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the add. to. this is due to the use live from berlin france becomes the 1st country in europe to go into lockdown over coronavirus president markram orders french citizens to stay inside from mid day those who don't obey will face heavy fines on france's borders to its neighbors are also being closed also coming up chancellor angela merkel toughens germany's tactics to slow the spread of the virus natural announces that all non-essential stores will stay closed and advises germans to stay home.
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and to the united states issues new guidelines to help fight the coronavirus including a recommendation of that people avoid larger social gatherings no discretionary travel and staying away from parts restaurants and food court. well i want to jones good to have you with us frances just hours away from a nationwide lockdown president in cross says the country is facing a public health war and that it will take an all out mobilization to slow the spread of the coronavirus kovac 19 has killed 148 people in france and infected more than 6600 all citizens will be required to stay home from midday the restrictions will stay in place for at least 15 days. on the front line the
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caregivers at university hospital when patients arrive with lung problems they're taken to a special unit but it's also important to keep the medical stuff healthy. the priority is really to protect ourselves we use protective clothing where we are with the patients. the emergency response center in the city has seen 5 times as many calls as usual the technology failed to keep up the pace the computer system broke down. or. the computers didn't stop for long because the engineers arrived immediately simply because there were so many files in the hard drives run out of memory we never imagined we could get there in such a short time. as us one of the areas hardest hit by the virus authorities out already reach breaking point there are almost no more
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intensive care beds in his address to the nation emanuel mark or announce that the military hospital will be set to in the region and the army deployed to transport the sikh to hospitals. we're out of war. we're in a public health war and we're not fighting against an army or another nation but the enemy is here invisible and i think now people are trying to do the last thing that they needed to do before going into lockdown that's why there are many people out in the streets or many people also leaving certain places to go to the place of confinement for the next 2 days now some in france say is that we could soon see a scenario like in italy where doctors have to choose who to treat a decision between life and death how fast is the outbreak progressing and france.
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it's progressing faster and faster we're not at the italian scenario just yet but but the number of could have been native people over the past 24 hours was at 1200 compared to 800 the day before so it's progressing faster and that's also what the government wants to make clear to people that if they want to prevent that italian scenario from happening that they have to stay at home the president last night in his speech said several times we were at war here he was appealing to the civil responsibility of each french person east people living in the country because obviously he had the impression that people weren't taking this seriously enough especially as many people on sunday afternoon it was really nice and sunny here were out in the streets spending time with their friends close together not respecting the minimum distance and he really wanted to make clear that the french now have to change behavior if they want to prevent the italian scenario from happening right lisa who is there reporting from paris thank you so much.
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here in germany the government is also ratcheting up its response to the corona virus outbreak more than 7000 germans have been diagnosed with 1917 have died chancellor angela merkel addressed the nation on monday message no more travel stay at home keep your distance. the chairs had been especially arranged to keep people well apart. but that wasn't the only thing out of the ordinary had this press conference. after high level talks at the chancery merkel stepped out to announce the most drastic response to a health crisis in living memory retailers of essential supplies such as pharmacies will remain open supermarkets will even be open for an extra day on sundays but from playgrounds to hotels leisure activities have been severely curtailed. rega long enough to where tell accommodation can only be
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a granted for an interest purposes since they can be had and couldn't. just be in that also mean that there will be no holiday travel within germany end of road. it's all slow and even. bundestag president bush met with party leaders to discuss how to keep parliamentary business running during the pandemic. later in the day merkel held a telephone conference with state ministers over the new measures restrictions such as the closure of playgrounds are to be implemented uniformly across the entire country in germany hospitals a well stocked and the government is keen to allay fears over the fallout from the disease. so we are setting aside 10000000000 euros to meet the costs are arising from additional medical expenditure and the economic
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consequences of a virus we are leaving no one behind. a crisis committee set up by the health and the interior ministries is meeting on tuesday to help put in place the raft of restrictions the question now is if the measures will succeed in slowing the spread of the coronavirus of them or the situation here let's bring in our political correspondent hans of brown tongues new measures practically announced of the daily basis now but no complete lockdown as in italy or france just yet why is germany taking a less drastic approach than some of its neighbors. i think there are 2 reasons for this one is the formal reason the fact is that the central government in germany has not yet declared a state of emergency in other words it has not yet got the powers formally to impose such a log on the other reason is i think that that final coercion is the final instrument that the government still wants to keep as
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a possible next step while at the same time trying to in some sense still force people not to god simply by making the reasons to go all out all the whole difficult to reduce the number of reasons why people would like to go all there's no reason anymore to go to the cinema because those close to go to the theater because it's close to go to your german because it's closed so people have no reason to leave their homes and at the same time this form of. call it may be. locked on by persuasion is still an attempt to appeal to people's reasoning to tell people look we are not going to force you to do this but please not under these circumstances you really must understand that it's necessary especially as the number of cases keeps rising how germany's hospitals and the health system as a whole coping right now. at the moment germany has not yet reached the position
