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this is utopia news live from berlin and russia reports are record daily rising coronavirus cases as more and more medics to come in fact as there are fears the health care system could be overwhelmed also coming up on the show. australia is a 7 week lockdown we travel to mozart's birthplace results so i got to find out how people are enjoying their new freedoms. g.w. honors journalists with our annual freedom of speech award the award highlights the courage and determination of reporters persecuted for exposing the truth about the
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coronavirus pandemic. plus looking out for each other during the pandemic a new initiative in kenya called adoptive families gives people who are better off the chance to financially support others who've lost their incomes. i'm claire richards and welcome to the show we begin in russia where a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus cases is fueling fears that hospitals could soon be overwhelmed authorities have confirmed a record number of new infections in the last day and president vladimir putin is warning that russia is not yet past the peak of its outbreak. moskos entering its 6th week of corona lockdown but despite these efforts infections are on the ra's across russia over 10000 new cases were registered sunday. more than half in the
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capital alone while hospitals in moscow are relatively well equipped that's not the case elsewhere in russia since hospitals lack sufficient personal protective gear many hospital employees and doctors have become infected. until recently russia's official corona count was relatively low but assessed increases so too is the number of confirmed cases in st petersburg last week ambulances were lined up outside hospitals medical staff only admitting suspected corunna patients one by one. the last time we had to wait for 10 hours. from 4 30 pm until 2 30 in the morning. according to the moscow times newspaper many ambulance drivers and paramedics are infected over 100 alone in st petersburg. for several days now moscow's austin keno television tower has shown this beating heart a thank you to the country's medical professionals officials say 70 doctors and
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nurses have succumbed to the corona virus across russia. very rich chateau is covering the outbreak in russia earlier we asked him what the authorities are doing it to contain the virus. well direction so very of course the new numbers of infections and deaths are at least every morning here so with one hand and i'm not excluding myself here you wake up in the morning and get several push notifications with all these frightening numbers but because of the set up for the trend has been going on for days with new numbers of cases being reported people have also gotten used to it what's a problem for sure it is now is that there is a lot of my holidays across russia at the moment people usually have parties and barbecue in big groups and with the weather getting better this will be a really tough test for the russians in south isolation but authorities have taken additional measures to keep people at home for example the national guard is going to deploy helicopters and drones to money told to lock down during the holidays and
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up until may 11th and moscow's mariya sabean has sent out of that 13 security 13000 security forces will be patrolling the city which is a very high number even for moscow and the fact that the russian prime minister mikhail new shoes didn't tested positive for the virus was shocking news that could be a wake up call for some people here. that was g.w. moscow correspondent. now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world greece is moving hundreds of migrants out of the net tory asli overcrowded morea refugee camp on the island of lesbos the refugees will be transported to the mainland because of the danger of a corona virus outbreak on the island. british prime minister boris johnson has been giving more details of his covert 1000 or dia he says he became so ill doctors were getting ready to announce his death johnson spent 3 nights in an intensive
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care in london before recover and. germany's cologne cathedral has held its 1st sunday service since the start of the lock down the number of worshippers was limited by social distancing regulations a safety screen a separate at the cardinal from the congregation. students in israel are returning to school after 50 days at home under coronavirus lockdown the oldest and youngest are the 1st back there running classes will return it later this month. businesses in australia are adjusting it to a gradual return to regular daily life with just a few new coronavirus cases now being reported each day authorities have eased many of the national walk down restrictions we report from the city of south park mozart's birthplace normally a magnet for millions of tourists hotels and restaurants there fear it will be a long time before the visitors return. but. finally out
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for the 1st time after more than 6 weeks of lockdown the summered family in south spoke austria can go to the playground together the kids can hardly wait. as they have been looking forward to the playground because you can play table tennis there and you don't have to sit around at home the whole time. for christina summer and the end of the lockdown is a big relief to as a german teacher she taught her classes online now she's happy that she can serious students in person again we received with protection for the face and social distancing and hygiene will be able to do it and i'm really looking forward to it. life is very cautiously returning to the streets of south spring. but hairdressers already have their hands full they reopened on saturday keeping your distance is impossible here for salon owner christian story meyer the new situation is a challenge it needs of even working on 3 floors so the teams don't have to mix
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because if someone gets infected then we would have to immediately close up again and we're doing the best we can we can't just stay locked up eventually things will have to get back to normal and normally feed the fish. but it's clear that this normality will look different to the one that south berger's knew before usually this street would be packed with tourists from neighboring countries like germany or from overseas for the people who live here this is a dream they finally get to have their city to themselves but for the many businesses that depend on tourism the end of the lockdown is just the 1st step because what they really need is the borders to open. this includes andrea. he owns the blower guns the oldest hotel in the city he tells me in 2 weeks the restaurant will be allowed to reopen with strict hygiene regulations followed by the hotel at the end of the month. but who is going to come.
