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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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w. celebrates the 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd fool for. many on t.w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin germany takes more steps to ease lock down restrictions it's expected the government today will announce further measures to reopen the economy and parts of public life we'll look at what's next for germany. and could put this league of beef back in play that's also up for discussion by government ministers today the green light would make it the 1st of europe's 5 big
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soccer leagues to return to the pitch plus the delicious way to say thank you one couple of bolivia showing their appreciation to essential workers baffling the fires. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program germany is taking steps to reopen the economy and further ease restrictions on public life those measures are expected to be announced today after a chance of going to medical holds a teleconference with heads of state governments a draft decision warns however that a new spike in factions could lead to more lockdowns it's been 100 days since germany 1st came for germany's 1st confirmed case here's a look at how the outbreak has unfolded as berlin takes careful steps to reopen the country. the president of the public health agency who instituted had good news on
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tuesday only 685 new registered cases in germany since monday. it's our goal to protect the population from covert 1000 in the best way and that has worked very well in germany so far as you can tell from the latest figures. it's $100.00 days since the corona virus hit germany here in the varia on the 27th of january a man falls ill after contracting the virus from his chinese coworkers initially german officials are relaxed health minister compares the corona virus to the flu. early much during carnival celebrations the region of hind speck becomes a virus hotspot but a bundesliga soccer game in nearby and goes ahead with some 50000 spectators this is when the severity of the crisis really hits germany in early march t.v.
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images from crisis ridden is to reach german households by mid march more people have died from covert 1000 in italy than in china making italy the most hard hit country in the world german authorities ramp up testing and at i.c.u. beds in hospitals bigger events get cancelled shops and schools closed border checks are imposed and one man becomes the public face of the fight against the virus because standard boston viral. charlie teo hospital. uncle americal initially stays quiet but in mid march she addresses the german nation on t.v. a 1st in her 15 years as head of government. and. these are the most severe restrictions postwar germany has ever seen let me assure you for somebody like me for whom freedom of travel and movement was a hot for trite such restrictions are only justified when absolutely necessary.
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and the measures seem to work the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken in germany to slow the spread now shops museums and churches can open again if they meet hygiene and social distancing requirements face masks and now mandatory for shopping trips and on public transport. on wednesday anglo-american and the country's 16 state premiers will discuss the next round of easing restrictions the varian officials have already announced that beer gardens would be able to open again on the 18th of may our political correspondent kate brady is covering the story for us kate many here in germany are hoping the government today will announce a further relaxation of law 'd restrictions what can we expect. they seem that certainly will be the case later today there's already been a draft paper doing the rounds here in amman the german media this morning and some
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of the main points that we're likely to see relaxations on today are shops the reopening of shops nationwide regardless of the size so far that's been limited to small shops of up to $800.00 metres square so it looks like they will be reopened albeit of course on the condition that social distancing measures are upheld by customers and staff also we're likely to see the reopening of schools a gradual reopening of schools for all students by the sum of break interestingly though it seems that it will be up to the individual states to decide whether things like hotels bars restaurants and universities will reopen and to what extent of course it seems that all of these relaxations willing to be on the condition that the number of new cases of coronavirus does not increase here in germany and at least according to this draft paper that we've seen so far to say it seems that the each individual state will be required to reimplement restrictions should the
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number of new cases rise above 50 per 100000 citizens in a specific berra said these do come with strings attacked attached and there are of course expectations on all of the of the people here in germany to follow the social distancing rules ok so clearly the crown of iris is a moving target and all this could change quickly tell us kate we've got some states like varia here pushing ahead live lock down decisions before they're announced on the national level this is a case of german states asserting their independence not being berlin sort of speak . not necessarily snow being berlin but of course this is a federal system and each of germany's 16 federal states has the right at the end of the day to make its own decisions and of course some of that responsibility it seems is going to be officially pushed on to them today after these talks or rather during the talks between angela merkel and the 16 state premiers but there is also
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i think i feel like a little bit of a competition between the state premiers at the moment which of course is very dangerous considering that we're living through a pandemic but it seems that each state wants to be the one to say look how much we've achieved and and wants to take the 1st steps to let their local people back out into public life and get their economy back up and running again thank you so much t w political correspondent kate brody. well another much anticipated decision here in germany is whether the bonus league a soccer season can resume play federal and state ministers are also set to discuss this today it's a league gets the green light to would be the 1st of europe's 5 biggest soccer leagues to return to the pitch. to play or not to play that is the question only politicians can answer germany's football league the d.f.l.
