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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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i. this is due to the news live from berlin russia celebrates victory over nazi germany in world war 2 this year's victory dance delate day celebrations in moscow were scaled back due to the covert 1000 pandemics aircraft filled the skies the streets below were nearly empty also coming up on the show. there were demonstrations in several german cities as some start to push back against coronavirus restrictions. and plans to restart the bundesliga suffer a setback that's after 2 players from 2nd division side dynamic president tested
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positive for coverage 19. and use of welcome to the show russia has been marking 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 victory day in russia usually means a lavish display of national pride and military might but this year's commemorations were scaled back because of the coronavirus pandemic with the traditional red square military parade and large scale procession postponed. an explosive and colorful and to a subdued day of celebrations and commemorations. the night sky over moscow lifting the spirits of a city in lockdown. earlier russia's parade of military might took to the sky.
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coronavirus precautions kept the streets nearly empty this victory day. but muscovites watched from inside their homes it was meant to be an especially large celebration this year as russia marks 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 but the planned mass processions postponed by the pandemic. president vladimir putin did lead a scaled down ceremony at the eternal flame war memorial. but not a word about the virus. instead a rallying cry to the nation. this night we know you and firmly believe that we are invincible when we stand together just congratulations on victory day. by the. what. was.
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a day of pride in russia's past but people here have plenty to grumble about corona virus infections are on the rise and the economy is sinking. presiding over another time of national crisis putin faces plenty of challenges ahead. earlier we spoke to gustav aggressive a senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations we asked him for an assessment of russian president vladimir putin's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. well. he tried to get sort of get the responsibility to the local government quite early on in a crisis which is if something sepia in russia happens to be a domestic crisis he tries to dedicate this to other people and especially to many other peoples who he can try out that basically the fire the incompetent old and promote the more competent members old greats of government. coronavirus is no
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exception let's turn our attention now to the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of confirmed covert 1000 cases has passed the 4000000 mark that's according to the tally being kept by the johns hopkins university in the u.s. more than 776 sided 277000 have died of the disease egypt's president of belfast tel sisi has approved amendments to the country's state of emergency that grant him security agencies additional powers he says they are needed to combat covert 19 and spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has said there will be a period of national mourning for the victims of the virus after restrictions are eased across the country spain has one of the highest death tolls in europe and south korea's capital seoul has closed hundreds of bars and nightclubs after a new coven $1000.00 cluster was linked to the city's nightlife scene. now after weeks of clothes shops and social distancing public frustrations with the
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coronavirus restrictions in germany are growing protesters took to the streets in several cities on saturday to vent their anger now the demonstrations brought out thousands and remained largely peaceful but authorities are worried about the growing influence of right wing extremists in the protest movement. this is not a unfamiliar seems for a country where large gatherings and close contacts are banned thousands defied distancing rosenstock got to protest the coronavirus restrictions families with children young and old. it's been here that i'm not because i think the restrictions of gone too far. more and i don't think wearing a face mask is necessary anymore i know that it's clearly about limiting civil liberties and i'm always in favor of freedom of the demonstrators include some who believe in conspiracy theories others who believe forced vaccinations are coming. research or vick stream ism all of a decca says disparate groups are uniting across germany to oppose the restrictions
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. it's clearly a protest a citizen protest based on the feeling that something has gone wrong in these last weeks but that feeling is being used and manipulated by the extreme right. money put is that what next. the government is monitoring the protest movement with concern worried that the mood in the country could sour. as this is the mitchell it's a questionable mixture this is gaining traction and it could potentially lead to the radicalization of some individuals that's what that's what i'm worried about that's going on. trouble arose around the edges of one demonstration in nuremberg the police forces attempted to break up the rally was what. we've observed some peoples in the extreme rights movements hanging around the edge of the demonstration acting aggressively. the police say they included some well known
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members of germany's far right see. we asked d.-w. correspondent kate brady what's behind the protests anger but it seems to be that you will protest in at these demonstrations against what they describe. an infringement on that right because people have been limited to the amounts of people that they could beat me say and also the economics to shut down a good many businesses have been closed temporarily if not for the long term recently but it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what unites these groups. these protesters also be known holocaust in my eyes and conspiracy theories as well anti-vaccination groups who have been driven recently as well by these conspiracy theories particularly those surrounding the microsoft founder bill gates and the conspiracy theory that he is developing some kind of digital so typical could be implanted in the human body so there's all sorts of different groups of people here for right across the political spectrum so it is difficult still to pinpoint
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exactly what unites these groups apart from a general mistrust of politicians and also of the mainstream politics and mainstream media. now for a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. at least 6 people including 2 police officers have been killed in a shoot out during a protest in western afghanistan demonstrators were demanding economic assistance in the city a few after weeks of restrictions aimed at containing covert 19 officials say some people opened fire at police igniting a gun battle. tesla c.e.o. has threatened to move his company's u.s. operations from california to texas or nevada carmakers plant in fremont california has been closed down since late march due to coronavirus restrictions musk has called the measures quote fascist and pushed to reopen the plant in defiance of
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lock down rules. brazil has been hit hard by the coronavirus its death toll now tops $10001.00 of the highest per capita in latin america as the country struggles to deal with the impact of the outbreak former prisoners have stepped up to distribute aid to the most vulnerable residents of rio de janeiro. this banner reminds residents of the power of petrified villa and rio de janeiro to stay home but not working and staying home means going hungry many haven't had work since business restrictions were imposed in the city and unable to feed themselves or their families now they rely on food donations in some days i'm not able to buy oil for cooking not even a coffee so what can i do it's all in god's hands to do and it's so bad to go hungry not have anything to eat and to have your son ask you for bread or kooky when you don't have anything to give him. together with a group of x.
