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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2020 7:45am-8:00am CET

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botts we begin with a restaurant that is really trying to do its bit to save the planet's climate change and global warming are never far from the headlines at the bottom and the owners of the restaurant freya aim to reduce the amount of waste in their restaurant to absolute 0 is this possible after all food is often delivered in plastic but not to this restaurant. at the end of the day this little pile is all that remains of thin leftovers from the dishes that make these delegates and yes men mountain have opened 3 of germany's 1st they waste restaurants and then there. are you just every city every restaurant in general should produce things in a more sustainable way rather than take up the 0 waste cause a lot of operators have a big responsibility towards their case and the environment because people who
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produce a lot also produce a lot of waste for the few little the couple. trying to produce his little cottage just possible fiest. 0 waste restaurants the produce comes from local organic found and it's free as plastic packaging. all of the dishes served began. bombing the menu today steve mushrooms with santa recruit on potato terry and has made sourdough pita bread with various tips we don't name to vegan eyes anyone or turn them into 0 waste is. that the end of the day we just want to serve up good food and i'm on dogmatic way. to remain pragmatic we want to do something not talk about it just do it. and the concept isn't entirely new england's 1st 0 waste restaurant over. back in 2014. constantly
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often from no way what is the sushi chef there before he took over running the kitchen at freyja so the family restaurant is benefiting from his experience. to do elect from a station there with salt water and whatever a seasonal that he voted against. the vegetable gets from and foods. i mean you get much more interesting flavor i'm only going to use to liquids. in your order to make sources of pressings so used up all over the menu. says steyn ability and ecological awareness are also reflected in the interior design to not consume a dishcloth the furniture is 2nd hand goods the stored english plastic and the lump sum made from mushroom fiber. the concept is the works through down to the smallest detail but does the guests realize that difference concept and the concept is
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interesting was that i'm also reading a book about this at home but that's not the main reason i'm here is that i was drawn by the food was all of it bugs me how much we throw away but it's really hard to throw away very little smiles and harder still to throw nothing away so what the guys are doing here is great often wish for you. so what happens to the vegetable feelings and left and that is. that's when this composite comes and that temperatures of between 60 and 120 degrees celsius a host of bacteria hodgett work in the machine. dot com in the us at the end of the evening all of the food scraps we've collected go in here. and within 24 hours this turns them into compost that can be put on fields just the way to it's. all the. time so the food cycle closes in a completely natural way. and lots
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of lots of the the torch just 5 days a kind that is an also biographical novel which describes life in nazi occupied austria joining the 1930 s. committee was a writer of short stories and articles for us in newspapers and it was only long death novels published so sadly she never knew successes and also. how it's hatched are you to your home how would you feel if you had to leave it maybe forever. and. the tortoises by visa country is about a jewish couple in the late 1930 s. when the nazis take over their homeland austria if i don't they are paralyzed like tortoises have been flipped on their backs. will they be able to right themselves in time while the couple waits for
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a visa to escape they're driven from their apartments because a nazi officer wants it for himself again and again the image of the tortoise appears mirroring their humiliation. the tortoise does not die so quickly but also has an inner shell and that is why it does not die if one cuts its heart out the heart goes on twitching for a while the point attaches its brain it goes on creeping but then of course without warmth they cannot but. a lot of this book is autobiographical jewish author viz i cannot he wrote it shortly after she escaped from austria to england together with her husband the author and committee while his books were an instant success hers were published in decades after her death she died thinking she was a failure but the tortoise's proved she was one of the great authors of the 20th century.
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kentuckian route 0 is a video game which follows the trials of a delivery man trying to find the house he has to deliver something so it sounds completely monday but that description actually does the day but his and since it's conception and 2011 it's become a cult classic this game is part magical realism paul a biting critique of capitalism but also with a positive message that we should love and take care of one another so definitely not your usual type of busier day. where in a sleazy bar somewhere in kentucky it's come to see the singing done junebug what is she going to sing that's for us to decide. the game is kentucky roots 0 this seems like those in
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a theater play and the player is like a coach director. it all begins at an isolated gas station conway the driver for an antique store asks the why it will be his last trip to the shop he works for is closing down. conway's journey turns into an order see through the night and through a mystical kentucky full of strange encounters and symbols for philosopher daniel moss and find out this is a very special game. because i don't think it's a really relevant game perhaps one of the most relevant i've played so far because it's one of the few games that makes an artistic claim that can be considered as the work of. fabulous creatures confusing images each seeing is a work of somewhere between magic realism edward hopper and the disturbing
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atmosphere of it david lynch film as in this scene. which calls to mind twin peaks . kentucky has been entirely created and developed by a trio that includes kentucky based artist jake. the scenes in 26 for julie cruz the singing on stage i mean you know we were totally thinking about when we wrote our scene was seeing it and trying to get a kind of similar. emotional effect from it it's always been really important for us that this game has a cultural context you know development on the game began in 2011 at that time the effects of the world financial crisis with devastating unemployment debts people
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losing their homes everyone conway meets has faced such experiences it's like. people ringback being put in impossible situations and it was important to us for this particular project you know we didn't really want to have any sort of wealth there or just like really want to focus on the. whole. market carious situations certain marginalized exploited people. kentucky roots 0 presents a world where people face africa esque system that determines the lives down to every detail and is at the same time faceless route for us nebulous but all powerful government structures have disappeared replaced by an energy company that buys up everything. as players we feel the powerlessness of the individual. we can only shape the way conway gets more and more lost in
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debts and dependence but we cannot see of him. fight. this into scientists of guard so. that the game doesn't stage protests or evolves and that would be an obvious choice that the individual fights back against the structures instead the basic mood of the game is melancholy the characters just tell each other what their fate is but they don't say how they could change the system gets assist him in. the game just leave a sense that utopia could be around the corner a way out of powerlessness can perhaps be found in community with others. i would like to pursue the project. and i'd like to work with. we're up against really difficult challenges. sort of unlikely to work but it's
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worth doing anyway even we find ourselves in a town someone new route 0 what do we do now where do we go it's. a really. a a. i leave you with a short on mars to the swedish born are so much fun seato who has died at the age of 90 most recently he's become known to fans of star wars and game of thrones box it was a role in the exorcist which made him world famous i have a perhaps his most iconic movie scene was in any man's film the 7th seal where he played chess with death. to 6. months a business into song. try out drive.
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car of christ on the ground.
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cause. the fire never makes sure for coming up close friend frank to. talk entertainment in the tom ounce can clinch to proceed to lock up. shake off. its contents of. course old. colored folks. high culture. hair. superfood stylish style icon. let oh say.
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lifestyle during the mess. on the job. and. 'd come up.
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this is news coming to you live from the whole of italy is now in quarantine the prime minister extends crisis measures to try to stop the spread of the credit. travel is down only allowed in an emergency public gatherings are banned and schools and universities for close to. germany records its 1st 2 deaths from.


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