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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin and munich's october fast is off to germany cancels its world famous beer festival it is the latest casualty of the coronavirus crisis the very end state leaders saying it is just too risky. also coming up traders say they've never seen anything like it for the 1st time in history u.s. oil prices plunge into negative territory as the grown a virus causes demand for crude to collapse. plus speculation grows about the health of north korean dictator kim jong un after he fails to attend the state and
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sent unconfirmed reports saying he is ill after undergoing heart surgery. i'm simply so much going to thank you for joining us the southern german state of bavaria has canceled the october fest beer festival because of the corona virus the event attracts more than $6000000.00 visitors every year and authorities feared allowing it to go ahead would lead to a spike in inspections as we report the move is likely to take both the financial and emotional toll. no crowded party tents giant mugs of beer or packed out parades. germany's biggest festival has been cancelled for the 1st time since world war 2. large events are currently banned in germany until the end of august october 1st
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was supposed to start on september 19th but officials say the risk of infection during the coronavirus pandemic is just too high. which is painful for us it's a great pity but as with many things this is not a normal year and this is going to be a year without the 1st. about $6000000.00 visitors flock to the october 1st every year crowding the festival grounds but also the host city munich the cancellation of the event is not only said news for the city it also means big financial losses. so very true between the 2 and 1300000000 euros of lost profits in those 16 days. that affects hotels restaurants talk to drivers. everyone will miss the october 1st terribly well it's well sort of. business. i see you say.
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and so begins the countdown until 2021 with the next october 1st will hopefully take place. let's speak to correspondent jim heartache he's standing by for us in munich. and the mayor of new york i said this is an emotionally difficult moment to cancel the october fest why is it so emotional. well absolutely it is because you have to understand that for the city of munich and for the people who live here is much more than just another huge party it's got a really long tradition it's been around for more than 200 years and it's something that's deeply ingrained into the d.n.a. of this city and on top of that it's also say the image of not only munich and bavaria but also to a certain degree all of germany really all around the world if you ask anyone anywhere what they associate with germany one of the 1st answers that you always get is going to be the total says so it's usually popular around the world in the
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city and the people here in the city of munich they're proud of that they're proud of the fact that their city is home to such a famous and popular festival and course now they're sad that this year all those visitors from around the world can't can't come here can't take play if they can take part in a couple fest and that this huge test was not going to happen what about the economic impact of all of this i mean this is a multimillion your own business isn't it. absolutely as we heard in the report it's one between $2.13 euros that the of which has generates every year and that's not only for the businesses that are directly at the hotel with the beer halls breweries and the rides and everything that you always see when you see yourself as it's the whole hospitality sector as we heard the report around 1000000 people spend the night in munich during the october fest and that's for a city that only has around one and a half 1000000 people population so you can you can already tell that that's a huge sacked or for
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a lot of businesses here in the hospitality sector and that of course is a sector that's already heavily affected by the brunt of virus this year so the cancellation of the a total fest for them is just really another blow to the guts of me that's right so it's a big blow but given the current situation with the pandemic in germany also internationally does it really come as a surprise that october for sas has been cancelled. no i don't think so i mean a lot of people expected is there's really no way. to go forward with this we heard in the report like all not big events in germany are canceled until the end of august there's other big events around the world like the olympics that are also canceled so that you really can't go ahead with an event like this where there's millions of people from around the world coming together party together being close to each other you can't really social distance yourself at all during your post as of course and that's not the point of the festival so then people get infected they go home to their home countries and then maybe spark more outbreaks in the last thing that you have already here in the city of munich wants to be associated with
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that is another wave in this kind demick would be the cause for another wave of this endemic so that the only responsible decision to really make here is to cancel the it's over fist as hard as it is but a lot of people on twitter for example are already saying ok we're looking forward to the next october fest in 2021 all right correspondent boston heartache speaking to us from munich good to talk to you ok let's take a look now at some other coronavirus news the global death toll stands at more than 171000 according to johns hopkins university in the u.s. the world health organization has warned that rushing to ease restrictions will increase the risk of a resurgence of the disease nevertheless italy says that before the end of this week it will outline plans for the gradual loosening of lockdown measures starting on the 4th of may and the world's most populous muslim nation indonesia has banned people from traveling home to celebrate the holy month of ramadan later this week
