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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the philippines in the sense of i guess the stars may 20th on d w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin commemorating the end of the 2nd world war in europe countries across the continent marked the occasion but events are scaled back because of the coronavirus crisis also coming up. violent men step up their attacks against their wives and children during the credit virus curfews now one group in lebanon is stepping up a campaign to help the victims. well
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i'm terry martin welcome to the program countries across europe are marking 75 years since the end of world war 2 may 8th 945 is when allied forces accepted nazi germany's unconditional surrender because of the crown of pandemic many commemoration events have been scaled back or moved online in france president to mount a well the call is still taking part in an event on the show mostly say in paris though without the usual parade down the avenue. at the tomb of the unknown soldier but only a small group of doing this terry's work and extend its. d.w. correspondent lisa lewis is covering events for us in paris how is friends marking this occasion. well as you said is
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a very downsize ceremony happening at the seans easy in my mcleod the president of france is also laid down a wreath at. the who was the man in power in 1905 when nazi germany surrendered to the allies across france the other really small ceremonies happening may is allowed to put down flowers as at at places of remembrance but on their own without of without any public some veteran as to say sions transmitting ceremony live because they think it's really important to mark this anniversary the 75th anniversary of the end of world war 2 tell us how relevant is this anniversary for the people of france today 75 years later it's in a way very relevant especially to veterans associations they feel saying you know this might be the last big anniversary where there are still people who can say i was
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there i have seen it and we should mark it what's more in the times of coronavirus here in france about half of the people who died about the 25000 people who died so far of code died in care homes and those people are possibly some of them are the last ones who actually saw world war 2 or helped reconstruct the effort and so veterans have been saying you know it's really important to mark this special day because if we don't remember that it's like killing them twice really. interesting this is also an occasion to reflect on how frank or german relations have evolved since the war isn't it. absolutely especially when you look at grex if you get the u.k. even the european union the partnership between france and germany is becoming more and more put and now it's really a bit tense though between the 2 countries especially as germany is insisting that you know you need to save money you need you crystal market to liberate
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a market orientated reforms in my mouth the president here is willing to do that but it's likely to get more difficult especially as with 19 a new recession is is coming up and it will be more complicated for him to save money and to push through these market liberal reforms he promised to push through to be taken seriously on the european level and to be able to cooperate more closely with partners like germany lisa thank you lisa lu is in paris and you were looking at live pictures there from the commemoration ceremonies in paris by the way well here in germany many of the larger world war 2 commemoration events have been canceled because of the pandemic but smaller memorial events are still taking place here in berlin people have been paying paying their respects to one of the city's at war memorial sites the city has declared a public holiday and all are of the anniversary german leaders will take part in a small commemoration event at germany's main memorial for the victims of war and
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dictatorship during the next hour. d.w. simon young is covering the anniversary for us here in berlin and he's down at the side of the ceremony in the german capital simon how is this day being remembered here in germany. well terry the 8th of may is referred to in germany is the day of liberation the day when germany was liberated from the not see the dictatorship that's how it's that's how it's framed now and as you mentioned here in berlin a unusually for the 1st time in fact of the day has been declared a public holiday i think that was in advance of the expectation of this major event that was going to be held as you said 1600 guests from within germany and other countries as well were expected here dignitaries politicians ambassadors and so on to mark this occasion because of the coronavirus it's all been scaled very very
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much back and what we're going to see over the next hour he's just a wreath laying ceremony really here at the noise behind me which is the central memorial in germany for the victims of war and dictatorship and chancellor merkel and president. and the heads of the other key institutions of the german state will be laying wreaths and the president will then make a speech and we shall no doubt try to pick up on some of the themes connecting today with the events of 939945 as you mentioned berlin is holding a public holiday on this occasion but it's only a one off holiday and it's not being observed by the rest of the country what are we to make of that. yeah as i say i think it was it was done here in
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berlin in order to have give really the police of the year the freedom of the streets that they need for such a huge international and important state event but germany does take this day very seriously is marked in all sorts of ways with little local events but for many years of course the day of liberation was felt by many to be a day of defeat for germany and that's the way that some politicians for instance the leader of the far right a.f.d. still today refers to it in that context just yesterday in the german parliament the bundestag there was an attempt to have the 8th of may declared a national holiday. but that only got support from 2 smaller opposition parties and it was voted down i think there's still a reluctance to focus in on this moment i think perhaps many people here feel that
