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did they do swear that i will. truly say that we. came to power as a freedom fighter we're at war with the street i don't believe in regard to your theory but. not in a 1000 years we have tried passive resistance in the past people got propped up people got shot everyone suster their hopes and dreams for a new zimbabwe mugabe inspired a nation brutalized and tortured tens of thousands of people and one of his biggest legacy was that he will lead the country into economic disaster i think will that be destroyed everything that could have been described and said democratic society in zimbabwe. could have been the next nelson mandela.
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after more than 50 years of colonial british rule rhodesia known today as zimbabwe was pushing for independence from britain the british government was prepared to work towards these with the rhodesians but only on the basis of no independence before majority rule meaning britain would not recognise rhodesia as independence before a majority rule was implemented as opposed to rule by the white colonial minority unhappy with britain's conditions and the rising black nationalist movement the ruling white settler minority voted in the 1st rhodesian born prime minister conservative rhodesian front leader ian smith smith set rhodesia on a path to independence which is something we are going to do the stuff that and it is our intention to maintain the real danger. that we all know so. in 1965 he proclaims the unilateral declaration of independence
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a move that was denounced by british prime minister harold wilson and the international community. mr wilson's answer to the declaration of independence has been do i draw the additional government and oppose it through economic sanctions one of the most ominous development in the few days that he did this illegal action has been the progressive creation of a police state and the ship. at the rate. of. the black african majority now saw nothing for themselves in this white ruled rhodesia paving the way for conflict which would soon become open warfare it was insolence racist policies that started this war which led to thousands of mostly blocks and dying in this war the liberation. people were set up for the white minority government. zimbabwe to. one person.
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he represented a brighter future for zimbabwe he was seen as this fearless freedom fighter he managed to change the narrative and people in africa love him for better. robert mugabe was born in 1924 and in what was then the colony of southern rhodesia mugabe was a gifted boy and even trained as a teacher in his early teens. 4 years later a scholarship took him to south africa to complete further training it was here that mugabe became interested in politics attending political rallies. he was influenced by gandhi teachings and his time at university in south africa at the same university that nelson mandela. was turning point in his life.
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by 968 the yearning for freedom from white rule consumed mugabi so much that he quit teaching to devote himself full time to the cause. he aligned himself with the n.d.p. the national democratic party led by joshua young in the fight against ian smith. gabi spoke of african nationalism land and liberation and openly called for a guerilla war against the ruling elite in december $963.00 he was arrested as an agitator he actually spent more than a decade as a political prisoner. meanwhile some were growing frustrated with what they saw as a lack of action on the part of income oh and his party a new political party called zanu the zimbabwe african national union was created and mugabe was appointed secretary general you know. in those early days when he
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joined politics popularity started to grow he was seen as. a figurehead because of his leadership qualities and also because he was an orator he spoke. so he was able to explain. what. you were seen as the. dictator sell themselves to the public as a man of the people who will solve their problems quickly and rapidly without all the other past few rules that oxen. they're politicians and that's why people trust . blacks made up 95 percent of rhodesians population and they now had robert mugabe officially fighting their cause. that's. the sneaky regime and.
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their passion. for mugabe there was only one way to deal with smith we are at war with the smith. and the warmest continue. to kill the british government and the. debt but before you surrendered. the fighting has got to continue. to combat in smith's despotic and racist policies mugabe formed an allegiance within komo together they set their guerrilla army on smith's rhodesian security forces escalating into what became known as the rhodesian bush war farms owned by whites were attacked while civil unrest erupted in towns and cities we have tried passive resistance in the past our people got rocked up our people got shot.
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various attempts were made by the british and americans to end the violence but talks ended in a stalemate smith refused to back down from his opposition to black majority rule there is some sign that the white producers are willing to accept the prince of an early 2 with georgia rule until next principals feel except that what would you change the british government not to intend to kill another initiative and that's photosphere united states are. full support. there's a negotiation. underground a majority rule in the future that i don't believe in majority rule. not in the south as in here we haven't come here to cause this to bring about a cease fire we come here to determine whether we shall be free or not talks broke down and on the ground violent clashes became more frequent and widespread this is
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one of the latest atrocities in the guerrilla war it happened last month at a british run mission no charlie in eastern ready 12 whites including missionaries their wives and children were dragged into a nearby field and murdered with a savagery that was horrifying even by the standards of this brutal 6 year war the butcher it was widely assumed to be the work of guerrillas belonging to robert mugabe's son which is based across the border in mozambique. after 15 years of fighting the british attempted to bring an end to the violence once and for all on the 21st of december 1979 the lancaster house agreement was signed in london it stipulated the creation of
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a new country to be known as the republic of zimbabwe it was subject to 2 conditions firstly ceasefire would be declared secondly democratic elections would be held to form a new government. the black nationalist groups zanu and zafu who had been waging the increasing violent insurgency put forward candidates standing for is up to was joshua and co mo and for zanu como's ally robert mugabe. if we had a. lot of. people. a different expression the wishes of. mugabe's zanu party won the majority making him zimbabwe's 1st prime minister.
