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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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starts may 21st. this is. a dark day for the u.k. britain. highest death toll from the virus more than 32000 people a. british government says it's too soon to pass judgment to say it's clear testing began much too late also coming up taking stock of germany's progress
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fighting the pandemic the country has won praise for keeping death's lobel examine what's behind the success and how. it's. not enough to contend with. another an invasion of giant killer hornets. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome to the new numbers are making plain the terrible toll of the pandemic in the u.k. the country's national statistics office now says more than 32000 people have died of coded 19 britain has the highest death toll in europe surpassing hard hit italy
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globally only the united states has seen more people succumb to the. during the government's daily coronavirus briefing britain's new death toll joy left one official last show a difficult guys. and what you see is that deaths in the u.k. is still continuing to climb and is. higher than we would wish i think is all i can say internationally while the prime minister's deputy was eager to point out that figures couldn't be compared at this stage there are different ways of counting deaths as we know we've had that debate in this country we now published data that includes all deaths in all settings and not all countries do that so i'm not sure that the international comparison works and if your can you are you reliably know that all countries are measuring in the same way the government's latest hope in the fight against the coronavirus now lies here on the isle of wight the island of england's southern coast is the testing ground for
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a new contact tracing app that could be rolled out across the country the n.h.s. coded 19 outlets you know quickly if you've come into contact with someone who has symptoms but is it too little too late even the government's chief scientific adviser has now admitted failings. and maybe you don't think we could have done differently there i think if we'd managed to ramp testing capacity quicker it would be beneficial and. you know for all sorts of reasons that didn't happen critics have long said that britain's conservative government responded too slowly to the spread of the virus and failed to contain the outbreak by widely testing tracing and isolating people and although restrictions have meant that the spread of the virus has slowed britain will likely end up being the european country hardest hit by the pandemic.
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we heard from the government today too early to pass judgment on the policies of the government. how do we explain today's spike. is a very sad record for the government no country obviously wants to hold such a record at this spike can be explained because the data now looks at people who have died in their home or in care homes but who have never tested positive 19 but it doesn't mention on their death certificate that they most likely have died off the disease the reason that they were never tested positive is because mass testing has never been done by this government they've. done no testing outside of the hospital since mid march so many many people who never made it to the hospital died
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in care homes and in their own homes and when tested positive for the virus some models even put the death toll at the moment in the u.k. at 40255000 deaths is so very high behind the numbers and statistics people victims families who lost loved ones and front line workers over 100 doctors and nurses who have fought this virus and who have died of it. just about. exactly what the u.k. has here. well experts say and they have been saying that for a while that the government has reacted slow and ha ha did that the lockdown for example came way too late in the process when the virus had already spread across the country especially in london the hot spot of the pandemic and that is one of the reasons of course why the death toll is so high here but the other one too
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while the u.k. was at the height of the pandemic boris johnson the prime minister. went even into intensive can of the virus himself there was a clear lack of leadership at that point and nobody really stepping out no political progress being made on testing and in protective gear for example so it felt like the perfect storm at times but the british don't seem to cry just yet because today new polls showed that the trust in government has not been higher than today in a long time and you know when you look at the situation from. people with. the prime minister. with jean you would think that the government would be even more stringent measures to test people into the virus but that's not the case is it. well it does appear that he is taking the virus much more serious and in the
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beginning when he was bragging about shaking hands with covert patients of course now he had that mia death experience from the virus and for example donors party members have been putting him in immense pressure on him to use a log down which he's not anytime close to he has made clear he wants a lockdown to remain in place for some more weeks until the cuff is really flattened until the hospitalizations stopped here in the u.k. so at the moment this is trying to figure out the issue of mass testing again not being done on a mass scale so testing and tracing and tracking not happening and of course that is the only way out of the lockdown and one hope is the app there that is supposed to be launched soon where infected people. can then trace their contacts so that would be one way out of lockdown there. was a lot of reporting on that very very sad day for the u.k.