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it's not right for germany to be in the center of things if this is a day when the international liberators the western allies in the soviet union should really be at the forefront of people's minds simon thank you very much to get your political correspondent simon young now. and we will be bringing you some live coverage of commemoration events during the day now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world today a former staffer who accused democratic presidential candidate joe biden of sexual assault has said biden should drop out of the race for the white house in an interview with the u.s. journalist biden's accuser terror read said that she would swear under oath that the 993 assault did take place. more than 260 people have been killed during heavy rains in eastern africa with kenya's somalia rwanda and uganda the
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worst hit an estimated 11000 people have been affected by this year's floods. now here's a look at some of the latest pandemic developments around the world more than 3800000 people have tested positive with the corona virus globally and nearly 270000 have died a new study by the world health organization projects that up to 190000 people in africa could die of corona virus if in the 1st year if the outbreak is not contained u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist says the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed quote a tsunami of hate and xenophobia he's called for a global effort to end hate speech and australia has announced a 3 step plan to ease coronavirus restrictions and reopen the economy the aim there to remove all curbs by july. for many women around the world locked down means being trapped at home with violent men statistics confirm that
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levels domestic abuse inflicted on women by men has increased during the coronavirus crisis and our next report we look at the disturbing case of one woman in lebanon and we meet the group determined to help her. she simply wanted to live a happy life with their 4 children again without fear or pain. in mid april 1st 35 year old mother left her old life and fled to an emergency shelter for women here with the children she's trying to process the pain she experienced for more than 9 years she was mistreated and abused by her husband and her father in law. in the 1st few years he used to hit me in the face in the shoulder or stomp on my legs later he beat me with sticks and iron rods so badly that i had severe swelling and intense pain so i developed problems with my bones and joints because he always
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hit me in the same places. in beirut sexual abuse within the family is a widespread problem and often a taboo topic. now the situation has gotten dramatically worse due to the coronavirus epidemic lebanon's government has introduced a nighttime curfew most shops and businesses are closed and people are expected to stay home there behind the facades there have been some terrible scenes of domestic abuse. but as it got increasingly worse he became more and more violent and he knew that i could not go to my parents because of the night the curfew everyone stays at home. because at 19 pandemic came at a time when lebanon was experiencing its worst financial crisis in decades the currency is struggling unemployment is on the rise and wages have been cut in some cases up to 50 percent aid organizations say many men are bringing their
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frustration and anger at home with them and taking it out and they wives ability to say that most women who get in contact with us are victims of domestic violence the situation is getting worse because of the curfew and the konami can so sial pressure especially because the perpetrators are all. was at home no one there and . that's why the out battle going is ation is stepping up its activities. ben is throughout the city calling for an end to the violence and offering a hotline to get help it's an attempt to encourage many woman to break from this silence. and it's working the group is getting more and more calls so far this year they've already received twice as many calls as in 2019. the head of mobile and i have just in the last month we had about 300 calls 240 new cases. the others had already made contact with us and more and more women want to come to our shelters they did it because it would have been this brave woman is one of them
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she's refusing to take the abuse any longer and is now filing charges against her husband a clear signal in a time of crisis. next week it will mark the restart of the german professional soccer season it's a controversial step the bonus league is the 1st major sports league to resume play during the global. professional athletes and sports franchises around the world will be watching closely. the german football league has been plotting to church turn to the pitch with assistance from doctors and politicians for months now the bonus league is in pole position to show the rest of the world how german football strategy worked to get the green light from the state. does intend sunday's in concert the interest in our concept is huge and i don't know if it's possible to apply this concept to other countries one to one but we are going to share the
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knowledge and how we work with it also the mistakes we make of course we are going to make mistakes we want to contribute to the rebound of sports across the world by showing solidarity. and in on a $20.00. buy new combed the world players association in an brother organization over several professional sport players unions across the globe responded to the announcement of the but is that his return. waybill aided by all of us who want to. make use of the very best practice we were very impressed with the comment by the. man while knowing who was saying that yet if you know ladyship example way and apply it. to the mock and what where when it comes to how. the late in the sports governing body now you can do that. the other major football leagues the premier league in england italy syria in spades little league are still
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without a definitive restart date but they are making strides to have one surely they'll be taking notes from the blueprint germany has laid out. you're watching t.v. news coming to you from berlin don't forget you can get all this news information around the clock on our website. called and you can follow us on twitter and instagram. you'll find me on twitter at news stream i'm terry martin thanks want to . get. this state of emergency is than normal people around the world are documenting these dramatic times. they're keeping the coronas diary and welcoming us into their lives they let us get as a close and personal as the pandemic will allow. the diary starts many changes
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