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do. that. and that leads to zimbabwe. wins because of for the 1st time we had black majority rule in the country the gender power of a moment of national crisis and change when zimbabwe had attained its independence and people vested their hopes and dreams that he would create this new fresh zimbabwe that would deliver for the people he brought the whole. time and. it's freezing and he was a very charismatic. mugabe's rhetoric was exactly what the people of zimbabwe wanted to hear it mean ploy the struggle to achieve political independence now we must employ back political independence to achieve economic freedom most
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dictators inevitably are corrupt though they may initially try to act in the nation's interests power always crops so in the case of gobby he started off investing in education in health care and. everyone vested their hopes and dreams for a new zimbabwe and dictators exploit vulnerabilities so you have somebody like me gabi who splits the end of colonialism and brings in a new form of government and absolutely transforms the system in a heartbeat. but it. wasn't long before power and paranoia went to mccarthy's head como was sacked accused of plotting to overthrow him removing komo was mugabe's 1st step to one contested rule and dictatorship. survival for any dictatorship is finding out where the threats are and nullifying those threats as quickly as possible.
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980 zimbabwe was finally free from both british and white rule thanks to the man hailed as a freedom fighter and man of the people robert mugabe he. gave . me was euphoria in the country independence you know finally zimbabwe was free and people were free to do what they wanted and they really hoped that national investor would deliver promises. but while the black population were enjoying new opportunities cracks were already forming within the political sphere there was a lot of power and the loss of 2 between certain members of your party and his party. there is no such thing as most of them towards other people. existing between you and your. hatred. spirital
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hostility towards you. invited him to join my government accepted into. the tensions mirrored zimbabwe's divided political allegiances. not just the political battle in parliament against robert mugabe's zanu faction but in his matter billy homeland and camo supporters unchallenged and captured weapons. that some followers of a coma went prepared to accept the uneasy status quo. oh my oh. to secure the loyalty of both his rivals and people mugabi focused his attention on building up the army
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. life in the regular army will be quite different to that in the guerrilla units. about 25000 guerrillas have so far been formed into battalions the so-called super sausage machine is processing about 3000 men a month the training isn't comprehensive but merely the 1st stage right why oh why so i felt. at the top the 6 most senior positions in the new army are divided equally among the 3 factions. who i wanted to project an image of strength and he did this by providing funding to the military he needed to keep the military happy to prevent them from staging a coup against but he also wanted to show to the world that zimbabwe was a strong country with a strong military. mugabi spared no expense. this large army has already put a strain on the economy there aren't enough barracks for the men yet the government
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is already spending a 5th of its budget on defense when the integration process is complete the new zimbabwean army will number between 606-5000 men this is an enormous and expensive regular force for a country with a population of 7000000 military rebels against them they're in trouble if you mean in uganda was aware of this he came to power in a coup so he knew a coup could replace him they have to coop prove the regime they have to weaken the military god they did this by creating parallel armies they could offer. that the power of the national. guard even brought the north korean forces to train his infamous crack unit the 5th brigade he didn't hesitate in putting his new army to use. beginning in 1983 thousands of people in the provinces loyal to in coma were killed in what one known as the cuckoo and the massacres prime minister robert mugabe is determined to
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wipe out of position and much of the labor. party and its leader joshua government troops swept through northern much of the land looking for the so-called do this or that supporters of joshua called thousands are believed to have died or sustained horrific injuries during that search sadly in just a few years the freedom fight changed from one who helped to remove this brutal white minority government to actually brutalizing is own people mugabe had a huge security apparatus and he used them as a tool against his opponents he used them to kill over 20000 people and use them to torture and to brutalize anyone who opposed him. numerous talks held between mugabe and in comal to end the bloodshed broke down. in regard to this relationship i'm sorry to say we have been deadlocked full fod to all on the question of unity and