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the benchmark price of crude oil has fallen to its lowest level since 2001 at around $20.00 a barrel it comes alongside problems on the u.s. oil market for the cost of american crude fell into negative territory for the 1st time on monday while prices are tumbling as shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic drive down demand well discuss the impact in a moment but 1st this report. when its planes aren't flying and its roads are all but empty the u.s. can at least lay claim to one thing we certainly are plenty of oil in fact far too much of it the president tried to calm nerves after the value of u.s. crude went negative for the 1st time ever on monday at one point reaching minus $40.00 a barrel in a month or so go a little bit it's a 25 and 20 $8.00 or so it's largely a financial squeeze and they did get squeezed with
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a traders who found themselves on monday under heavy pressure to sell off their crude futures the rising cost of holding the oil in the u.s. is when dealing storage facilities means keeping it is becoming too expensive. there's so little space for it left the u.s. government is planning to fill up its own reserves. i think we have 75000000000 gallons right now capacity that's a lot it's we've been building it up over period but that's a 75000000000 barrels. so we're going to get either ask for permission to buy it or we'll store it one way or the other it will be for the what is most needed is a return in demand brought by restart to the u.s. economy then the oil that continues to be pumped as unbroken pace can actually have enough places to go. that report from rob watts from t w business he's with us now hi rob what do negative prices mean yes this is
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a strange concept isn't it was still it's come up with an example if you and i were after the fur to go and get ourselves a snack from a shop and we said excuse me how much is this sandridge and they said oh that's minus to your odds would be rather excited about it because it was just that what we're going to get is going to get a sandwich and also they're going to pay us the shots going to pay us to your eyes to take that sandwich off their hands so they no longer have to store it for that is what we have with us or oil prices yesterday we've reached the point now where demand is so low production is continuing that basically oil produces a willing to pay people to take the oil off their hands just because you know if we got a coronavirus lockdowns all around the world and the united states planes are still on the ground roads are basically empty factories aren't running at the same pace as they normally would and so they're not consuming the oil at the same rate as they normally would be well if the demand is low why is the supply still so high
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you know what this is something that nations around the world have been arguing about a lot over the past few months even before corona virus outbreak because you know if oil prices were falling anyway but last week we did have this agreement from opec and its allies to cut global output by 10000000 barrels a day in the u.s. we haven't seen cuts happening there yet not on the scale that we might like to see because companies don't want to for example allow their competitors to steal pos of their markets if they close down and there was a cost so stated with closing that facilities doubt and then reopening them until later date so i've done the math and they've worked out that actually lowering their output isn't in their interest this point so what does all of this mean for consumers well in the us we've seen petrol prices falling since the start of the year they fall in 2 thirds. doubtless going to continue to go down that obviously people are driving around said much to take advantage of that outside of the united
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states that actually seen a spurs a knock on effects of what happened in the us yesterday with brant crude which might be more familiar to people that's the crude oil that's pulled out of the north sea and is generally used worldwide as the sort of benchmark for what oil is worth that fell to its lowest point fall since 20011 point today it has recovered a little bit since then but that does mean the oil price is already going a long direction and that means prices at petrol pumps are only going in one direction and that's down all right rob writes from d.w. business thank you for bringing us up to date. right let's look now at some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump says he will temporarily suspend all immigration by signing an executive order he said the action was in response to the corona virus outbreak and to protect jobs more than 22000000 americans have apply for unemployment benefits in the past month because of pandemic lockdown. 36 people have died in
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floods in eastern congo authorities say some 75000 people are homeless after heavy rain storms triggered flash floods and landslides roads and bridges across the affected region also suffered severe damage israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has agreed to form an emergency unity government with his political rival benny gantz following 3 inconclusive elections protests were held over the weekend against netanyahu he faces trial on 3 charges of corruption but he denies any wrongdoing. iran is sending thousands of migrant workers back to afghanistan iran is one of the country's worst affected by the corona virus but few were tourney's or being tested for the disease the outbreak has put extra strain on an already struggling iranian economy. china and south korea have cast doubt on media reports that north korean leader kim jong un is gravely ill after undergoing heart surgery beijing young and closest ally said it had seen no signs
