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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2020 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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please don't abuses don't attack is because if we are gone who will come out and help you when you need to move. well around the world people have also been finding ways to pay tribute to the doctors and nurses working on the front lines to save lives during this pandemic many have done so by applauding health workers nightly or raising funds to support their health systems of one couple in bolivia's capital pounds best way to thank essential workers with a home cooked meal. cooking meals as a family together under lockdown and nestor tech arena and his wife geraldine austin alga have found a new cooling along with geraldine's mother movement restrictions came into force in mid march so instead of clocking in for his job as a marketing manager father of 3 n.s.t. spends his day in the kitchen preparing food and this is what's cooking
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100 portions of roast chicken and french fries for essential workers doctors nurses disinfection teams and the police. for lucille that if we tell them that the news today is that we've gotten to know we've bought them lunch and they say thank you very much it's a thanks that comes from the soul it's very gratifying. time to get the food to those who need it the cost of the ingredients come out of the couple's own pockets but they say friends have started offering them donations to help. savvy marketer and esther has a snappy slogan for that project taking care of those who can. say mission accomplished at the end of the day we were able to reach a sector that really needed it to feed those who are taking care of me and most importantly taking care of my daughters. what i believe here is planning to ease
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the lockdown next week but and nestorian geraldine say they want to keep making and delivering their tasty meals to show that thanks. well let's return to our top story now germany is set to announce steps to reopen the economy from coronavirus lockdown is seen live pictures here from the chancellery right now it sounds like a will address the nation shortly she's held a teleconference today with state premiers to discuss further loosening of restrictions on public life it's spect it states will now decide what can open them when as long as the infection rate stays in sick. or let's go to correspondent kate brady who's standing by kate the chancellor's press conference has been delayed for half an hour is that an indication that negotiations are actually quite tough. oh certainly i mean they have plenty to be
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discussing today 'd whether it's exactly how the different states have been behaving inches say in the last few days taking matters into their own hands and already announcing that some restrictions in some states would be relaxed before other states and then on top of that of course there's a lot of intricate details to be discussed here to in and then we might even see of course on top of that a decision about the bunda sleeker as well plenty of football fans around that table i presume as well today among the politicians or rather on that video call with machall because no one's around the table at the moment so they'll be a lot of things to discuss and we're expecting to hear from merkel within the next few minutes but already as we've mentioned there has been a draft document doing the rounds today here in germany where are expecting to see a lot of. easing of restrictions in the coming days one date that seems to be floating around is may 20th so we could see the relaxation of many measures
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currently in place just within the next couple of weeks here in germany but as you say this is all dependent on those magic numbers both the number of new cases here in germany which seem at least for the moment to be decreasing the number of new cases seems to be decreasing day on day but on top of that as well you also have to take note of the reproduction rate of the infection something that we've had and being reminded of several times by the public health institute the robert cole institute here in germany and just yesterday the president of the robocall institute was indeed warning again that there could be a 2nd wave if not a 3rd wave eventually of coded 19 here in germany and of course that is one of the main concerns that a spike in the number of cases so of course in addition to that that all depends on how the people here in germany react and behave at the moment the. asks on now
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a beleaguered terry in germany face masks terry in shops and on public transport and most people seem to be a daring to that but of course that is that sense that people could become a little more complacent as people start meeting in the logic groups perhaps not cape in the distance and that certainly anecdotally speaking at least seems to be the case whether when you're out on in the shops or on the streets people aren't keeping their distance quite like they were a few weeks ago. kate the german system is that the states the 16 states have a lot of control over these restrictions and yet the federal government on the chancellor merkel has given the impression that they were quite in control of the whole situation now the state premiers him to be pushing further than before has lost control of this process. i wouldn't go as far to say that she's lost control
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but there certainly has been pressure mounting as we've seen in in recent days several different states around germany have been relaxing different restrictions and that radio is something that they're very much in titles or do this is part of germany's 'd political framework with its federal system and it has its advantages it means that these different states have been able to try and take a more targeted approach and to respond accordingly of course not all states and not all areas of germany have been hit quite as hard as all the states by the close of it 19 virus but so far i'm going to medical stance has been that she wanted the states to try a new knighton have more coherence only response to covert 19 but of course we've seen in recent days that has not been the case and of course the has to a certain extent been a certain amount of competition as well a death say between state premiers to show that they are the 1st the 1st to lift certain restrictions and to get
