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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2020 7:00am-7:31am CET

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as it did on the news live from new york says he sees a massive surge in coronavirus cases we're looking at or bring to train coming across the country we're now looking at a bullet train for the city looks likely to become the content excuse at the center as everyone leaving town is up to self corentin also on the program. freedom after the lockdown china returns to normal life but some experts warn it may just be a priest pause before a 2nd wave of infection. or sportsbook drafts the postponement of the tokyo and then fix to next year most welcome the decision for to it means big problems for us
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. i'm phil graham welcome to the program the corona virus outbreak in new york city in the united states is so severe that white house officials have called on anyone who has recently left the city to self isolate for 2 weeks and 15000 cases have been confirmed in new york and around 200 deaths it's been a lockdown since sunday and state officials pleading for help but preparing for the worst. people in one of america's most densely populated cities have largely vanished from sight they're either following orders to stay home or they've left the city those who have are now being asked to self quarantine for 14 days that's because nearly half of all u.s. cofield night. cases are in new york state officials there say the figure could
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double every 3 days that would mean in less than one week new york could have more cases than all of china state governor andrew cuomo was blunt about the quote and troubling an astronomical rise in numbers down about 85 percent we're not slowing it and it is excel or a being on its own we were looking at a freight train coming across the country we're now looking at a bullet through. because the numbers are growing up that quickly cuomo said new york may need as many as 40000 intensive care unit beds in the next few weeks it has just 3000 he asked the federal government to send as many as 20000 ventilators the trump administration has said it's sending 4000 and that the private sector is stepping up to meet the crisis we're receiving full cooperation from companies with the understanding that the federal government stands ready to compel. cooperation
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if need be we haven't found that to be the case for 3 m. and g.e. have all said they're looking at ways to boost production of masks and other critical supplies for health workers pandemics economic impact made to war from previous crises trump officials have said up to 6 trillion dollars in relief more than the entire 2020 federal budget may become available as congress works towards a compromise on an economic rescue plan put in the end cash for families small businesses individuals unemployed to keep this thing going or headed for a rough period but it's only going to be weeks we think weeks months not going to be years that's for sure what's for sure is a moving target a rapidly spreading outbreak means more airplanes sit empty while more hospitals fill up with no clear end in sight. o. a massive stimulus package you just heard about currently going through congress has got wall street excited the dow jones move an 11 percent on tuesday its biggest
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gain since 1983 and now asian markets are following suit she has in tokyo have jumped by more than 5 percent shanghai and hong kong exchanges are also seen games . financial correspondent sold. welcome sir asian markets have been up for 2 days does this mean things are looking back into. well some positive emerged and we see asian markets were up apt to the u.s. federal reserve promised support to the struggling economy and the u.s. congress is close to this 2 trillion dollar aid package so many traders they are encouraged by those promises but most asian investors they're still worried that the worst of the cup in $1000.00 has yet to come and then they believe that you will ultimately lead to exit price inflation and financial repression it makes
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sense because it takes a leap of faith when we see companies losing 50 to 90 percent of their earnings and a difficult situation so we can expect certain periods for the next 6 to 12 months. but what about china they've lifted the trouble about him who by province where the pandemic began and more 'd more people are going back to work so does this mean the coronavirus is under control. well in a way yes but many people are skeptical about the real situation in china and people are watching closely to see if there will be the 2nd wave of this outbreak and it's difficult for any leaders now to tell their people to chillax because this pandemic has just cost too serious of the damages health crisis is leading to a crisis of confidence and lead in to consumption club scene and demand destruction and economic crisis so it just takes a lot of effort for people to regain confidence so it's just
