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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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t w. this is g w news live from berlin 7500000000 euros to fight the coronavirus it will fund millions of doses of vaccine at an affordable price for use around the world that's the aim of the european commission's virtual pledging conference taking place today. also coming up austria eases its 7 week lockdown will take you to mozart's birthplace the city of salsa group to find out how people are using their new freedoms. but in
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singapore the lockdown rules are being enforced more strictly than ever after a successful start in controlling the virus a certain cases has led to the clampdown. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us a vaccine against a corona virus and effective treatment available worldwide quickly and affordably that is the aim of a european commission pledging conference taking place today the goal is to raise at least $7500000000.00 euros to be allocated to international researchers about $100.00 groups are researching vaccines with almost a dozen in early stages of human trials or poised to start here's a look at a few of them. around the world more than $100.00 projects have been launched to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus but it's still far from clear which candidate
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will succeed. by on tech was the 1st german company to be approved for clinical trials. the 200 healthy volunteers taking part in the trial are receiving what's known as a gene based vaccine this type of vaccine introduces genetic material r n a from the pathogen into the body the r. and age cells the body's cells to recreate a non disease causing portion of the virus and. the presence of these antigens then sparks the immune system into creating antibodies that fight against the real covert 19 chinese firm sin of ak is meanwhile creating an in active ated vaccine using this more than 100 year old method the viruses are simply killed and introduced into the body the danger here is that the immune system can overreact so much that it kills the person. but experiments on mice and monkeys have shown that
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this vaccine can be a very successful and effective solution it's now being tested on humans as well. but team at oxford university is hoping to have a vaccine ready by september 2020 they've opted for 3rd method live vaccines with viral vectors this method uses a different harmless virus as a vehicle it's genetically modified so that the surface imitates the typical structure of the corona virus its so-called spikes when the virus disguised in this way is at ministered the immune systems form antibodies that would also fight the real covert 19. although no one knows if the active ingredient even works yet a company in india has already started mass producing it. well there is no way to predict which if any of the vaccines being researched will work effectively and
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safely and it could be 18 months or more before one is available for widespread use but one way of speeding things up a support money into the search that is what the european commission's conference today is all about as its president was enough underline explained to you we have to build up capacities to manufacture and zillions of those and then we have to make sure that we can deploy to every corner in the world in a fair and affordable price and that's what exactly we're working on for that we need money and we need to go global corporation for more on the story we can speak to our correspondent band rigger to in brussels good to see you we heard the european commission president was the last on the line there saying we need money and we need global cooperation so let's start with the money looking to collect around $7500000000.00 euros how realistic is that. though that you commission which is leading this effort and this unprecedented.
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virtual pledging conference it's quite confident that the money will be there because the german chancellor the french president of the italian prime minister have already committed committed to this effort and they will pledge as a amount of a couple of $100000000.00 euros and also saudi arabia already pledged $500000000.00 euros saudi arabia is the president of the g. 20 this year of the group of the 20 most powerful nations in the world the g. 20 is behind this also the w h o the world health organization and also the united nations itself so the money should be there but they you commission also said this is only the initial pledge this is only the money to start the whole effort if the vaccine is there that you have to produce it and then much more money will be needed by ben what about global cooperation i mean the u.s.
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is not taking part in this pledge drive so far how much will that affect efforts. oh the u. commission is of course regretting that the us administration is not part of this that shows that the president is opposing any international approach and also international institutions the but it's only the government that some institutions in the united states which route take part for example the bill and melinda gates foundation and also the become trustee was the euro which is stealing it was vaccination. but the international community says we have to do it now and 3 have to do it for us we cannot wait for the united states and this vaccine that will be developed should belong to humanity itself says the secretary of the united nations until near beutel wish and then just quickly you know why is it important to the commission president doesn't often allowed to have this fundraiser now.