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to thank you well here's a roundup of some of the latest pandemic news spain's daily death toll has come in under 200 for the 3rd consecutive day the total toll now stands at $27000.00 that's according to the country's health ministry in the united states new york state has reported more than $700.00 previously undisclosed nursing homes and adult care facilities and the netherlands has purchased 1000000 blood tests that can show whether a person has been infected with the coronavirus the health minister says the tests will also give insight into how antibodies develop in those in effect did with the . many european countries have closed their borders to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus and the effects are having an impact on some communities more then others lock down measures in france have hit migrants particularly hard many are in
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the northern port city of 'd from where they hope to cross over to britain conditions in migrant shelters were bad before but many say the walk down has made things worse. lisa lewis visited the migrant camp in cali in northern france and spoke to people there about how the country's response to the coronavirus is affecting them. there's no let up in police procedure even in these times of coded 19 with or whatever we're asked to move on because we want to film what's been an almost daily routine since 2018. migrants are told to move their tens a few meters once the police have left. the migrants put the tents back no one here wanted us to film their face but the migrants told us they feel harassed. like they don't see it as human beings they don't respect my butt kicked my foot if you
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don't wake up when they come by take away your tent and we have to ask aid workers for a new one and wait for up to a week trying to observe social distancing here is difficult senator the conditions are bad you know why they were not allowed to go into town this is the beginning of the pandemic we've been stuck in these counties some of us were taken to shelters or we have to stay up to 4 people in a room that's illegal. the migrants try to support each other as best they can but that's also more difficult these days this is where the college jungle was until 2016 readed was demolished at its peak some 8000 migrants lived in this camp conditions were bad but migrants managed to set up an infrastructure of sorts and they were able to help each other out now the authorities are trying to prevent the migrants from constructing another jungle by building fences like this one.
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aid workers have had to reduce their staff at the camp by half they say the government's response isn't helping the situation. this is a real step backwards for migrants human rights has no legal aid for them anymore evacuations continue and migrants keep getting harassed by the police you just saw people stand together in this crisis but these vulnerable people are being left behind because you were there will you but authorities say that medical teams regularly check up on the migrants in the comes and that the evacuations are necessary news of all we are offering shelter for up to 750 migrants who can get medical care over. 353 people have already taken about options huge huge the migrants are being evacuated every 2 days if they are camping illegally we need to prevent them from settling. in aid workers say there aren't enough shelters
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and many of the migrants would rather stay here and try to cross and i never give up i'll never give up one day i will get to england my dream is to become a doctor have real freedom either a nice house and a nice life nice life mangus wants to join to have his brothers who have already settled in england but the corona pandemic has now made reaching the other side of the channel more difficult than ever. well germany's development minister gear is warning that the corona crisis could make poor countries even poorer sparking mass migration and presenting a new german development strategy which ends bilateral development assistance to 2 dozen countries miller stressed that human rights and good governance would increasingly become preconditions for receiving any aid from germany. at the same time and germany would leave no country behind when it comes to humanitarian
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assistance he wus chief political editor mcculloch if we're called up with germany's development minister and asked him about the effects he expects the corona crisis to have on aid and develop yourself a warning that the poorest of the poor will become even poorer at the end of this corona crisis what to do rich countries like germany have to do right now. how does this make notice autogas it's already a reality not just a concern the coronaviruses has in the poorest of the poor the hardest we're seeing the biggest withdrawal of investment capital from africa and emerging economies in 50 years that's 100000000000 us we're leaving the poor of the developing countries behind we're cutting them off but most not become our future the rich countries emerge stronger from this and poor countries are left even poorer but the ottoman
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about sort of you yourself see this crisis and the effect it's having as proof that the cap system we've seen over the past decades simply doesn't work anymore do you really expect that to taint. this is yes because it's in our interests. it's an unbelievable scandal to see large corporations and i'm talking about amazon or microsoft making billions in extra profits without paying one euro or dollar in taxes that could be invested here kate. he had to invest the one that that's why i'm demanding the implementation of a digital and financial transaction tax. so it simply must not be that the biggest crisis of the last 50 years ends of producing big winners on the financial markets could be nokia what impact does this crisis have on migration and chide and is the
