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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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the one big nothing i've come to the hose comfortless with because i see the harm it has done to the world it was out of a thumb today for talks. we literally run the risk of being the 1st form of water to be responsible for our special. one. we go in search of a. good start to may 25th on d w. 5 and.
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xenon know. the american. troop movement. minute with. the governing of the on the low. down of the. xian just simply. don't have the. money to fund. a. thing. that not. not live up with everybody how was the government at the top of the does not set good help. smitty and one misses i miss
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a class comes time when somebody else i see in the event have a feeling that. god was. to go both cold rheem i live in a refugee camp in the bekaa valley in lebanon one of the between the houses of lives where most syrians live and have a nice. word to suck on. the road with us so. i learned a lot in the 2 friends fled 4 years ago yet their homeland syria is only a few kilometers away. from here just beyond the mimes i'm. going to ask what about i'm going home. i mean
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my conduct these are the homes and. so to the mothers none of that's close to that of a promise not to do that again and i think. about 14000 people across the border yesterday . like both dreams across the globe 65000000 people are fleeing war on terror crossing season continents risking that not seeing a counsellor refugees and migrants who crossed into the country hundreds of thousands more are expected to do the same and they're not always welcome. like the breaking down. world wide politicians to ride but. you know i have to decide actually going back to going back. however only a few of the make it to europe and america most syrian refugees have headed for neighboring countries like lebanon. no other country has taken. more
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refugees than lebanon britain averages only 2 refugees per $1000.00 inhabitants lebanon $233.00 every 5th person in lebanon is a refugee you can notice and call fun i can bundle adversus myself cause i'm not a god the killing i'm coughing the side of him how tough was magical what a committed christian i never had was that i should step on my nerves. just to finish this. much pain or should it be a limited edition of tonight's. only 80 kilometers from back up nice beirut the capital never once known as the paris of the east the mediterranean city has always been cold between east and west christians muslims orthodox jews druze it 18 different religious beliefs how to be
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found in beirut. today over 300000 refugees live here. in the center of the city is beirut park the place where the whole city comes to play football is now in the summer of 2016 plus is full of children iran i go driven from i hung like a lot of. stuff. that was this other thing that.
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and it looks. like that now that the. significant that this is one of those that. have the flip. side on. many of these children who've seen wolf but not a football pitch with boys and girls from syria and palestine goodish children and lebanese it's. that. time for. that now that's why. so many of them these all the past of a football jerseys and shorts food some songs. that have come up so i think it was. ok but it didn't look good though because they are going to come up with. the let's get. a little. bit of
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a. live. look yes. let's. get to it. this is all being organized by germany's going to institute in beirut together with coaches from local football academies are going to be new to the stock market is somebody that they have done is not one of the one that particular. temple law that i've done i did not ask. you about but it was said i what. i. only i something. i don't like so i what i. do so i walk up to a walk up where there was water going on bus. yes you've also got the.
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thanks. after the soccer camp 900 kids a week training grounds all over the country the marines at neverland others to the north in tripoli and cider in the sun here at the park the kids help from the beirut area. ok. some hair off familiar with the pitch by god and he lives close by. oh. like i. thank. us because we're at the moment that 2nd set up close
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and. let me. look at this is this i guess. what it. takes. to keep. up this. 11 year old adam is also a refugee not just recently lost his home life can be lives 200 meters south of beirut parkins camshaft built for the palestinians nearly 70 years ago.
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adams people have been fleeing since 948 since the founding of israel the palestinians have fought for their homeland and lost with every israeli arab war more and more people leave the shrinking country many head north to lebanon beirut and ghettos like shatila. generations later the hope of returning is a distant dream half a 1000000 palestinians live in lebanon an estimated 20000 of them in shatila. since the start of the syrian war that is almost double now there are plenty of syrian neighbors living in close quarters. a ghetto in the middle of beirut that the lebanese never enter but the palestinians and syrians have settled in despite the
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crime conditions. that he was. in the service the. school. was. that i don't yet i mean that was my mother all my. girlfriend was 51. of the 1st few of us know what. you should do that yes you. shall. call it is our house not that it was. from. the increasing numbers of refugees is a problem in adam's court because shatila can only expand vertically uncontrolled patchwork life. i feel a lot of alabama
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a lot about. how i live now with them but * i. didn't want to feel something. however electricity is important for the apartments in the dark narrow alleyways or it's different for those who live above. should i think. adam lives on the rooftops where the ghetto almost seems a daily. the people living here have no electricity and wash their clothes with salt water yet they can see for miles and saw me even dead to dream.
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so. how does he miss it so don't go so how do. you know what. some of us on the. other. my lawsuit. that i use that. hopefully i'll. eat. that. up on our. table out of how to have enough. money no. one has mind. and we know how.
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much you can go to cost on the last avi. in a month to my favorite. it's. yeah. hey mike. yeah initially i knew i had the. job. one should always show to you know no one escapes the camp. so it's something special for the palestinian goldstein to train at beirut park from time to time. even before the summer camp they were
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a team all of them palestinians from the refugee camp except one is love and. i was. lucky. that there was yeah. how much. they loved the john truth even home. because there were a lot of followers. that. challenge it. i mean. as it was when i was there are times i need to. pass our time is a. lot and they're such that i don't.
