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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2020 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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tobin's 9th. news a live from berlin in spain hazmat suits are needed to bury the dead as the number of victims surges higher the country struggling to cope as fatalities surged again and the nation's health care workers are also paying a heavy price in their round the clock fight to save lives also coming up. u.s. president donald trump signs the biggest stimulus package in modern history some 2
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trillion dollars will be rushed to states and businesses struggling amid the crisis the bill will also send direct payments to tens of millions of americans. i'm michael thanks for joining us europe is struggling with growing death rates in increasingly over strained hospitals due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic spain is europe's 2nd worst hit country authorities there reported the highest increase in fatalities with more than 800 people dying in a day spain is also reporting the largest percentage of infected health care workers further straining the system. of burial in hazmat suits. one of thousands of victims of the career. in spain. hospital
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staff in madrid don't need to see the statistics to know spain does not yet have a handle on the epidemic. it has been a deadly week for the country. medical staff has left doctors overwhelmed amnesty international reports that over $9000.00 spanish health service workers have become infected with the virus. any other country. even healthy face isolation they return home careful not to spread the disease to their families. having a hard time you feel very lonely and then you go alone again remember all the images you saw during the day and you keep thinking and thinking and you can't rest. the
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images in your head of everything you see here it's very difficult to disconnect that's impossible because you. just did that work is not in vain thousands have recovered because of their efforts. at this field hospital in the dritte 34 year old grass yellow lawn so is going home. with 19 and i was in this hospital for the last 4 days. i have to say that in the beginning i had a really bad time because i had that feeling of not being able to breathe. things to all the support i received here all the measures that they've taken it wasn't so hard. on. for a long the ordeal is over but for spain the path to recovery is still uncertain. let's bring in journalist alaska's he's been following the situation from madrid
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spain has been one of the hardest hit countries by the pandemic experts estimate over half a 1000000 people are likely infected in spain now reaching the peak of the crisis you think. well. cases might be. the moment even though it's hard to believe that we had more than $800.00. 24 hours but that's what they expect. coming days we see. down in the number of cases and. you live in the capital madrid that's where most of the cases are and i imagine that's because it's the most dent densely possible populated city or is that is there something else at play here. well it's definitely one of the reasons but also the services might be strained to capacity because of their previous. measures that
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were introduced in the. years and also because. a lot of people have been at their homes confined on the home sherry and with the family without knowing that maybe they were and they might be infected all the people in the family the family or even go into i don't know to buy supplies at the supermarket without knowing there were 1000 positive. there's been a curfew obviously for for 2 weeks how are people dealing with these restrictions. was very difficult for the people to cope with this situation as remained reminded this is been 16 days and it's going to be another 15 days. 15 days and head people have being. in and cheering workers. but now it's getting more and more. complicated to keep up with that. because it looks
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like we are probably losing at this moment that's just the feeling in madrid that we are not a do in. fact. here's a look now at more of the latest coronavirus developments confirmed cases of covert 19 infection have now surpassed 600000 global like doubling the tally in less than a week saudi arabia has confirmed 99 new infections raising its total to more than $1200.00 the highest number in an arab country that despite having imposed tight restrictions south african police have been forced the country's locked down by firing rubber bullets towards hundreds of shoppers queuing outside a supermarket in johannesburg a brazilian court blocked
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a decree by president bush the narrow that exempted places of worship from confinement orders ruling that religious services pose a public health risk. u.s. president donald trump invoked the defense production act on friday after weeks of pleased by state governors and health care providers the act calls on car maker general motors to make life saving ventilator trouble so sign a 2 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package in a law that as the u.s. recorded the highest number of confirmed cases in the world now surpassing 100000. the u.s. navy hospital ship mercy docking in los angeles to ease the strain on local facilities with american now reporting more cases of coronavirus than any other country and the number of deaths rising sharply back copies urgently needed.
