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it's a human race destroying itself. ruining the basic elements of our system we're using too much water and we can looting. life. for supplies will last forever but. when the rain. starts more when your dog. this is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes bowing crowded they advanced sailing off but that's little consolation for one canyon family who want the jet make that compensate them for their loss son's life the way he used to help us all our hopes were in him that we looked up to him because when we told him all our problems he was always quick to send us some money he didn't want to see his
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parents. and judgment day for the ugandan warlord dominique. closing statements in his trial that the i.c.c. began today. under welcome to his african company today marks one. airlines flight 3 o 2 crashed killing all 157 people on board the plane was heading to nairobi from ideas about when it plunged into the ground just 6 minutes. investigations have revealed a problem with the boeing 737 max. triggered an automated system which repeatedly push the nose of the plane down the pilots tried to override the system but couldn't some families off the victims want boeing to compensate them for the loss
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of their loved ones steve news correspondent. made one of those families in kenya. it's a year later but this family still mourning abdullah mohammed was in his way back home he was in the ill fated utopian anand's flight that crashed shortly after takeoff in addis ababa this is the last 40 he sent his family and grown up she is he was very happy when he took this picture but now he is no longer with us whenever we want to see him this is what we look at which we look at the photo to remember him and then we put it away. abdullah has been the last in saudi arabia watching as a lab technician he was the pride of his family he grew up in your islam but through good grades and hard work he managed to make it out and even send money back home only really cornered say here. yes the way he used to
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help us all our hopes were on him that we looked up to him because when we told him our problems he was always quick to send us some money he didn't want to see his parents suffer. much 10th 1900 supposed to be a happy day but after hours of waiting the received the message that their son had died along with 156 others in board nobody survived the crash. the help of ethiopian airlines his father brought him on and was able to dig down his remains the better the minute symmetry not for. you know that the death of 157 passengers may no longer be making headlines around the world but he had to break mohammed's family and keep the memories of his son are still very droll and real but even as these remains of bodied the gap that he left behind is yet to be
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feeling. like many others of dallas families still seeking compensation from boeing there's an ongoing court case in the u.s. and the company 7 through 7 months planes have been grounded. already things are working out on the other sites because i remember. a group they had a problem with their plane ok on. the plane here which crashed with our children the good so many problems that was with it because i understand the computer fruit. of dallas father confronts himself with the knowledge that he son died having lived a good life. a lawyer representing a dallas family spoke to. adela's relatives have joined a group of families that have taken boeing to courts they've filed
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a civil lawsuit for wrongful death expect that there will be justice for the end of the day. though in any way to cannot rip replace. those with the to the formulas that will last the deal once but i believe at the end of the truth be told. i'm confident boeing will be able to be held accountable. yes from the preliminary. information that we've heard this eyewitness are good to work. with up to the quick america determination in terms of the hook for the battle have been put. on make story takes us to the hague where the trial of a ugandan warlord is nearing its end. and a senior commander of the notorious lord's resistance army l r a faces 70 charges arising from
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a rain office here in northern uganda in the early 2000 today prosecutors at the international criminal court began reading their closing statements a verdict is expected in the coming months all talks are spawn and end of paula after this report. the lord's resistance army all l r a led by joseph koni was founded in 1988 in northern uganda emerging from the remnants of the country's brutal civil war while continuing to fight president was 70 and the ugandan government. the international criminal court has heard a civil recordings of a lawyer a command as ordering atrocities the group is notorious for its brutality hacking off his lips and limbs of the victims they kidnapped and forcibly recruit members many of them children women are made sex slaves or forced to marry their fight is in 2005 the international criminal court in the hague indicted kone and other
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senior commanders for war crimes and crimes against humanity which is. when is the most senior member captured so far. several international operations have been trying to track down joseph. but the group have moved across the region from uganda to the democratic republic of congo to south sudan and sudan and now most active in the central african republic kone and his commanders remain at launch a. trial in the hague let's bring in our reporter in uganda. he is in the capital kampala hello junius good to see you so many young women is a very senior and or a commander what does it mean to people in uganda at the end of his trial is inside . what i can see is that try any of the commanders of the. especially the victims especially the government has been
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pursuing these rebels for a very long time to many of the victims it is a point of been waiting for looking for to justice from the international criminal court and also very important to know that uganda was the 1st country to the international criminal court so many you looking forward to see what the judges will have to tell them whether they will get justice and whether they will accept the decision of court. justice what is life like today for the surviving victims off the n.r.a. in uganda. there are many survivors of. very many victims you know the war took away so long many victims from children to the people people who suffered the atrocities of the lord's resistance army look forward to the justice that might come from the international criminal court and to them whatever comes from. their mind it's a very sensitive scenario for them it's a very sensitive case to them people who. are farm. houses being.
