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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin 7500000000 euros to fight the coronavirus it will fund millions of doses of vaccine at an affordable price for use around the world please that's the aim of the european commission's virtual pledging conference taking place today also coming up begins lifting its long lockdown millions are returning to the streets after being stuck inside for nearly 2 months but the country faces a long road back towards reviving its cherished public life. and south
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korea as baseball fans look forward to the league's restarted on tuesday even if they are only allowed to watch the games on t.v. . welcome to the program the european commission is hosting a virtual fundraiser for efforts to develop a vaccine and treatments for the coronavirus event hopes to raise more than $7000000000.00 euros germany has pledged 525000000 euros to the fund and french president manuel markov has promised 500000000 along with a boost in funding for the work for the world health organization. the battle against covert 19 has many fronts and it looks different in every country but the ultimate goal is the same vaccine and an effective treatment governments anyone can
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fall into with a virus and that is why we have the target of checking together worldwide. many of the world's scientists estimate that it could be 18 months or more before a vaccine is available for widespread use but there are efforts underway to speed things up by pooling resources and pouring money into research. you have to build up capacities to manufacture it villian dozes and then we have to make sure that we can deploy to every corner in the world no fear and affordable price and that's what exactly we're working on for that we need money and we need to go global corporation. to jumpstart such global cooperation the european union wants to raise at least $7500000000.00 euros to be allocated to international health organizations and research networks european leaders including the german
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chancellor have suggested they're ready to dig deep. germany's at the forefront of all these activities because we as a country are convinced that only joint international multilateral action will allow us to overcome this and demick. around the world more than $100.00 groups are researching vaccines right now almost a dozen of them are about to start or have already begun human trials such as the german company buy on tech. but whether it's this slap that succeeds or another the message of european leaders is it doesn't matter who comes up with a vaccine and treatment as long as someone does and soon. joined by chief international editor richard walker in brussels richard also from the line is trying to collect at least a 7500000000 euros that's a mean quite high how realistic is that. well the european commission has been
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sounding pretty confident that they are going to get to that sum and the conference been going on for just over an hour now and many of the leaders have been appearing and the money does seem to be rolling in so the european commission at the very beginning it was left on the line said that it would put in 1000000000 euros then i'll americal came soon afterwards pledging just over 500000000 fans one more call the french president also offering 500000000 so the money is rolling in but i think there are 2 quite important things to stress about this firstly. the conference is apparently going to be accepting money that has already been pledged or potentially even spent already by governments in different national contexts so. it's going to take some sifting through to work out how much of this money is really new and how much of it is a little bit an attempt to get a kind of better p.r. for money that's already going to be spent and then the 2nd point is that
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7500000000 euros well maybe it sounds like a lot 7500000000 euro be a lot for you or me but in the greater scheme of things basically in this corona crisis it's really not much at all to put it in context the european commission at the same time as this is going on in the background they are working on trying to devise a fund that will help the european economies recovery after the pandemic has eased and they're talking about every this is something that could be up to 1.5 trillion euros so that is 200 times as much as they're trying to raise today so that just put it in perspective the money spent on this kind of medical programs is really dwarfed by the economic and social cost of the crisis. a lot of g 7 countries taking part in this effort this video conference today notably absent is the united states who have even suspended funding of the w. word or will that affect the fundraising effort. yeah i mean the united states
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really incredibly conspicuous by its absence really just about everybody else is taking part in this event today it's not necessarily going to be a huge issue on the funding side because we just said it's not necessarily an enormous amount of money that they're looking for but in terms of international cooperation this is really a pretty stunning situation that we find ourselves in here what you have here is really virtually leader after leader taking part in the conference so far has been talking about how important international cooperation is and it's hard not to interpret virtually all of those comments as sort of in directly aimed at the white house sort of saying why aren't you here too and if we think about what if the world is beginning to divide in between countries that see global cooperation as essential to fighting this pandemic and the united states retreating more and more into a sort of america 1st posture i think it's hard not to imagine that that's going to make finding fighting this pandemic at every stage along the way more difficult but
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the walk of brussels thank you. and here's a round up of some of the other pandemic news the number of people coming infected with covert 19 worldwide has risen to more than 3500000 people almost 250000 have now died. result of the disease new zealand has recorded a day with no new cases of for the 1st time since the outbreak started and the country is considering opening up to a travel with australia england has recorded 204 hospital deaths that's the lowest daily increase in more than 5 weeks egypt is allowing hotels to reopen for domestic tourists provided they do not exceed 25 percent capacity. with nearly $29000.00 deaths italy is one of europe's states hardest hit by the pandemic the country was the 1st in europe to impose
