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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2020 10:15pm-10:30pm CEST

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learning to talk and walk despite being paralyzed on one side of the never let my name is roy his partner see creed says that roy was a fighter throughout his entire life even in the end when he contracted the coronavirus lloyd horn passed away at the age of 75. you're watching t w news at thanks for watching. hey listen. that's what video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level a sense to him talk composer no good points are. featured in many well known his music is bound to give you cause problems sounds good. video game music on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls to
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discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore yes an aging world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage $360.00 get me out now. this week on board stories. colombia coronas impact on venezuelan my kids egypt where learning about corona can be fun but we begin in germany for the homeless it's become even harder to survive on the streets due to the corona crisis . and aid organization is trying to provide them with the basics. warm
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meals have become scarcer than usual for homeless people these days most soup kitchens and shelters have closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. meet cellos one of those hardest hit but life on the streets has become even more difficult for the 19 year old from belgium. if you make far less money from begging because people are keeping their distance and don't want to talk to us so begging or even collecting battles is not possible anymore very few people still go out on the streets and those who do don't want to give us any. when they're already meager income streams drying up and soup kitchens closed new ways have to be found to provide or sleeping rough with the b. are essential to aid organization karuna is delivering care packages by bicycle it's also using technology to reach out to those in need. or. a big goal is to connect the homeless with each other and with us we are using an app to
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gather information on how the people we meet on the street are doing and to assess their health. in the coming weeks karuna plans to distribute 2000 mobile phones to balance homeless community they can then use the app to find out about getting help to call a coronavirus hotline set up specifically for them karuna has an even more ambitious proposal to ensure their safety tutoring the pandemic. there are many organizations helping those sleeping rough in germany some of the homeless refuse this help often because shelters have a policy of no drink and no drugs since the coronavirus plunged the country into crisis the nation fences have sprung up where residents hang food and other essential for the needy to collect but many people of void direct contact with the homeless says michelle. double up close with after time because we live on the streets people think that we are more likely to be infected and spread the virus if
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we get into a tram carriage and the people realize we are homeless they move away. if they give us a condescending look and leave for them we are scum from the streets. of. the homeless rely on the charity of others they can only hope that the corona crisis brings out the best in people not the washed. in colombia the crisis has created more problems for those in need of migrants from venezuela are now at a crossroads many of them are returning to their homeland a country with even worse living conditions. what looks like a family stroll is really the beginning of an odyssey carrying the few possessions they hold dear and some wearing only flip flops on their feet these venezuelans are on their way home. they came to colombia seeking
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a better life but ever since the coronavirus forced the country into lockdown it has become increasingly difficult for venezuelan migrants to make ends meet. my husband lost his job when he was laid off and we lost our home and. that's why we decided to return the minute. i want to leave but i also want to stay at the current scene is hard even for colombians there's no work and how are we supposed to pay our rent are we supposed to buy food. for the bodyguard for me because i left everything behind in venezuela to start over in colombia now i have to leave it all behind again to start a new over there i don't know what to expect we'll see how it goes. on their way out of the returnees receive care packages provided by the united nations refugee agency. nobody knows when they'll get their next meal with the country under quarantine the unofficial pit stops along the way have shut down it's
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a dangerous trip there are embarking on for hundreds of kilometers they'll have to navigate adverse weather conditions and armed groups controlling rural areas worried about their well being aid organizations try to convince the migrants to stay going to get there and go to dinner when they cross the border with venezuela i'll have to quarantine that's another challenge in venezuela the conditions for placing a large amount of people under lockdown that aren't ideal. but. that's why the un hage c.r. and other agencies in ordination with the colombian government are discouraging returns on go. but not everybody wants to leave helen and her family arrived in bogota 2 months ago on foot. despite the difficulties they face in colombia the young mother doesn't want to risk venturing back to venezuela.