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this summer will definitely be difficult conferences meetings and so on have a question mark over them and overseas markets have an even bigger one. so i don't think we will see the travel sector return to normal before 2022 and the need for. the common. austria is taking the 1st steps in living life with a new coronavirus a life which will take some getting used to. every year d.w. gives out its freedom of speech award this year there ward highlights journalists who have been persecuted because of their coverage of the crown of virus pandemic let's say some of the individuals were singling out for their courageous reporting . threatened attacked arrested press freedom was already a contentious and often dangerous issue in countries governed by repressive leaders
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the corona crisis is giving autocratic regimes a welcome excuse to clamp down even further they're using the pandemic also to bring pressure on journalists and we see this in china received in russia and turkey in iran received around the globe so that these countries which have a very problematic. attitude on press freedom they're using this now to. january 2020 these images was secretly shot by chinese citizen journalist fung been inside a hospital in when han the epicenter of the pandemic his reports divorced me from the image of the country portrayed on state television and i was. short while ago i saw 3 corpses here he says on the video now there are 8. 10 chris she a lawyer with the most prominent citizen journalist in one hand which american virus is right in front of me or china's criminal prosecutors are behind me i'm not afraid of death do you think i'm afraid if you come in this party of china or polly
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called out what it was gently she's lost video before he disappeared without trace just like fang been his last footage shows police knocking at his door like that our. holiday let me know that our. the world is director peter nimble criticized china's blocking of investigations into the viruses origin and a free press would have really helped to to find the reason and at the end would have saved lives in china. in russia where press freedom is strictly taled government friendly media outlets have been spreading misinformation about the corona crisis independent journalists a feeling the pressure. elena miller she no internationally renowned investigative journalist received death threats after reporting on the coronavirus in chechnya allegedly from chechen president ramzan kadyrov himself the organization reporters without borders has documented
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a record number of arbitrary acts of violence against reporters in venezuela dubuisson rojas was detained by special forces for 12 days for reporting on called 1000 on social media. in countries where press freedom is already under threat the corona pandemic is making things even more difficult and more dangerous for journalists. and you can find out more about all 17 of our freedom of speech award winners on our web site that's data dot com forward slash freedom what has been said that the coronavirus crisis is a kind of bring out the best in people and a new initiative in kenya helps make that point well off residents there are helping families and impoverished areas who are struggling to get by. nairobi skip era neighborhood is home to around a quarter of a 1000000 people many of whom were already impoverished before the corona crisis hit now things have gone from bad to worse since kenya imposed
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a lockdown on its citizens many residents here have lost their jobs and income like single mother judy when. the and when the disease started we lost our jobs however a good samaritan named money can send me 6000 shillings but i used the money to buy food as i am a mother of 3 children yeah i also have a sick parent who depends on me. g.-d. went to enter children are amongst the beneficiaries of the so-called adopt a family initiative which gives better off people the opportunity to support those he would otherwise go hungry to farm with the idea behind adoptive family is to link poor families to those that are well off families from the slums are often casual libraries who have lost their jobs since the government introduced work from home missions and social distancing to minimize physical contact social distancing contact with a donation of $15.00 will enable them to afford food for
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a whole week. to identify families that are eligible for help a monday and esteem conducted vetting process in kibera as their teen neighborhoods families that qualify receive a weekly with the equivalent of 12 year olds. local donors can also choose to send money directly to their adopted families or even deliver food themselves like steve continue to this is my thought for me to pull it off because food is a basic need and it is so painful for somebody to go hungry while i can provide a meal for them. according to the initiatives found the adopt a family scheme has helped around 90 families so far with ambitions to reach a lot more. right now it's a drop in the ocean an impoverished keep era but a lifeline for those who are receiving it.
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it has forced athletics organizers to postpone all track and field events for the time being but 3 of the world's top hole vaulters have found a novel solution they held a virtual tournaments jumping in their own back gardens former olympic champion and rain on love in the ne of france it was the highest of alter he had jumped rivals of from sweden and the united states. and before we go a new world record in deadlifting has been set by icelandic actor how to be uncertain. the strong man who is best known for his role as the mountain in the t.v. show game of thrones lifted an incredible 500 in one kilograms at his gym one kilo more than the previous record holder who won the world's strongest man competition in 2018 said afterwards he was absolutely speechless.
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you're watching news i'm claire richardson in berlin and i'll be back with headlines at the top of the hour thanks for watching in the meantime you can head over to our web site dot com and don't forget to follow us on twitter and instagram at g.w. news. it's a deadly sin. and the women's nature. you know different terms. from strollers. greed. since the desire. to do that drives a.


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