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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2020 2:00pm-2:15pm CEST

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media platforms for crime fighters tune in now. live from berlin this is news from russia commemorates its victory of the nazi germany and will towards because of the code feed 19 tend to make this year's 75th a victory day celebrations a scaled down significantly he's doing flyovers the main military parade on great square has been posted but also coming up to. her just as demand justice of the killing of unarmed black joka in the united states 2 months after the incident police have arrested and charged
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a white father and son with his mother. also coming up how the corona virus is changing the natural world and the habitats of many animals in thailand spectacular images as full creatures great and small joy right from here. imagine how would welcome russia is celebrating victory day marking 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 this year's observance has been scaled back because of the coronavirus with the red square military parade and the mass perception postponed. russia's parade of military might took to the sky today. moscow coronavirus precautions kept the streets nearly and this picture a day. it had been planned to be an especially large celebration this year as
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russia marks 75 years since defeating nazi germany in world war 2. but the mass perceptions were off postponed by the pandemic president vladimir putin did lead to scale down ceremony at the eternal flame war memorial. it was his 1st public appearance in about a month. but not a word about the virus instead his speech was a rallying cry to the nation. this is my jewel of the view we know and firmly believe we are invincible when we stand together for sport i speak of us congratulations on victoria day choose. a day of pride in russia's past. but people here have plenty to grumble about
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corona virus infections are on the rise and the economy is shrinking. presiding over a time of national crisis putin faces plenty of challenges ahead. doubly correspondent in early show when is covering the commemoration for us at moscow's red square emily this is anniversary celebrations were meant to be a major showcase of power for president vladimir putin who is very invested in this day how did he approach scaled down commemorations. well let him hear putin essentially didn't mention the coronavirus at all in his speech today he did talk about the importance of this victory day for all russians he said that the commemorations are part of the russian people's soul and he also said that we will have a celebration we will have
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a parade at the moment it's not clear when that postponed parade will take place of course today is a very important day for russians. after all an estimated 26000000 soviet citizens were killed during world war 2 which is known as the great patriotic war here and for vladimir putin and for russia as well it has always been an opportunity to showcase its military power and its political power and bloodier putin had hoped of course that this year for the 75th anniversary that world leaders would attend the parade and the festivities but unfortunately because of the coronavirus that one happening leaders hadn't attended since 2014 since the annexation of the crimean peninsula by russia so we'll have to see whether people will come if these postponed festivities take place later in the year. and we you mentioned and talked about a fairly muted ceremony due to the coronavirus process besides the circumstances
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you mention of being part of the russian soul doesn't resonate with younger russians. this day really resonates i think through all generations and i think it's a sad day for people because the festivities and the traditional parade isn't taking place usually today there would be people all over the city in moscow it's a holiday today people would have come out to watch the parade and people would be kind of walking through the streets carrying a parade carrying photos of their their deceased loved ones people who died in the war people who they're mourning to remember them in what is called the him. wardle regiment that will all be taking place online this year there are photos being shown on state television but people are finding their own ways to celebrate at home and also through concerts to veterans for example from balconies from courtyards and there will be a firework today as well i think this is
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a day that people are still remembering and that is still important despite the coronavirus throughout all generations and only show one in moscow thank you so much. well let's turn our attention now to the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic more than 3900000 people have now been infected with the coronavirus globally and more than 270000 have died as it's deadly does toll falls yet again spying is announcing plans to further lock down restrictions on monday south korean authorities meanwhile have closed more than 2000 not clubs and bars that's off to dozens of corona infections were linked to establishment that reopened last weekend. well of all countries in latin america brazil is being hardest hit by the corona virus its death toll now tops 10000 as the country struggles to deal with the impact of the outbreak and n.g.o.s created
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by a group of former prisoners has stepped up to distribute aid to the most vulnerable in rio de janeiro living in the favelas. this banner reminds residents of the power of petrified villa and rio de janeiro to stay home but not working and staying home means going hungry many haven't had work since business restrictions were imposed in the city and unable to feed themselves or their families now they rely on food donations. some days i'm not able to buy oil for cooking not even a coffee so what can i do it's all in god's hands to do. it's about to go hungry not have anything to eat and to have your son ask you for bread kooky when you don't have anything to give him. together with a group of x. prisoners throughout a silver founded the n.-g. o. you are so weird which translates to i am me they are trying to protect poor families in the fabulous during their krone crisis. our approach is to
