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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2020 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. the tumbling dice for an eye as cancer jurors are dealing with a new note that i killed many civilians i mean gosh coming including my father it
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was something that was a struggle to call me i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became mellish kind of song. providing insights global news that matters d. w. me for mines. it's called up the coronavirus quarantine is a great chance to test your musical talents it's called. bake a cake but it's not fun and games for everyone. look down can quickly become locked up for victims of domestic violence. we know a lot dolls and quote and times are essential to suppressing coffee at 19 but they can tempt women we. abuse of partners over the past weeks as economic and social
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pressures and fear have grown. already fighting global surging domestic violence calls to abuse hotlines and police departments a spiking around the globe. when the crisis broke out a policeman told me he was worried about a sudden rise in domestic violence he was right it's happening behind closed doors in homes around the world and was already a big issue in lebanon she simply wanted to live a happy life with her 4 children again without fear or pain. in mid april 1st 35 year old mother left her old life and fled to an emergency shelter for women here with the children she's trying to process the pain she experienced for more than 9 years she was mistreated and abused by her husband and her father in law. in the 1st few years he used to hit me in the face in the shoulder or stomp on my
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legs later he beat me with sticks and iron rods so badly that i had severe swelling and intense pain so i developed problems with my bones and joints because he always hit me in the same places. and beirut sexual abuse within the family is a widespread problem and often a type of topic. now the situation has gotten dramatically worse due to the coronavirus epidemic lebanon's government has introduced a nighttime curfew most shops and businesses are closed and people are expected to stay home they're behind the facades there have been some terrible scenes of domestic abuse. but it got increasingly worse as he became more and more violent and he knew that i could not go to my parents because of the night the curfew everyone stays at home. because that 19 pandemic came at
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a time when lebanon was experiencing its worst financial crisis in decades the currency is struggling unemployment is on the rise and wages have been cut in some cases up to 50 percent aid organizations say many men are bringing their frustration and anger at home with them and taking it out and they wives ability to say that most women who get in contact with us are victims of domestic violence the situation is getting worse because of the curfew and economic and social pressure especially because the perpetrators are always at home no one there and there that's why the battle going as ation is stepping up its activities that one ban is throughout the city calling for an end to the violence and offering a hotline to get help it's an attempt to encourage many woman to break from this silence. and it's working the group is getting more and more calls so far this year they've already received twice as many calls as in 2019. the head of mobile i have
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just in the last month we had about 300 calls 240 new cases. the others had already made contact with us and more and more women want to come to our shelters they did it on my death is if you read. this brave woman is one of them she's refusing to take the abuse any longer and is now filing charges against her husband a clear signal in a time of crisis. the europe head of the world health organization says the agency is deeply troubled by reports of increasing domestic violence and is sounding the alarm. look don't submit to continue for 6 months we will expect an extra $31000000.00 cases of gender based violence nobody beyond the figures only a fraction of cases is ever bored that only a fraction that's deeply troubling junko gupta joins us from george mason university college of health and human services a lot of us live in loving homes and how to magine the fear of pain of abuse or
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being trapped with your abuser give me an idea of what that's like for these women yes it's a very scary and eiseley and the figures that the you show your sound that you just played there are alarming but they're certainly not very surprising for those of us who study the epidemiology of violence against women and those who provide services we know from patterns following other crises such as natural disaster or the ebola epidemic that balance against women and increase following these large scale crises these figures are really incredible i mean the w.h.o. is saying 60 percent of women just in europe are affected i mean every 2nd woman.