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a very difficult time now even for china. so. well just travel restrictions in china are being lifted from today and who by profits by the coronavirus pandemic began in december france have started running again over the not yet carrying many passengers stations are opening up across the province except in the city of move the corona virus was 1st detected car drivers that are still being tested and it will be another 2 weeks before will happen sees its restrictions lifted its not only of who back where people are not afraid to gossip about on family in beijing is relishing the freedom to roam after weeks cooped up in their apartment. joke i was finally allowed to run around again. he and his family spent 7 weeks in voluntary lockdown in their beijing apartment his mother and grandmother are still uneasy and wear masks like everyone
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else but at least they can finally go outside. i'm so happy we can really drive you crazy i was indoors for almost 2 months it's especially hard on children we adults are able to deal with the better but staying home this long is not healthy for the body or the mind. but joe kinds daily routine still excludes other children schools remain closed and playdates are still off limits. on the phone but it doesn't really feel that unusual but i do miss playing with my friends can mourn the full court was out on the streets there are more signs of life much less than before the corona virus but beijing no longer resembles a ghost town china's leadership now plans to restart the economy on state run television from your lease speaks via video conference with chinese companies china
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is facing a major downturn in its export sector and in retail the service industry in major cities is also experiencing a slump says economics expert dan why. overall many businesses are not yet operating normally china's leadership wants to speed things up but there's some push back central government is trying everything they could to urge people to go back to work but don't want to comes to local governments they have every incentive to prevent people and the factories from back to full capacity for some reason if they in fashion cases go up their political career is over the economy and experts warn that a new wave of infections in china is unavoidable everyone is on the alert for the start of the 2nd wave given that there were these importations it's only a matter of time before spread occurs in the local community and then the numbers rise and then it becomes detected so i don't know how long that will take in china but it will happen. in beijing people are ready to venture out into parks to get
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some exercise or just to take a stroll in the fresh air joe kinds family is also worried about another wave of infections that's why he's still not allowed to meet up with his friends a normal boy in a major city that's still far from being back to normal. let's get more from jen the stuff i've been catchment in the beijing welcome sight in real life in china does seem to be returning to normal so is the crisis there really over. no no no actually we have to be careful with the word normal what we see it's not normal that compared to what we had before the virus or is it normal that for example if me when i go visit shanghai i have to currency for 40 days then if i want to return back to beijing also again currency for 14 days. here in beijing it even though you can see the traffic is getting congested again even
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subways are slowly filling up restaurants are opening up so yes there is some kind of normal everyday life but still everywhere you go you have to show that you wear bearing the face mask yes to get your temperature scanned and yes we should not be a too optimistic i mean this whole. security or safety that we have right now and you can only keep that. because of all the travel bans because everyone who comes from foreign countries wants to go to the. capital here in beijing they have to go to a centralized parenting station. hotels you cannot teach your room there and that's how they try to keep the country of virus free but we also know that there are many. asymptotic cases in persons who don't show any symptoms and they are not counted in the statistics so actually it's only a metal time until the fire was. also in china right the
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other regions of the world in long time in china is assisting the event with medical supplies what does that tell us. but the. looks like we're having technical problems there with a crash in beijing perhaps world resent him at some stage later in the day moving on now to the a limb picks the 2020 tokyo summer olympics in july have been for spode on tuesday the japanese prime minister shinzo abbott announced at the games would be pushed back to 2021 the decision follows months of debate and pressure from athletes around the world. the turkey lympics are off the decision came suddenly but was not unexpected after weeks of debate and speculation in order to safeguard the health of the isle fleet and everybody involved in the olympic games that we
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have to postpone the olympic and paralympic games or talk you were 2022 of the year or 2020 year one with the aim to her feet there or at the latest in summertime $21.00 it's a decision that was not taken lightly or willingly but pressure had been mounting from athletes and sports federations it's it's a power moment that i will give a couple no limits this year but you know to understand the situation understand that things are a little bigger than oregon and we will have the next year important. because so many athletes are now. i'm not been able to. prepare you know they haven't been able to do their qualification.
