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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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you. are real. this is the w. news live from berlin remembering the world war 2 the conflict in europe ended 75 years ago to the day air force jets fly over london other events are scaled back because of the coronavirus prices focus is on women. britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd addresses the nation exactly 3 quarters of a century after both father did the same message then and now to never give up never despair. also coming up unemployment in the u.s.
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surges to its highest level since the great depression more than 20000000 americans lose their jobs the outbreak freezes the economy. and germany declares a new coronavirus hotspot as more than $100.00 workers test positive at a meat processing plant. as welcome to the program commemorations have been taking place to mark the end of the hostilities in europe in the 2nd world war on this day 75 years ago the alliance accepted germany's unconditional surrender the nazi tyrant he had come to an end ceremonies have been scaled back because of the current global health emergency all the same it has been a day of remembrance and high emotions starting right here in berlin.
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the bell rang out across berlin to mark the moment. germany's president frank. and chancellor angela merkel maintained a suitable distance from each other and the country central memorial to the victims of war. time i said germany's neighbors had needed time to trust the country again and accepting german as required an emotional understanding of the past. germany's past is a fractured past responsibility for the murder of millions and the suffering of millions. that breaks our hearts and that's why i say that this country can only be loved with a broken heart and how it's the leaving in britain the royal air force famous display team the red arrows flew over london's landmarks. 2 minutes of silence was
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observed across the country. a poem written about the victory 75 years ago was read by prime minister boris johnson. now the great vision which we did believe through slow and savage years it's all alright that summit which we will we now would cheat uncertainty the poses the unknown. in france president zuma no knock wrong lead a ceremony at the ark to triumph monuments. the event was held without the public france is under a strict lockdown until monday. u.s. president donald trump and the 1st lady visited the world war 2 memorial in washington d.c. . following the wreath laying ceremony trump greeted 7 world war 2 veterans from a safe distance. russia celebrates victory over nazi
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germany on the 9th of may a major parade with international guess was set to take place in moscow but events across russia have been cancelled president vladimir putin has promised to hold a major victory day parade at a later date 75 years since the end of world war 2 in europe to mark the anniversary britain's queen of elizabeth spoke to the british people on television at the exact time her father king george the 6 gave a radio address in 945 let's have a listen to some of what she had to say today at the start i took seemed pretty quick the end just didn't. come uncertain but we kept faith that the cause was right and this belief as my father knew did in his broadcast carried us through. never give up never just bad that was the
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message of the day. let's cross over to london where did obvious teleports has been following events emotional words there from the queen 75 years after britain was told the war was over tell us more. well queen elizabeth paying tribute to those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom and of course those veterans that survived the war we must say her fellow veterans because the queen herself in the british military in world war 2 she had backed her father to join and when she just turned 18 she joined and trained as a military truck driver just as world war 2 came to a close and today 75 years ago she joined her father king george the 6 and a prime minister winston churchill on the balcony of buckingham palace to greet the crowds the joyous crowds to wave was celebrating this victory day in the streets of
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london and around buckingham palace today a very different celebration for her she was planning on greeting the crowds again from buckingham palace but at the moment the queen is isolating in windsor costal as do have fellow veterans and all other people over 70 as advice of the british government at the moment because of the penn demick but back then and now the royal family really at the heart of these commemorations and celebrations with prince charles the heir to the throne this morning leading the country into the 2 minutes of silence as you said. all these celebrations the british prime minister boris johnson has also paid his tributes and he's been making comparisons with the battle against covert 19 what has he been saying. he did he also paid tribute of course to the veterans and he was saying that once again the nation had to invoke the spirit of national endeavor during the pandemic
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the one that it showed back then in world war 2 and came out of it successfully so that was what he was saying and we heard that throughout the day from british influences and commentators who were drawing that comparison between. commemorations and the pandemic also commemorating and remembering those modern day heroes those of the national british national health service and the key workers that keep society going at this diet time we must say and great britain at the moment where the pen demick has hit so hard dire times in britain as well the coronavirus just told us today it's a process the 1000 do ordinary britons actually have the time or the interest in this anniversary in this current climate. well times are really daya
