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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2020 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin a doctor here for the u.k. britain now has europe's highest death toll from the coronavirus over 32000 people have died in war then and italy the british government says it's too soon to pass judgment while scientists say it's clear testing to gallant too late also coming up germany has won praise for its local run of virus death rates we look at what's behind the success and how germany is standing its next steps plus the future of germany's flagship alan look times as at stake general meeting to discuss details
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of a government bailout worth as much as $10000000000.00 euros. also on the show thanking essential workers with a home cooked meal we report on a bolivian couple cooking thousands of meals each week to feed those on the frontline also growing up by this pandemic. i'm here if i must and welcome you numbers show the grim toll of the coronavirus pandemic in the u.k. the country's national statistics office now says more than 32000 people have died of covert 19 that gives britain the highest death toll in europe surpassing hotheads italy globally only the us has seen more people succumb to the illness. during the government's daily coronavirus briefing britain's new death toll to lift
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one official most. of the emergency and what you see is that deaths in the u.k. is still continuing to climb and is. higher than we would wish i think it's all i can say internationally while the prime minister's deputy was eager to point out that figures couldn't be compared at this stage there are different ways of counting deaths as we know we've had that debate in this country we now published data that include all deaths in all settings and not all countries do that so i'm not sure that the international comparison works and if you can you're reliably know that all countries are measuring in the same way the government's latest hope in the fight against the coronavirus now lies here on the isle of wight the island of england's southern coast is the testing ground for a new contact tracing app that could be rolled out across the country the n.h.s. coded 19 outlets you know quickly if you've come into contact with someone who has
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symptoms but is it too little too late even the government's chief scientific adviser has now admitted failings. and maybe you don't think yeah we could have done differently there i think if we'd managed to ramp testing capacity quicker it would have been beneficial and. you know for all sorts of reasons that didn't happen because critics of long said that britain's conservative government responded too slowly to the spread of the virus and failed to contain the outbreak by widely testing tracing and isolating people and although restrictions have meant that the spread of the virus has slowed britain will likely end up being the european country hardest hit by the pandemic. lots of parts is covering the story for us from london and we asked her how these latest figures can be explained why it is
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a very sad record for the government no country obviously wants to hold such a record this spike can be explained because the data now looks at people who have died in their home or in care homes but who have never tested positive for covert 19 but it doesn't mention on their death certificate that they most likely have died off the disease the reason that they were never tested positive is because mass testing has never been done by this government indeed. no testing site of the hospitals since mid march so many many people who never made it to the hospital died in care homes and in their own homes and we're never tested positive for the virus some models even put the death toll at the moment in the u.k. at 40000 up 255000 deaths so very high of course behind the numbers and statistics people victims families who who have lost loved ones and front line workers over
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100 doctors and nurses who have fought this virus and who have died of it it's been 100 days since germany's 1st confirmed case of covert 19 and since then nearly 7000 people have died as the illness fred across the nation germany has fared better than many other countries in the battle to slow its own epidemic here's a closer look at how the outbreak has unfolded in germany so far as berlin transits next careful steps aimed at reopening public life. the president of the public health agency a whole bed institute had good news on tuesday only $685.00 new registered cases in germany since monday with its uses to refer it's a goal to protect the population from covert 1000 in the best way and that has worked very well in germany so far as you can tell from the latest figures. for.
