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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany gets back to business but within limits officials clear the way for restaurants shops of all sizes and schools to reopen the chance to go back to wars that are spike in new corona virus infections could lead to more again also coming up a gas leak at a chemical plant on india's east coast kills it least 8 people the death toll is
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expected to climb with hundreds from nearby towns hospitalized and struggling to bring. it said that the bar is does not discriminate but during the global lockdown it's even more clear that people do we explore a pandemic of racism to right to the people of asian and african descent. plus bringing back the bonus league teams in germany's top football league are to return to the pitch but fans will only be allowed to watch from home. hello i'm terry marchant good to have you with us germany is back in business but keeps the option to shut down again that's the message from chance for an american who announced the easing of some coronavirus lockdown measures in the coming weeks but warned the steps must be taken gradually and with caution stay close look at
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some of the challenges confronting germany states as they manage the reopening of their economy. this is what the new normal in germany could look like all the shops open more people out on the streets wearing face masks restaurants and beer gardens are to reopen as well. but there will be regional variations due to germany's federal division of powers. we have seen good progress as far as the number of new infections is concerned that means we can now take further steps. that. buttery have to be careful to keep control. and the emergency response mechanism we have to fed it means i can feel quite confident. home that means the state premiers have agreed to adjust their measures on the grounds of the number of new infections. if they rise above
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a certain number tougher restrictions must be reintroduced. we do see the big decisions we made today don't just concern the question of how can we ease the restrictions but also how can we continue to ensure public security we know it's difficult finding a balance between public safety and civil liberties it's because. it's been left to the 16 state governments to decide for themselves how and when to reopen day care facilities restaurants and hotels social distancing rules are to be extended for another month but members of 2 separate households will now be allowed to meet large events like concerts and festivals remain banned until the end of the summer but football fans can look forward to the bundesliga season being allowed to resume in mid may with restrictions a relief for many parents children will gradually start getting back to schools and kindergartens. it's an almost complete return to normal. and the chancellor said
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that it's up to germans themselves to make sure the regain freedom works. our political correspondent keep brady is covering this story for us kate germany is coming out of the law for the most part what does this say about where the penn demick is right now in germany well i'm going so far as that quite simply yesterday in that press conference saying that it's safe to say the 1st phase of this pandemic is now behind germany but that we are here in germany still in the early phases in the fight against this virus and that it will be something that germany still has to tackle for a long time to come but of course there was a lot of pressure growing in recent days both from the business sector and also from those state premiers on the 16 states say in germany to ease restrictions and in the end of that pressure has a huge effect on the results of those talks yesterday and the relaxed measures that we're expecting to see put in place in the next couple of days but let's not forget
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all of these relaxations are in the conditions on the condition that social distancing is still a did 2 and german people here are expected to still follow those rules and anglo-american has made it clear that until there is a vaccine coverage 19 is something that germany's still going to have to live with as part of this new normal is that not a huge risk kate that this relaxation of the law will calls a 2nd wave of infections perhaps bigger than the 1st. that's in the is a risk and it's a concern that's been raised as well on several occasions just even a couple of days ago again by the public health institute here in germany the robot call institute and the president of the robot caucus issued said just the other day that it is with great certainty he said in his words that there will be a 2nd wave and this is something that both the state governments and the federal government are now preparing for and as we heard that in the report ungrammatical
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made it clear yesterday that should there be an increase in acute cases all of clovis 19 it's specifically 2 specific districts in germany then it will be the state's individual responsibility to ensure that restrictions of re implemented so we could see waves of many lockdowns depending on how and whether the number of new cases in germany does indeed increase in the coming months germany states as you say do have a lot of freedom in terms of how far and how fast they go and relaxing restrictions that lead to a lot of differences how's that working out well what we've seen so far is indeed germany's federal system in action of course there is advantages to that in many states have decided to take it upon themselves to take a more tog approach to tackling the restrictions and also more importantly how they are relaxed at the moment but of course so far we have
