive she could not remain silent any longer she reported the email sender to the place something she'd never done before. fall collegian now reports every hate message he receives to berlin politicians from different parties with often differing views but both victims of white attacks. the heat wave in europe last summer broke records as scorching temperatures baked parts of the continent the extreme heat creates the perfect conditions for wildfires something portugal has been hard hit by in recent years dry and overgrown land pose a major threat and the mountainous region of kohima is particularly vulnerable battling the blazes is costly and at times ineffective so landowners like louis funk are turning to an old fashioned method of fire prevention.
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here in the portuguese mountains near kohima these goats are playing a vital part in preventing forest fires. 80 animals feed on greenery to create natural fire breaks by eating away the brush which catches fire easily. i'm proud of their job and the job that privilege them and that's it i think that they can be part of the solution for the the forest fires. he remembers the last big blaze in 2017 the flames destroyed vast areas of local forest and half a 1000000 hectares across the country more than ever before. back then luis was working as a building contractor after losing his warehouse and machines to the flames he reinvented his life. today the 40 year old is
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a goat herder just like his grandfather before him. because most local landowners have moved away there's nobody to clear away grass and shrubbery which act as a firing seller and in the summer until now fire breaks have been maintained using expensive machines. with a go through can actually do the same job and. bring some some value and some occupation back to the interior of country that's been deserted in the van for a few decades. avellino ray go to has switched careers to help prevent forest fires he quit his job as an i.t. specialist and moved back to his parents in the mountains today the 35 year old works as a cattle farmer. we know about well more but of. all
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my time i used to criticize what we do we don't do for nature conservation and when i realized that i didn't do anything as well. i decided no i need to to try to do some the things i am calm playings that others aren't doing. he aims to show that merrill needs a traditional domestic breed of mountain cattle can also prevent fires because they too eat grass and shrubs. i believe that opinion will recognize that we are doing public says services and we'll be available to support economically these kind of work. montes a nature. savation association which avellino rego belongs to because even purchased land itself pruning should help these young oak trees to grow big and strong. less grass will grow under the shade they'll provide meaning less flammable
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material probably didn't know they know that they will not take any money from that from the land but they are ready to adopt another management model so we are trying to demonstrate that with small money we can have a fire that's true but with a lot less damage. portugal is the european country most affected by forest fires in cooperation with fire departments scientists at the university of koa are researching the causes of such fires. they say the country's climate monoculture tree plantations and rural depopulation all play a major role. if we don't manage our forests better we're likely to suffer even bigger fires in extreme weather conditions. because we've particularly. portugal is searching for strategies to prevent wildfires from spreading in some
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cases that means returning to age old methods luis frontin year and his goats are just the beginning. fired but we can't avoid it something that's part of the flavor of itself it's just the way that we can protect ourselves and protect the forest that we need. luis hope small landowners will hire his goats to clear away bushes and grass on their properties that would make his business more profitable and ensure small fires don't become major disasters. when a missing person alert goes out every hour counts and the forests of russia pose a particular challenge police there. i don't have the resources to search the countries drawling forests even near the capital moscow hikers can get lost in the labyrinth of unmarked paths well that's where they come in an army of volunteers
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like natalia care who spring into action to comb the forests for the missing it's a job that brings both joy and heartache. a call has come in the middle of the night someone's reported missing in a forest about 120 kilometers from moscow natalee akira chipper a young volunteer with lisa alert wastes no time getting underway even after a long working day in the office. now other volunteers have arrived there prepared to search the whole night through at 3 degrees below 0 celsius with new fallen snow time is of the essence. of her going with us we're heading into the forest. people came through near here earlier today but they covered only 200 meters like. tell me now we're going to try to comb the rest of the area we're looking for an 80
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year old man there's still hope he's dressed warmly or problem like you. hour after hour section by section they comb the forest. they follow a precisely calculated plan. but of course for tests of credit you have to go around the fallen trees and look through everything very carefully because the missing men could be anywhere. across that circle of the woods. often they search for elderly people who've lost their bearings while out gathering berries or mushrooms or in winter firewood it's easy to get hopelessly lost in russia's dense forest especially without a compass. suddenly in the tiniest fault something in the snow. these shoes could belong to the