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the central committee of my body is a recently decided that the talks be discontinued for the are serving 'd no useful purpose i have suffered i have sore heart for this country. for him to join the war work song. to make our independence stick and this man and. traitor who they are meant for this country so much. is not. swore by 987 an estimated 20000 people from the ethnic minority had been killed this violence largely ended after mugabe and in cuomo signed a unity accord in december 987 zanu and merged to become zanu p f bringing mugabe one step closer to his ultimate goal. the
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merger of zanu and was a recognition of the need to submerge traditional philosophical differences and unite the country. but it also fitted in with mugabe's ambitions he had long expressed the wish to create a one party state that was tied to a more democratic system during the 7 year lifespan of the lancaster house agreement. i think this is biggest threat was his self you know while he was in power and he's really. the opposition has been weakened over the years. and silenced to some extent. the most dangerous type of dictatorship is a person's dictatorship or one man rule and that's because there's no institution to check their power in these dictators tend to make their decision in isolation in the case of he was trying to personalize the regime he was trying to make every decision on his own and he almost
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a cheap. in late 1987 the position of prime minister was abolished and mugabe became president within como as vice president mugabe was edging closer to one man rule but he did make some concessions all that remained was to find a way to appease or render harmless the sop of dissidents and that too was a g.e. . that made it decided to grant the general amnesty to. field the teams from. to do is create the birth of the not be too soon or your prison move forward operating with this. in como was no longer a threat but mugabe needed to maintain the loyalty of his people. usually dictators are able to stay in power to a point without using violence so long as they control the flow of information the
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public. hitler called the press the louvin press or the lying press he said that anyone who stood up to his narrative was effectively lying to the public he called them the enemy of the people words that were echoed by mao and stalin and so this idea that anyone who says anything that the dictator doesn't agree with is lying that there is some sort of force against the people it's a common tactic to turn the public against those sources the challenge the dictator mugabi exiled critical zimbabwean journalists and foreign media was strictly controlled or banned it's the mugabe government's efforts to close down the press both foreign and domestic plain and simple they don't want a critical press they don't want a critical overseas press and so they're trying to stop being a has over the years managed to stay in power by controlling the media. be shut down all but one television channel and heavily censored its output. 2 during his rule that there was no freedom of movement no freedom of speech. freedom of
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expression as jen it is to many a time you know just trying to have a demonstration you also get caught up in good and beaten up or i reseated you have to control the media because once you control the narrative once you control the information the public consumes you can control how they think about problems. they also take control of independent sources of information by shutting them off to the public and that means state media it means shutting down press outlets i criticize them and i means julian their opponents and this one. there's not really an alternative narrative for the opposition to exploit because they've already been silenced the. other areas of society were also beginning to feel the pinch in 1906 strict austerity measures prompted civil servants nurses and junior doctors to strike over poor pay. despite the economic crisis at home mugabe sent troops to the democratic republic of congo
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in 1998 to fight in the conflict that became the 2nd congo war as a result international economic aid to zimbabwe was halted and the country was millions of dollars worse off. than meant to be made in 1900. characterized by civil unrest student protests and this was wrong to do with food shortages crippling economic crisis in the country at that time. the people of zimbabwe were beginning to rebel against mcgarvie and in 1909 he was faced with a new political enemy when one of his greatest supporters turned against him. for the people they see that morgan chang began his political career as an ardent supporter of mugabe and zanu p.f. in 1909 chiang or i co-founded the movement for democratic change or m.d.c.