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also seen a bit of peer pressure between the state premiers and it seems so far that wherever one state crimea goes the others on very far behind kate thanks so much for your political correspondent kate pretty. here's round up of some of the latest pandemic news from around the world more than 3700000 people have been infected with the coronavirus globally with more than 260000 deaths according to data from johns hopkins university thailand has confirmed 3 new cases and no deaths spain has an extended state of emergency for 2 more weeks from sunday turkey says it has brought the break under control and will set new social guidelines and business practices to prevent a resurgence. at least 8 people have been killed after chemical gas leaks from a factory in india the factories located in the city of visa capa in under pradesh
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on the east coast hundreds of people have been rushed to hospital and more than a 1000 evacuated from nearby villages footage shows people suffering from knowledge a parent dizziness or just lying on the street the plant is owned by a south korean firm l.g. chem it's released a statement saying the leak is under control. to find out more we're joined now by d.w. correspondent when you're a child dari in delhi near we're getting reports of several people killed numerous injuries in that talks a gas leak what more can you tell us. well the situation is quite panicked right now from the reports that are common also midnight on 2 20 am one of the chambers of the as you call them up it leaked and it may. have led to working debts including that of the child and it has led to hundreds being hospitalized people
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who inhaled this gas they were disturbing visual which came out of the food and unconscious on the streets so victim accounts have come out which say that since it was some months so they were sleeping with their windows open and their lives in the dead of the night that they couldn't leave their skin started running there i started walking so the ran out of the house and people just started falling unconscious i'm thinking the gas so at the moment multiple villages and i'm going to kill them we just made us around the plant multiple images that are in that t.v.'s have been evacuated i'm going to throw up racially that's been going on multiple villages affected what kind of gas are we talking about here what does the factory produce well they're not really confirmed reports again but some reports saying that it is the get so this is a lord in the making of wonder which is basically. what's the title plastic which is used in the making of toys in the blinds and. loves to dance. so this gas his
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use in the making of that and if you there are reports that if you're in the large frontally to want to do that can actually be fatal especially ringback for young children so the gas is quite toxic in nature and that is why we have seen images of people in hundreds running around the streets and we don't quite ambulance how are sort of dealing with the situation. well immediate measures have been taken as i mentioned su operations are going long the prime minister has taken note of the situation he's been called up and meeting with the n d m e which is the national disaster management of quality and the same authority is also working to those we would the government of state in which this tragic event happened so at the moment to the devil nothing's going to be. the death toll which we have a number of injured even in the boat it's me increase as more reports come up we're hearing from the company l.g.
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chem that the situation is under control is as you mentioned is there still any risk to public health at this point at the moment i think you just want to see that as i mentioned it is a developing story and a ghastly even invest in disaster which as you see shores has lead to long term impacts when evidence has happened so as long as the impact on public health the some sun i need to wait for more he did report an expert analysis on what exactly this gas can really do when receiving in fact coming in and there are thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was manure richard dari in delhi. now for a brief look at what impact the coronavirus is having around the world china's exports unexpectedly rose by 3.5 percent in april despite the coveted 19 pandemic and it's just dropped effect on the global economy but the outlook for china's
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exports remains bleak as the health crisis around the world sparks fears of a global recession. the european union expects this year to enter the specs to enter the deepest economic recession in its history its economy is expected to contract by a massive 7.5 percent this year because of the coronavirus shutdowns there is no guarantee that 2021 will see a return to growth. serbian lawmakers have better to end the state of emergency which was imposed to prevent the spread of the corona bars the vote means daily and weekend curfews will be lifted and that people over 65 years of full of age will be allowed to leave their homes. the archaeological side of pump aid is to reopen as italy relaxes some lock down restrictions all visitors will have their temperature taken and they'll be asked to download an app to both show the route they should follow around the site and to allow tracing.