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well because you have to do it to jump all these initiatives around the world $100.00 of them going and they need money and they also want to make sure that the production facilities will be in plays and also the distribution of the vaccine has to be organized and all that takes money and time the best estimate is that only in one year this vaccination at this vaccine will be in place to have these bands we could reporting from brussels thank you let's get a round up of some of the latest pandemic news now u.s. president trump says he believes america will have a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year a german health minister yen spahn is much less optimistic he believes a race to develop a vaccine could take years new zealand has recorded a day with no new cases for the 1st time since the outbreak started and the country is considering opening up to a 2 way travel with australia and italy is easing some of its restrictions parks
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are reopening and people will be allowed to visit relatives who live in their region. businesses in austria are adjusting to a gradual return to regular life austria is only seeing a few new coronavirus cases each day so with the words have eased many of the national lockdown restrictions but it's far from a return to normal as the city of mozart's normally draws millions of tourists hotels and restaurants their fear it will be a long time before the visitors return. but. finally out for the 1st time after more than 6 weeks of lockdown the summer and family in south brook austria can go to the playground together the kids can hardly wait. as they have been looking forward to the playground because i can play table tennis there and you don't have to sit around at home the whole time. for christina summer and the end of the lockdown is a big relief to as
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a german teacher she taught her classes online now she's happy that she can series students in person again we received with protection for the face and social distancing in hygiene we'll be able to do it and i'm really looking forward to it. life is very cautiously returning to the streets of south park. but hairdressers already have their hands full they reopened on saturday keeping your distance is impossible here for salon owner christian story meyer the new situation is a challenge it needs of even working on 3 floors so the teams don't have to mix because if someone gets infected then we would have to immediately close up again and we're doing the best we can we can't just stay locked up eventually things will have to get back to normal where the people of the former. but it's clear that this normality will look different to the one that south burghers knew before usually
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this street would be packed with tourists from neighboring countries like germany or from overseas for the people who live here this is a dream they finally get to have their city to themselves but for the many businesses that depend on tourism the end of the lockdown is just the 1st step because what they really need is the borders to open this includes andrea. he owns the blower guns the oldest hotel in the city he tells me in 2 weeks the restaurant will be allowed to reopen with strict hygiene regulations followed by the hotel at the end of the month. but who is going to come. and this summer will definitely be difficult conferences meetings and so on have a question mark over them and overseas markets have an even bigger one. so i don't think we will see the travel sector return to normal before 2022 and with the need for 2 it doesn't have to comb. austria is taking the 1st steps in living life
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with a new coronavirus a life which will take some getting used to. all right let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world russia has registered more than 10000 new coronavirus cases a record one day rise more than half are in moscow the number of confirmed infections and russia is now above 130000 as the virus spreads there is concern that medical facilities might not be able to cope. greece is moving hundreds of migrants out of the notoriously overcrowded morea refugee camp on the island of less force the refugees will be transported to the mainland because of the danger of a corona virus outbreak on the island. british prime minister boris johnson has shared more details of his 1000 ordeal he says he became so sick that doctors were
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preparing a contingency plan in case he died johnson spent 3 nights in intensive care before recovering. u.k. . and germany's cologne cathedral has held its 1st sunday service since the start of a lockdown but the number of worshippers was limited by social distancing regulations a safety screen separated the cardinal from the congregation. now singapore had initially been hailed as an example to follow in the fight against the corona virus but in april the number of cases surged dramatically poorly paid migrant workers have been hit especially hard hits in order to the avoid the situation getting out of control authorities have implemented strict measures that are tightly controlled. by new day of work is underway for these inspectors i don't market in singapore. mohamed to use need been come simon is making sure everybody's wearing a mask and following the social distancing rules. like
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they. need to in their discourse and they. have to. consider that. the rules are clear i'm close not abiding by them are find all the all the people to have it all for the 2nd will be. false and leave it to default. those flyers in the law are named and shamed in local newspapers and on the internet. not wearing a mask properly can lead to a prison sentence and a fine of up to 15000 euros this man broke the quarantine rules and was sent to jail for 6 weeks another singapore un left his home minutes before the end of a 14 day period of isolation and was handed a hefty fine. singapore's shutdown is hard to ignore. a 2nd wave of infection has resulted in the tight restrictions. but you know
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singapore law is so great i rather wear them given by choice. i don't know but i. think the penalty for the penalty is so they're not the fine is no. sardi's will begin to ease restrictions over the next few weeks. one sports item for us the pent up make has put old a track and field events on hold for the time being but 3 of the world's top pole vaulters have found a novel solution they held a virtual tournament jumping in their own back gardens former olympic champion they know of a need of france with the highest falter he outshot his rivals from sweden and the u.s. . like. all right you're watching
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