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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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for the u.k. britain now has europe's highest death toll from. more than 32000 people more than italy the british government says it's too soon to pass judgment but scientists say it's clear testing began to link also coming up germany issues. russian national believed to have hacked into the german parliament 5 years ago but the suspect is also a wanted man in washington and it. wasn't enough to contend with the united states
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facing a new threat and invasion of giant killer hornets. it's good to have you with us tonight new numbers are making plain the terrible toll of the pandemic in the u.k. the country's national statistics office now says more than 32000 people have died of covert 19 britain now has the highest death toll in europe surpassing hard hit italy globally only the united states has seen more people succumb to the virus. during the government's daily coronavirus briefing britain's new death toll joy one official lost phone difficult guys. and what you see is that deaths in the u.k.
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is still continuing to climb and is. higher than we would wish i think is all i can say internationally while the prime minister's deputy was eager to point out that figures couldn't be compared at this stage there are different ways of counting deaths as we know we've had that debate in this country we now published data that includes all deaths in all settings and not all countries do that so i'm not sure that the international comparison works unless you can you're reliably know that all countries are measuring in the same way the government's latest hope in the fight against the corona virus now lies here on the isle of wight the island of england southern coast is the testing ground for a new contact tracing app that could be rolled out across the country the n.h.s. kovac 19 outlets you know quickly if you've come into contact with someone who has symptoms but is it too little too late even the government's chief scientific adviser has now admitted failings. and maybe you don't think we
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could have done differently there i think if we'd managed to ramp the testing capacity quicker it would be beneficial and. you know for all sorts of reasons that didn't happen because critics have long said that britain's conservative government responded too slowly to the spread of the virus and failed to contain the outbreak by widely testing tracing and isolating people and although restrictions have meant that the spread of the virus has slowed britain will likely end up being the european country hardest hit by the pandemic. we heard from the government today too early to pass judgment on the policies. how do we explain to spike. what is
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a very sad record for the government no country obviously wants to hold such a record at the spike can be explained because the data now looks at people who have died in their home or in care homes but who have never tested positive 19 but it doesn't mention on their death certificate that they most likely have the disease the reason that they were never tested positive is because mass testing has never been done by this government indeed. no testing outside of the hospital since mid march so many many people who never made it to the hospital died in care homes and in their own homes and when never tested positive for the virus some models even put the death toll at the moment in the u.k. at 40000 up 255000 deaths is so very high behind the numbers and statistics people victims' families who lost loved one send frontline workers
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over 100 doctors and nurses who have fought this virus and who have died of it. just about. exactly what the u.k. has wrong here. well experts say and they have been saying that for a while that the government has reacted slow and ha ha did that the lockdown for example came way too late in the process when the virus had already spread across the country especially in london the hot spot of the pandemic and that is one of the reasons of course why the death toll is so high here but the other one too while the u.k. was at the height of the pandemic boris johnson the prime minister. went even into intensive can of the virus himself there was a clear lack of leadership at that point and nobody really stepping out no political progress being made on testing and in protective gear for example so it
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felt like the perfect storm at times but the british don't seem to cry just yet because today new polls showed that the trust in government has not been higher than today in a long time and you know when you look at the situation from the u.k. people with. the prime minister he almost died with you would think that the government would be even more stringent measures to test people and to stop the virus but that's not the case is it. well it does appear that he is taking the virus much more serious and in the beginning when he was bragging about shaking hands with covert patients of course now he had that need a death experience from the virus and for example donors party members have been putting him immense pressure on him to use a log down which he's not anytime close to he has made clear he wants
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a lockdown to remain in place for some more weeks until the cuff is really flattened until the hospitalizations stopped here in the u.k. so at the moment this is trying to figure out the issue of mass testing again not being done on a mass scale so testing and tracing and tracking not happening and of course that is the only way out of the lockdown and one hope is the app there that is supposed to be launched soon where infected people. can then trace their contacts so that would be one way out of the lock down their. reporting. for the u.k. thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the donald trump has denied any involvement by the u.s. government in what venezuelan officials have called a failed armed incursion in the south american country venezuelan authorities
