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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2020 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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after 100 lives the ideals of the bonds more relevant today than they were. to go fishing areas reshapes things to come because people understood design as a way of shaping society. as. the house world 3 part documentary starts made on teen w. xenon
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. moment when the a. minute. ago bringing up the loan the money. doesn't come with the yeah yeah yeah. i knew you had the money in. the economy. tanked and that not that. i may not live up with everybody i was about how old but i would at the top hadn't said it keeps it good don't help.
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smitty and when it's been missing i'm disappointed as well as time has been saudi as i see it when the club event has never stood with one. god god god god knows. how to go both called dream. i live in a refugee camp in the bekaa valley in lebanon tween the houses of lives where most syrians live under the nice. words son of god. i love the idea of the 2 friends fled 4 years ago yet their homeland syria is only a few kilometers away. just beyond the mimes have. no doubts what is going on going home.
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every mark on the edge of the home. setting them up in the best sunset of a promise not to do that again and i think. about 14000 people across the border yesterday. like both dreams across the globe 65000000 people are fleeing war on terror crossing season continents risking that not seeing a 1000 refugees and migrants have crossed into the country hundreds of thousands more expected to do to save and they are not always welcome. migrants to the breaking down and. well why politicians deride the. you know to this song and action going back to going back. however only a few of them make it to europe and america most syrian refugees have headed for neighboring countries like lebanon. no other country has taken more
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refugees than lebanon britain averages only 2 refugees per $1000.00 inhabitants $11.23 every 5th person in lebanon is a refugee in memphis and call fun i can most this myself i'm not a god that kill we are not conscious the side of the film how tough was it magic and what it can lead to this kind of it was the 1st step on my news. just. it does. not seem or should be and definitional connects. only 80 kilometers from back up nice beirut the capital level once known as the paris of the mediterranean city has always been cold between east and west christians muslims wolf adopts jews bruises 18 different religious beliefs how to
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be found in beirut. today over 300000 refugees live here. in the center of the city is beirut park a place where the whole city comes to play football now in the summer of 2016 crosses full of children of iran i go driven from my hunger was awful. if that was the thing that. i didn't. like that i hope that the.
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good and if this is one. of the things that on. many of these children have seen war but not a football pitch the boys and girls from syria and palestine goodish children and lebanese it's. not. that i was wrong. for many of them these all the past of a football jerseys and shorts food some socks. that come up that it was. ok but it. was good all the bits are going to. come up with the. military at.
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least yes. let me. put it. this is all being organized by germany's going to institute in beirut together with coaches from local football academies that came to me and said it was not just on the ground is not what it was that particular. temple law that of god i didn't know it was a show about it but it. said i was. only something. i don't like so i'm not i really believe so i look like. we're doing what i can set up because there's even
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a set up coming up. i. just thank. at the soccer camp lebannon 900 kids a week training grounds all over the country the reams of lebanon others to the north in tripoli and cider and the sun here at the park the kids from the beirut area. i am. some hair off familiar with the pitch by god and he lives close by. 0. 0000. 000. thank us us describe that moment that 2nd set up coming
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off of. each. and every. thing that was on this thing was just. let it slip. out. because i. felt as if it was. 11 year old adam is also a refugee not just recently you know his whole life since he lives 200 metres south of beirut park in his camp shut down built for the palestinians nearly 70 years ago . thanks to.
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adams people have been fleeing since 948 since the founding of israel and the palestinians have fought for their homeland and lost with every israeli arab war more and more people leave the shrinking country many head north to lebanon beirut and ghettos like shatila. generations later the hope of returning is a distant dream half a 1000000 palestinians live in lebanon an estimated 20000 of them in chad. since the start of the syrian war that has almost doubled now there are plenty of syrian neighbors living in close quarter of. a ghetto in the middle of beirut that the lebanese never enter but the palestinians and syrians have settled in despite the
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crime conditions. which. i'm sure you want. us to leave. that i'm not yeah i mean that was my mother was a girl of the stiff with. the full force feel a little bit. you should that you. shall. call it in the house so much it was. one of. the increasing numbers of refugees is a problem in adam's school because shifty look can only expand vertically uncontrolled patchwork life. i feel sad now and then
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i want to know much about. how i live now with them but * at last i got to know what you feel so that. however electricity is important for the apartments in the dark narrow alley ways it's different for those who live above. i should have seen the. film. also. lives on the rooftops you know where the ghetto almost seems a daily. the people living here have no electricity and washing their clothes with water yet they can see for miles and saw me even back to dream.
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of. so how it got. some of us. i doubt. that i used to. eat. you. up on our. cable out of. the you know. you had my. yeah.
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yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. hey mike. yeah. i had to go to that. one should always schettino no one escapes the cab. so it's something special for the palestinian girls team to train at beirut park from time to time. even before the summer camp they were
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a team all of them palestinians from the refugee camp except one. is levon helm's. i didn't. know. that there was a yeah. yeah right now. you know. they love the good truth even have a. good job nobody. will. challenge i'm not fit. to be. as it was when i was in there are.
