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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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starts may 21st on t w. this is d w news live from berlin germany gets back to business within the officials clear the way for restaurants shops of all sizes and schools to reopen. the once there's a spike in new corona virus infections could lead to lockdown again. also coming up a gas leak at a chemical plant on india's east coast kills at least 8 people struggling to brains
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have collapsed in the street and hundreds up in hospital. plus expected a quiet wedding at the city hall away from their friends because of that and. the other got instead was something of a blast from the past the driving wedding with 30 cars to 60 friends and one happy cause. as welcome to the program germany is back in business keeping the option to shut down again that's the word from chancellor angela merkel who announced the easing of some coronavirus locked on measures in the coming weeks germany's 16 states will now manage the gradual reopening of more businesses and schools it will be
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a balancing act between preventing infection and allowing public life to resume. in the town of vine ma in central germany restaurants and cafes have already started to reopen customers must be seated outside with their need 2 people allowed per table it's self service and there are strict hygiene rules but for many this is more than enough doses. it's wonderful it's liberating and healthy i think. it's nice to see how happy it's joyful for this could be for the record i'm happy to be able to go out again it's a group from saturday more restaurants and cafes across germany as well as all shops will start to reopen as part of the next phase in relaxing lockdown restrictions but there will be regional variations due to germany's federal
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division of power as. we have seen good progress as far as the number of new infections is concerned that means we can now take further steps by the union but we have to be careful to keep control of the emergency response mechanism we have to fed it means i can feel quite confident. that means that if the number of infections rises too high in any region tougher restrictions must be introduced there but for now it's up to the 16 state governments to decide how and when to reopen daycare facilities restaurants and hotels social distancing rules are to be extended for another month although members of 2 separate households can now meet large events like concerts remain banned until the end of august but the bundesliga football season will be allowed
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to resume in mid may with strict rules in place. germany is gradually reopening albeit with restrictions but these regained freedoms will only last as long as the corona virus infection rate remains under control and that's one of the problems our political correspondent kate brady is covering this story for us kate germany's infectious disease agency the robot cough institute has just this morning warns that could be a 2nd wave before autumn how to start factor into the government bonds well it certainly plays a huge role in the government's plans right now and something that they will be keeping an eye on both at state and federal level as the restrictions across germany and as you say they call in situ confirmed as well as they say that of reproduction rate in germany now has fall into no point $65.00 but at the same time
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the vice president over the scituate said that this is not a signal that germany has the all clear and right now as i'm glad michael has said on several occasions and full there is a vaccine crave it 19 is very much going to be present in german life and in this new normal that germans are going to be getting you see as a restrictions at least on public life. yeah this new normal kate while many businesses are being given the green light for this new normal parents in particular are very happy why's that. in fact it has been a lot of comparisons drawn in the last few hours or so since those announcements were made yesterday afternoon by angela merkel not only because of things like the one this leader will be able to resume albeit behind closed doors but that there are also plans in place for things like tourism gastronomy and those of her thesis cultural events but the one thing that seems to be missing so far is daycare and kindergartens and that has drawn huge criticism from parents who are desperately
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trying to balance working from home at the minute many of them wanting to also return to work or working in offices all the place of work where possible as well right now but there's also been criticism on the lack of measures being taken to ensure that those day care for everyone from the social democrats and also the green party as well as social democrats leave one of the co-leaders saying today that they sent a fatal signal to families so there has been huge criticism on that front and all we heard from anger them out there yesterday was that it is going to take a while and of course there are also concerns as well especially for those children fun from vulnerable homes who are in more difficult situations and what staying at home for longer might mean for them so many states now have a lot of freedom in terms of how far and how fast they go and relaxing restrictions or reducing them in fact what's the emergency brake and who's going to pull them.