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a lot of. training. and it's not. repaired this is the 1st time the olympic games have been postponed and it's a mammoth logistical task contracts need to be renegotiated tickets for sold out venues transferred all returned and post-game sales of apartments in the olympic village will have to be put on hold no new date has been set for the tokyo olympics . but the government in spain is expected to extend the country's state of emergency by 2 weeks number of new corona virus infections that had jumped by 6600 overnight with more than 540 deaths pictures taken inside this madrid hospital show patients lying on the floor in colorado the spanish capital has been particularly hot here with nearly 10000 cases an ice rink in the city has been converted into a makeshift morgue soldiers helping to fight the virus discovered elderly residents
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abandoned inside a nursing home some dead in their beds prosecutors have launched an investigation. to hear some more of the latest developments in the corona virus a pandemic the number of confirmed cases around the world has not passed 400000 doubling in less than a week it's at least death toll has surged again 743 deaths registered on tuesday broke 2 successive days of declines and facebook has seen usage across its platforms search in countries that have brought in virus lockdowns italy has seen the biggest increase with that group video calls rocketing by more than a 1000 percent. well the coronavirus pandemic assigns to renowned musician come ready in the jazz giant amount of tobacco died in a paris hospital after contracting the virus he was known for his unique blend of jazz funk and traditional west african styles so we'll leave you know with some of
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his music. in. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our daily corona updates. from the covert 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. just through the topics covered and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would
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like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us and. science. this is due to abuse covert 900 special from berlin the corona virus has forced millions of people into quarantine and isolation that means millions of people are working from home some for the 1st time we take a look at how people cope with working from home and we ask an expert how the crisis might change how we work for good. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us people all over the world are working from home that includes many of my colleagues here at the view our reporter sent us
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a report from her apartment in berlin where she set up her temporary office and she has some tips on how to make it work. no our. task should be in the office right now here are. on how to actually go from her. no was easy today take a shower put some actual clothes of. all the. great time to. this may sound super all here but i haven't gotten my microsoft teams to work the entire day right from my mistakes missed sure if anything were to prove past this thing.
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i know it's super tempting but it's a separate clean quiet workspace away from distraction. are now it's easy for me to say because i don't have kids my only distraction is my thing even t.v. isn't even good on the fridge and the laundry and the dishes and the book. to get my point. yes that means you might have to look presentable. talking face to face isn't the best way to the only alive. and happy hour can be a gradual to. sleep while you usually be commuting cooped yourself in family life. finally block out the big reveal you think well let's. just hope that your top of those of us who are
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privileged enough to still on money and do things on the think you know about her we should make the. let's speak now to norbert to crow now he's a researcher from the university of potsdam studying how people work from home number thank you for joining us 1st of all what do you think of those tips you know don't work from bad stay in touch on video conference you have anything to add there. yeah this is not only an advantage but it might also be acquired so you should visit our to see cause all travel times are no go on and immediately be replaced by another your conference not to talk of rest and another call this all the work and density is that's why science on it is much higher and typical of this work where you have to walk from one meeting room to a not go where you can walk to the contrary are or have a break as
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a watercooler all the coffee machine that's all no longer possible all right so you also points out you might have more time a clock then you're saying i mean looking at the fact that millions of people are now in their home offices essentially what if you found i mean how does this change the way we work are we more productive are we less productive at home. well in some cases it depends in some cases we on wall productive because now we can't exactly see what the other colleagues talking about because we have our points alliance crystal clear all the key you know it's crystal clear on the screen not 8 meters away and got going through and that's an advantage but on the other hand what we are focusing on in our research is that creative and knowledge intensive process is in it isn't isness they need the new ness of people that can't work in
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the same manner are online and in digital meeting rooms and therefore we are missing something so we to the day we had with my research us virtual lunch break everybody said in front of his camera and eat something and try something i just love the same if you cannot achieve the knowledge transfer between a video screens you need the near miss off persons and right in some all the noise intense processes we have 75 percent of most runs throughout i socialize ation by personal meeting between persons and all but you know what all of this is all for how do you think this will fundamentally change the way that we work will more people stay with working from home permanently. i don't think so i think some tasks can be done remotely and some other tasks will need