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now an unfortunate side effect of the corona virus pandemic an increase in racist incidents around the world such incidents have prompted rebuttal social media campaigns but discrimination often from behind white blue and green masks continues . the virus does not discriminate it's a line many have used to describe the fact that anyone can come down with coded 19 . but when it comes to human behavior discrimination has range supremum in this pandemic around the world various groups have been maligned accused of spreading the virus asian americans have reported verbal and physical abuse fueled some say by this kind of rhetoric from u.s. president donald trump. why do you keep calling this the chinese virus and why do
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you keep using this. system. comes from china the discrimination knows no borders in china itself african residents have faced abuse apparently linked to a cluster of cases within the nigerian community in the southern city of. oh yes. there are countless other examples of pandemic fueled racism with the fear of suffering and helplessness in the face of a spreading virus proving a toxic cocktail more pandemic related discrimination across
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europe let's talk to our correspondent lisa lewis who is covering the story from paris lisa what sort of discrimination are we seeing during the pandemic here in europe. well across europe there are many cases there's this one corinne interpreter in her twenty's in the netherlands for example who posted online that one night she was pushed off her bike in a deserted street by someone a man on a motorcycle and that man yelled chinese after that she did a poll a google survey online and got more than $100.00 replies from people across europe there have been reports for example in italy that there have been boycotts of chinese businesses in the u.k. there was was a student that was beaten up by a man who then yet had him and said we don't want the coronavirus in our country and here in france they have also been reports by many people who said you know we're being discriminated against on public transport people in the on the metro they take their distances put their scarves over the knots and that even people
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have said that they were let on the metro by people because they thought that they could have these asian looking people could have the grown up iris so in for just looking at france for you or i know that we reported on this already at the beginning of the pandemic as a problem is that being focused indiscriminately at any one of asian descent. yes absolutely many people of asian descent say you know we've been living here for many years we're being discriminated against we're not even chinese and people are taking their distances from us here in france they 1st came up came up with this hash tag which is as soon as we found the us i am not a virus that then spread across europe to other countries now sociologists are talking about an underlying racism here in france that's been there for many years there have been many immigrants from asia from former colonies in asia vietnam cambodia for example and the 1st generation of immigrants have hasn't really
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rebelled against that now the 2nd generation is more speaking up they were born in france they're saying we're being discriminated against for many years especially since 2016 when a chinese migrant was beaten to death by young people in the suburbs there were demonstrations and now people are speaking out even more because they're even more being discriminated against here in france with the coronavirus as you mentioned racism discrimination has been around for a long time could this is as you say these campaigns we're seeing online that are actually coming out again speak of people speaking against racism couldn't force countries like france to confront the issue of racism or decisively that's what people are trying to do for example there's one website called timor not on the little mandarins that has received lots of racial abuse online saying well why would you know it's a language learning site website and they're saying these people commenting are
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saying you know why would i learn chinese who wants to go to that country where you've got where you get corona buys and they speak and up and they've actually they're pressing charges against all these people you know posting on their website and so they're hoping that that will mean france will really react and maybe come up with some new laws they said thank you so much that was the w.'s lisa lewis in paris. well china itself is reporting almost no new cases of cove in 19 and the government has been pushing for the economy to fully reopen but how confident are people that they can safely return to what they used as normal we visit one family in beijing to see how they're making that decision a bit of normality for 8 year old moment and his parents as restrictions in china have largely been east people slowly return to their pretty epidemic routines
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playgrounds and streets fill up shops have reopened even as official propaganda constantly reminds people to stay vigilant this banner reminds the residents be responsible. it's on the surface the epidemics influence on our lives is weakening. but i have the feeling that this isn't over yet it still affects our lives our movements. i've just bought an electric scooter so i won't have to use public transport anymore. this young queen manages an art gallery husbanding house young is an artist even before the epidemic to cold he used to work from home while momo spent his days in school and we came home for dinner but for the last 3 months the 3 of them had been confined to their apartment . there was a lot of friction between the 2 of us in the beginning but after
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a short while we became a lot friendlier with each other. that's gone quite well you're. just what your. schools are still closed most classes are taught online. is handed in on a chat tap. but my most mother is back at work with no more than a handful of daily new cases reported nationwide the government is pushing for businesses to return to normal. i feel the situation is under control now i feel safe. and that has a lot to do with the government's response. i feel that in such an extreme situation china system is able to respond better than those of western countries but young is more skeptical a confidence has been shaken during the last few months.