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so basically this is a threshold that's been set and each individual state will be responsible for this so if there are 50 or more than 50 new cases per 100000 inhabitants in a district in the last 7 days then the state each individual state will be responsible for every implementing restriction so we could indeed see pockets of many lock downs and restrictions being reimplemented here in germany germany similar to the ones that we've seen already in previous weeks. thank you i mean at least 8 people died when a gas leak from a chemical factory the factory is located in the city of fees a company hundreds of people who rushed to hospital there and almost 3000 vacuity from nearby villages footage shows people suffering from the water and the power and dizziness a south korean from that owns the factory says the gas leak has now been brought
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under control. to find out more when i joined by d.w. correspondent minorites adare in delhi my neighbor described to us what happened in the early hours of the boy when reports have been coming in about this disturbing incident since morning from what we know there was a gas leak from a chemical plant called the as you well know which is situated near the southern city overshot coupling also midnight amounting to d.m. in the morning there was a gas leak which spread to about 3 kilometer radius don't want to be religious and at the moment at least 8 people have died including one child and hundreds have been hospitalized and healing this gets and the visual which as we mentioned have these coming in showing people out on the streets you know we've been a victim account which have come up which quoted as saying that while they were sleeping the felt that less and less they felt what's going on finally felt
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a burning sensation in this game that often and when they were stepped out of the house to figure out what was happening they fell and washes up the heat of this guess. what kind of gas are we talking about here what does the factory produce. well it's as you point to milk law and it is awarding the making of oil in lawrence basically polystyrene which is used in making rubber leaf takes another other appliance of that so what's the tile plastic and reportedly the gas which was leaked it's now this gas is toxic and it can be very harmful and it can be phaeton if it is in the new special by children in large concentrated amounts so at the moment according to you they are trying to evacuate people from the areas here by the nuns and they are being a wife to cover their feet with a wet cloth. so it's a situation under control still a risk to public else i mean we did measures have been taken the prime minister
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took notice of this incident this morning and he arranged a meeting with the indian which is the national disaster management authority the n b a man has been working closely with the local government in the states where this incident took place and the local government is trying really hard to save lives they have given out differently say that the district officials should take every possible measures to save life and door to door dress to operations are going on at the moment and there are conflicting reports which are coming in as to how many widely happened there are reports we're just saying that since the plant which shocks because of the knockdown of the column of 19th and that is why the chemical reaction to flee which because of the team was were left on a standard for long in fact is why there was a leak or that thought of the hand of there is a official who was been quoted as saying of the local government official who i feel for to death saying that the locals were actually preparing to open the plant and to restart the plant and they were going to attempt to do that which is what led to the gatsby so at the moment the priority is to save the lives of the people
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who are going to many people who are still unconscious even up to our lives and basically evacuated the religions near the. reports from delhi that thank you. now for a brief look at some of the stories making the headlines today the italian coast guard has impounded the rescue ship could be in sicily saying that it has found technical irregularities the ship which picks up migrants in the mediterranean sea will be held by authorities until the issues are fixed. china's exports unexpectedly rose by 3.5 percent in a prop despite the ongoing over 90 and its destructive effect on the global economy but the outlook for china's exports remains bleak as the health crisis around the world spots fears of a global recession. economic activity in russia has plunged by
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a 3rd because of the lockdown which was imposed in late march president vladimir putin has warned that there could be more restrictions on the coronavirus continues to spread. and here's a roundup now of some of the latest found make news more than 3700000 people have been infected with the coronavirus globally more than 260000 have died according to data from johns hopkins university russia has passed germany and france to rank 5th on the list of countries with the most infections a new record daily spike of more than 11000 new cases has pushed russia's total caseload past 177000 spain has extended its state of emergency for 2 more weeks from sunday turkey says it has brought the outbreak on the control will set out new social guidelines and business practices to prevent a resurgence. since the beginning of the growing across is there's been