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missing man. well done for she will send photos to his family. that would be people suffering from hypothermia $10.00 to $1.00 dress. 5 you know he might have lost them as he walked. up to today as you progress for. the next morning the elderly man is still missing the volunteers have put up notices with his photo in the nearby town of your goal yes. hundreds of volunteers from all over russia gather regularly for exercises. alert was founded in 201025 year old lisa disappeared in the forest the only ones who went searching for her own family the little girl died. off coordinator of lisa alert says something like that can never be allowed to happen again. no matter
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what the authorities do they can have so many people in different places at the same time usually we don't have one missing person in one place but several missing persons in different places the authorities don't have enough people. in fact to the of course these have even begun passing cases on to lisa alert for example. in naira for means 90 kilometers southwest of moscow. the elderly woman had wandered in the forest for around 4 days before volunteers found her the rescuers themselves shot these images. are going to are not yet. her grandson has dropped by for a visit over and over lydia tells him about her 4 days alone in the forest and her fear of never being found. i am
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scully yeah i was looking for berries. the 2nd day i got thirsty i ate the berries it was red. aning and i caught the drops in a leaf and held it to my mouth where they found me there were birch trees in a little field off the weir for them but. i spelled out the word help in big letters with branches which i thought someone might see it maybe from a helicopter or we could use me. if it hadn't been for lisa alert lydia krill over might well have died. in the forest near you go years the search for the missing elderly man continues. not every case turns out well for lisa alert the volunteers kept searching for 8 days and nights then natalia learns that tragically the man had not survived
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well last year some 25000 searches were carried out for missing people lisa alert managed to bring most of them home. home is also where many senior citizens want to stay in their golden years but for the elderly who live in remote villages isolation can be difficult to cope with let's take a look at cafe ya in the south of france where the aging population has a chance to connect to the outside world if only for a few minutes a week thanks to mail carriers like eric arias relatives can also get regular updates about their loved ones. today eric harris is in a hurry as well as delivering the mail he's also providing a special service offered by the french post office. coming up on in the i'm going to make my rounds like normal and then as you'll see i also perform this service for older people. every cause being
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a mail carrier for 25 years and he still loves his job but times have changed. fewer people are sending letters and parcels these days so the french postal service is looking for new sources of revenue. cover yard in the south of france has also seen better days here many buildings stand empty as people move elsewhere . i recount delivers a letter which is this man a good day and continues on his rounds. with his liver is almost done he drives to his final client he knows her and as fond of her. job several of us check in on her and she's a nice lady who's kind to us all. she's always waiting for us and we have a good time. simone fibrous all dressed up
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like every choose they she's waiting for her mail carrier she lives alone and has no t.v. or internet just before 1 pm every can over eyes that her door. one of them follow madam it is. your postman. your quit today. everything ok so yes i'm fine. that's important i can see that today you're in good shape. we're passionate people like me with no kids no house been no siblings it's a really good thing i'm happy with. this if you're happy that's good. move to i need to sign you ruin everything like usual it's a formality. should there be a problem every kid can get help for simone right away calling a doctor or ambulance is part of the service. that the good work will take care of thanks you too. so mom farber lives off her small pension and those embroidery to
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earn a little extra money she pays $1000.00 euros a month for the poor service does she think that's too much. not at home. areas received extra training for his additional judi's of checking on the elderly . gentleman all these days there are a lot of older people and on his i never knew. and in future they will be even more that's why it's a good service. and it's good for us too i'm very happy to do it as your. mailman is samoans connection to the outside world and at least for now that gives you an added sense of security. security that helps seniors like simone to live out their days as they wish well that's all this week for focus on your if you have questions or thoughts about our show you can get in touch with me on twitter thanks so much for watching but for
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news live from berlin. the german government says the country is facing a coronavirus epidemic the german health minister says there's no way to trace only infections back to china meaning germany now has its own epidemic. and as germany becomes one of dozens of countries grappling with the outbreak of the virus is not slowing down for the 1st time the number of new infections outside china.


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