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arrested 2 american citizens among the group of alleged mercenaries they claim the group wanted to overthrow president nicolas maduro. the u.n. says overcrowded in unhygenic prisons in latin america or a major concern during the coronavirus pandemic one official said some jails have up to 5 times as many inmates as they were designed to hope fear of infection has triggered wired in prisons in several countries a leading philippine t.v. station that has reported critically on president. has been forced off the air the networks and license expired after hearings on the renewal application were delayed and a temporary license was denied government officials deny that the closure had anything to do with limiting press freedom germany's high court has ruled that the european is intro big stimulus program partly contravenes german law because neither the german government nor parliament has signed off on the spending plan the ruling
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casts doubts on key stimulus measures introduced to kick start the eurozone economy back in 2015. we're here in germany federal prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for a russian national suspected of hacking into the german parliament's computer systems 5 years ago the suspect is a 29 year old named dmitri bard and he's believed to work for russian military intelligence and u.s. authorities have also been hunting by dean for allegedly stealing democratic party documents as well as e-mails from its former presidential candidate hillary clinton . the hack attack consisted of fake e-mails that infiltrated the german parliament's i.t. system the hackers stole 16 gigabytes of data including the e-mails of many members of parliament russia with suspected from the outset now after
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a 5 year investigation german prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for dimitri bugging a hacker thought to work for the russian military secret service security agencies think body and belong to unit $26165.00 of russian military intelligence of a unit that security experts also refer to as offensive bear he says it's also believed responsible for hacking u.s. democrats system ahead of the 2016 presidential elections the f.b.i. has been searching for the suspect for the past 2 years with an arrest warrant the attack on the german parliament even reached chancellor on america's parliamentary office but government institutions were not affected of that he apparent damage was not as great as expected but at the same time we have to acknowledge that the german parliament has been subject to cyber attack and that was a big wake up call the foreign affairs committee chair offered this assessment and vital stop is indeed it's another strong indication that russia is actively seeks to undermine germany's democratic institutions and that this is directed from the
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top to its own civil that it's not does i mean we need to understand that this is happening and address it head on a much easier to fit in the russian embassy in berlin has not yet responded to the arrest warrant. in the united states hundreds of asian murder hornets have turned up in washington states they can give you a nasty sting and they are not sweet to honey bees. it's only 2 inches long and has a sting that can kill the asian giant hornet has made its 1st appearance in the u.s. and it has officials worried. so what makes a big change or s is that people don't want to look for them and it is a ground nesting species so if you were to encounter a mast on binocs do you know you could be stung several times in a big hurry and several stings is enough to kill a human it's responsible for up to 50 deaths
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a year in japan giving it the menacing nickname made a hole in it. the venom itself is fairly toxic and creates localized necrosis around the one so you'll see multiple flash around the one has been full verified sightings of the world's largest one is to northwestern us and now they'll be emerging from hobbit nation it's not humans who are most at risk but rather the honey bees researches call it the slaughter phase when the hornets destroy entire colonies of honeybees whose bodies they feed today young well the real danger besides human health has to be a period in history so pollination has a huge heart. on the agricultural systems we have here in the united states and so if this were to become well established and then start spreading it could be pretty catastrophic if they keep these in the region have reported gruesome hive
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deaths in recent months scientists will begin trapping queen mid a hornets in the hope of eradicating the species. in german bonus league soccer or berlin have suspended their forward solomon column for breaking coronavirus rules called who posted a video on facebook which showed him shaking hands with teammates and mocking social distancing her to said call who had caused the club quote a great deal of damage and some media reports here in germany are suggesting that this could put the ball in this league is restarting plans in jeopardy a political decision and then as expected on wednesday. followed news that clubs from the bonus league and 2nd division recorded 10 coronavirus cases after a 1st round of testing in an interview with g w news the general secretary of global players union thief pro has said that
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players are concerned and that one case could stop a restart in its tracks it's a very tight rope exercise that we're going to hear and. the risk of course increases the moment we enter into training all the full group and when we start playing games and essentially one case that is found too late or that shows a little bit of the over risk exposure of more people being in contact with that player or with the from another team with that team that of course could shut the whole system down very quickly so we need in our opinion to tighten up these these measures a little bit more but probably also just need to find a little bit more time to see how it was decidedly we develop and how we can suppress the infection rates a little bit further. from sports to the sand if the people of new jersey airs in capital thought that the world was coming to an end yesterday well we can understand why i want you to take a look at this it's footage taken by an eyewitness it was
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a sand storm possibly caused by a harmattan which is a dry and dusty trade when that sometimes blows off the sahara desert this time of year and a storm only lasted a few minutes but it was enough to scare the sand out of people. you're watching the news monica is up next with business news stick around for that. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level. thanks to him talk composer nobuo uematsu. featured in many.