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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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but he told when 2020. 50000 of 1st 3 years on. this is deja vu news a live from berlin as the global coronavirus pandemic continues to gather pace the german chancellor thanks the public for their patience while saying restrictions on public life will continue until at least a full 20 minutes german hospitals accept some 1000 patients from france and italy we explore what it means for european cooperation also coming up. in spain hazmat suits are needed to bury the dead as the number of victims find the country is
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struggling to cope as fatalities surged again and asked the nation's health care workers paid a heavy price for their round the clock fight to save lives. and day by day authorities have been closing borders around the world to slow covert 19 leaving many travelers precariously stuck in limbo during this pandemic. a michael joins us here in berlin chancellor angela merkel has thanked german citizens for responding to her call to take social distancing seriously amid the coronavirus pandemic this ass or chief of staff confirmed restrictions on public life order remain in place for at least another 3 weeks over 300 people have died from the disease in germany with more than 48000 confirmed infection. it's merkel
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is herself in isolation after her doctor tested positive for corona virus in a recorded message she said the vast majority of citizens have changed their daily behavior to minimize bodily contact but the chancellor asked for patience as her office confirmed restrictions will not be relaxed before april 23rd. and a ban on more than 2 people meeting in public. let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady who has been following the situation here in germany kate so restrictions are to remain in place at least until april 20th the 1st almost glorious days of spring have arrived so i suppose the question is are people listening to politicians and following the rules. well it certainly seemed in berlin at least today that the rays of sunshine
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descended on the city certainly got the better of some people i mean previous days that throughout this week we have had cooler weather a lot of people following those rules working from home wherever possible and trying to keep that distance that magic distances that were of 1.5 to 2 meters from other people but today they did seem to be many more people out on the streets and even here in an eastern neighborhood just around the corner from me police actually had to clear a group of 150 people who had gathered on an area of graphics now that of course is problematic people the police also trying to encourage people to stay home wherever possible still allowed to go out and exercise families are to allowed to go out and get some fresh air but police have said here and in other states around germany that as the good weather increases in the coming days they will be increasing their presence to make sure that people are indeed daring to these regulations that have been implemented interesting you know as you know germany is helping france and
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italy deal with over 1000 patients well that set a precedent for more european core appreciate enduring you know what you can only call an extraordinary health crisis. well that certainly would be the hope but of course we do know now that germany has taken in several patients that are in either severe to critical condition by from italy and from france now of course at the moment germany has the capacity to deal with these patients as the number of people in severe critical condition here in germany is much lower than in countries like it so they are friends and so on the medical front germany is able to perhaps such a precedent that when it comes to medical support within the european union but on the financial front it's a very different story some 9 of the 27 e.u. member states have now called for a joint response a joint financial responds to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and one
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option would be what's being done to the corona bonds so basically a mutual debt across the euro zone countries something which germany at the moment is quite forceful they object saying along with some other more frugal states within they go over there unlike the netherlands and austria and finland for example so there is a lot of work to be done that but the european leaders are still in contact and they are still indeed working towards more cooperation as not only europe but the whole world to join forces to to to question the effects both the health and economic effects of the current virus pandemic so you do have your corresponding capered thank you so much. europe is struggling with the growing death rates and increasingly over strain hospitals due to the worldwide pandemic strain is your 2nd worst hit country in the thirty's there reported the
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highest increase in scientology with more than 800 people dying in a day spain is also reporting the largest percentage of infected healthcare workers further straining the system. a burial in hazmat suits. of thousands of victims of the outbreak in spain. hospital staff in madrid don't need to see the statistics to know spain does not yet have a handle on the epidemic. it has been a deadly week for the country 2nd and daily fatalities only to italy. and medical staff doctors and nurses overwhelmed amnesty international reports that over 9000 spanish health service workers have become infected with the virus more than any other country. even healthy face isolation
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they return home careful not to spread the disease to their families. having a hard time you feel very lonely and then you go alone again you remember all the images you saw during the day and you keep thinking and thinking and you can't rest . with the images in your head of everything you see here it's very difficult to disconnect it's impossible because you also feel helpless and sad. these days but their work is not in vain thousands have recovered because of their efforts. at this field hospital in madrid 34 year old. well one of them locally i have a home with 19 and i was in the hospital for the last 4 days. i have to say that in the beginning i had a really bad time because i had that feeling of not being able to breathe. but
