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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2020 3:30am-4:00am CET

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and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the ground of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. hello and welcome to in good shape in today we've got a special edition broadcast to you from my family practice what we're seeing right now is the dark side off globalization every day almost 130000 flights bring more than 11000000 people from one place in the world to another that makes it really easy for
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a virus to spread it around. you may not want to hear the word anymore or maybe you or someone in your family is unfortunately affected or you live in a region where there are many cases and it creates a lot of fear and many questions but as fast as the virus spreads myths created today we will focus on some of those myths but let's 1st take a look at how this corona virus managed to put the world into panic. people with an unknown illness start to appear at central hospital in early december 2900 late in the month lee when the young a doctor there posts on social media that patients in the hospital are showing symptoms of viral pneumonia. chinese health authorities admit they're investigating an outbreak. among the 1st patients many have direct ties to the hunan seafood
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market where wild life is also sold. by january 1st it shut down. 2020 dawns chinese health authorities announced they've identified the culprit a novel coronavirus a 61 year old becomes the outbreak 1st official casualty the number of people affected starts to rise and before long thailand confirms the 1st case outside china's borders then japan reports another. unsettlingly neither had visited the markets so person to person transmission looks increasingly likely. and inside china the virus spreads to other cities people begin wearing masks over 200 cases are confirmed experts predict many more.
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medical workers and han themselves grow sick after treating patients taiwan and the u.s. report cases followed by a number of other countries including germany. the chinese government takes a drastic step suspending all traffic out of new hot as well as public transport in the city. researchers report the corona virus has an incubation period and that carrier is not yet showing symptoms might be contagious just as the lunar new year starts and millions of people begin moving around the country at this point there are nearly 2000 confirmed cases worldwide 50 have died. the w.h.o. declares the outbreak a global health emergency kicking in a more coordinated international response. as february begins remains in lockdown cases are confirmed in every province in china. me when the doctor and whistleblower falls victim to the novel
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coronavirus one of many. by late february the virus is spreading rapidly outside china south korea iran and italy are most affected at 1st but soon the corona virus is detected in more and more countries. in china the number of new cases per day begins to decline slowly things in the country return to normality for how long it's unclear. the disease that is caused by the new virus is called covert 19 covert 1900. 19 it's often compared to the end you flu but there's several moves circulating in this context myth one it's more likely to get the flu that covert 19. this is not necessarily true to figure that out scientists take the basic reproduction number of
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a virus basic reproduction number this number indicates how easily the virus spreads the flu also called inference. it has a basic reproduction number of 1.3 meaning that one person with the flu infects 1.3 other persons with covert 19 this number is higher it's 2.2 so it's important to keep in mind to interrupt the chains of infection wherever possible moves to the corona virus is not as lethal as the flu in reality the corona virus seems to be more lethal than the flu however there's still a great uncertainty about the mortality rate of the virus in the u.s. one in a 1000 flu patients dies on average in comparison recent data suggest that coburg 19 has a 20 fold high mortality rate that's over 20 deaths per 1000
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affected but scientists are still able to accurately quantify the risk of death the most important difference you can get a flu shot and there's no vaccine against corona yet. an epidemic that's threatening the globe calls for a global response. the new coronavirus 1st emerged in the city of. but the efforts to combat the virus go far beyond china. researches all over the globe are racing to contain it. and children of chinese scientists published the genetic code of the virus in early january enabling scientists around the world to start working on it. at home university pathologists of brain the new coronavirus and human tissue to find out more about its properties one of the basic . things which people want to know about this farce here's the firstly what is the
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place in respect of the fact or in the human body in which the process replication and the 2nd is what sort of damage is according to the body and then also to see how the body reacts to this virus damage. the ultimate goal in the fight against any virus is to find a vaccine multiple teams around the world already searching for the magic bullet that can be used to immunize people one of them is based in belgium at the university of life and vaccine development takes 1015 years before a new vaccine may come so now the entire scientific community is trying to get foster there to through. help in this emergency. the belgian team's research is partly conducted in a robotic lab that separates researches from hazardous pathogens they hope that within a few weeks there will be able to test the 1st vaccine on mice. between mice and
