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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin remembering world war 2 the timeless coronavirus germany's leaders marked the end of the conflict in europe 75 years ago today events are scaled back because of covert 19 but the focus is on remembrance this year along. also coming up the race to find a vaccine or treatment is gaining momentum now researchers in south africa are trialing a 100 year old formula that could prove to be a huge game changer. was how the coronavirus is changing the natural world cup
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attempts at many animals and talk to. me so much god it's good to have you with us europe is marking 75 years since the end of world war 2 on may 8th 1905 nazi germany announced its unconditional surrender to allied forces the large memorial events that were planned to have been either cancelled or scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson observed a moment of silence in remembrance while prince charles wait a week at the war memorial at balmoral castle in scotland. meanwhile in france president tomorrow and i called paid his respects at the tomb of the unknown soldier in paris and here in berlin the german chancellor angela merkel took part in a ceremony at the main memorial to victims of war and dictatorship. let's bring in
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our correspondent simon young he's covering this anniversary for us here in berlin he's standing just where the ceremony took place a little earlier hi simon we heard that the commemorations have been scaled back of course because of the pandemic how did it affect the ceremony. where sumi originally the german authorities the german president while being to hold a major state ceremony here with 1600 invited guests from germany and abroad dignitaries and to people from political life and so on to mock the solemn occasion it's a level of protocol that he's very rarely done here in germany the last time it was done on the 8th of may to mark the end of world war 2 was back in 1905 for the 50th anniversary so it was hard to repeat that and just show that germany is still very much understands the lessons of history if you like and to send that signal around the world but of course the corona pandemic meant that that couldn't happen this
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whole area was pretty much cordoned off a few 1000000000 as he turned out so really weren't able to get very close and were rather disappointed and that ceremony itself pretty much scaled back to to the 5 reeds being laid by the 5 hades of the the state institutions including of course the german president franco to star in my and chancellor merkel herself and then and then a speech which i thought was a very moving and you know important message drawing together the lessons of 945 and what it means for the world today. yes and we're going to hear some of the words from the german president in a moment but did tell us more about your main takeaways from the speech that he delivered. yeah he said that you know we would like to have welcomed representatives of the allies that liberated germany from nazi tyranny and also to
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have more face day with germany's old and with germany's young who of course will have differing perspectives on exactly what it means for them but he said that that would have been so important to do and because of the coronavirus people have been isolated in recent weeks he said and that's a sort of an echo of the isolation of germany vs the isolation that germany brought on itself jaring the 12 years of nazi dictatorship and war and you know he said well now is an opportunity to sort of feel that again germany now of course is very much far from isolated i thought that was a strong message he also said that although we talk about liberation we must not stop learning the lessons of history the idea of liberation has to be constantly reimagined by each new generation in germany for people to understand how the country went down
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a terribly wrong path but also how it has found its way back into the community of nations by facing up to its history and acknowledging the crimes of the past right simon young reporting for us now from central berlin thank you. and let's hear now from the german president short excerpt from a speech in berlin a to mark the end of world war 2 in europe new vivier deutschen it's only because we germans look past in the face and because we accept our historic responsibility that the peoples of the world have come to trust this country once more noise for tolling to sing and to so and this is why we too can have confidence in this germany this is a cool off and lightened democratic spirit of patriotism as much as keep kind of no german patriotism can come without its cracks without a clear awareness of light and darkness joy and sorrow gratitude and shame
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on a dunk when. we have our chief political correspondent linda crane with us melinda no german patriotism can come without its cracks are really moving words there from the german president in his speech absolutely and he went on to them quote a rabbi who talked about the fact that you can only love germany with a broken heart in other words with a sense of germany's historic crimes and responsibility and i think this word responsibility was a key message that president steinmeyer was trying to impart and for me it had to really particularly crucial aspects one responsibility for ensuring that democracy is strong and can flourish in this country he said in that sense liberation is an ongoing process we must liberate ourselves from nationalism from hate speech from the temptations of populism so democracy on the one hand and as he said also