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distribute food we also give them masks and talked about the necessity of wearing a life of being clean of washing your hands to avoid being infected by the virus distribution in the favelas crowded living conditions make social distancing more difficult here the covert 19 death rate is much higher than in richer neighborhoods for now all the people here can do is to rely on outside help and wait for the virus to pass. now to georgia in the united states where authorities have arrested 3 white men of the killing of a black man who had been joking down a suburban street the charges were only filed after a cell phone video of the incident was released this week but being more than 2 months after the fatal shooting of. another 12 us that son my father the footage in this report the study. this video appears to capture the last moments
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of them odds are very. good. as the video continues. there's a 3rd shot i'm odd are very staggers and collapses despite having the video of the fatal shooting from early on authorities in georgia took $74.00 days to charge the 2 men who allegedly pursued in their truck and shot him at close range. his accused murderers gregory mcmichael a former investigator for the county district attorney's office and his son travis they said they thought are very was a burglar. the murder charges came on the day i'm odd aubrey would have turned 26 years old his mother says the former football player was exercising i do believe that i'm on is just out for his daily jog i have to believe that since
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day one he's name doing this for 3 years oh oh i run with ma demonstrators chanted as they marched to the scene of the shooting the video was leaked online this week prompting protests across the u.s. state authorities have sense launched a new investigation and politicians have been scrambling to take positions. earlier this week i watched a video depicting mr allbery last moments a lot of i can tell you it's absolutely horrific and georgians deserve answers my heart goes out to the parents and to the love ones of. the young gentlemen it's a very sad thing the president's democratic rival joe biden went further calling it a murder in cold blood. after
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a long wait for charges and arrests are will have to wait even longer to see if anyone is convicted staying with the u.s. and unemployment there has surged to nearly 15 percent that's the highest level since the great depression more than 20000000 americans lost their job just last month as lockdowns froze the economy some will fail offices are now running drive-in applications services to cope with demand hospitality and leisure are among the sectors hardest hit the retail sector is also suffering department store chain j.c. penney is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy. now do a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. in india relatives of some of those killed in a gas leak took their bodies to the chemical factory in question on saturday as a protest that's one local official suggested the company l.g. poland has might face charges of negligent manslaughter the lake on thursday killed
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12 people and left hundreds of others needing hospital for treatment. the e.u. commission intends to keep international travel restrictions in place until the middle of june banned all non-essential travel was imposed in mid march to limit the spread of the coronavirus at least 17 of the change in zones 26 members have summer frictions in place. the strike has started easy to run a virus restrictions in less populated by agents the capital canberra and some other states will now allow visits and gatherings of up to 10 people pubs markets and restaurants have also partially reopened populus federal sites like victoria and he said whiles are still waiting to relax its. more than 5000 people demonstrated in the slovenian capital yana against the restriction of civil rights as a result of the corona pandemic since march exit restrictions have been in place which
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were recently relaxed but there is still a ban on singly and demonstrations. lockdowns have reduced traffic and pollution in most countries and it's hurting economies everywhere but it is helping to make a stunning comeback in some places in thailand as you're about to see many sea creatures including red dolphins and making a most welcome return. to golf and explore not far from the similar islands in thailand these magical mammals have surrounded the ranges vote they don't know anything about social distancing older coronavirus pandemic but they're definitely benefiting from it. so there's many many people in all the activities associated with this many people. each. but all this is a little. carry on fishermen recently recorded these images of rare
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pink dolphins a breed of indo-pacific humpback dolphin there around 150 of them living in the gulf of thailand they very rarely come this close to human. nature is making a comeback starting with some of the smallest these level back seater tools can grow up to 700 kilograms researchers knap who cared to recording the highest numbers of newborns in over 2 decades the largest sea turtles in the world buried the eggs on remote beaches. area. to lead east and then. to the ocean. this is a group of 2 gongs sometimes called sea cows that huge extremely shy creatures which flee at even the slightest hint of human kind but with no tourists and no
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noise they like many other species i currently loving the peace and quiet. and with that you're watching the news and. the latest news on our web site at any time. dot com and twitter and instagram at news for now i'm anthony how to. go beyond.