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deciding factor will be whether the virus becomes as dangerous in emerging and developing countries as it has proven to be in spain italy and germany. if it does that will have dramatic consequences so we will then see states collapse new hunger crises and large scale migration we can already see some signs of that because terrorist groups are banking on such a scenario and that's why this is also a question of security also for germany and europe all 3 of them through total power mr miller thank you very much. well it has been 100 days since germany 1st confirmed case of covert 19 since then nearly 7000 people have died as the illness spread across the nation but germany has fared far better than many other countries in the battle to slow its own epidemic here's
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a closer look at how the outbreak has unfolded in germany so far as berlin plans its next careful steps aimed at reopening public life take a look. the president of the public health agency a whole bed institute had good news on tuesday only 685 new registered cases in germany since monday well let's use this to refer it's our goal to protect the population from covert 1000 in the best way and that has worked very well in germany so far as you can tell from the latest figures. it's $100.00 days since the corona virus hit germany here in bavaria on the 27th of january a man falls ill after contracting the virus from his chinese coworkers initially german officials are relaxed health minister compares the corona virus to the flu. early much during carnival celebrations the region of hind speck becomes
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a virus hotspot but a bundesliga soccer game in nearby and goes ahead with some 50000 spectators this is when the severity of the crisis really hits germany in early march t.v. images from crisis ridden italy reach german households by mid march more people have died from covert 1000 in italy than in china making italy the most hard hit country in the world german authorities ramp up testing and at i.c.u. beds in hospitals bigger events get cancelled shops and schools closed border checks are imposed and one man becomes the public face of the fight against the virus because standard boston viral it's the balance renowned charity hospital. uncle americal initially stays quiet but in mid march she addresses the german nation on t.v. 1st in her 15 years as head of government s.
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and. these are the most severe restrictions postwar germany has ever seen let me assure you for somebody like me for whom freedom of travel and movement was a hot for trite such restrictions are only justified when absolutely necessary. and the measures seem to work but calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken in germany to slow the spread now shops museums and churches can open again if they meet hygiene and social distancing requirements facemasks are now mandatory for shopping trips and on public transport . on wednesday anglo-american and the country 16 state premiers will discuss the next round of easing restrictions the varian officials have already announced that beer gardens would be able to open again on the 18th of may all right let's go beyond beer gardens tonight and bring in our political correspondent on your good
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evening to you. we understand tomorrow the chancellor angela merkel and leaders of the german states they will discuss the next steps to ease this lockdown what exactly is on the list. we expect that chance langa america and the state's premier will pave the way for the reopening of shops regardless of their size another point which is rather important is the gradual reopening of schools and kindergartens the present is high on this point because for the parents it becomes increasingly difficult to keep their children at home when they themselves are expected to go back to work probably more sports will be allowed not only individual sport like running and biking but more popular sport and which has been what has been discussed in the recent days is the resuming of the season
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of the bundesliga the german soccer league. and we know that some states have been exercising their rights and they've started loosening restrictions on their own time schedule what does that tell those about the authority of the chancellor when it comes to managing a crisis. i know michael has to accept that in germany federal system the state premiers have their own interests and some of them couldn't even wait for the scheduled conference with the chancellor but they announced before him that they would open up their hotels and restaurants already and may just write for the beginning of the holiday season this was criticized heavily by senior such a senior politicians off the mark of a grand coalition i know america wanted to step forward more course asli she wanted
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a uniform approach for the whole country but now probably she has to has to change the strategy to more regional solutions and we know the virus is they don't recognize regional borders there are warnings of the 2nd wave of infections that could possibly here because really what is the german government doing to make sure that that does not happen apparently there isn't that much that the government can do because scientists say that a 2nd or even 3rd wave is most probable and the head off germany's disease control agency lot said that this is in fact in the nature of a pandemic but he sees germany well prepared the doctors have learned how to treat the we have more i.c. use than before there are more testing capacities but still the chancellor advises caution because they don't want to ease some restrictions and face the