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responsibility for multilateralism and in particular for europe he talked about the fact that germany was alone in 1945 but it is not alone any longer and that never alone again must become a message. for germany also in its dealings with europe ensuring that the european union cannot only survive but thrive and he called it a day of liberation and that's how it's seen here in germany do germans perceive it that way they do actually d.w. has done a survey just in this week that builds on surveys that have been taken in the past and shows an ongoing support over 30 quarters of germans over 75 percent saying they do see it as a day of liberation for the country as a whole only 7 percent said for them it's a day of capitulation or defeat but interestingly enough if you break it down on political lines you see that 30 percent of those who say they have right wing
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political sympathies do in fact see it as a day of defeat and that is a sentiment which right wing political leaders have absolutely instrumental eyes and capitalized on even in this week in discussions about this very holiday start all the way all the more important as we heard from the german president to carry this day on in public memory our chief political correspondent melinda crane with us thank you melinda. now simon going off he only managed to escape the auschwitz concentration camp by sheer luck 75 years after the end of the 2nd world war the 88 year old is living through another worldwide crisis the coronavirus pandemic now in brussels this holocaust survivor is tapping into his talents to spread joy during this uncertain time. a bit of jazz music drawing people out of their homes. a rather
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unusual picture in times of covered 1009. 120 because it makes me happy to bring a bit of happiness and hope to the people and to cheer them up we don't guruji. ski says jazz is his life music helped him to overcome the trauma he experienced as a jew in belgium during the 2nd world war. as a child i lived through the persecution of the nazis barbarism. they killed my mother and my sister in the gas chambers of auschwitz birkenau. my father died in despair just after the war this is in july 945. in one when i was 11 the nazi secret police the gestapo it took me and threw me in
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prison measure thank gosh to the nazis put kornacki and his mother on a deportation train more than 1500 people crammed in cattle cars destination i'll shits concentration camp. but he was lucky 3 belgian resistance fighters stopped the train his mother told him to flee and he ran into the night she didn't jump because she didn't want to threaten his escape he says. every night i dreamt i was being chased by the gestapo. 2 or 3 times i changed families for security reasons this is. whenever i arrived somewhere i went to the attic 1st to see how i could escape over the roofs if they came to get me we were the victim here she after the war returned to brussels and made good on
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his dream of studying law. at 23 i was a doctor of law and a lawyer i'm still a lawyer today because i'm far too young to stop any. ascii says he has been confined twice in his life once during the war and now due to cope at 19 very different experiences but it was always jazz music that helped him to cope. now for a brief look at what impact the coronavirus is having around the world unemployment in the u.s. has surged to almost 15 percent the highest level since the 2nd world war more than $20000000.00 americans lost their jobs last month this lockdowns prompted by the coronavirus pandemic led to a major freezing of the economy employment fell in all sectors hospitality and
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leisure were among the hardest hit. the spanish city of bustling up has opened its beaches during morning hours for residents who want to exercise only sports activities like swimming chalking and a paddle boarding are allowed spain has had one of the world's strictest lock downs and more than 220000 cold and 1000 infections. the government in zimbabwe has made protective facemasks compulsory in public places many shops and public transport vehicles have become refusing entry to those not wearing masks economic activity is largely stalled in zimbabwe due to a coronavirus lockdown and that's prompted many people to produce and sell masks to make ends meet. now here's a look at the latest penn demick developments around the world more than 3800000 people have been infected with the coronavirus globally and nearly 270000 have died a new study by the world health organization projects that up to 190000 people in
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africa could die of cold and 19 in the 1st year if the outbreak is not contained iran's state news agency has said friday prayers will resume and mosques in 146 cities where the infection risk is considered minimal afghanistan's national health minister has tested positive for the corner virus in the world bank has approved $400000000.00 in aid to help the country's shaky economy whether the crisis. the race to find a vaccine is continuing to pick up pace in south africa hundreds of health workers are being given a century old tuberculosis vaccine and a trial to see if it can protect against a coronavirus trials are also underway in other parts of the world like the netherlands and australia it's proven effective the vaccine could be a vital weapon in the fight against a virus. it's just a small puncture but it could make a huge impact on tackling the coville 19 pandemic that at least is the hope of
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researches who this week began a vaccination trial in cape town the team around dot to carry an opto on wants to investigate whether the tuberculosis vaccine b c g can reduce the severity of coronavirus related symptoms the reason behind it research is have experienced positive so-called nonspecific effects of b c g in the past babies adolescents the elderly there have been a reduction in the number of respiratory tract infections in individuals who receive the p.c.t. vaccine versus the ones who do not receive it so that's a very interesting nonspecific effect. in order to investigate this further a minimum of $500.00 health care workers will receive a shot in the coming weeks off will be given the actual vaccine and the other half a placebo through follow up phone calls the researches will determine the health