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using this in humans is still a long long part because you need to do all kinds of tests safety tests and animals and then you need to test it for safety and human volunteers. despite the scientists best efforts a successful vaccine against covert 19 is not expected to be ready for use on humans until the summer of next year so research is also focusing on how to minimize the risk of the virus spreading in germany's capital berlin physicist but man and his colleagues have been working on a global risk assessment model analyzing flight data they calculate the risk of the spread of the disease for different countries. and i. act in an advisory capacity not just in germany but beyond our borders the work on modeling the spread of infectious diseases has become really important. and my
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experience is that in this area of research all the teams around the world are very tightly knit we exchange all our data and information it wasn't like that during the crisis or the h one n one pandemic this is really new and neuer. the fight against the new coronavirus is a race against time another with the coronavirus cannot harm children. that's not true at 1st this myth came up because only a few children we have affected new studies from china suggest that young people have about the same risk of infection as older people however the disease is usually much less severe and people who are already weakened by lung or heart disease do a particular risk. in most cases the symptoms of a coronavirus infection are mild you'll have a cold a cough and feel generally under the weather but for people with preexisting
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conditions the symptoms could be severe they're more likely to contract pneumonia which can be fatal but do you feel asians are most vulnerable to a corona virus infection or those with long conditions such as c o p d n pomery fibrosis. i'm most concerned about patients with heart conditions patients with reduced cardiac efficiency. as about millions of diabetics need to take special care to protect themselves against the coronavirus to tell a man has c o p d chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the chronic lung condition means she has difficulty breathing she has to be very careful to avoid infections be it just a normal flu or the new coronavirus. mommy my nigga damn i am aware of the risk but i'm not worried because i'm doing everything i can to be careful. i disinfect frequently between 2 i wash my hands after i've
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taken the bath. there's not much more i can do i just hope i don't get it. unfortunately patients are at greater risk of contracting the virus because their lungs are already damaged a coronavirus infection is potentially more harmful. bronchitis is inflammation of the lining of the bronc which carry air to and from the air sacs of their lungs they can therefore narrow and become clogged with mucus. this makes it difficult to move air in and out of the lungs and they become vulnerable to infection. in a part sense was if a patient gets an infection like coronavirus the inflammation can worsen the lining of the bronc you'll chub swells the patient has difficulty breathing and infection
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symptoms increase such as fatigue and a general decline in overall health centers like my 2 standards. the only way to guard against a coronavirus infection is social distancing. in poll monologist my practice patients who call in to get appointments are asked if they could have the virus. if there's any risk that they might they're not allowed to visit the practice. these patients get house calls are examined and samples are taken up their homes. which are for. doctors specialized in cardiac rehab are also concerned about their patients no one is shaking hands anymore to avoid spreading the virus it could be fatal to anyone with a cardiac condition. that's how it's in these cases the heart is already
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taxed enough simply through supplying the body with the blood and oxygen it needs. in a healthy body the immune system can fight off viruses which cause disease but that's an energy intensive process and in patients with cardiac conditions it can be too much. to heart that the heart rate rises their temperature goes up and that raises the heart rate even further. patients with heart failure lack the strength to fight infections and are more likely to become gravely ill. anyone with poorly controlled diabetes is also more vulnerable to infection they should be especially vigilant. right now anyone with diabetes should be aiming to control their blood sugar levels as much as they can along with the usual hygiene precautions this is the best way they can protect themselves against the coronavirus fuels. high blood sugar levels alter the white blood cell count and can
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weaken the patient's immune system defenses. it's similar with rheumatism patients who are being treated with immunosuppressive medications such as cortisone these weaken the body's defenses. stopping the virus from spreading is vital for the protection of the elderly and people with underlying conditions. anyone who thinks they may have the corona virus should avoid going to the doctor. instead they should call a hotline and ask about the best course of action. in other words you will know when you've got covert 90. covert 19 causes the same symptoms as a common cold like a sore throat runny nose coughing or some barrier so usually you cannot