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party which was formed in opposition to mugabe's rule. but mugabe was undeterred and turned his attention back to land reform for 20 years since we had been seeking a more equitable distribution of land but progress was painfully slow and 70 percent of zimbabwe's agricultural land was still owned by white farmers. mugabe called for a new constitution that would allow the government to seize the property of white farmers without compensation. can view it. if they were very expensive masses of thousands of people it was about waiting for this view passed 'd but chang right through all his weight against it. sure that it could. be in learning distribution in the government's top priority. by
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b.b.c. . in abject poverty. in a referendum the new constitution was blocked mccarthy was furious with his support a mix of government troops and vigilante groups began seizing white owned land by force. war veterans they were drunk. they were threatening to kill us one common pattern of most to cater ships is they have to either manufacture or amplify a threat so in the case of hitler he jewish people. were right in the case of mugabi he amplified the threat from way farmers it's not a fight against the whites and such it's if ideas against that particular section of the white swan left when the european calamity. they forced black people off
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their farms and to control over the country's agriculture that includes thousands with the introduction of land reform and this is a story you might not have heard before that land reform is working landry for more is very important zimbabwe in this is people went to war to take the land back from the white minority but when we're going to decide to deal with this issue he was doing it for the wrong reasons and that's why we ended up with a disastrous policy where he allowed. disparate prisons and to take. that many of his cronies ahead multiple farms and did not like. the new occupants of confiscated farms often included prominent members of the ruling elite they were either inexperienced inept or disinterested in farming food
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production plummeted and the country nosedived into famine and economic decline. up to a quarter of the population fled the country and 3 quarters of those who were left were living on less than one us dollar per day. international sanctions were implemented against mugabe's land grab policy. the sanctions are targeted at the people of zimbabwe they suffered enough but against the leadership of the government. for mugabi the sanctions proved to be a convenient scapegoat. most of.
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the decision. is essential for dictatorship because it provides them political cover to deflect blame when things go wrong it wasn't my fault they say it was these enemy of the people you should blame look at. britain this tried to do mobilize the horror of europe against us merely because of the level christian russian. protest group against mugabe's dictatorship including from. mission leader morgan tsvangirai. as i was. going to the you will have. your. cheese out. there mary no we occupied such a very important national position did you not it is local village thug you. are
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but i. think the despicable. chander i was proving a thorn in the gobby side and in the run up to the 2002 elections mugabe accused of plotting to kill him i was arrested. mugabe's tactics paid off. as the. next president. as i sit here. robert mugabe is being sworn in as the president of zimbabwe after this bizarre. situation in zimbabwe no one could possibly call it an election most in d.c.
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leadership is in custody or on the run there are thousands of people living up in the mountains in the bush they have been burned out of their homes beaten and terrorized mugabe managed to stay in power by controlling the state machine he controlled the army he also controlled the police and to a very large extent he controlled the opposition will or weakened inside him is that after years of fighting this brutal regime. when the country went to the polls again in 2007 before he could pose another threat to my god he's rule was arrested again and severely beaten at 78 mugabe entered his 27th year in power. the big difference between dictatorships of the past and today is that today they're less brutal but they're also more durable and one reason for this is they started to
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mimic democracies they hold elections they have political parties they have judiciary but they figured out clever ways to always ensure that they never lose power there is no no chance at all one could have imagined that this could be described as a fair election as a free election it was neither this is a breakdown in civil society it is a blood stained regime that is letting down its own people the whole international community reflecting the outreach people feel about the violence the intimidation of the illegitimate son of holding by the got the government what we've agreed is that we'll send the united nations envoy to press for change in zimbabwe and what we've also agreed is financial model sanctions that will be imposed a members of the zimbabwean. international. when their nation had little effect.
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we had a song. that really seems they can shout as loud as in like from washington. or from any other quarter people people only our people ringback will decide. mugabe responded to sanctions by attacking his own people he withheld food aid from opposition supporters 4000000 people depend on foreign aid to feed themselves and their families but the mcgarvie regime has now suspended the work of the international organizations that provide and distribute it observers say it's a crude and illegal attempt to bully the electorate. i had the opportunity to do with the food security experts there for the month. in order to ascertain the qualities of. this state of emergency food security and the messages that we believe the
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government is sending to because we need to do is that we hold to the person that they have food and if you do not. be of in this election you will be you will go hungry look at me has over the years learn to use the fear factor to control the masses with its controlling the media through how he controls information and communication through food distribution especially in the us if you don't support if you don't get food period the economic crisis deepens and mugabe responded by printing more and more banknotes by summer 2008 inflation had reached an estimated 200000000 percent severe food shortages continued and health services deteriorated coinciding with a cholera outbreak seen the links mcgarvie was prepared to go to in order to hold on to power. i had little choice but to withdraw his candidacy in the 2008 runoff election and concede the presidency to mcgarvie. you know that whatever we did was
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going to lead to to include to deliver this is discredited he was going. to this is what is up at the inauguration is of. the world is so so zimbabweans are so. so. it's an exercise in self-delusion he did not solve the economic problem he cannot solve it. said inflation. mugabi was sworn in for his 6th term in office. after the 2008 elections. faced this electorate and he used the state machinery to silence perceived enemies of the state. and in. general opposition members civil society organizations and even
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human rights organizations were not. surprisingly in the parliamentary elections zanu p.f. lost its majority in the house of assembly for the 1st time since independence in 1900. forced to form a government of national unity with the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai. was made zimbabwe's 1st prime minister since mugabe had abolished the post in 1907 when he became president. i don't see any reason why i would work together. and. we are all sons of the soil as reset. the economic and political situation stabilize for a while during this 5 year power sharing. and when the country converted to the us dollar inflation dropped from 55000000000 percent to nothing. one night.