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a sense of normalcy back into people's lives here in germany is it also much nicer to be able to be in control of the lifting of frustrations while they were quite happy to leave the putting down the pressing down a little instructions on the public they were quite happy to leave that's angela merkel when they. certainly of course but that said it does seem that the restrictions the heavy handed restrictions rady that merkel helped put in place in germany haven't affected her ratings especially her posses ratings if anything it's done quite the opposite in the c.d.u. the conservative c.d.u. here in germany and now polling at around 38 percent so much higher than they were just a few months ago when they have struggled to to make a new coalition had it being time for a new election so it's really interesting to see how the public has accepted these restrictions in
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a way but everyone it seems is keen to to get back out again but at the same time of course if those state premiers are willing to take the praise right now for taking that initiative to try and ease restrictions earlier than anglo-american might have liked the question then is what if there is indeed a spike in new cases and will they be willing to take the criticism if we see a 2nd wave particularly as a result of perhaps easing restrictions a moment too soon here in germany. the average german citizen has been widely praised by politicians of course for sort of. hearing to these restrictions quite willingly do you think that this is easier in germany than in other countries and that's maybe that's why germany was so successful in managing this crisis. well society speaking or looking in german culture there is
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a rather fondness of rules here in germany and they are largely abided by and that said at the same time of course freedoms restrictions on freedoms is still a very controversial issue here in germany particularly given its history as well and so it has been a controversial issue throughout so whether these restrictions should stay in place for as a long a time period as they have done and so we'll have to see exactly how people respond in the coming days of course their behavior and how they continue to a day to social distancing that could have as i say huge effects on whether or not we see a spike in the number of cases here in germany. what do you think overall what do germans think have their governments both the 16 state governments and the federal government led by that they're done a good job or do they think they've gone too far. well the general feeling is that
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the government has done a good job and as i mentioned the polls are open especially for angela merkel's conservative party and also for america was a popularity herself so the general opinion is indeed that the german government has responded well and on top of the restrictions that have been in place of course the german economy has also needed significant help to see it through the pandemic and also we'll see that continue in the months in the and 2 years even in the aftermath of the pandemic as well in the german government has signed off just a couple of weeks ago a historic financial aid package here something to the tune of 750000000000 euros also breaking all sorts of financial and political to bears here in germany to take on new debt so that they could keep business is and freelances employees afloat both now and in the aftermath of this pandemic and so far the german
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government has said that economically speaking they will do whatever it takes to keep the economy going and of course that's not only for germany's benefit but also for europe and wiser outside of europe as well of course germany is europe's biggest economy and this is why there's been this call as well from angela merkel time and time again for the solidarity right now with with its european neighbors of course that has been a very controversial issue particularly when it comes for germany's help or financial help towards the states but indeed the german economy is only doing well rather germany specially is doing well if the european is also doing well. thank you for that so far stay with us while we wait for a german chancellor angela merkel to start
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a press conference we're going to bridge that time with another report with the summer holidays right around the corner here in germany those in the tourism sector obed travel bans bull be among restrictions lifted or at least eased today already the coronavirus crisis is expected to cost the industry around $24000000000.00 euros. it is a children's paradise without the children. a relaxing retreat longing for tired periods. and animal lovers dream and fulfilled. for more than 2 months no farm one hour from berlin has been closed to guests and the coronavirus lock down is costing them foes interview rooms every week we are going through michel we have a huge losses every month we have no literally 0 earnings anymore only outgoings because the horses still need to be careful they need to eat that costs money we
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have high fixed costs for the houses. owner once the government to relax the restrictions for businesses like cars she says guests can keep a safe distance in her rental homes and it apart unlike in hotels. some states have started to at least developed a concept for reopening i mean really hope that we will be allowed to open up for us. we really wish for that in the farmyard yet more revenants of the knock on effects of the pandemic. ports has come to pedicure the horses he's also losing money as customers avoid expensive work like fitting iron horse shoes. and pia one of the farms for employees who has been placed on leave but she still comes every day. because the animals a day to my heart when it comes to the animals i'm susceptible to blackmail i know
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that if i don't do it then nobody will. at this nearby dairy farm it's a different story it's not just the newborn calves who are enjoying their milk the farmer says that since the corner virus hit more and more customers are now coming direct to fill up their milk bottles. and her $1004.00 and up with tourists have disappeared completely but people who would normally go to discipline market don't want to go to the shops anymore. that they are coming to the farm to buy the products directly where they are produced to. put it. back in the wrist off garden corner frank is preparing the hammocks for the summer season. free to take a brief pause before the busy times that hopefully lie ahead. and while waiting for the americans to begin to press conference let's go back to our reporter brady
