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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. film in the sense of i guess starts may 20th on g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin remembering world war 2 germany's leaders marked the end of the conflict in europe 75 years ago to the day events are scaled back because the coronavirus box the focus is on remembrance this year of the year. also coming up germany declares a new coronavirus hot spot as more than
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a 100 workers test positive at a meat processing plant. and helping new york health workers shipped in from outside to relieve a city overwhelmed by the covert crisis. i'm going to out of as well come to the program europe is marking 75 years since the end of world war 2 on may the 1945 nazi germany surrendered unconditionally to allied forces the last memorial events that were planned have been either cancelled or scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic in london the royal air force red arrows squadron streaked across the capital skyline trailing the colors of the union jack in scotland prince charles laid a wreath at the wall. morial castle meanwhile in france president in one of our
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core paid his respects to the tomb of the unknown soldier in paris. and here in germany the german chancellor angela merkel took part in a ceremony at the main memorial to victims of war and to take the ship. the bell rang out across an empty city to mark the moment. germany's president. and chancellor angela merkel maintained a suitable distance from each other at the country's central memorial to the victims self-will stein my us said germany had accepted its own guilt over time and taken part in its own internal liberation. it was firing on such firm and feel liberation of $945.00 was imposed from outside it had to come from outside this
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country had descended too far into the evil the guilds it brought upon itself. but we too played a part in the liberation you know our internal liberation this did not take place on a single day rather it was a long and painful process. so none. schnapps after vick. germany's neighbors had need at that time to trust the country again he said and accepting german this week quiet and emotional understanding of the process. decided to go on his past is a fractured past with responsibility for the murder of millions on the suffering of 1000000 light that breaks our hearts. and that is why i say that this country can only be loved with a broken heart no make good on them how it's leaving ambivalence to about making
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the day a public holiday this year it was but only in the capital and only this time around . then time i think it should be a memorial day in all of germany. which often does either that or i hope that everyone understands that this day this date should remain unique. and then not misled by scaremongers more almost like a marks all often fashioned fought by. the message from. germans need to keep liberating themselves actively every day a new. knowledge on by a political correspondent thomas proud thomas you've listened to that speech by the german president today what struck you the most. i think one of the key words there today was responsibility the fact that in germany remembrance comes hand in hand
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with the acknowledgment of that historical responsibility not only learning what happened 75 years ago but also learning what lessons can be drawn in today's world from that period whether it is strengthening germany's democracy or strengthening multilateralism and the role of europe those were all that it meant hard. time i have mentioned today in his speech and we already saw one of the most powerful statements in our report the fact that he said that you can only love this country with a broken heart that gives you an idea of what exactly the historical responsibility means in this country. the thomases the significance of world war 2 starting to fade from public consciousness here in germany 75 years after nazi germany was defeated. 63 percent of germans according to a recent poll believe that world war 2 still plays an important role in political life here in this country so obviously this gives you an idea of what it means for germans and i do believe that that sense of historical responsibility something
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that goes beyond only politicians and is something that is felt by many here in the country in particular also of germany faces important challenges today that can be linked in one way or another to those lessons learned from the past whether we're talking about the rise in anti semitism whether we're talking about the rise in nationalism and populism in the country whether we're talking about statements by the far right party a f d many of those members have asked for a change in germany's culture over members have played down the nazi era have even criticized the fact that today as we saw in our report is a public holiday here in berlin saying that at the day the 8th of may 945 was actually a day of absolute defeat here in germany those statements have all been swiftly criticized by other politicians of other parties here in the country but it does show to what extent this issue is still a very important debate here in germany 75 years after the end of world war 2 in
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europe thomas for thank you very much. and i for me if you look around the world unemployment in the u.s. has surged to almost 15 percent the highest level since the great depression more than $20000000.00 americans lost their jobs last month as lockdowns prompted by the coronavirus pandemic led to a major phrase of the economy employment fell in all sectors hospitality and leisure among the hardest hit. the european commission has backed keeping international travel restrictions in place until the middle of june the ban on non-essential travel was imposed in march to limit the spread of the coronavirus most of the e.u. member states which had gone border free under the schengen agreement of no real imposed some restrictions. an outbreak at a meat processing plant has turned a district in northwestern germany into