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prayed and this is on the back of violence against women specifically intimate partner violence which is files that are cursed within romantic relationships. even before this coronavirus crises it was quite high a global estimates from the w.h.o. show that one in 3 women will report experiencing physical or sexual violence from a romantic partner at some point in her lifetime let's return to hands closer for the w.h.o. for just one moment listen to this. the examples would have it is this it judy has an offer for help though before goal pharmacist in spain and friends can be alerted through good works hope to sit in front and belgian and be converted to shelters green and has limited the sale of the whole to make the home environment safer for children let me explain that last point and the 3rd of people
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in greenland suffered sexual abuse in their childhood this crisis is uncovering one horror after the next how do you keep kids safe if their parents are the perpetrators. yes it's very difficult for children as well because. people in their lives who would have been in a position to help teachers pediatricians still those types of things are all closed now so i think one important thing to keep in mind in this is true for balance against women as well as violence against children is that family and friends can continue to try to maintain connections just because they're physically distancing doesn't mean that we can't have a social connection we can all try to become familiar with help lines that are operational either through phone or by tax we can
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all also develop code words with family members so that if somebody is in trouble they can signal through a code word just similar to the clip that you just played about the code words being used in some countries but that is that it is the only options family and friends i mean what about people who don't have family and friends great so health care worker is obviously the are overwhelmed at this point but they can certainly become familiar with the risks. sheltering plays and lock down for both violence against women and children and refer to resources talent health is being used more frequently for white men so exploring how to tell a health can be used to make those were her in
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a safe manner as well trickled to thank you very much for being on the show today. thank you now to your questions all across the virus is our science correspondent eric williams. what do you think will happen after lockdown is a 2nd wave very likely. where no one can predict the future i mean who would have predicted that we'd be here a couple of months ago but a 2nd wave is certainly possible and what's still up in the air is exactly what form it could take and in a great article i read this week some top experts from the us talked about what might happen next after mitigation measures are eased now their models are based on data from past influenza pandemics they hypothesized 3 different scenarios and the 1st the current spike in cases of covert 19 would be followed by a series of repeating smaller waves every few months for the next couple of years
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right into 2022 in their 2nd scenario we would see a fall this summer but kovac $1000.00 would come back with a vengeance this fall and winter after that big spike in cases there would be smaller spikes and 2021 with the pandemic only starting to peter out in late 2021 in the 3rd scenario they postulate which they called slow burn there isn't a big 2nd wave that would mean we're going through the worst of things now and depending on mitigation measures the infection will remain with this in the future but without a clear wave pattern one way or the other they say we have to be prepared for at least another 2 years of significant covert 19 activity. if antibodies only work for a limited time is there a risk a vaccine will only protect you for
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a limited time. yes there is that risk although antibodies are only one part of the immune response when you contract a disease or are given the vaccine were still on. very steep learning curve when it comes to questions of immunity to cover at 19 we aren't even sure whether some or all of us really do become immune after were infected or if we do become immune how long that immunity might last with other coronaviruses we develop immunity but it isn't permanent so yes it's possible and even likely that any back seen against this pathogen will not provide partment protection from any future infections but at this point even if a vaccine provided us with a year or 2 of immunity that would be a big one and. that was our 1000 special from or just go to our website at d w dot com we've got
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a dedicated section on the pandemic in 30 languages i've been facilitating belin thanks for joining us and i'll see you again next time about. entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian it's not as if signs who suddenly moving for a long time about a pandemic but the politicians didn't seem to take much notice of lack of preparation is now becoming clear my guest this week from brussels is the european commissioner for home affairs young handsome why do you believe you get it so wrong conflict zone. next on d w. is
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for me. he told them it is for you. to be tough and asked for help. beethoven for her. beethoven is for the. beethoven is far because. beethoven is forecast to mock. beethoven 2020 but 250th anniversary here on t.w. . bad europe and the end of world war 2. are on a heads 1945 brought an end to the destruction suffering and death. and it
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marked a new beginning of european cooperation. are our d.w.m. celebrates the 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd floor a mandate on t w the book. the commission has been able to act very quickly if you can find common solutions to common problems what's the point of the e.u. member state field i think it's really neat each other to say it's always difficult resolving tough if people come out of this with a strong the cooperation is not as it sounds it's hard for me for a long time about a post i make very hot of the politicians in many european countries didn't seem to take much notice of the scale of the lack of preparation done enough becoming clear my guess is weaker brussels as the european commission oklahoma.