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kate we've heard there about one sector of the economy that's tourism but overall do you think that the pressure. now on and all the state governments to lift restrictions from business has become so strong that they have to move. certainly i mean there's been pressure and lobby groups calling on the government to try and reverse to lift or relax the restrictions on businesses for weeks now and desperately trying to find ways to keep businesses afloat and of course one of the main industries that's been hit as well is germany's automobile industry according to reports today sales were down 60 percent and there was a automobile summit yesterday as it was cause way that the chancellor self and some lead in ministers and a decision on how the state government might actually step into office
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a more financial aid to the current automobile industry has actually been postponed there might be a decision now by june but one of the ideas it's been thrown around is possible incentives for people who potentially might be interested in buying a car in the coming weeks and they could be ranging from anywhere between $3.40 euros per car per customer so that is a demand there for support the moment but of course this is a very controversial issue the relationship between the automobile industry and the german government has been a controversial point for many many years they're extremely cozy and in the meantime there has been even more criticism particularly given the climate crisis that we also find ourselves in at the moment and even yesterday there was outcry in front of the chancellor rebuilding calling on the german government to invest in
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a sustainable mobility rather than reinvest and in the old industry the old industry structure of the automobile industry say really there is a chance here right now for the german government to finally put its foot down and demand that the car industry in invests and also puts money into innovation but whether or not the car industry. the automobile industry will want to play along with that is a very different question and of course the car industry isn't the only sector that's putting pressure on limits also loved ones are for example that is probably in the the very significant bailout and many many other sectors have raised their hands how deep are the government's pockets with regards to this well there has been hints from the finance minister olaf schultz that we could indeed see another can or rather an initial economic stimulus package at the end of this month if not
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at the beginning of june but so far we've seen a financial aid package a historical amounts of some 750000000000 euros the biggest financial aid package that germany's handed out since the 2nd world war and that has been to keep all kinds of businesses and employees afloat and going through this pandemic but of course the question is what needs to be done after this pandemic as well there have been growing warnings that germany will still face a deep recession when this pandemic is over and that certainly seems to be what economic experts a point in towards at the moment and the german government has said that it's willing to do whatever it takes to keep the economy going but of course the numbers can only stretch so far and indeed we have already seen germany breaking some political and financial to boost as well taking on new debt something it hasn't done in years and so they of course the economy is of huge concern to germany it's
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the biggest economy in europe as well so it begs responsibility not only for its domestic role its domestic economy but also its role within europe and on the world stage as well. ok hang in there a little further we'll come back to you as soon. as finish our press conference which is due to start any moment. but 1st for a brief look at water impact the coronavirus is having around the world germany's industrial orders for march have fallen dramatically by more than 15 percent the lowest level in decades to monticello both domestically and internationally due to the global pandemic chemical and engineering sectors felt the biggest impact abyan be is to cut $900.00 jobs that's around 25 percent of its workforce as the
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impact of global covert 19 restrictions is felt across the travel industry revenues are forecast to be less than half of last year's earnings the home rental company plans an initial public offering this year. at least 12 people have been injured in a blaze at a residential skyscraper in sharjah the united arab emirates firefighters rushed to evacuate the 48 story and building and neighboring buildings there was no immediate word on the possible cause. in the u.s. as the number of those succumbing to the coronavirus rises health care professionals are taking the time to celebrate the positives of one hospital in texas a long term patients recovery from covert 19 location to twisted shot.
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the. dancing the stress away and celebrating one of the hardened successes of. these nurses at st joseph's hospital in the u.s. state of california she made to the sounds of a merry out and. the decrease in wasn't just the annual sync it to my holiday celebrations and parts of mexico and also the u.s. . it was also to mark the recovery of long suffering patient amanda mendoza finally discharged from hospital he spent the last 45 days that battling kovac 19. amid so much speech means finding these moments of joy has become all the more important.
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a pandemic has also forced us artist christo to postpone a project to wrap the octopus the elephant paris in fabric until next year in the meantime people here in berlin can enjoy a retrospective of all the installations he completed with his late wife john claude in the german capital the exhibition is time to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the jaws wrapped i stock. jim 1905 it looked like a u.f.o. had landed in the middle of berlin christo and his partner john claude had finally made their vision to wrap up a reality the summer began with these idyllic surreal scenes a 1000000 visitors to the once and future site of the german parliament and. it has an elegance and an opulent it radiated with magnetic power that simply drew you in . 95 was the 1st time we met with crystal.