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one o. shouts i try not to watch the news too often so i worry less and if i have to i prefer to rely on people i know friends who work in the media and whom i trust as well as people in chat groups who i feel are reliable that's how i try to stay up to date. i avoid state media. she does not want to elaborate further. she feels censorship is too sensitive to discuss in public the family is now figuring out how to deal with the uncertainties that lie ahead. germany's bonus league of football league will resume its season on may 15th behind closed doors zation makes abundantly get europe's 1st major football league to resume play it's being described as a compromise for allowing fans to enjoy the remainder of the season but only by
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watching games on television the league's resumption is also being closely watched by professional sports leagues around the world. tennis and wimbledon canceled the 1st time since world war 2. the tokyo olympics postponed until 2021 if it even takes place. the same goes for the cancelled european football championship the list of postpone major sporting events is long top class sport worldwide has come to a standstill. but the german football league is now allowed to start again the chancellor announced on wednesday and then the female among other things the topic of shops which cannot open without restriction but of course with the hydrogen concepts will be covered by mass and leisure sports this one is 5 the 1st and 2nd german football league which will be allowed to run the comes again from
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the 2nd toughest made on woods under the approved under with a tested rules. of the league had their own response to today's decision is good news for the but in this league and the 2nd one is legal because the clubs and their employees now have a great responsibility to implement the medical and organizational guidelines in a disciplined manner. that's. the d.f.l. the bell organization of the german football league is breaking new ground with the resumption of play a central component of its concept close mess testing of everyone involved there are to be $20000.00 tests in the next few weeks the 1st wave of testing resulted in 10 positive cases out of more than $700.00 tests there will be strict hygiene in distance rules and of course games without spectators these so-called ghost games
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are to be played in the 1st and 2nd division in till the end of the season the d.f.l. decided the restart date for german football will be may 15th. well here with more about the blues league is starting again on may 15th is the reporter pablo foley alias this is a big step and not just for the sporting world there are political implications here as well what makes this decision so controversial well it's incredibly divisive as you can probably imagine and here in germany actually some of the reaction to this decision is very telling of how the feelings are not just here in germany rick ross the world in fact he's a prominent health expert with chancellor merkel's coalition partners yes. he said that the decision was disappointing and wrong and he said it was driven by commercial interests but then on the other hand you've got the bavarian state premier marcus souter who defended the move it's being described you mentioned it before as a compromise why is it a compromise because obviously the games are going to continue so we're going to
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see the end of the league being played out in the next weeks but of course fans can actually go to the stadium so they'll be able to watch it at home and what we should do though is let's take a listen to. german parliament on the german parliament's sports committee i think um it's a kind of compromise we have to see sports on the one hand and we have to see the economy economic aspects of the club. and as we all talk about. changes. grassroots sports i think the compromise could be ok. public could this decision about germany's professional soccer league have an impact on other sports well you know we just heard there you know the economic aspect is very important and you know that's one of the reasons why many of the leagues really want to get things going not one is probably the main reason let's be honest and we've seen other leagues around the
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world already say that they're going to get their games back up and running one being at the turkish super league that's going to start back in june croatia's top flight as well. league in spain one of the top leagues of course along with the ball in this league you know dana has plans for a june resumption but of course everyone's going to watch and see how it pans out in germany and see whether that has a knock on effect if things go well and you know what they're implementing such as you know testing of players on a frequent basis at work we could see it having knock on effects not just in football but in other sports around the world. thank you so much did a report of publicly only this. more german businesses are getting ready to reopen as the country moves to further relax coronavirus restrictions schools will also gradually resume but social distancing rules roumain until at least june 5th and lock downs could be reimposed if infections spike again and that's the news today from germany.
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the survive the nazis. persecution and the holocaust for non jewish friends in berlin help turn she remains very close to her rescuers all her life the german resistance memorial center in berlin commemorates these unsung heroes and their
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courageous engagement for humanity some peace europe. next on d w. enter the conflict zone and tim sebastian it's not as if sun to sunday morning for a long time about a pandemic but the politicians didn't seem to take much notice the lack of preparation is now becoming clear my guess is weak from brussels as the european commission oklahoma fast young handsome boy do you believe you'll get it so wrong conflict. in 60 minutes on d w. hey this is not. bad for video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level. thanks to him talk composer
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limits are. featured in many games his music is bound to. his fans opensource. sounds good. oh genre that's so much more than just background music. video game music on g.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe the corona crisis is still taking its toll on lives and businesses across the continent the tourism industry has been especially hard hit empty beaches empty restaurants empty airports no planes are
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bringing in holiday visitors even the world famous landmarks are now.