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a rise in the number of people. here. it all started in early march victoria noticed something that shifted when she rode public transportation skeptical glances from passengers others who would move to different parts of the train. so at 1st i thought i was imagining that i notice people would look at my face and then sit somewhere else i followed 3 of them just to make sure they didn't simply get off the train they went to other compartments or sat in the bicycle section of. victoria corriveau is german her parents moved here long before she was born she is used to experiencing discrimination for being
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a visible minority but once the 1st cases of coronavirus appeared here such incidents became more frequent although berlin is widely seen as a tolerant diversity there's an undercurrent of hatred one man even told her she should spray herself with disinfectant. i've been keeping a low profile because i'm afraid of more attacks like that one. i have to admit when i see a bunch of people outside a bar i cross to the other side of the street to avoid being hassled. i'm glad to be working from home these days because i have the sense that even though i live in berlin people don't see me as german and. victoria tried to talk to her friends about it but they shied away from the subject she doesn't think they're taking the problem seriously. then through facebook she made contact with people across the country. we were having the same
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kind of experience since the pandemic began they have reported almost daily occurrences of hostility just because they look asian hi nice to see you fun who's from china also lives in berlin why he's filmed incidents of racial abuse he's experienced on the subway. and a friend told me you should you should totally reported even though i don't have much hope on the. police but because i want to at least to show people that i have this evidence and i'm not going to being silent was what all of the poor. little time. victoria court of do says it's been helpful to compare notes with others in the same boat that prompted her to create a website that helps bring people together and offer support. it's important for people to be connected this way in times of social distancing to share their
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experience so others know what's going on. racism is nothing new in germany and victoria court of new fears it will be around a long time after the pandemic is over but she's determined to make a difference so people like her feel less alone. the damage done by the corona virus to allies around the world is worsening by the day. has now posted a net loss of 1800000000 euros in the 1st quarter of the stand still left the group holding 455000000 euros worth of jet fuel alone the french government has already promised support but trade unions are bracing for job cuts mean while the allen has rolled out new safety measures to fly as back to the skies. out with the small talk and with the mandatory mosque. passengers on this air france flight from paris to mexico city given a glimpse of the airline's efforts to get the world flying again. but if you
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don't have a very good measure to require passengers and personnel to wear masks it seemed obvious to me the french carrier says it is no deep cleaning its aircraft stuff there every flight and all there is little evidence the virus is transmitted in the air cabins will be sprayed with a long lasting until virus solution every 5 days so point solution is diffused into the cabin with a virus killing product that is very active against 1000 the virus has devastated the global industry in the us how of all planes are in storage airport terminals no ghost tons passenger numbers down 95 percent delta american united and cited west share prices all plunged this week and aviation executive summed up the mood in a senate hearing in the most recent week alone passenger violence declining to levels
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that we have not seen since the 1950 s. before the dawn of the jet age it's remarkable it's almost surreal and it is painful for everyone involved with a long haul routes like this friends mexico flights among those expected to take longest to fellow up again on a list sworn that's a through recovery could take years as possible just we are the risks of flying. another industry hit hard by the food vendors and many cities across asia thousands of little stalls lined the streets people consider them an essential part of everyday life but with a new virus rules customers have to keep their distance and singapore has come up with a way to keep business basi through. 4 years melvin chew has been preparing delicious food at a street corner in singapore but with their stalls closed and tables sealed off local street chefs hawkers had to switch gears for 2 it was as simple as starting
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a facebook group to connect cook sent customers. for. food there are a lot of supporters who have been sharing this facebook group. a lot of them have also been helping out some of the hawkers so this actually brings out the passion and the love for singapore hawkers food. to space book group pass quickly grown to a quarter 1000000 fans meanwhile street vendors in bangkok are pulling together to set up the delivery system the food is brought to what used to be a busy hotel here it is packaged and sent out to customers the cooks benefit asked to the hotel workers. but ferry we don't have to let people.