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know when. i'm going to last me a little. and they not only want out. as a head when i get a. car loan i know. that i should ask our national. debt is the debate of. because i. suppose you would accept that i. cut them side out to.
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defend us and i had that the felt. was if it was. i i. i i rule unschooled in the center of beirut nearly everyone was lebanese i lessons are in french as in all secondary schools in lebanon the language of the former colonial. power on the playground the spoken word is our but. i actually. was. i felt that i felt that i must have i'm i'm i said i. was family have always lived in beirut the city is their home the pharynx apartment
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is only a few meters north of the beirut park football pitch not far from madame like him she also lives overlooking the city but she only needs 30 seconds to reach the 8th floor. his father is a driver he's not rich but can provide his daughter with a good life. is the love they love than. the last summer for so. but there's a one more incident that he was told of other fellow you. this is. true phrase. or is it best you. see him i can show you the missiles.
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just. close. by that can because i'm fast and i can control the ball i can score i live to be a. teacher of sport i like. to give. their kids what i learn things for that they can be good to. have a huge amount. of fun of them mohammed support group is ambition he has played football all his life growing up his life was vastly different. i think you. have. said yes you're. young but if you have
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a headache it. says i'm also going to. have everything good that. i was able to live here. with you say well let's. just say about 4050 the sea level me i'm a fish. but. the put us on a little so the leave it to yourself. as in it's well there are some thoughts it was really not a necessity it's just the serve the love the love that i'm here for that anyone else in the muslim world that at the root of the onion and the government is. a schematic they should watch but every day that number out of the unknown i'm one of those wolf but if this was little for how to suss out what they did. there was more sniper machine gun fire in beirut today.
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between 975 and 997 and was caught up in a civil war way countless groups for one another in ever changing alliances. in the notorious house to house fighting the right fought against the left christians against muslims and in the background israel against syria and the p.l.o. . the lebanese know what clean me back then nearly a 1000000 would driven from power. even off to the wall the country never truly found peace. today one still sees the scars of war in beirut many buildings are still to came and society has still not fully recovered. lebanon still has no become its civil war and already carries the burden of another syrian refugees cross the country $4500000000.00
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a year. the welcome in lebanon can be vastly different for syria som a very positive thing talum by out in the bekaa valley a local ngo has opened up a youth as a school for the children. but also a place where they can meet and enjoy themselves. yours or hers or. anything goes also play football up the soccer camp in the back alley close to the club see here lebanon seems a place one could grow to life until they're able to go back our city. says
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. yes this is going to be open and rescue and it's a kind of understood. you know the search for them is done by those who say they. just didn't know was this who do you. want to do the smart. thing to issue to move into the country and there's just not under the gun were designed to woo us. but not everybody feels immediately welcome for the reims the beginning was difficult when they arrived they had nothing no home no school no one to take them in. never there's. nothing. left. there and it's in the mode of none of us are not in the thousands of looks out over
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the birth. that some of them are their mothers ringback. nothing is free for the people here the top holdings from the un was sold on the black market for $50.00 a piece hots a self-made the land is rented. the focus remains fall of find a job as a carpenter and leveling every day he drives to work in his truck doesn't. need ngs. money love lust. and that kind of a good thing it's a good idea to have you know i'm doing my only more so mr o'mara said i thought of it. put them up and. understood just
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love and what could be done and what the book special the motive to misjudge a lot of. that is the job will. be it a bit. when i think readers of stage of it it could be you know not what me doing my job is that. i should get more sleep tonight on the wall clock here but they're going to remember just a little bit and it's sort of to know from the look. in california that the good of the temperament of one bad apple. i possess only to have that. tell us more about us having been on that team i had with him as i said i was i was there you see magical time this fall and i have kind of had but. it will be some time before the 2 girls can study because of the whole
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i couldn't go to school for to. talk to them they would talk tells of the dreams of refugees in lebanon dreams of home and. the future will soon see and. feel the peace and have rather i didn't see the chance in football but that is what i hope.
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friday's future minus 30 celsius in the german polar research station the scientists want to set up. there on the frontline of climate change research and take a look at their findings. the land of disappearing ice. in
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antarctica close up just a shift in 30 minutes on t.w. . as long as. my measures do not go to day nothing would change you know the banks dry and so was the language of the bank money. speaking. the true global news that matters g.w. for minds. in the eye of climate change. for cosmic. what's in store. for the future. come to make your city hall to incite. culture like.
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mughal or just love. for the russians so. steeped. so many different walks of life. some are. honestly trying to put all of this comes straight from the heart gets to proceed even when there's no more delusion the march will in trucks come. from the 1st of the last to their final resting place the russians are doubling documentary. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level punk a sense to him talk composer nobuo uematsu. featured many known his
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music as bent on to keep you stops sounds good. video game music on g.w. . this is neat everything is live from gemini castles it's all famous their festival the unique subset of the face. it's all very unstable you just say it's just too risky. as traders say they've never seen anything like it for the 1st time in history or oil prices negative as the coronavirus causes demand for crude to collapse. and press freedom under threat and your report warns that governments are using the crackdown on.


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