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indicating that the 36 year old was critically ill that sentiment was echoed by officials in seoul who monitor their volatile neighbors movements closely speculation emerged after kim was absent from celebrations last week for the birthday of his grandfather a key event honoring north korea's founder that he'd never missed before. and we can speak to journalists frank smith he joins us from seoul hi frank what do we actually know about what's happened. well you pointed out of it in that introduction a little bit it's more about what we know didn't happen kim jong un didn't attend the 108th birthday anniversary of his grandfather kim il sung on april 15th normally he would go to that he had every time previously since he was leader of north korea back in 2011 so that's important the other thing that we need to look at is the source of the information that we have here there are anonymous sources
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within north korea actually i should say one single source the web site. daily and kay reported initially from multiple sources that kim jong un had had surgery and the recovery was difficult and then another anonymous source in c.n.n. said that he had been incapacitated that it was a little bit more serious it's unclear whether those came from 2 different sources inside of north korea and we do need to question the timing as kim jong un was said to have this surgery on april 12th whereas north korean media reportedly said he was observing some air force exercises on that day so it's unclear really what the situation is now especially when you have these denials from the south korean government about any sort of change in north korea's posture or their government activity today frank a lot is unclear also because north korea is an incredibly secretive state so how
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reliable is any of the information coming from their. well we're all exercising in a lot of speculation especially concerning the decision making process within north korea but you know back in 2011 this opacity of our access into north korean governments was laid bare kim kim jong il died the leader of north korea kim jong un's father kim jong il gaudi late it was 2 days later when you north korea announced it on their news show that we found out so they're very successful in preventing any information that they don't want to get out. all right journalist frank smith a speaking to us there from the soul thank you frank thank you so much for joining us now humanitarian groups fear that the coronavirus pandemic could have an
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especially devastating impact on the world's poorest nations among them the central african republic one of africa's most fragile countries it has a population of nearly 5000000 people and so far only a 12 confirmed cases of the crowded bars but many people there doubt that figure as did go to china reports there's widespread mistrust both of the government's response and the foreigners who some say are to blame for bringing the virus into the country. the government of the central african republic has not imposed a complete lockdown but has brought in preventive measures including running public governing so more than 15 people. are closed except for diplomats and n.g.o.s this is one of the poorest countries in the war on the look down would make things much worse for people who are already struggling to survive we spoke to residents in the capital but then i went out that we don't have electricity we don't have running water at home i have many people living under my roof i don't have
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a job where i get paid every month i sell these drinks to survive with my family if the government wants me to stay at home they must provide us with the basic necessities i want our viewers in my life the corona virus is a disease from the chinese and white people in the white people bring diseases to our country to exterminate up people and grab our wealth. would be talking about only 11 registered cases in this country part of the olympics on topic and it was all more than a month we've been seeing people out in the streets and cafes you know what about the relatives of those 11 people infected. this day i mean. after years of from pigs the central african republic has one of the poorest health care systems in the world the country is skewed equipped to cope with a virus a few are far riskier than 15 beds for a population of nearly 5 you don't people the government of the country on the world health organization asking people to pay for the watch your hands cuffed into
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your handkerchief and keep a distance of one missile all the same it's fear the quarter not virus is going to help but the prospect of impact. right let's get some more perspective on this story we have. with us he's a senior analyst on central africa for the crisis group and he joins us from nairobi hans we mentioned that there are only about a dozen confirmed cases in the central african republic how trustworthy is that official figure. well right now. it's gone by the government and also you can actually. un tosses in some truck or bali but it's likely not to actually. go that's conductors control wad other efforts ons to carry out more tests or is there a lack of supplies right now i think that mix of reasons. but it's also
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a government which is not enough money. to be thrown have sold many questions surrounding just you've learned some trucker all the controls are there there's also a sound under lock downs from the possible conditions we see in diseases coming from our road around. malls. triangle bikes trucks need to be part of preventing drive to do the destruction of the critical to vaccinate. your boat. throughout the country and this is real falsies also do that on t.v. or initiate ok so there are rumors spreading some mistrust what would that need homes if there is actually an outbreak of this virus. what we contrast will see every. situation on the. system in the war basically system yes by the.