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you said that the death toll the highest in europe at this point so this day really came as a welcome distraction and we saw quite quite many street parties throughout the country neighbors coming together a pot keeping their social distance but celebrating this day cheering to the veterans with a glass toasting with a glass of champagne holding british flags and enjoying this moment of being together again applaud after the 7 weeks of lockdown which this country has now been so really a welcome distraction and also a time to look at history which has been so successfully overcome at some point. and thank you for. unemployment in the united states has surged to its highest level since the great
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depression more than $20000000.00 americans lost their jobs last month us lockdowns froze the economy employment fell in all sectors hospitality and leisure the sectors hardest hit job hunting during a pandemic here in florida local authorities have set up a drive through unemployment office to keep up with demand lines like this are part of the new normal for more than 20000000 americans out of work. the hospitality sector has been especially hard hit leaving many employees wondering if they'll have jobs to go back to i don't i was like i kind of just a joke i was like ok well this is going to last like a week and then they're going to be like ok everything's settling down you can go back to work i had no idea that it would be. 2 plus months and might still we have no idea when we're going to be able to open president donald trump remains
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confident about the u.s. his chances of bouncing back the number will start coming down at an appropriate time what it what ever that is i'm viewing the 3rd quarter as being a very important quarter because it's as i said there will be a transition. i think you could almost see a transition into great has good companies are coming under increasing pressure the department store chain j.c. penney's is reportedly mulling bankruptcy a move that would see it shattering many of its 850 stores. lines are also growing at food banks like at this one in las vegas as unemployment numbers climb to levels not seen since the great depression. one of monica jones we'll have more on that story in round about 5 minutes indeed of your business and after a brief look around the world boeing is to restart production of its 737 max passenger jet before the end of this month the plane has been grounded since 2
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crashes which killed more than 300 people questions over safety had already hit both boeing's bottom line before the virus halted most after a. european commission has backed keeping international travel restrictions in place until the middle of june the ban on non-essential travel was imposed in mid march to limit the spread of the coronavirus at least 17 of the schengen zones 26 free travel zone. some restrictions in place. an outbreak at a meat processing plant has turned a district in northwestern germany into a coronavirus hotspot delaying plans to further ease lockdown restrictions that more than $150.00 workers at the plant and course fed have tested positive for the virus most of them contract workers from eastern europe housed in shatt flats the plant has temporarily been shut down germany began relaxing lockdown restrictions
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at the end of april announcing more steps to open up the country earlier this week . we are now joined by the w.'s political correspondent kate brady who has more information for us on that story kate this is not the only outbreak linked to a meat processing plant in germany walk why have these facilities become coronavirus hotspots. well of course i imagine that the close working courses and living quarters that many of these workers find themselves in will have played a huge role in how these slaughterhouses have indeed as you say become hot spots of the 19 fires and as such and close felde in north rhine-westphalia that slaughterhouse a particular has now being closed and we're also expecting to see some checks on the hygiene standards both at the slaughterhouse and at accommodation for those workers in the coming days and in the meantime there will also be widespread testing in north rhine-westphalia that's the state where close felde lies and
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that's going to involve some 17220000 workers who are currently working in the slaughterhouses across that state the district of course thought it has no delay the loosening of lockdown restrictions in line with so-called emergency brake. earlier this week how does the emergency brake actually work. well this is something that was agreed upon earlier this week between german chancellor angela merkel and the 16 state premiers when they met to discuss relaxing the restrictions currently in place here in germany and the rule basically works on a threshold and it was decided that if a district here in germany reports more than 50 new cases of covert 19 per 100000 inhabitants over the past 7 days then the state in which district lies will be responsible for stepping up restrictions again and tightening those
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restrictions and that's exactly what we're going to see in close felde they were indeed planning on relaxing easing measures particularly on things like restaurants and shops on may 11th and those easing relaxations of restrictions have now been pushed back another week so of course what we're seeing at these schools are houses is certainly a reminder that covidien 19 is still very much among those and that's something that anglo-american german chancellor has repeated time and time again that until there is a vaccine the virus the corona virus will be something that germany has to live with so that reiterate radio underlines exactly what she was saying earlier this week in which she encouraged germans and she encouraged people here in germany to be cautious as they attempt at least in the coming days to go back to some sense of normalcy now that these restrictions that we've seen over the past few weeks are going to start being eased our correspondent kate brady them thank you very much.
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and that's it from me and the news team here in berlin i'm cowbell 1st off there are so breakout d.w. business with money cudjoe so don't go away. in the eye of climate change. africa's mix of. what's in store. for the future of the. comic strip in major cities the multimedia insight. into. europe and the end of world war 2. 1940.