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thanks to all the support i received here all the measures that they've taken it wasn't so hard. no medicine that oh i don't for a long so the ordeal is over but for spain the path to recovery is still uncertain . lieut. more and more countries are in lockdown and for one vulnerable groups of victims of domestic abuse it means their personal safety is being put at greater risk they now have no escape from their tormentors and figures are showing an increase in reports of violence in numerous countries to discuss this further we're joined by d w reporter pablo foley ileus public good to have you with us here this is a global problem what are the figures showing well the figures are really quite shocking and in many respects aren't coming as much of a surprise to activists because activists have been saying essentially you know. having people come find in their homes with abusive partners in
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a situation like this particularly in say countries like spain or france or even here in germany it's going to exacerbate the problem so what we've been seeing are for example in brazil the increase is being high with around 40 percent of an increasing number of calls being made to help lines that are set up in the region of catalonia and spain the number that they have they are victims of domestic abuse is seen an increase of 20 percent over the past couple of weeks in italy as well they've also seen interesting the drop in the number of phone calls but then an increase in the number of text messages and e-mails being sent now the reason for that is of course if you're confined in your home and your abuser is there well you know you're going to not want to make a phone call because they're probably going to hear the cole being made because they're there and they can hear so what's being done to deal with the problem well looking at different countries and now here in germany there have been calls by at the green party that what they should do is facilitate the you know measures that
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are in place for the victims to be able to leave their homes so for example many hotel rooms around the world at the moment are empty so what they're calling on here in germany is that those hotel rooms become essentially places where these victims can go if they find themselves in this situation also. for example where fines are handed out to people because the restrictions on movement are very. draconian compared to other places well police won't find those people who are on the street escaping from their abusers. social workers are asking for more to be done in general with regards to its victims and saying credible story. will but you're watching this more closely i'm sure you'll be back with us to give us more report a public thank you so much now to some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has signed the largest stimulus package in modern u.s. history the deal will allow 2 trillion dollars to be rushed to states and
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businesses struggling amid the crisis the bill will also send direct payments to tens of millions of americans. in a press conference on saturday japanese prime minister shinzo people to refrain from nonessential meetings to stop the spread of covert 19 he's also promised an unprecedented stimulus package to combat economic fallout from the coronavirus. china has scaled back its restrictions on the original epicenter of the pandemic the city of new holland has partially reopened after more than 2 months of almost total isolation people are now allowed to return to han but no one is allowed yet to leave. things may be slowly returning to normal and elsewhere in the world countries are closing their borders to stop the spread of covert 19 that's leaving many families divided russia has banned all foreigners without
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a permanent resident permit from entering leaving dozens of people trapped inside airports you caught up with one couple who were separated returning from their honeymoon. and this is until. after returning from his honeymoon he became separated from his wife and stuck in the transit zone of moscow's of the new cover airport along with around 20 other people he's in almost constant contact with his wife to let her know how you are doing and tony is stuck because he's ukrainian and the new government order to stop the spread of the coronavirus bounds foreigners from entering the russian federation. we have to live here sleep here he. said passengers from arriving and departing flights often come through. the government you're supposed to prevent infection but it's not very effective during your. becoming
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separated from her husband at the airport is not how on tones wife you've put enough thought their honeymoon would and she's russian so she was able to enter the country the couple got married at this moscow registry office just a few weeks ago. well that's the only move mystical you newlyweds we only managed to be together as a family for 12 days now it's not clear how long you'll be apart. until now i didn't think that we would get caught up in this confusing inhumane bureaucratic machine which was. the arts. pantani is not the only one stuck in a moscow terminal hundreds of central asian migrants have also been camping out at the new cover airport many of them are from uzbekistan which has closed its borders due to the coronavirus they hope to get a rare flight home was i.
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but you've seen as nightmare suddenly came to an end to. an expected leave the government changed course and amended the rules now foreigners can enter russia if they have russian family members and have the documents to prove it your story starship superbly and i feel like all the problems of the world including the coronavirus and all of the economic crises have suddenly taken a backseat because now the most important person in my life is with me and we can take on the world together. and form the new dean yeah we're lucky but at moscow's airports many others are still stuck in limbo. well france's ongoing struggle with the coronavirus crisis hasn't stopped residents in a non department blog from staying connected and keeping fit despite being on lockdown the neighbors meet up for a daily dose of exercise all from a safe distance of course the workout is finished off by joining in
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a countrywide round of applause for medical and emergency law. this is the new stay tune for sports life time to shine our program focusing on a german man's efforts to triumph in the world's northernmost sled dog race i'm michael okun brylin for all of us here to stay healthy and stay with us. in the height of climate change. conference mix of. what's in store for. joining us today for the future of. concrete images city hall to get insight clicks.


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