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where the number of serious cases that need hospitalization that need intensive care that need respiratory help that that number of cases is not so large if that the german hospital system is under strain of the final wave that could of. the hospitals have known has not yet arrived there and that in fact is the reason for these new measures and in fact the reason for all the measures that have been taken in recent weeks it's to try and avoid that from happening to try and prevent the large number of cases in fact coming to it into existence for such a large number of people to be infected so seriously that the hospital system breaks down the hope is that the number of infections the number of new infections will rue we reduced enough so that the hospital system in the end can cope with people that need that critical care right out political correspondent hans ponte thank you so much. moving to britain now where prime minister boris johnson has all
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citizens to refrain from nonessential contact with one another to help slow the spread of coronavirus he called on britons to avoid all social venue's as the country faces what he referred to as the fastest growth period of the virus so far as government is still facing criticism for not ordering school closures johnson said that social distancing measures will help to ensure the virus is a short term problem knows the toy. store not essential contact with. it to store the necessary travel. we need people to start working from home where they possibly can and you should avoid pubs clubs theaters and other such social venues we are asking people to do something that is difficult and disruptive. and the right moment as we've always said
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is to do it when it is most effective when we think it can make the biggest difference to slowing the spread of disease reducing the number of victims reducing the number of fatalities. our correspondent bigot mass joins us now from london bigot. britain took its time to take measures why is the british government still only advising citizens to reduce their contact instead of imposing mandatory measures. johnson put it this way he said britain is a mature and liberal democracy and he is trusting people to do it here to the government's advice he also stressed that because of course he was questioned about that and whether more draconian measures and a bit more pressure might be needed he said we have the powers we have the legislative we have the emergency powers and should need be we can be more strict part for the moment britain is not even closing down schools so we can see i think
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that the situation is also going to accelerate the british government had been under a lot of pressure over the weekend because even last week they were fairly lax and they said they're still monitoring the situation but they're not really going to closing down or advising people to stay and so this is change as of yesterday and i can imagine that if they see maybe like in france likely to lose has explained earlier that the people are not adhering to that then they might change and might be more strict and actually really force people to stay indoors and what people then stay in doors how is the british public responding to the crisis right now. it seems that there is it's basically 2 fault i know of some people who who are really worried who have left london london is ahead of the cuff as the government
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explained yesterday in terms of cases say so people were worried with underlying health conditions that they couldn't be really held here in london and they they even left the country to other countries where they thought they might be might be had better but then again i also am seeing people still out and about a lot of young people i saw yesterday's not that much happening and the cafes and the bars as usual but young people still out and about i think they are taking it less seriously they think that it's not as much in danger as others but we will see i mean people have seen our other european countries to have seen the example so i think people all are braced for for tougher measures to come well i mean all of this happens for britain at a time when brics it is still underway and of course where the national health service is also under strain how is the health sector dealing with this. well this is the biggest worry that britain for example has less hospital beds. per
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capita than for example germany or france say so the fear is that as in other european countries or the health service could be completely overwhelmed by by severe cases and the government has asked for example industries other industries not house industries to work together and to to manufacture more was richer equipment because this is what's expected will be and shortage so we're not there yet at the moment it doesn't seem to be overwhelmed as yet as we have been hearted but docsis we know and and people who work in hospitals they're definitely worried that they might be in the future oh i beg it must the reporting in london thank you . and here's a look at some more of the latest coronavirus developments hong kong will quarantine all new arrivals for 14 days to preserve its current success at limiting the outbreak south korea will also tighten border checks after 3 days of reporting
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less than $100.00 new infections the philippines has suspended trade on its local stock exchange becoming the 1st country to close its financial market over coronavirus fia's and on the chinese city where the virus was 1st detected reported to just one new locally transmitted case on tuesday and in the united states president trump us also shifted his message on the coronavirus spoke to americans on monday telling them to stay at home and avoid crowds many states have already begun taking action. this is los angeles where the corona virus has brought the city's pulsating social life to a grinding halt it's just one city with its streets empty its shops closed and restaurants with drastically reduced cost murs. on the other side of the country and normally bustling new york city there are notably fewer people out and about it
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appears americans have heeded the advice of president trump who's been under fire for not acting quickly to stop the spread of the virus. so therefore my administration is recommending that all americans including the young and healthy work to engage in schooling from home when possible award gathering in groups of more than 10 people avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating or drinking boards restaurants and public food courts as a trump administration introduces stricter rules testing for the coronaviruses increasing drive through centers like this one in ohio provide results in 8 to 12 hours it's just one of many locations across the u.s. with this service in spite of the increasing measures doctors are bracing themselves for a prolonged crisis. certainly this is not going to be something that last days it's going to last weeks if i had to guess right now i would say we're in for at least