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prisoners throughout a silver founded the ngo you are so we will which translates to i am me they are trying to protect poor families and the fabulous during their kroner crisis. our approach is to distribute food we also give them masks and talked about the necessity of wearing a life of being clean and of washing your hands to avoid being infected by the virus distribution in the favelas crowded living conditions make social distancing more difficult here the covert 19 death rate is much higher than in richer neighborhoods for now all the people here can do is to rely on outside help and wait for the virus to pass. now german football fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the bundesliga this month but are their hopes about to be dashed 2nd division side dynamic dresden have been ordered to send their entire squad into quarantine for 2 weeks as after 2 players tested positive for cover 19 it means
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they are unable to fulfil their 1st fixture back and this could jeopardize the return of football across the country. scenes from a bygone era january to be exact the 2nd tier side to raise them train ahead of their much with karlsruhe and with players bunched together on the pitch and funds off it. such quaint behavior won't be in evidence over the next 2 weeks after 2 dressed in players tested positive for covert 19 the entire squad as well as coaching and support staff have been ordered to quarantine for 2 weeks for drazen it means they won't be able to fulfil their fixture against hanover on may the 17th but for german professional football as a whole it could have to sasha's consequences of clubs across the leagues are given similar orders should employees test positive things and so not so promising just a few days ago as the wind is legal look to be the world's 1st major football
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league to resume following looked own the chancellor gave her blessing in. the 1st and 2nd german football league which will be allowed to run the conflict and from the 2nd toughest may onwards under the approved and also tested rules. on the german league welcomed it. today's decision is good news for the bundesliga and the 2nd is league. clubs and their employees now have a great responsibility to implement the medical and organizational guidelines in a disciplined manner that. even to cologne players testing positive didn't derail things they and not the whole squad were told. by their local health body to self isolate but the dressed in case means the much heralded restart of the bindis league season could no be at the mercy of regional health authorities if there are more cases like deny. it will be difficult for games to take place even without
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fans. sad news from las vegas where 1000 has claimed the life of one of the city's best known showman roy horn of the magician duels think friedan roy has died he was 75 years old take a look back on his colorful life last vegas mourns an icon more horn dominated show business here for decades always alongside his partner secret fischbacher performing as the magician duo secret and roy originally from germany the 2 entertainers 1st met on a cruise ship they quickly became partners both on stage and in life. and i think when i spoke with siegfried i had a cheetah so i asked him if we could incorporate them into the show and secret sent everything is possible in a much your show. the wildcat act was born it quickly became the hallmark of c create an roi in their villa and that's vegas the partners raised white tigers
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threatened with extinction and lions then they signed a record setting contract for a lifetime of performances they are consistently sold that show was seen by millions of people then in 2003 there and it was seriously injured by one of his tigers during an act like this one would believe that the tiger was just trying to save him after he had suffered a stroke he battled to recover learning to talk and walk despite being paralyzed on one side of the no name is. his partner see creed says that roy was a fighter throughout his entire life even in the end when he contracted the coronavirus roy horn passed away at the age of 75. another death has left many in mourning little richard considered by some to be the founding father of rock n roll has passed away at the age of 87 little richard brought a distinctive voice flamboyant showmanship and lightning fast rhythms to popular
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popular music in the 1950 s. he was one of the 1st african-american artists to cross the new sick businesses racial divide his best known hits include long tall sally and to the fruity. you're watching news as a reminder you can get the latest on our website that's u.w. dot com thanks for joining. a listen. that's what video game music sounded on 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level a sense to him compose at nobu the way mats are. featured in many well known his music is better known to give you cause problems sounds good. video game music on d w.