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people could i prefer to stay there what are we going to do in venezuela we may have a house of our own but i supposed to wait for my daughter to starve to death back home she was hospitalized with malnourishment they told my father to start arranging the funeral because she was practically dead telephone it adds. up with a little money they had spent on food helen and her family couldn't pay this month's rent unable to work during the lockdown they risk being kicked out by their landlord desperate helen stepfather pleas for solidarity and if you have already have a lawyer and i beg the colombian government to help us out with the rent payments. that's one way they could assist us. because we're human beings we're not animals for more on the model. but many of their fellow venezuelans have already lost faith in the authorities coming to the rescue tired of being treated like 2nd class
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citizens during the pandemic they have to cited to leave returning to venezuela with a political crisis still underway may not have been what they planned but if they make it at least they'll be at home. and now we turn to egypt in 4 districts in cairo a student dresses up like a clown to explain the dangers of corona to children since young people often know nothing about the virus. a few last practice moves before slipping into character transitioning from engineering student to clown has become 2nd nature for ahmed nazar. for 5 years now the 22 year old has been performing as a mine at events as a side gig to bolster his studies but the corona crisis put into that now often it
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has found a new angle he's taking his act to cairo's poorest neighborhoods to educate children about the virus. and it's our duty to educate kids because they don't really have access to information while they watch cartoons on t.v. they're not that interested in what's going on in the world. op ed is setting off to cairo's city of the dead it's a good hour's drive away but since the universities are closed he's got plenty of time on his hands the corona crisis hasn't visibly impacted cairo's traffic packed mini buses as millions of people commute to work through busy streets they all need money to survive while egypt's official infection rates are quite low so are the rates of testing the actual number of infections could be much higher many here simply hope they won't be infected especially kids. i
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sense that i can change the awareness and behavior of the kids that makes me happy . some 1500000 people live in cairo's city of the dead a large portion of them below the poverty line and many of these poor children don't yet know about social distancing hygiene and masks. it's these kids that are meant wants to help he talks to them and gives them tips keep your distance or even better stay home wash your hands wear masks if possible at all times conventional wisdom but many here are hearing it for the 1st time. this. kind of fact i liked what he said i'll try to do what he said. ok. and yes i'm scared. we're not allowed to touch each other anymore you know what
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if we touch someone with corona our whole family could get infected anyway. you know. a few final relaxing pantomime practice exercises. ackman doesn't want to leave the kids worried or in panic it might seem like a lot of effort for just 15 kids but often hopes they will pass on what they've learned to others in the community. and we end in russia where a facebook page has become a stage for parodies of famous works of art nothing is sacred even house pets are taking part. fly into mark check out painting from your badge. or sink into the tragedy of malays ophelia the thing greedy and it's from your kitchen. from ed 5 monk to
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michelangelo social media users are giving out classics a quarantine make over. the russian facebook group is a is a latvia isolation started as a challenge between friends in moscow just a few weeks later it has nearly half a 1000000 members from all over the world radio no one expected such a huge reaction paths for sure the group grew so quickly right away people are really taking time for this going through our books looking at the websites of international museums to find the right picture for themselves and their families and you. the rules of the group are simple use a classic like this leonardo da vinci painting take the photo at home and use props that you happen to have lying around in quarantine photoshop is not allowed. generation just when i decided to take part in the art isolation project because i'm sick of my cat and she's sick of me. we hope that you are
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a prisoner of the prayer by uniting our hearts in this project because it is uniquely wildly joyful and it gives everyone positive emotions it gives you a break from the. situation we are all end of the service for lucy just. used to say many of the recreate sions are a spontaneous thing but some people have been so in customs and getting the whole family involved including that pets. now there are around 2000 new posts every day according to the page administrators each one is a glimpse into how self isolation can sometimes open up new doors or draws to creativity.
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the artist sebastian. bringing forth feel so more to become a footballer. by the need in my life inside the waves of the biggest story in my pictures a little bit of dismay that. is making my name all over arcs 21. next on d w. entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian it's not as if scientists haven't been warning for a long time about a pandemic but the politicians didn't seem to take much notice of the lack of preparation is now becoming clear my guess is me from brussels as near being commissioner of a home a fast food up your hands and going to europe believe you'll get it so wrong conflict zone. in 60 minutes on d. w.
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. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at g.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. the big. story of. the war.