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a 3 month haul to deal with this virus before we really understand and are able to cope with it in a more reasonable way. a stark warning to americans that the emergency is far from over. so let's look at how the spread of the virus is having an effect elsewhere in the well. italy's economy minister says his government plans to pump some 340000000000 euros liquidity into the financial system that represents roughly 20 percent of italy's annual economic output he also unveiled a 25000000000 euro rescue package to protect italians from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. the european union says it has no plans to ban the export of medical equipment to nonie you countries that's according to a press representative from the european commission who spoke after the commission adopted a mission requiring authorization from a member state before a company can export medical products. asian markets are seeing
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a bit of a relief on tuesday trading mostly in the green after wall street had its worst day in more than 3 decades on monday tokyo's nikkei reverse losses from the day before stock exchanges in hong kong and thailand also rose moderately the rebound in asia follows news from the white house that it's planning support for the air travel industry the sector is reeling from the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak the recent losses in global markets are the worst since the 2000 age financial crisis. meanwhile the airline industry is working to fix its corona related problems travel restrictions on not just affecting passenger travel but freight as well every time a government limits flights into and out of a country it also affects the global logistics chain. this boeing triple 7 owned by lufthansa's freight subsidiary is set to fly to shanghai full of machine parts and medications all of lufthansa's cargo aircraft are fully booked as dispatchers work
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to reduce the backlog of goods from weeks of canceled flights in the wake of the coronavirus crisis it's not just goods that are complicating things from other guys if you're normally we would do a direct flight for example from frankfurt to shanghai we're currently operating in a security mode a caution mode over not a severe skin eastern siberia that that means a stopover and that allows us to have a crew change there and avoid spending the night in mainland china was in the cargo area of frankfurt airport containers and pallets are stacked and ready to ship canceled passenger flights from the tons of contributed to the backlog of freight the german airline grounded thousands of flights across the world due to virus related travel restrictions and in the belly of almost every passenger plane was supposed to be cargo the head of tons of cargo faces a dilemma many of his 4000 employees aren't working despite
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a big backlog of orders. that's for if you imagine that 50 percent of our capacity is in the bellies of passenger planes and that they're no longer flying or just to a limited extent then of course we're short on capacity and since we lack capacity we also lack employment of course we're thinking of short time work with. stephen hall meyer is in a similar situation he's the head of a medium sized air and sea freight company he's seen a 10 percent drop in assignments compared to a normal january or february because of the limited transport capacity and high prices his company has to turn away orders from some customers so tight is deployed at the moment planning is almost impossible we're living day to day not thinking about tomorrow we've come to grips with the situation in china but other markets are coming like the usa which was. adding to that concern are worries around
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additional corona outbreaks in germany if too many employees fall ill some branches may have to shut down completely. and comic is including folks locked into a chrysler scaled back production at the european plants as coronavirus restrictions put the squeeze on production lines and they're also facing questions off the month with more and more people forced to stay at home many forecast a heavy fall in cost sales in march folks fagen have been looking forward to a bumper year after the diesel gate disaster but now it's slashing l. put it its lisbon plant because workers aren't turning up portugal ordered all schools closed in response to the corona virus outbreak leaving many employees struggling to take care of their children. b.w. says it will suspend operations in bratislava after slovakia declared a state of emergency over the virus meanwhile italian american company free at chrysler says it's halting production for 2 weeks at most of its european plants to
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help protect staff and adjust to a slump in demand and just days ago when new nissan as well as b w c out unit announced temporary stoppages in spain that could last for days or weeks. and france's p.s.a. had helped to capitalize on the car of the year award for its peugeot 208 model but now it's shutting down its european factories until march well. the new sounds bleak and it is but analysts say europe's car industry suffers from oversupply which an industry wide closure could fix and people in the market for a car will likely still buy one even if they have to wait. and here's a quick look at how the spread of the virus is affecting global industry and economies imus and is looking for 100000 new employees in the u.s. the economists giant is expecting a massive spike in order to the coronavirus outbreak as people avoid shopping in
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brick and mortar stores. social media web networks facebook and twitter along with video streaming platform you tube have want to that videos and other content could be taken down roni asli the companies have sent staff home amid a covert 1000 pandemic and are relying on artificial intelligence for content moderation. in the world of sports has also suffered under the weight of the pandemic with many countries banning all sporting events in the near future germany's bonus league clubs have confirmed that football matches will be suspended until early april further postponements are expected to be announced after another meeting in 2 weeks' time the german football league convened a meeting with all $36.00 clubs from the country's top 2 divisions chief executive said the health and financial security of all 56000 football employee use was the highest priority on tuesday europe's governing body u.a.e. for will meet to discuss the future of the european championships. and here's
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you. french president a man will not call has ordered and nationwide lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus from the day people will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential travel the country's borders also been closed to non-citizens. you're watching news so i'll be back on the top of the hour with the headlines in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com thank you for joining us. the body.
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