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it was astonishing to see that every fold and wrinkle he had painted was exactly what you could see in real life later. it was as though he could envision the whole thing. ingrid thomas your home saw the rapt. they also followed christos other installations for decades forging a friendship with him in the process a new exhibit at the populaire shows their collection in honor of the 25th anniversary of christos project. it did so much good for germany and germany granted them permission with such tolerance and generosity a parliamentary building isn't just any structure. it also shows the beginning of crystal's career when all that was available for him to wrap up with old newspapers or performers of the 1960 s. it also shows his mammoth projects that the couple struggled for decades to realize
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such as the gates in new york's central park or the famous bridge in paris their undertakings were always wildly eccentric. christos last spectacular project was floating peers at lake italy in 2016. this was an installation that allowed people to literally walk on water. the artist sent this video message for the exhibitions opening. very happy that all is now and for the 25 of that i thank you very much and i hope the vision. christer turns 85 in june but despite the death of his partner john claud in 2009 he hasn't lost any of his creative spirit this fall he had planned to wrap the uk to paris a long held wish but the pandemic has forced him to put that project on hold for a year. and just
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a reminder for viewers that we're still waiting for. to start a press conference on the lifting of some of the restrictions. in germany that was scheduled for off an hour ago has been delayed and we will bring you that as soon as it happens meanwhile india as seen as biggest single day spike in corona virus infections linked to an outbreak at a fruit market in the southern city of chennai overall the country has more than 49000 cases and more than 1500 people have died still india has moved to ease lockdown restrictions across the country in delhi people are slowly returning to work things are still far from the. if they want to back to work from home about them. normally that is listing some of its peak season econd as well. but normally it's quickly been defined.
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for the last 40 days. didn't think you know don't have stepped out of them at home now these exit sticking and. self employed workers like ours and other loud to make home cause as long as they did precautions. other than some other things usually enough time to do window. but this c.e.o. he feels the pickings are going to be far more to. the customer we need to out of here know by the customers don't want us to come customers also scared i guess everyone is worried about their safety when they do call us they keep a distance from us to go to the other rooms will. all go to st opening up again the field is do everything the delhi government has had the time has come to be open the city but the public transport still offline and cogs on the kinds of businesses allowed to operate there is confusion about how well we've closed the software
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house if the qualifying offer over to one of the 2 on e bay also to think up anybody. hoping to do you open. the windows sing read on whatsapp that electrical shocks are on the approved list he's still keeping his shop hop shouted just in case the authorities tell him otherwise and that is another problem with public buses off the roads the only employees who can make it to work those who live within cycling distance and we need all those quads i got to why those who can make it will come i'll pick up what i can myself we can't call many of our employees anyway because we have to maintain distance you have a lot of the only the distance. business is slow but at least the city is gradually coming alive. awesome doesn't want to get his hopes up because he knows a spike in t. if this can cause another shutdown in these uncertain times every job is
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a blessing. for more on that joint from delhi by our correspondent michelle. reporter misha india's government is easing restrictions even as parts of the country are reporting a rise in infection numbers on people. about the virus spreading further. remember how this all happened despite the. opt out in us closing in on $50000.00 she says but on the other hand we also have the massive economic impact. already the flood for example as you know it's in the snow down and the knock down has hit the florida sections all the cooperation the hottest and you have has a massive and almost sick joke that has been on the business is the book fault my shutdown not only has catalyzed city is going to change our ins and outs and orange and green zones more easing and it's going to be the longtime city like more like
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comic outlets crashing since the last and calculate this and any nationally but more than just to shoot or don't do not so why do you think is in the interest on the uptick it's also want to get off any looking to actually pick up and india. when the doctor was imposed i remember there was much attention on the plight of new migrant workers what's their situation. that's not to the law was an ass that was a massive exodus and said just like. just trying to block the let's just how i would just quickly shut down because there were concerns within the villages as well as by government that these migrants could get the white us back all the little of this recent easing was announced the government also said that session but those in chains really don't know it can be as might even be well i don't deal
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in closer to of far too least by where this all ties back to the economic question that is to say oh you know because obama sent those you by having me on my good lashley operates and now getting back up but they don't have the migrants who love going around so again one of the additional challenges for these nurses to grow up and all of course also migrants are still using it she was just a going to register processes to get home. the shops are also reopened proving to be a problem tell us more about that national.