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they can't get there i mean yeah and that meant that if the 1st flight but another thing is the bali help people our idea because we don't want to reopen it once again for our plane to move there are not things that good things aren't moving quite as fast in young gone myanmar's largest city. volunteers other live bring face masks to protect those vendors who lack the means to change their business model. we are afraid of the virus we read that it kills people but we can't make a living if we can't work we have to think of our family. whether it's simple masts or new ways to connect asia street shifts cooking up creative ideas to stay afloat. after a break of more than 2 months germany's football league will resume its season on may 15th bus behind closed the decision makes the bombs the go europe's 1st major
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football league to resume play the strict hygiene and distancing rules to minimize the risk of being infected by the corona virus of players being closely watched by professional sports leagues around the world. and also by my colleagues probably 40 years from all sports. you know the big it's a big step isn't that problem. for the sporting world the political implications here as well you're absolutely right i mean it is a huge step you know considering what we're we're going through at the moment and obviously it's very divisive and here in germany we've really seen that in fact. now he's a prominent health expert with chancellor merkel the coalition partners yesterday he came out and he said pretty strong words disappointing and wrong and he said it was driven by commercial interests it's very different to what to the varian state premier. said he defended the news and overall it's being described as a compromise it's a compromise because of course people can watch the game c.v.
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end of the league at being played out in the next weeks but of course they can't go to the stadiums across germany they can sit at home they can watch them and so it's been seen as some want of a way of keeping everybody happy it's also interesting if we hear as well from. she is german the german parliament sports committee. so let's see what she had to say i think um it's a kind of compromise we have to see sports on the one hand and we have to see the economy economical aspects of the collapse on the other hand and as we all talk about. changes for. grassroots sports i think the compromise could be ok. so bundesliga football is coming back but what about the other sports well there's been a lot of talk about you know sports like basketball and you know other big arena type of dance but really what the focus is is on how well this is going to work out
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in football and it's not just here in germany actually and in sports different sports it's actually in football leagues across europe where they're really taking a close eye on how this is going to pan out it's also important to note that germany is not the only country in the world to see a resumption of their games turkey is going to be bringing back their league next month croatia as well and in spain league one of the top leagues along with the bundesliga are going to be coming back in june well let's hope and the aim but once again it all depends on how everything pans out at the moment so it's really going to be at watched by not just football but sports across germany and across the world and of course by. thank you very much. for your latest. so in the midst of the pandemic couples around the globe are still trying to make their weddings memorable one german city mayor is offering a helping hand drive in serve many and that's quite a production for this wedding is going hollywood sort of janine and philip schultz
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tied the knot at a do so to our drive in theater they guest on their cars because of the coronavirus only a wedding for 2 was planned but then all of her board exams were. on thursday i was called to see if we would like to from the registry office would carry out the wedding himself and of course we said yes without thinking yes there could be 30 cars we didn't count on that otherwise we could only have celebrated alone at the registry office. the car's all decorated in the colors of the bundesliga club for tune in dusseldorf a wish of the newlyweds their big chance then things got serious by now i mean my name is thomas gazal i am the mayor of the city of dusseldorf as my main job i'm no guillory register as a part time job this is an activity of particularly enjoy doing. and then market the muffled sound from the car radios the separating plexiglas it doesn't matter if
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it takes the spotlight away from the romance movie legally connected spouses by law . you. guess congratulate the happy couple with a concert of beeping from behind the wheel perfect with the horns you know exactly great feeling it couldn't be nicer. and overjoyed bride and groom no fires in the world can change that. the anonymous british artist banksy is known for his subversive straight up pops up in unexpected places his latest piece is a tributes to house workers on the front line against covert 19th and surprise stuff southampton general hospital in southern england it shows a boy who's discarded spider-man and batman in favor of his prized new action hero and the work will be auctioned off to raise money for britain's national else.
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enough to gas leaks from a chemical function at least 8 people were killed the country's owner says the leak is now on the. news so you can keep in touch with the news on the web site as well that's to go home to follow us on twitter and instagram. gabo 1st week back with a news update the top of the hour thanks much. class
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