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condition of the participants and so the effect of the vaccine the trial is conducted and funded by tosk a clinical research center based in cape town c.e.o. andrus daya khan says the speed of the results depends on several factors. for more cases where you have to fall through. the protection. on the number of cases returning through for any period. trunks through from. the next big challenge for the researches is to secure additional funding but sandra's diet is optimistic. basically because i can result. in marketing and also through
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a lot of positive. health care. through the fact that. we work if it was a lot of people could profit from b c g i dos for tempi people only call so little mole then 2 u.s. dollars are let's get some more perspective on the story we can speak to cokie night though she runs tb and hiv research at the center for the aids program of research in south africa thank you for joining us now at this point the world health organization says there is no scientific evidence yet that b.c.g. does protect against covert 19 so that being said how hopeful are you for this trial. you are correct at this point in time there isn't any clear evidence on the protective efficacy of vaccination all we have east ecological studies that look at the g.o.p.
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graphic distribution of. b.c.g. vaccination against new cases of covert 19 distribution. these studies do not take into account the individual geo graphic variation in t.v. disease in covert 1000 new cases. in background infection rates of either tb or call the 19 so we concerned that trials are moving forward it despite there being clear evidence of covert 19 protection b.c.g. providing covert 1000 protection. certainly at this point in time we have nothing else that can confer wides trade immunity to what's called at 19 so populations extremely vulnerable to both acquiring infection as red is progressing to see the. it's it's a shot in the dark and it may or may not work so it's
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a gamble ok it's a shot in the dark but you can understand that there is a lot of hope around this trial hope this could be effective and we do know you mentioned that pretty much every newborn in south africa gets this b.c.g. vaccinated vaccination if this trial does prove effective what could that mean for example in south africa. so i think we need to 1st get the evidence to show efficacy and the needs to be a great investment to vaccine manufacture and supply so it's 2030 south africa and other cities that are reliant on uninterrupted supply of b.c.g. vaccinations for united. have struggled because of supply and demand issues and we've had a prolonged period of no vaccine supply my concern is that we really require the
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vaccine for protection against childhood tuberculosis it is the only protective effect that we have currently to prevent the un necessary deaths and disease from childhood tuberculosis b.c.g. to take siggins tb meningitis and disseminated t.v. in children under the age of 15 and diverting much needed stock away is a cause of cause for concern just to make sure i understand you correctly dr neither are you worried that a trial like this could take away this vaccine from babies who need it. correct and that is the big concern that we need to wait for the evidence and in and can currently invest in in supply of vaccines so that those that needed the most do not suffer the untoward consequences of b.c.g. vaccination being diverted away from neonates ok we'll have to leave it there thank
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you so much neither she runs a research out there caprice of a program in south africa thanks for joining us. now the international monetary fund is worried about an economic collapse in brazil the country went through a major recession in 2016 and has just begun sable ice the current coffin $1000.00 pandemic is threatening a full recovery. from up here it all looks peaceful the statue of christ the redeemer overlooking the copacabana. but just downstairs father omar has to conduct mass as a life stream as no visitors are allowed in his chapel the beaches are empty to the city of rio de janeiro under lockdown with tens of thousands infected with corona virus and $600.00 dying every day and yet the government wants to shut down to end warning of an economic collapse. are geared toward it though this idea that the
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economy is less important because life is 1st is not true i have always said that both of them have to be treated responsibly. the i.m.f. too has warned of an economic collapse for a country only 4 years out of recession brazil's economic minister is worried. although we are protected the population and everyone has the resources what is the use of that if within 30 days the lights go out we are running out of food and our national production is stopped therefore the warning the i.m.f. gave is very important within about 30 days there may be shortages in stores leading to a system of economic collapse and social disorder. with the country worried some hope from above and a plea for people to at least wear masks. lockdowns
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imposed to limit the spread of the corona virus have reduced traffic and pollution in some places that has allowed nature to make a comeback in thailand it is emboldened dolphins and other animals to reappear. dolphins galore not far from the similar islands in thailand but these magical mammals have surrounded the ranges boat they don't know anything about social distancing or the coronavirus pandemic but they're definitely benefiting from it. so many people and all the activities associated with this many people. each. but old is a. fisherman recently recorded these images of rare pink dolphins a breed of indo-pacific humpback dolphin there around 150 of them living in the gulf of thailand but you very rarely come this close to human.