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they cannot wait. to receive this information to receive this judgment from the international criminal court to behave to me is the leader of this movement joseph cohen he remains even able to evade being captured i know the u.s. has a bounty on his head. i think the lord's resistance of course he's still a very hard question to answer on this side of the ugandan government and the u.s. troops that have been helping us is joseph who was flushed out to uganda in 2006 he's been running in the jungles we are told he's been hiding in some enclaves. this is an area the border with south sudan and the deal. of corn is in this particular area but all those reports that have been coming through all these years none of them is pointing to a direction where you can see that is going to be arrested in the next month 6
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months is still at large and there are no signs that would be called anytime soon but who knows it could be called anytime but we can't tell when that is going to happen but many victims would of course get to be arrested and tried in the international criminal court all right. thank you. so here's one for you when was the last time you got into a taxi and a woman was the driver while in the capital kinshasa an all female taxi business is putting women behind the wheel the companies say to be doing very well and plans to set up an academy to train more all female drivers. it would be hard to miss these bright pink. contrast to the usual taxis found in kinshasa driven exclusively by women they offer a high end right hailing service in the congolese capital kinshasa so i don't. hear music with. most clients also women. cabs are more comfortable and
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safe way of getting around. i have always been driving because it's complicated but seeing a woman behind the wheel it really gives you confidence and makes you realise you can do it yes we. launched 2 years ago campaigns to make a big impact on the transport sector. the company has had to me to train a 100 feet. trainees of recent graduates who were previously unemployed. the 1st of all there was no such thing as taxi drivers here in the spaces so when i saw they were hiring women i thought to myself well this could be an opportunity for me where you could be. this is the brainchild of patricians stanford and harvard educated entrepreneur
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who has high hopes for congolese women if you can ever since i became an entrepreneur i've always invested in women because i believe in women and i believe that african women will succeed when men have failed where you want to leave me put women in positions of power and they'll change the world for patricia the sky's the limit she now wants to expand internationally and competes with the likes of lifting to do. and that is a news africa as always you can catch all stories on our website and facebook page today pick chairs from orioles held for the victims. and crash.
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the soul of surprising. subsists want to abolish. the race creed. color the flame.
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for a time long past but still marry much alive. to display. where exactly. cars culture history and. travel. extremely worth a visit. hello welcome good news from the world of arts and culture is what's coming up today. how for contemporary artists illustrated responded to or even transcended the slave trade in their own. french architects who presents new life into historical
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buildings turning them into top class. bots we begin with the ongoing battle between hollywood and streaming services netflix amazon and the others have now infiltrated the oscars the golden globes and the like i think you have a more nominations for the big budget movies they've been making of course keeping people sofas rather than going out to the cinema ave is there room for everyone in this major part of the entertainment business. marriage story a great family drama. and the irishman martin scorsese's 3 hour gangster epic starring robert deniro both films were hard to find in munich's movie theaters after their release nearly all the city's cinema operators refused to show them part of an ongoing battle in the film business.
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and that's netflix has no respect for cinemas as places we don't take part in netflix really says.


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