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president trump signed off on the biggest economic stimulus package in u.s. history with strong backing from both democrats and republicans. america's bravely battling this pandemic through cutting edge science medical innovation and rational deliberate and determined vigilance no effort will be spared in winning this war at the center of the fight making move insulators gently needed to keep critically ill coronavirus patients alive in hospital trampas used emergency powers to force general motors to start building ventilators boeing will produce face shields new york remains the center of the outbreak with almost half of all confirmed u.s. cases the main convention center is now a makeshift field hospital and another navy hospital ship is due to arrive in new
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york harbor on monday this is an invisible bees it is an insidious beast this is not going to be a short deployment this is not going to be that you go out there for a few days we work hard and we go home this is going to be weeks and weeks and weeks while corona hotspots like new york are preparing for a long battle trump wants to talk to experts next week about easing restrictions in areas which are not yet as badly affected now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in a press conference on saturday japanese prime minister shinzo asked people to refrain from nonessential meetings to stop the spread of covert 19 he's also promised an unprecedented stimulus package to combat economic fallout from the coronavirus. china has scaled back its restrictions on the original epicenter of
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the pandemic the city of rouhani has partially reopened after more than 2 months of almost total isolation people are now allowed to return to han but no one is allowed to leave yet. a plan to fly some 800 cruise ship passengers from australia to germany this weekend has been doing by overnight increase in corona virus infections on board the ship called the tanya is anchored south of perth and most of the passengers are german. more and more countries are in lockdown and for one vulnerable group the victims of domestic abuse it means their personal safety is being put at greater risk they now have no escape from their tormentors and figures are showing an increase in reports of violence in numerous countries to discuss this further we're joined by d.w.
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reporter pablo. good to have you with us here this is a global problem what are the figures showing well the figures are really quite shocking and in many respects aren't coming as much of a surprise to activists because activists have been saying essentially you know. having people come find in their homes with abusive partners in a situation like this particular in say countries like spain or france or even here in germany it's going to exacerbate the problem so what we've been seeing are for example in brazil the increase is being high with around 40 percent of an increasing number of calls being made to help lines that are set up in the region of catalonia and spain the number that they have their victims of domestic abuse is seen an increase of 20 percent over the past couple of weeks in italy as well they've also seen interesting the a drop in the number of phone calls but then an increase in the number of text messages and e-mails being sent and the reason for that is of course if you're confined in your home and your abuser is there well you know you're going to not
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want to make a phone call because they're probably going to hear that cole being made because they're there and they can hear it so what's being done to deal with the problem well looking at different countries and now here in germany there have been calls by the green party that what they should do is facilitate the you know measures that are in place for the victims to be able to leave their homes so for example many hotel rooms around the world at the moment are empty so what they're calling on here in germany is that those hotel rooms become essentially places where these victims can go if they find themselves in this situation also in spain. for example where fines are handed out to people because the restrictions on movement are very . draconian compared to other places well police won't find those people who are on the street escaping from their abusers. social workers are asking for more to be done in general with regards to victims and so incredible story. we'll be watching
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this more closely i'm sure you'll be back with us to give us more that report a public thank you so much. the sporting world has come to a standstill in the virus crisis but many of its biggest names have used their free time to help out in the battle against the pandemic serbian tennis superstar novak djokovic is the latest to step up with a 7 figure donation. novak djokovic is a man more used to picking up 7 figure checks them to during the moat but the 17 time major winners pledge of 1000000 euros to buy medical equipment in his native serbia sees him join a growing line of sporting stars and institutions who are using their financial muscle to help battle the coronavirus pandemic in football by immunex prolific paul robert levin said goodbye to a few of his goal bonuses as he pledged a 1000000 euros to germany's fighting fund. a separate initiative called
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we kick corona by 11 teammates leon gorecki and you're sure commish raised more than 2500000 euros in its 1st few days in france paris and german raised over 200000 euros for local medical staff battling the coronavirus by selling out a new special edition strip bearing the words all united. reigning european champions liverpool meanwhile had a simple message of support designed to give medical workers a much needed lift. thank you to all the incredible people who are services. workers who want their. believe or what you are doing. on behalf of all of us from elop see i would like to say thank you. germany in. a typical show of solidarity from the club whose motto is being echoed across the sporting world you'll never walk alone.
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this is news stay tuned for our documentary film about. plastic plastic tide choking on coke i'm michael. have more news for you at the top of the hour thanks for joining us well as they say in germany. more news for you at the top of the hour thanks for joining us or as they say in german. player. go beyond. the stories that
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matter to the. country. more than ever it takes. a running nut to inflate the gulf. made for mines.


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