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has revealed more than 10 positive kobe in 1000 cases so far 3 from f.c. cologne the league had just started the 1st wave of coronavirus tests last week in preparations to get back on the pitch another wave of testing is underway following the initial positive cases however teams continue to train in compliance with this insane protocol set by medical experts germany's health minister. has expressed his support for the business leaders plan to resume play stating the basic plan makes sense and could serve as a model for other professional sports but we'll have to see how it goes several clubs in the but as leaders 1st division reported 0 positive kovan 1000 tests the d.f.l. has stated should the season go ahead all teams will have to go into quarantine like training camps one week before games restart some players had already expressed their concerns about resuming in mid may but the choice isn't theirs to
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make. fan groups in germany had reservations about the restart is well as expected no fans will be allowed in the stadiums germany's police union believes fans will gather outside the stadium regardless of the rules must the show go all in the d.f.l. is hoping the politicians will approve the resumption of the buddhist league and 2nd division seasons as soon as may 15th. but if play does resume and then a player test positive what happens then. all joining is here to talk about the potential return of bundesliga action is sports correspondent jonathan craig. tell us these reports there that suggested the business leader could get the green light what will happen if the bogus league it does not get that green light well i think the german football league the f l which runs the been is the guy and germany 2nd division has been quite clear about this club will go out of business
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if we can't get playing again a lot of the reason for that is down to t.v. money 300000000 euros state of t.v. money that's due to come into clubs so if the if they don't play they don't get that money now as you say some reports in germany suggesting that the brits league will be allowed to restart we heard from the interior minister who will say how for the weekend his ministry if they're responsible for sport in germany he back to restart their work with the caveat he said you know given any threshold privileges now i think politicians have been pretty clear that football can only resume when it's safe to do so the league has a set out an extensive a hygiene plan basically aimed at minimizing the risk of infection of the current virus spreading it feels like we've been talking about this and waiting for this decision for ages the league is ready to go and so the clubs. go for the bonus
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league and it's about survival that's clear. because there's a lot of money involved. that means if we don't finish the season by june 30th than our t.v. revenues or risk money from sponsors is at risk because we simply didn't deliver the goods to put it bluntly and besides we have to see that we get our lives going again and i think the bundesliga can contribute to the. understand you spoke with the general secretary of fief pro that the global players union what's their stance on this well we have to remember that for all the support the region hearing from the bridge is legal there are of course people who are opposed to restart some fine groups indeed and we've been hearing a bit from players don't forget at the weekend we had from the colombian midfield. who basically said look i'm a bit worried and 50 have said a lot of play as i've been coming to them with that consigns may need to safety to safety but also the perception that this gives off the message they're sending if
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they play football i think i'm very conscious that we seem to be having special rules compared to everyone else so i think that is one of the concerns the league will say look the fact that these tests came back positive shows system is working the plan is working and they will be going full steam ahead we'll keep an eye on it jonathan crane from do that the sport thanks so much. you know it's going to be to look at what impact a crowd of virus is having around the world britain now has europe's highest death toll from the credit virus overtaking italy the latest figures show the virus has killed more than 32000 people there u.k. doctors say not enough testing was done in the early stages of the epidemic. german carmaker b.m.w. has lowered its forecast for 2020 and expects profits to be almost wiped out due to the current pandemic margins are expected to drop to anywhere between 0 and 3 percent the company is planning to reduce its workforce.
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around the world people have been putting ways to pay tribute to the doctors and nurses working on the front lines to save lives during this pandemic many have done so by applauding health workers nightly or by raising funds to support their health systems but for one couple in bolivia's capital of puds the best way to thank central workers is with a home cooked meal. cooking meals as a family to get under lockdown and this detective reema and his wife geraldine also malka have found a new cooling along with geraldine's mother movement restrictions came into force in mid march so instead of clocking in for his job as a marketing manager father of 3 and has to spends his day in the kitchen preparing food and this is what's cooking. 100 portions of roast chicken and french fries for essential work has docked his messes disinfection
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teams and the police. well the cd is not over we tell them that the news today is that we've bought them to know we've bought them lunch and they say thank you very much it's a thanks that comes from the soul it's very gratifying the end. time to get the food to those who need it the cost of the ingredients come out of the couple's own pockets but they say friends have started offering them donations to help. savvy marketer and esther has a snappy slogan for their project taking care of those who care for. that we say mission accomplished at the end of the day we were able to reach a sector that really needed it to feed those who are taking care of me and most importantly taking care of my daughters that has. been aviaries planning to ease the lockdown next week but and next time when geraldine say they want to keep making and delivering their tasty meals to show their thanks. you're
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watching d.w. news from berlin the forget you can keep in touch with the news any time on our website that's dot com you'll find a lot there course about the coronavirus but we're covering many many other stories that we simply don't have time for get our news programs that are certainly worth your attention but names terry martin you'll find me on twitter at sea of news stream our programs on twitter and instagram d w news thanks for watching.