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a coronavirus hotspot more than $100.00 workers at the plant in course fit tested positive for the virus most of them contract workers from eastern europe housed in shared flats the plant has been temporarily shut down and locked down restrictions due to be lifted will now remain in place in the area. where now join buddy w.'s political correspondent kate brady who has more information for us on that story kate this is not the only outbreak linked to a meat processing plant in germany walk why have these facilities become coronavirus hotspots. well of course i imagine that the close working courses and living courses that many of these workers find themselves in will have played a huge role in how these slaughterhouses have indeed as you say become hotspots of the 19 fires and as such in close felde in north rhine-westphalia that
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slaughterhouse in particular has now being closed and we're also expecting to see some checks on the hygiene standards both at the slaughterhouse and accommodation for those workers in the coming days and in the meantime there will also be widespread testing in north rhine-westphalia that's the state where close felde lies and that's going to involve some 17220000 workers who are currently working in the slaughterhouses across that state the district of course thought it has now delayed the loosening of lock down restrictions in line with so-called emergency brake greet earlier this week how does the emergency brake actually work. well this is something that was agreed upon ellie this week between german chancellor angela merkel and the 16 state premiers when they met to discuss relaxing the restrictions currently in place here in germany and the rule basically
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it works on the threshold and it was decided that if a district here in germany reports more than 50 new cases of coded 19 per 100000 inhabitants over the past 7 days then the state in which the district lies will be responsible for stepping up restrictions again and tightening those restrictions and that's exactly what we're going to see in close felde they were indeed planning on relaxing easing measures particularly on things like restaurants and shops on may 11th and those easing relaxations of restrictions have now been pushed back another week so of course what we're seeing at these slaughterhouses is certainly a reminder that covidien 19 is still very much among those and that's something that anglo american the german chancellor has repeated time and time again that until there is a vaccine the virus the corona virus will be something that germany has to live with so that reiterate radio underlines exactly what she was saying earlier this
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week in which she encouraged germans in which she encouraged people here in germany to be cautious as they attempt at least in the coming days to go back to some sense of normalcy now that these restrictions that we've seen over the past few weeks are going to start being eased our correspondent kate brady them thank you very much. the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak has been in new york where more than 26000 have died of covert 19 the virus overwhelmed the city's medical facilities from the start as a result large numbers of health care specialist have been brought in from the outside. jacobs getting ready for his not shift he grabs a quick coffee then the ventilation specialist from connecticut heads back to his hotel to be picked up for work he's here to help because new york couldn't cope on
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its own out of the entire health care population we comprise a very small percentage so i had the ability to help and i a very meaningful way and i wanted to take full advantage of that to trying to alleviate the situation i over $3400.00 doctors nurses and carers from all over the u.s. have come to new york well paid crisis managers who work 12 hour shifts without a break in almost military fashion that transported to facilities across the city jacob was in fact previously a soldier he believes it's his duty to serve his country. i think they're scary in different ways the set enemy can see this is a historic event. and i think everybody has to be able to look themselves in the face after they're done and be ok with how they made their way through it jake given a few others head through new york to the bar of queens tonight they're working in one of the city's hardest hit facilities hospital. just kind of clearing my head to
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go through a job seems to be a very stressful life but this is even more so because there's that element you know it was priceless in that you know there's still so there's your current. conditions of the beginning of april here were catastrophic patients lying in cargos doctors and nurses without protection gear and out the back there was a refrigerated container for bodies since then things have improved but it's still tough going to hobnob with the high number of patients going on to ventilators who are already unconscious. we always treat them is gently and then finally and humanely as we can we try to spend that extra time with them talk to them reassure them. but who is caring for the doctors and nurses experts believe as many as a quarter of them could have been traumatised themselves up to sing so much death and suffering in jacob's hotel there is now
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a crisis team to help. it's one thing to to sign up and say i want to come help and it's another thing to say i'm like i'm a great at my job i know how to save people and then terror right here. and people are dying and they that they made that mean that they weren't doing their job effectively as a soldier jacob so numerous times in iraq he says he can cope with the pressures but understands that others may not. go a lot of times people are ok for a while start to you know the signs of it afterwards so i would i would just leave very much anybody thinks that's happening to try to weave their way through it or do it that i would suggest at least. a bit of support and comfort comes nonetheless at the end of every shift. the red accession of lockdown measures in taiwan course excitement among baseball fans as a small number of them were allowed back into stadiums to watch that teams play the
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lucky ticket holders had to undergo temperature checks before they were admitted it was social distancing and mask wearing well also required crowds were limited to $1000.00 people per stadium far below usual attendance figures baseball is very popular in taiwan and games have been going on behind closed doors for a number of weeks. that's it from the news team and may for now i'll have an update for you at the top of the. musical bridge. between russia. and germany to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd world war was done in classical music experience from concert halls in berlin moscow and st petersburg.