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5 years later with a date set for the 2013 general election campaigning was in full swing. in the heart of zimbabwe's capital the largest rally ever held by the opposition tens of thousands packed in to hear the final speech from the man vying to unseat president robert mugabe morgan chang derive believes he has the support to do it but fears this election could be bricked puts him and people died so yet afraid to die. if i don't have this in my house. so what i'm afraid of with the counting here nearly complete there's a growing error of resignation that these official results will be anything but a true reflection of the voters' wishes the opposition say very incensed by the vote rigging they claim has taken place by t.v. news has uncovered evidence from the voters' register showing there are more than 100000 voters aged over 100 in
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a country whose average life expectancy is just 51. 2013 saw mugabe begin another term as president. spearheaded by mugabe a significant new constitution was voted in which abolished change the rise role of prime minister for a 2nd time. after 33 years in power robert mugabe's rule goes on and the hopes of those who dared to dream change was coming to zimbabwe have been defeated. in the media. despite health concerns mugabi announced plans to run in the 2018 presidential elections. dictators never give up power willingly there's not usually a peaceful ending or resolution to dictatorships but the fear that they're going to
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be killed by an angry mob is sufficient to force them to use more and more brutality the closer they get to their regimes demise. me you know and left me for debt i suffered more on my head because i tried to protect my head is a tyrant. is someone who is sin. is someone who has written many many people suffer you know what you are there are the protest. and the crackdown is over the government's desperate answer to a crippling economic crisis that called bomb notes for the 1st time in a decade zimbabwe is printing its own money so overnight they queue for the banks to open hoping for some of this nation's shrinking store of u.s. dollars said bob with currency since the days of hyperinflation they get is the bomb note and the fear it will lead them back to those ruinous times. as in bad
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ways lead up to the coming months will tell if this is a quick fix for economic failure or a final fatal folly in the lead up to the elections mugabi said his vice president and listen. to this field speculation that he was paving the way for his much younger wife grace to become his successor. handing the power down from the way. they want to make it did in most my. sometimes dictatorships are able to survive even after the dictator dies because they grew to success very often a family member so you have rumors of this happening in zimbabwe's grace mugabi the successor to robert and this already happen. and in north korea were kim jong un replaced his father kim jong il who has been groomed since birth for the eventual
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job of becoming a dictator zimbabwe decided that enough was enough mugabe was placed under house arrest by the zimbabwean national army there's also the exit strategy of a military coup which ends very very badly for the dictators is it's a. good cause it was. just this one was an. intervention order situation to do to do what it should. be was given an ultimatum resign or face impeachment. others quit doing these rigs next and i know i'll be happy for him despite everything that he has done to be with dignity and to just walk away the gym a little bit more freely and with his dignity but he refused to do that. to the world surprised days later mugabe changed his mind and stepped down at 93 years old he was granted full diplomatic status he was given a mansion with up to 23 staff members and several vehicles. for the 1st
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time in 37 years general elections were held without mugabe as a candidate. i think the worst thing that. was bringing this pain a to his own people i would never have thought i would spend more than 17 years living outside of my country because of him and he bent and proper journalists including myself. millions of zimbabweans have had to live i said country because of his rule the legacy that mugabe left or zimbabwe has been catastrophic it's not just the fact that he led the country into economic disarray but he has left in his wake an authoritarian regime. if. they had balanced it and put in place proper reforms or proper political
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reforms. and really thought of his people and not just the. wishes of a few maybe he could have been the next. robert mugabe left a legacy of nearly 4 decades of political corruption bloodshed human rights violations famine and guerrilla wars zimbabwe was left with the momentous task of rebuilding the country in hopes of securing a brighter future for its people free from dictatorship. the new president. has promised to restore zimbabwe's economy and corruption and promote human rights but in the wake of the regime change the challenge of rebuilding zimbabwe is proving to be a difficult one. on the 6th of september 2019 robert gabriel mugabe died after weeks of disagreement between his family and the government about
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