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a personal meeting and it will be resumed in full when we are able to travel again i think that won't change a lot all right nor had only pointed to this in her posts ok we'll have to leave it there in numbers right now from the university of potsdam thank you so much for joining us. and we will be following this story closely at g.w. our social media editors will be reporting weekly and we want to know how you are coping with working from home where. new to this crane your mind boggling situation spiders is an old influenza we. unchartered territory all life as we know it is changing. but we're all in this together in this new series we want to find out how to handle
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on new lives in times of the corona pandemic thankfully with the help of a leading expert it seems like it's been a very popular study how do we stay mentally and physically healthy how do we have no family and all partners without driving into a completely insane. fest up how to deal with cabin fever. the how are you dealing with being cooped up let me know leave a comment and i'd love to profit from your experiences for our upcoming episode. well we asked you to send us some of your questions on the cover 1000 pandemic and many of you did get in touch our science correspondent dirk williams has some answers take a look. why did you come from. to the best of our knowledge the 1st cases of covert 19 appeared in the chinese city of
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rouhani back in december of 2019 they were closely associated with the wildlife market they are now coronaviruses can jump from animals to humans and we think that that's what happened here at the sars virus that the same back in 2000 here in 2003 it was traced back to bats the civets sold in wildlife markets we don't yet know what animals might have acted as intermediaries here but we have seen very similar coronaviruses and bats and we think that they are the ultimate reservoir in the wild. how does it spread. that 19 is a pretty infectious respiratory disease that spread by droplets of saliva or discharge from the nervous someone when they cough or sneeze that's why it's important to stay at least a metre away and preferably farther from anyone who's coughing or sneezing it
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doesn't stay airborne for very long we don't think but it can remain infectious after landing on surfaces which is why you also need to pay attention to how often you wash your hands and you should try not to touch your face as much as possible. how do i know if i'm in fact it. we only way to know for sure if you have copd at night has to take a test because many of the symptoms are similar to those people experience when they have other respiratory ailments like the flu in covert 19 the primary symptoms that people have reported are fever dry cough and fatigue and then to a lesser extent things like congestion a sore throat or diarrhea some people who catch the disease don't have any symptoms at all their ace. symptomatic around 4 in 5 people who get it will recover from the disease without any special treatment or having to go to the hospital. what can i
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do if i'm in fact it. because this virus is and novel one in humans no one has any immunity the 1st time they catch it even if someone doesn't show any symptoms they still grow in fact it and can in fact others we don't yet have any specific vaccines to prevent covert 19 and we don't have any medications to treat it so at this point if you are infected there's no way to interrupt the course of the disease the best thing to do if you're infected it's a talk with your local medical authorities and follow their advice if you aren't in a high risk group for the disease the chances are very good you will return to full health within a couple of weeks. if i thought it was going i catch it again in the future. because this is a new virus we still don't know much about how the immune system well reacts to subsequent infections with copd at 19. doctors assume that catching at will give
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you some kind of immunity but a big question is exactly how long that immunity well last hour immunity levels to related coronaviruses like some that cause common colds are not permanent and we don't really know why the question of immunity is a question that really only time will answer. a news team that the austrian public broadcaster o. r. f. will go into voluntary isolation to prevent any of them from becoming infected now they'll be isolated on site in vienna they've all tested negative for the virus and no one will be allowed in the door will be guarded and food will be delivered these 180 employees will guarantee that new services continue to run an interrupted oh r.f. is not the only austrian company to seal off key chains of staff last week around 50 healthy employees from the main energy company were isolated within certain
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power stations to make sure that the electricity supply would not be affected. thank you for joining our covert 1900. s. always you can get the latest on our website have you dot com for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching. climate change. sustainability. environmental. affairs biodiversity species conservation exploitation quality. human rights displacement. to. 3000. the next.
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for the ages reducing. cost. beethoven's 9th for the more it starts it all moves on t.w. . welcome to global free 1000. in colombia the indigenous me sank people have set up a school to protect their traditions and then natural environment. in india village community plants $11011.00 trees whenever a baby girl is born a custom the benefits society and the planet. but 1st to new zealand where she.


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