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its $100.00 days since the corona virus hit germany here in bavaria on the 27th of january a man falls ill after contracting the virus from his chinese coworkers initially german officials are relaxed health minister compares the corona virus to the flu. early much during carnival celebrations the region of hind spec becomes a virus hotspot but a bundesliga soccer game in nearby mentioned goes ahead with some 50000 spectators this is when the severity of the crisis really hits germany in early march to the images from crisis ridden is tilly reach german households by mid march more people have died from covert 1000 in italy than in china making italy the most hard hit country in the world german authorities ramp up testing and at i.c.u. beds in hospitals bigger events get cancelled shops and schools closed border checks are imposed and one man becomes the public face of the fight against the
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virus because the end austin viral it's just a balance renowned charlie teo hospital. anglo-american initially stays quiet but in mid march she addresses the german nation on t.v. a 1st in her 15 years as head of government. and. these are the most severe restrictions postwar germany has ever seen let me assure you for somebody like me for whom freedom of travel and movement was a hot food right such restrictions are only justified when absolutely necessary. and the measures seem to work the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken in germany to slow the spread now shops museums and churches can open again if they meet hygiene and social distancing requirements facemasks are now mandatory for shopping trips and on public transport
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. on wednesday anglo-american and the country's 16 state premiers will discuss the next round of easing restrictions the varian officials have already announced that beer gardens would be able to open again on the 18th of may. and amid the discussions about a further easing of germany's lockdown measures they're also warnings that a 2nd wave of infections might hit the country we asked our political correspondent and your crew love what the government is doing to make sure that doesn't happen scientists say that a 2nd or even 3rd wave is most probable and the head of germany's disease control agency lot said that this is in fact in the nature of a pandemic but he sees germany well prepared the doctors have learned how to treat the we have more i.c. used them before there are more testing capacities but still the chancellor advises caution because they don't want to ease some restrictions and face the
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situation that the infections rise again and so they have to implement these restrictions again so they will have a close eye on the number of new infections and other german industry feeling the strain is airlines in particular the flagship lufthansa with many flights canceled of times as burning through cash at a fast pace and as in desperate need of help the german government is willing to step in but it is unclear what the terms of a bailout will be the company has been holding an online shareholder conference at which it made its position. at the crew's smiles at the check in and most importantly planes flying high in the sky this is how love tons of sees its future. as for now the reality is just sort of counters and ground planes like other airlines around the world the german flag carrier has been pretty
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much put out of business by corporate 19 with almost all flights canceled on any given day no more than $3000.00 passengers are boarding one of the few remaining connections less than one percent of tonnes us normal capacity the company is burning through cash losing $1000000.00 euros per hour at that rate of tons of cash reserves will be depleted by late summer at the annual meeting online c.e.o. course and spore made it clear the company is in desperate need for a bailout of. a line or. we can't make it alone we need support right now the very future of lufthansa is at stake with the help of our government our goal must be to prevent insolvency. but berlin seems weary to just sign a check the government is eyeing
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a 25 percent stake in the company not what look tons i has in mind. isn't one for sure we got into this crisis through no fault of our own. now we need state support but we don't need state management. the numbers are on shore side 2019 was the year of record passenger numbers and record revenue for lufthansa the company now worries however that the government might have ideas that run counter to its old plans like securing jobs where is management have plans to shrink the airline by 100 planes and 10000 employees in an effort to remain profitable discussions over time the future continue management doesn't see blue skies until at least 2023. and now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world germany's
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highest court has ruled that the european central bank stimulus program partly contravenes german constitutional law because neither the german government nor parliament signs off on the spending the ruling costs out on key stimulus measures introduced to kick start the years in his own economy in 2050. years president donald trump has denied any involvement by his government in what venezuelan officials have called a failed incursion in the south american country and israel and also it is arrest of 2 u.s. citizens among a group of mercenaries they came to group wanted to overthrow president nicolas maduro. a leading philippine t.v. station that has reported critically on president tessa has been forced off air the network's license expires after hearings under a new application which in late and a temporary license was to night government officials deny the closure was a press freedom issue. around the world people have been finding ways to
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pay tribute to the doctors and nurses working on the front lines to save lives during this pandemic many have done so by applauding health workers nightly or by raising funds to support the health systems of one couple in bolivia's pass the best way to thank essential workers this was a home cooked meal. cooking meals as a family together under lockdown and nestor tech arena and his wife geraldine also naga have found a new cooling along with geraldine's mother movement restrictions came into force in mid march so instead of clocking in for his job as a marketing manager father of 3 and their stay spends his day in the kitchen preparing food and this is what's cooking. $100.00 portions of roast chicken and french fries for essential workers doctors nurses disinfection
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teams and the police. oil in syria that if we tell them that the news today is that we've bought them dinner we've bought them lunch and they say thank you very much it's a thanks that comes from the soul it's very gratifying. time to get the food to those who need it the cost of the ingredients come out of the couple's own pockets but they say friends have started offering them donations to help. savvy marketer and esther has a snappy slogan for that project taking care of those who care for a living as we say mission accomplished at the end of the day we were able to reach a sector that really needed it to see those who are taking care of me and most importantly taking care of my daughters that we don't that we see that. believe here is planning to ease the lockdown next week but and that's so in geraldine say they want to keep making and delivering their tasty meals to show their thanks. if
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