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nature is making a comeback starting with some of the smallest these lead the backseat turtles can grow up to 700 kilograms researchers now care to recording the highest numbers of newborns and over 2 decades the largest sea turtles in the world bury their eggs on remote beaches. if they don't know each. area when they're coming. to lead apes and the. stars and we back. to the ocean. this is a group of 2 gongs sometimes called sea cows that huge extremely shy creatures which flieger that even the slightest hint of human kind but with no tourists and no noise they like many other species are currently loving the peace and quiet. now to the more headlines from around the world protests have broken out one of the poorest neighborhoods of nairobi after authorities there began demolishing homes
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and shops officials in the kenyan capital claim the structures have been built on government land and had to be removed at least one man has been injured in the clashes. and a former staffer who accused democratic presidential candidate joe biden of sexual assault a said biden should drop out of the race for the white house in an interview with the us journalist biden's accuser tara reid said that she would swear under oath that the 1903 assault took place. soccer fan. desperate to watch some live games have been tuning in to south korea scaly at his 1st major competition to resume following the coronavirus lockdown but there are strict rules for players and staff no handshakes are allowed in conversations between players and officials are restricted coaches have to wear face masks and games are being played behind closed doors. well next weekend while mark the restart of the german professional soccer season it's a controversial step the but this again is the 1st major sports league to resume
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play during the global pandemic professional athletes and sports franchise trek franchise is around the world will be watching closely. the german football league has been plotting to church her to the pitch with assistance from doctors and politicians for months now the bonus league is in pole position to show the rest of the world how german football strategy worked to get the green light from the state . does into sunday's in concept the interest in our concept is huge i don't know if it's possible to apply this concept to other countries one to one but we are going to share the knowledge and how we work with it also the mistakes we make of course we are going to make mistakes we want to contribute to the rebound of sports across the world by showing solidarity we'll have more gotten to. the binding combed the world players association in an brother organization over
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several professional sport players unions across the globe responded to the announcement of the book as they get richer. we believe who want to. make that very best practice we were very impressed with the comment by the yemen goalkeeper man while knowing who was saying that you know leadership example we have to have a mock and what way if i knew when it comes to how i mean the lady going to split governing body and now you can do this. the other major football leagues the premier league in england italy syria and spays lolita are still without a definitive restart date but they are making strides to have what surely will be taking notes from the blueprint germany has laid out. for let's get a recap of our top story on day w. germany's leaders have marked the end of world war 2 and you're up 75 years ago today playing weeks at the country's central memorial in berlin germany president
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fox by the time i gave a speech highlighting the importance of remembrance for future generations as far as my plan on a larger scale but they were pared back because of the current of our spending. thank you for watching did any use.
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honey levy survived the nazis the persecution and the holocaust her non jewish friends in berlin helped her she remain very close to her rescuers all her life the german resistance memorial center in berlin commemorates these unsung heroes and their courageous engagement for men to some kids in europe. next on d.w. . in the eye of climate change. conference most of.
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and information on the clone of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcasts and also find us at comic con slash science. thank. you thank you hello and welcome to focus on europe the corona crisis is still taking its toll on lives and businesses across the continent the tourism industry has been especially hard hit empty beaches empty restaurants empty airports no planes are bringing in holiday visitors even world famous landmark.