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distinguish between covert 19 and a common cold. then you coronavirus has sparked fears worldwide and stringent protection measures are being put in place in germany a group of researches has long been working on medicines to treat coronavirus diseases yamana mind examined a new class of drugs and for stablished that it is very effective against a range of dangerous viruses. dangerous virus is including a boat and sica but will it help against the new coronavirus. researches have found a possible active substance against the virus in the naturally occurring molecule sylvestre all it can be extracted from the leaves of a glamour hog any plants which are used in borneo in traditional medicines for a variety of diseases bio chemist arnold clint valor and his team 1st investigated
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the effect of sylvester on the ebola virus you know come on the scene will succeed before the sylvestre all had only been known in cancer research beginning in 2000 you know mob will cure marburg we were the 1st team to start using sylvester all on cells infected with the bowler. these experiments showed it to be very effective in inhibiting a bowl of viruses from reproducing and cells from your. friend. and not just a bola. once a virus is in the body it enters the who cell and reprograms it. it forces the cell to replicate the genetic material from the virus. that results in the release of more and more viruses into the body silvester stops this mechanism
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by blocking an enzyme in the cell responsible for this reproduction. there are searches are looking for an active substance for a drug rather than a vaccine vaccines often have a drawback normally the body fights a virus with antibodies produced by white blood cells they come back viral infection such as seasonal flu the immune system also produces antibodies in response to a vaccine but viral proteins can also mutate and trick the immune system that's why back things always have to be re adapted to the current outbreak the research is in . trying a different approach their method concentrates on faxes in the cell interior which is relatively unchanging these factors are very stable and barely change compared to viral proteins that means there's relatively little potential for the development of resistance when it's either go to grouping. but sylvester will is
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difficult and expensive to obtain the tree is on the red list of threatened species and therefore wouldn't be possible to extract sufficient quantities to help fight a viral outbreak so there is such a set out to synthesize it. they succeeded in also officially producing a molecule they call c. on $31.00 b. whose chemical structure is similar to sylvester. but doesn't work as well as the natural substance they're quite in 1st and we've shown that c.r. 31 b. have an almost identical antiviral effect to silvester on different viruses that we've tested. but will it be effective against the new coronavirus that 1st emerged in china. we've been. able to show that this substance has an antiviral effect against at least 2 corona viruses the cellular factor and inhibits is one that offers needed by the current virus so it's likely
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that it would be effective with this one too. close to miller and her colleagues. demonstrate the effect with a test in cell culture without the active substance the cells are attacked by the virus. the sample on the right is tested with the synthetic substance after she won be. for almost every virus tested replication is successfully inhibited. however it will be some time before this could be approved as a new drug only a major pharmaceutical company would be in a position to invest the $1000000000.00 the development would cost but big pharma is interested hopefully it won't be long before medicine can be launched. sas coronavirus 2 is the official name for the new corona virus
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a persistent move is that face masks can protect us against the virus that's not to stand up masks don't protect against a new coronavirus they are not designed to keep the virus particles and they are not designed to fit flush with the face and even if they are the virus can see into the body through the eyes through the eyes however this mask can prevent infected persons from spreading the virus for well at least that's a very good thing but how can you protect yourself the most effective way is by washing your hands properly. that's quite enough because water and soap destroys the virus entirely you don't even need any disinfectant but this may help if you're traveling by bus or train. speaking of travel is it still ok to go on a journey today or can you get infected on a bus a train or plane. exotic cruises and sunny beaches
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images from happier days travel restrictions in many countries have now brought tourism largely to a standstill as officials struggle to contain the new coronavirus and even when things normalize again fears about travel especially air travel will remain but doctors say the chances of catching something on board an aircraft are low and. in a plane the situation is safe because the air usually blows across the road in which we sit so our air tends to be shared mainly with people in the same row or near passes through hepa filter is which also remove viruses. of course the idea is to prevent infections from other pathogens too. so in an aircraft you're getting some of the cleanest air that you can breathe it would because there's practically no chance of infection but getting to the aircraft via an airport is