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public. do you mean n.g.o.s under n.g.o.s to do i try and people from diseases for example in my area are very widespread the impact these political rants are. here on the elections are supposed to be held in december of this year so. there were political crises and some even. do some. does not outlawed. the power after the end is. supposed to be sheikhs now. introduce. the proposition to revive the constitution and see how you do position react i'm
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doing. ok hans just briefly taking all of that into account what does a central african republic what is the government right now in terms of assistance . shaznay the need of reinforcing their heads these things are public. but only a very short time he's providing you're not this keep running your company formation to reassure cohesion i do trust between them i'm to comment on overseeing care national not angels assisting the government. on the long run because every be needed as i was saying earlier to strengthen because it's not. because there's a limit on what. or you do not enjoy it if the concrete sort of does not allow the functioning of our system there on our side on the effect of corollas like putting on security. if we need to have a car no i agree no discussion between government is useless i'd be i don't
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position to see what is the malls instead of the way our egos the way to for example use each kind of risk a growing population and we doubt there was anything both don't wish on on the seriousness sites all right to hunt some young group a senior analyst for the crisis group thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. players. now to football and germany's bonus league a season could restart on the 9th of may but without any fans in the stadiums league officials have been making preparations to play matches behind closed doors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that premiers of 2 of germany's 2 biggest states have told a tabloid newspaper that such a move in is possible under certain conditions a meeting between the league and clubs is scheduled for thursday. german basketball is getting a boost because 3 young german players have been selected to start in the u.s.
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women's national basketball association the w n b a the top ranked pick among them is such a sob really and she's got a pretty unique background even by u.s. standards. she's accustomed to change this athlete with the word ducks' on how basketball jersey has played her last game with the university of oregon ducks that's because pandemic restrictions ended their season but satu sadly left a mark on u.s. college basketball with massive success before thousands of fans. of ali's 21 year journey has taken her from her city new york in the united states to africa and her father's home country the gambia then to her mother's home country germany where she caught the eye of basketball clubs then to oregon for 3 years of high pressure hoops and now dallas because the dallas wings select star to
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sell billy from the university of oregon. she was selected in the w n b a's draft by the dallas wings. i was so happy when i heard my name. you know when i got. called you know all my dreams. and i was so happy it's like a little kid it's just a call for something really believe because of the pandemic lockdown southerlies support from family and friends has been mostly virtual. * 0 reason. was the 1st search including well wishes from her german grandma. sadly is not the 1st basketball player with german roots to make her mark in dallas. became one of the all time greats of the men's n.b.a. with the dallas mavericks. never tired of it skis already reached out to sovereignty to welcome her and prepare her for what comes next for whatever coach
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wants you to eat you know it's still a bit like me that incidents just gives a lot of shit so what i will have to do what i will do. come during the last sound sadly will bide my time in this oregon where she became a star of american basketball with the expectation she'll be thrilling thousands in texas whenever the coming season kicks off. our arts and culture i've been hit hard by the lock down performances all over the world have been cancelled but now the ballet dancers at the paris opera have made a video while in quarantine they say it's their way of thanking all the health workers on the frontline of the pandemic we leave you now with their wonderful choreography thank you for watching. i am.
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on fridays for him john minus 30 celsius on the german kona research station but scientists want to send a message to the law. they're on the frontline of climate change research take a look at their findings. disappearing ice climate change again talk to come so i just. want d.w. .
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ah i'm doing great big thing in the time. how to handle our new lives in times of the koran up and then x d w report or keep your job just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of jimmy a few of the coffee houses. thank you bruce is not life as we know it. in this together our new web series. they were abducted by the nazis and taken to germany to be raised as citizens of the day. during world war 2 thousands of her. children suffer. even today many of them don't know who their real parents were.
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they've lived with this trauma for decades. stolen children the kidnapping campaign of nazi germany starts april 28th monkey tell you. what. you're going to arctica the coldest continent on earth. a fragile ecosystem that we're only just beginning to understand. is climate change threatening the penguin colonies here. to get some of the species don't exist anywhere else if they disappear that'll be that. are always global warming changing the for.


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