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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain is easing its lockdown allowing children to go outside again. they're enjoying freedom after more than a month stuck indoors the government promises to continue lifting restriction if the country keeps reducing the corona virus infection rate. in germany pledges hundreds of millions of euros in humanitarian aid to help developing countries fight the coronavirus the german foreign minister says international solidarity is vital in defeating the pandemic. and the people of lebanon take to the streets
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again defying a lockdown country's worst economic crisis in decades is being worsened by the virus. next by sir welcome to the program the sound of children playing has returned to the streets of spain they emerged from 6 weeks of home isolation after the government allowed them to go outside again spain impose strict lockdown rules in march to stop the spread of the corona virus if the nation continues to reduce the infection rate authorities have promised to give citizens more freedom in the coming weeks. as snapshots of an unforgettable moment spain's children and nudge from their homes on sunday for the 1st time after 6 weeks stuck inside children under the age of 14 are now allowed outside. each day for up to one
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hour accompanied by an adult and within one kilometer of the homes critics of the spanish government's coronavirus locked down one of the world's toughest had pointed out that even dogs allowed out for walks have had more freedom than the country's children the relief out on the streets was palpable. like i've missed the streets the streets and the park the most and to feel the air on your face. i never thought i would miss school but i really miss it. it's in which. you are so right here we appreciate being able to go out because staying home is getting very boring even though we have the playstation and we can talk to our friends on what's up and video calls but it's good to be able to go out and have some fresh air because we're feeling a bit overwhelmed at all but we're kind of with a lot of joy
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a lot of nerves the children were looking forward to going out after $45.00 days at home and they're very happy it's a relief. that children over 14 still aren't allowed outside and the lockdowns other conditions remain in place for now the. prime minister says a further easing of restrictions may be on the horizon. a new study a movie i would like to announce that if the evolution of the pandemic continues in a positive direction as it is doing so far from a 2nd people will be allowed to go out for individual physical activity and walks with those they live with the posse always under the conditions set by the health authorities and the feeling is going to. be said that yes. later this week the government will unveil its broader lockdown exit plan raising hopes that scenes like these will become more common across the country. and joining us now for more insight on the situation from madrid is freelance journalist martin
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roberts martin what are the streets like now. well. i mean certainly in the children of our earlier in the yes we did it cries of children who are. some of whom separately we don't have to write them another perhaps an intended consequence for sort of it's a rather children try some of that was not meant to happen. the government expects criticism because technically. they were not physically law. you know they had to be treated because of the $46.00 days of being deemed it was in a sense as with their parents now can imagine a sense of relief on both sides there tell me though children older than 14 aren't being allowed to go outside yet why not well they could be if they were to go
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shopping alone but again restricted movement i think it was felt that children with the most vulnerable. well. there was a lot of pressure a lot of pressure because i think it was precisely those children who you know were giving. this 1st step towards a loosening of the lockdown we have any and details about the government's next steps. well. you just proved. the full details that used to be revealed as. not. yet. because this is a very. was a lot of pressure. because we. can
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expect a very sharp reaction so i think what's happened. next is. how. you know whether. it's. ok martin roberts in madrid thank you for that and. let's take a look now at the latest developments in the pandemic italy has reported 260 deaths in the last day is the lowest number of fatalities since the middle of last month france had 242 deaths in the same period a drop of more than a 3rd from the previous day and britain sky news says british prime minister boris johnson is back his her official residence on downing street last month he was diagnosed with 19 and had to be treated in intensive care. germany has pledged
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300000000 euros in humanitarian aid to fight the coronavirus epidemic in poverty and crisis stricken country's foreign minister heiko mass said the virus post a grave risk to those living in countries with struggling health care systems as well as in war zones and refugee camps he said international solidarity was needed to end the pandemic germany is responding to a call by the united nations to provide an additional $2000000000.00 of relief to contain the outbreak break in less developed countries. and earlier we spoke to our political correspondent thomas sparrow and i asked him what was behind germany's decision essentially nic what's behind that decision by germany is that pledge that you mention and also that announcement by the united nations that warning that the pandemic is affecting obviously old countries around the world but not all countries in a very equal way so the most vulnerable countries around the world are suffering