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a different matter you know there we have many people crowded together so it's more likely that someone will transmit the virus there. cruises have practically halted with up to thousands of people in close quarters the risk of a mini epidemic on board is simply too great and there's also the problem of port closures. on a cruise you're trapped in the situation if anything happens you can't avoid the problem as you can on land where you can choose to go elsewhere. a corona vaccine is still unavailable but you can get a flu shot and that's particularly important for older people and travellers with existing medical conditions and there are other vaccinations that can help too. as long as it's also worth getting vaccinated against bacteria that might take advantage of this virus infection for example in yuma caucus that raises your protection against complications many companies have reduced business travel to a minimum a wise move says dr marcus thunder dot employers have
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a particular judy of care towards their employees so they have to ensure a business trips are well planned safely executed and that the traveler returns fit and healthy. so 1st they should be as well prepared as possible for example by getting all the possible vaccinations the should have received the pneumococcal vaccine a flu shot and the like. they should take care with hygiene they shouldn't travel to regions at risk that's not advisable to do the kinds of problems for them and if you are traveling make sure that you have the very latest travel and health information be aware that the situation may continue to change and remember to keep washing your hands on the road good hygiene is essential. thing it is also a good protection against infections. and try to reduce contact with other people a bit ok one more move the claim that you shouldn't accept mail packages from high
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risk areas. research has shown that coronaviruses of lettuce and possibles do not survive. the best thing would be if it's seen. the most effective way to prevent specific infections is to harness the body's own immune system that scenes like those used to prevent flu are made from either a weakened version of a virus or pieces of its genetic code the vaccination puts the immune system on the alert it makes antibodies that help it respond quickly to the target virus if exposure occurs under ordinary circumstances it can take up to 5 years to develop a safe and effective vaccine but in a race against the novel coronavirus some labs have already begun testing candidates and animal models sounds promising does that mean we'll be seeing one in the next few months if everything moves as quickly as possible the soonest that it
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could possibly be. a half to 2 years that still might be very optimistic in the meantime could antiviral drugs and at treating those who are already infected help the development curve for a new medicine is even steeper than for a vaccine that can easily take 10 years for a new pharmaceutical to gain regulatory approval and the industry claims it costs upwards of a 1000000000 euros around 9 out of 10 drug candidates never go into production they fail at some point during testing disease experts say repurposed drugs originally developed to fight malaria or hiv also show promise clinical trials with all these compounds are ongoing. this was the look behind the scenes of this new disease my advice to you be careful but don't panic and be sure to stay. in good shape.
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climate change. the state of the of the environmental projects. globalization. biodiversity species conservation exploitation the quality. fuming rate the law displacement to a poll showing the global impact of the local action. global 3000. and 30. in minutes on d. w.
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can see a walk the floor i mean quite high and then crash it stood above mons literally there was once a built in bridge and regarded as a model businessman bankers and politicians contributed to his success. the scheme would never have worked in the banks hadn't played along there's no way. big money big fraud the story of a german car. in 60 minutes d.w. . the global corona crisis and you can find more information online that e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels.
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each still sells my story. of the people who plans me builds me a dedicated band modest sabbahi and not too dumb to. listen closely and i will tell you about those who are good to me on the bundle does to me down. i am not to dumb to play. i have mocked my city days for centuries and accompanied my country through its finest albums until the day i mean a vanished. i still do not to dumb to publish. april 8th d.w. .
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he sees d w newsline from google and german chancellor i'm glad nakul has gone into hiding current chain aka she was treated by a doctor who lives had tested post before the corona virus the announcement coming moments off the medical introduced tighter restrictions banning gatherings of more than 2 people nationwide. and usually ties.


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