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such that. you know when i get a. moment when i must be eligible. i. want out. when i get a. car loan i know. that i should ask our national family. you know all i see with that is the debate of. i. was so sure i accept that i was putting on them how. they.
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differed and that i had it at the finals. of the fed almost as. good as i i. i schooled in the center of beirut nearly everyone was lebanese i lessons are in french as in all secondary schools in lebanon the language of the former colonial power how ever on the playground the spoken word is our but. i actually. got upset about the time i'm i'm i said i. was family have always lived in beirut the city is their home the pharynx apartment
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is only a few meters north of the beirut park football pitch not far from madame like him she also lives overlooking the city but she only needs 30 seconds to reach the 8th floor. as father is a driver he's not rich but can provide his daughter with a good life. is in the love of the law but you know living the life you have some say. good but. there's a one more than should have. been some other fellow he. says . yeah trophies. or is it best you. see him i can show you the medals.
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just. for all just. take a 2nd yeah i'm fast and i can control the ball i can score i live to be a. teacher of sport i like to. give. the kids what i learn things for that they can be good. how can i. follow them mohammed supports route is ambition he has played football all his long but growing up his life was vastly different. i think you. have. said yes it. does but if you have
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a good. system wasn't going to get. everything good it. love a good thing you're. still saying well let's. just say about sure you're 50 the same element of a fish. but. what are some of leave it to yourself. as is the and it's all there is substance for us to read it was really not an associates the serve the love the love that i'm here for that in the will and the result that at the root of the onion and examines. the skill level they should watch but every day that number of the unknown i'm not one of those of us that has little food how to play and. there was more sniper machine gun fire in beirut today
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. between 975997 and was caught up in a civil war way countless groups support one another in ever changing alliances. in the notorious house to house fighting the right for to gauge the left christians against muslims and in the background israel against syria and the p.l.o. . the lebanese know what flame me back then nearly a 1000000 would driven and. even off to the wall the country never truly found peace. today one still sees the scars of war in beirut many buildings are still to came and society has still not fully recovered. lebanon still has no become it civil war and already carries the burden of another the syrian refugees cross the country $4500000000.00
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a year. the welcome in lebanon can be vastly different for syria som a very positive thing talum by out in the backyard valley a local ngo has opened up a youth as a school for the children. but also a place where they can meet and enjoy themselves. there was it. goes also play football at the soccer camp in the backyard close to the club says here in lebanon seems a place one could grow to like until they're able to go back house seats.
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it. says. yes yes yes i'm going to introduce him to none of us to you and to this i don't understand you have. to search for him as i'm not devoted to city. just to know who is the activist who do. want to do the smart. thing to fish to move into the function is that none of them were designed to was. but not everybody feels immediately welcome for the reims the beginning was difficult when they arrived they had nothing no home no school no one to take them in. there's. nothing. left. there and it's the mode of none of us are not in the closet looks out over the bed
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. that some of them are their mother for. nothing is free for the people here the top holdings from the u.n. was sold on the black market for $50.00 a piece the hots a self made the land is rented. focus remains fall of find a job as a carpenter and leveling every day he drives to work in his truck. needing. not. boxed. set. and that's a hell of a good idea. to know not only the most oh my god we're just 47th out of one. of them up and i'm going to understand just
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love you and what could be done and what. the motive to misjudge a lot of. that is the job. would be it would be with them to look when i think of years of study of it it could be you know not what me doing my job is that. i should get more sleep tonight i'm going to walk walk. but they're going to know definitely not to call me and it's sort of to know for the level. of help putting out the kind of temperament when i sat up. but that's just so he could not. tell us more about us having been on the team i had with him as i said i was i was there you see maggie felt i missed out and i had kind of had but. it will be some time before the 2 girls can stop it because of the hole they couldn't go to school
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for to. talk to them they would talk tells of the dreams of refugees in lebanon dreams of home and. the future will see sometimes. you feel the peace and have. i think it's time to chance in football but i just i want to hold. the book close to. the bottom of. the book. the good.
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good. good good. good. good. the be. aboard. friday's fucking shot minus 30 celsius. polar research station the scientists want to sell the. car on the frontline of climate change research take a look at that finding. the land disappearing ice.
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in antarctica come so good especially. in 30 minutes monty double. the boot to the oceans belong to the fisherman and the man the member for that livelihood. or corporation is just out to make money. the global struggle for control is on the way the consequences for nature could be devastating. ocean grabbing new moon. as of the scene. in 75 minutes on g.w. . global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation law how do we make city screeners how can we protect habitats when we can make
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a difference global warming genius fundamental syriza can blow through thousands on g.w. and on mine. it's a deadly sin. and the whim of nature. it motivates us. from stupid. greed. decision makers on. the move tribes of. putting danger he's been one big nothing i've come to oppose capitalism because i see the harm it has done to the world was out of a down day for the top. we literally run the risk of being the 1st form of water to be responsible for on a special. memorial day we go in search of
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answers. good starts may 21st on t w. cut . block. this is. for the 1st.


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