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more from this pandemic and that's why united nations actually needs that extra money the money that you mentioned and that explains why germany as well announced so 300000000 and this goes to something very important in germany's foreign policy and that's that idea of multilateralism something that the foreign minister has stressed on various occasions in fact he has been looking for a so-called alliance for multilateralism and this explains why germany is giving this money to the united nations to united nations organizations because they believe germany that the united nations can actually distribute that money accordingly and also help the countries that are most affected by this pandemic the countries that are most vulnerable be it because of or non-conflict or a war or because of the number of refugees or different reasons why germany has decided to give this money and what the united nations could actually do with it. and during germany's lock down authorities have bad indoor religious services but some congregations have come up with creative ways to keep meeting on
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a regular basis in one german town both catholics and protestants have been coming together at a drive in movie theater to hear a weekly sermon. going to church in the western german town of khowst felt but these worshippers won't even have to get out of their cars they're pulling into the local drive in movie theater for sunday mass indoor church services have been banned since the coronavirus pandemic hitcher many. of these drive in services are something very special for one thing they give people a sense of community that they've not had for weeks. plus it feels a bit like a happening. at worshipers can tune into a local radio station to join in the hymns and hear the church service which is administered jointly by a roman catholic priest and a protestant minister. the idea came from the community and was gladly seized upon
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by pothier. we've tried to do our best to find some way to connect with your lives with video messages with initiatives and what we're doing here now the last few weeks of inspired a lot of creativity. the worshippers seem to be delighted with the result. what a great idea it's a real mass you can see the priest the sermon ok we're all separate in our cars but you see the other faithful and that's good. i'd say it's very relaxed thank you i think especially in these times this is only it's our shot. this city told us you shouldn't talk your horns i say it's up to you. it's new sunday service has brought great joy to the faithful and they hope it
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continues even after the pending mike is over. and we turn now to lebanon where the virus is only adding to longstanding economic problems the lebanese pound has lost lost half its value and already high prices are soaring lockdown measures have been extended into next month but protesters are taking to the streets in defiance of the restrictions. ceilings of popular anger have returned to the streets of beirut despite an ongoing lockdown and a curfew protesters have gathered outside the lebanese central bank to demonstrate against the worsening economic conditions. we think that caught on fire this is not the only pandemic with profiting from yet another 11 years event they either have a choice to die from hunger or to die from but i know with the increased travel of the president that the baggage and because of the value of america and the. people
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here tell us they have nothing to lose lebanon one of the most indebted countries in the world is not only battling the penn demick but also at its worst economic and financial crisis indicates that the protests erupted last october initially targeting decades of economic mismanagement and corruption now with a lockdown further weighing on the economy many are simply trying to survive so people oh. we're. all. basic level of us are all. products to suckle we. were good ones who are well let's all. listen to resort to. banking sector. so well in an attempt to dampen the financial followed of the
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crisis the government has restricted cash withdrawals and banned money transfers abroad. the prime minister has on the op has blamed the governor of the central bank for the currencies sharp decline and announced that a neutral international company has been tasked with auditing the bank's books. for the a small when we will not allow or tolerate interference with financial stability. because these people want the country to collapse and to shake its stability to protect themselves and their interests at the expense of the interest of lebanon and the lebanese. well look many. but for these protesters promises like that aren't enough the aid organization human rights watch has warned that without government assistance millions in lebanon could go hungry due to the lock down. time for some sports now in horse racing race favored beauty
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generation was denied a 3rd straight win in the champions mile in hong kong on sunday by southern legend in a thrilling finish because of the coronavirus the race took place behind closed doors and with no overseas entries in the homestretch degeneration ridden by a stray lee and zach purton battled southern legend legend in hong kong that jockey vincent ho neck and neck but it was southern legend that won in a photo finish area. as a restructure restrictions have confined people to their homes wildlife is making unexpected appearances in cities around the world dolphins have been spotted swimming close to the shoreline in istanbul a turkish metropolis straddling the bosphorus marine traffic has been vastly reduced in the waterway connecting the mediterranean and the black sea. and you are of course watching deed of you'd use live from berlin that's it for me
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and the news team i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour on express or thanks for watching. this state of emergency is the normal people around the world are documenting these dramatic times. they're keeping a corona diary and welcoming us into the mavs they let us get as a close and personal as the pandemic will allow. the diary starts made on t w. our.


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