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situation that infections rise again and so they have to implement these restrictions again so they will have a close eye on the number of new infections and no one wants back that is for sure is on your trailer with the story tonight and you think you. well here are some other stories now that are making headlines around the world federal prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant in connection with a cyber attack on the german parliament back in 2015 religions accused russia's military intelligence service the g.r.u. of hacking the bullets talks computer systems the suspect is also wanted in the united states for interference of the 2016 presidential election leaving a philippine t.v. station that has reported critically on president. has been forced off the air the network's license expired after hearings on a renewal application were delayed and
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a temporary license was denied government officials denied that the closure had anything to do with limiting press freedom donald trump has denied any involvement by the u.s. government in what venezuelan officials have called a failed armed incursion in the south american countries but it's where the authorities arrested 2 american citizens among a group of alleged mercenaries they claim the group wanted to overthrow president nicolas maduro. the united nations says overcrowded and unhygenic prisons in latin america are a major concern during this pandemic one official said some jails have up to 5 times as many inmates as they were designed to hold fear of infection has triggered rioting in prisons in several countries. around the world ordinary people have been paying tribute to the doctors and nurses working on the front lines to save lives during this pandemic many have done so by applauding health workers at
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night or by raising funds to support their hope systems but for one couple in bolivia's la paz the best way to think essential workers is with a home cooked meal. cooking meals as a family together under lockdown and nestor tech arena and his wife geraldine also naga have found a new cooling along with geraldine's mother movement restrictions came into force in mid march so instead of clocking in for his job as a marketing manager father of 3 and has to spends his day in the kitchen preparing food and this is what's cooking. $100.00 portions of roast chicken and french fries for essential workers doctors nurses disinfection teams and the police. boylan seals that if we tell them that the news today is that we've bought them to know we've bought them lunch and they say thank you very much it's
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a thanks that comes from the soul it's very gratifying the end of the. time to get the food to those who need it the cost of the ingredients come out of the couple's own pockets but they say friends have started offering them donations to help. savvy marketer and nesta has a snappy slogan for their project taking care of those who care for geralyn that we say mission accomplished at the end of the day we were able to reach a sector that really needed it to feed those who are taking care of me and most importantly taking care of my daughters that we don't that we see fit but i believe here is planning to ease the lockdown next week but and that's time when geraldine say they want to keep making and delivering their tasty meals to show their thanks . but in the united states hundreds of asian murder hornets have turned up in washington state they give a nasty stink and they are not sweet to honey bees. it's only
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2 inches long and has a sting that can kill the asian giant hornet has made its 1st appearance in the u.s. and it has officials worried so what makes a dangerous is that people don't want to look for them and it is our ground nesting species so if you were to encounter a nasty undernourished you know you could be stung several times in a big hurry and several stings is enough to kill a human it's responsible for up to 50 deaths a year in japan giving it the menacing nickname murda hornet. the venom itself is. fairly talks or. creates localized necrosis are on the run so you'll see multiple. there's been full verified sightings of the world to lodges horniest in northwestern us and now they'll be emerging from hobbit nation it's not humans who are most at risk but draw the honey bees researches call
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it the slaughter phase when the hornets destroy entire colonies of honey bees whose bodies they feed today young well the real danger besides human health is to be a theory industry so pollination has a huge heart culture on the agricultural systems we have here in the united states and so if this were to become well established and then start spreading it could be pretty catastrophic if they keep peace in the region have reported gruesome hive deaths in recent months scientists will begin trapping queen mid a hornets in the hope of eradicating the species. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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i'm going crazy thing in all the time. how to handle our new lives in times of the
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corona and then next d w reporter georgia yes just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of jamie expect a few other groups. thank you this is not life as we know it. in this together our new web series. not. just cover your concept. discomfort with the cowhouse. school of my generation after 100 years the ideals of the bonds are more relevant today than they were. 100 years ago visionaries reshaped things to. people understood designers are shaping society. with us that are part of our future. our house that's castella in
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tampa. can you tell me about house means a vision of the future. what makes the house and its cradle. to this very. town how i. treat stars many w. . today britain replaced italy as europe's deadliest country in the coronavirus pandemic more than 29400 people have died in death came quickly it took the u.k. less time than italy to reach today's number the message from the u.k. government tonight don't rush to judge and don't rush to make comparisons either tonight statistics and saving a lot.