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a nationwide lockdown when its outbreak raised out of control in march now after nearly 2 months italy is rolling back some of those restrictions millions of people are being allowed to return to work and many are making a careful return to the streets. freedom. for at least the 1st cautious steps towards it. being out in the fresh air is something many italians missed desperately during the 7 weeks of confinement within their own 4 walls they are now free to exercise outdoors and to visit relatives for the 1st time. during the korean teen we were desperate i can't express how excited i am. but through excited we have only seen or with video calls for 2 months but it was not the same it couldn't be the same. place or the space. shopping at open air markets
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using public transport going to work and train travel all of this is now possible again but the new italian way of life calls for social distancing and mandatory masks in indoor public spaces as life cautiously returns to the streets. that are meant to have something i really hope people will remain civil and that in the coming weeks there will be no new surgeon infections so that we will not have to go back to quarantine in the seminary i don't think the situation is over in the end not much has changed compared to before but this is also a beginning where. for italians it's a gentle 1st step back into a world forever changed by the pen demick. let's have a brief look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world south korea says it has protested to north korea for firing at its troops on sunday
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the incident raised tensions on the heavily fortified border between the 2 sides it came off the north korean leader kim yong on. following along unexplained absence. a trial over a stampede at germany's love parade festival 10 years ago has ended without a verdict judges said coronavirus measures meant the statute of limitations would run out 3 people face charges of met nick negligent manslaughter 21 people were crushed to death at the techno music festival in the city of visible. russia has registered another day with more than 10000 new coronavirus cases following sunday's record one day rise more than half an hour in moscow. number of confirmed infections in russia is now above 145000 as the virus spreads there's concern that medical facilities may not be able to cope. hospitals in bangladesh has been overrun as the country reported
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a record one day rise in the number of cases nearly 700 people tested positive on sunday bringing the total infected to almost 10000 the country has been in lockdown for more than. south korea is one of the 1st countries to start up a major sports league again during the coronavirus pandemic the korean baseball organization has taken a number of precautions to protect the place and fans will not be in the stands and will be able to watch on television still both players and fans are ready to go. inside the chioma heroes home field players ease themselves into shape because of the coronavirus pandemic they had to wait over a month but now opening day may 5th is almost here still because there will be one big difference no fans you know when you're in the 6th inning 7th inning and you're in you're trying to grind out an out and you're exhausted and hearing fans i
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mean it really does motivate you and pick you up. so you know not having them is going to be very very challenging one time major leaguer jake brigham had to undergo 2 weeks of mandatory quarantine when he came back to south korean team from training in the u.s. now he just looks forward to seeing himself and his teammates back on the field when it counts. i think a lot of people the world will take notice just because it will be the 1st sport back. so i think it's really exciting and the guys the guys are just ready to go teams now even more carefully monitor player health and all stadium visitors have their temperatures checked so through. riya has managed to lurch only bring the corona virus outbreak under control with intense testing contact tracing in quarantining with new cases now numbering usually below 10 per day like baseball other professional sports leagues here are opening up although it will be
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a while before there are fans in attendance the league may gradually welcome a limited number of fans back to stadiums and remains committed to a full 144 game schedule special regulations aimed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during games including no spitting and the coaches task their teams to keep all eyes on the prize. fights are given what if these actions you do without realizing it may be tough because you break your routine but you need to be more careful now for yourself your team and for the country. but if we do follow the guidelines and play well we can reach our goal for the season to move up a level and win in the meantime so 3 is boisterous fans have been enjoying pre-season outings reluctantly making due watching games from the couch which only compared to before it's a bit disappointing to need be able to watch games because i can't see everything i
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want to go to the games to soon as possible and share with other fans. i haven't. liked the players fans long for the stadium atmosphere and if the coronavirus precautions work then there's a long wait maybe in its last inning. rio de janeiro's christ the redeemer statue is the star of a companion urging brazilians to wear face masks the landmark was lit up in different colors with slogans encouraging citizens to protect themselves by was spectacles social distancing rules president. has repeatedly railed against the strict lockdowns imposed by brazil's state governments but covert 900 cases of top 100000 more than 7000 have died. you're watching the news sarah kelly will have an update for you in 45 minutes keep
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in touch with the news on the web site this t w dot com. he has a special coverage for you having a look at what's better in the fight against the pandemic corporations competition .