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exposing and justice google news that matters to me once. this is due w. news live from berlin people push back against coronavirus restrictions in germany thousands turn out in cities across the country to demand an end to closures cancellations and distancing measures but who is behind the growing anti long down demonstrations we take a look also coming up. russia celebrates victory over nazi germany in world war 2
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victory day celebrations in moscow over scaled back due to the cold 1010 downing aircraft filled the skies the streets below bring nearly empty. and we need the 12 year old using social media to spread the word about the dangers of the coronavirus in the hospital and bustle of one of the lebanon's largest refugee camps. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us the corona virus infection rate in germany has again risen above the critical value of one that means one patient is now infecting more than one other person on average this comes after the government loosened many of the restrictions that have been in place for weeks but in several german cities thousands of protesters rallied against these restrictions
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accusing authorities of infringing on people's rights the demonstrations remained largely peaceful but there are concerns about the growing influence of right wing extremists. unfamiliar scenes for a country where large gatherings and close contacts of battles thousands defy distancing rosenstock got to protest the coronavirus restrictions families with children young and old. it's been young but i'm not because i think the restrictions of gone too far. more and i don't think wearing a face mask is necessary in order to rise i know it's clearly about limiting civil liberties and i'm always in favor of freedom of the demonstrators include some who believe in conspiracy theories others who believe forced vaccinations are coming. research or vic stream ism all of a decade says disparate groups and you know it's an across germany to oppose the restrictions so. it's clearly
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a protest citizen protest based on the feeling that something has gone wrong in these last weeks but that feeling is being used and manipulated by the extreme right. money is that. the government is monitoring the protest movement with concern worried that the mood in the country could sour. as this is the mitchell it's a questionable mixture this is gaining traction and it could potentially lead to the radicalization of some individuals that's what that's what i'm worried about is going all of us was. trouble arose around the edges of one demonstration in nuremberg of the police forces attempted to break up the rally was what. we've observed some peoples in the extreme rights movements hanging around the edge of the demonstration acting aggressively. the police say they included some well known members of germany's far right see. well for more on this let's bring in kate
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brady so kate seems like quite a lot of people turning up to these demonstrations what are they so angry about which restrictions do they object to the most. well it seems that these protesters are effectively accusing the medical workers and politicians here in germany of spreading widespread panic and also infringing their freedoms and their rights juice to the down measures if you will in recent weeks of course germany hadn't seen quite as strict damages as some other countries but there are still contacts restrictions in place albeit that there are plans in place now to ease those in the coming weeks depending on how that reproduction rate that you mentioned that develops which of course we now know is above $1.00 and also depending on how the number of new cases grows or declines or whether we'll see
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that plateau in the coming weeks but it does seem it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what unites these groups there's a real mix spread of people there from everyday citizens to the extremes of germany's political spectrum with people from the far left and as we heard there in the report from the far right as well with some known holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists there as well so it does seem though that one issue they seem to all agree on is that opposition or rather that critique of the mainstream politicians right now. now kate is this a growing movement that we're seeing or are these just several fringe groups coming together. ok as we have seen these demonstrations growing in recent weeks what started out as a few dozen people gathering here in the capital in berlin has now grown into several 1000 people in a handful of cities across germany which we saw this weekend that said they do
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still seem to be a minority and according to a poll that came out just a couple of days ago 2 thirds of germans still support the measures that are currently still in place that have been the restrictions that have been imposed by the state governments around the country but of course even that is a significantly lower number than earlier on in the pandemic when over 90 percent of of the nation according to the same pollsters actually supported the restrictions that were in place at the time so it certainly seems that there is a sense of fatigue setting in here in germany but we could also be seeing something that was really referred to by a leading viral just here in germany just a few weeks ago at the idea of prevention paradox where people begin to see only the situation that they're in so of course these preventative measures that have been taken in germany seem at least to have helped the government get a grip on the pandemic and had a relative success compared to some other countries so it might seem that sometimes to some people at these restrictions seem
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a little over the top but of course as we noted the situation in germany still remains fragile and the government is keeping a close eye on the new number of cases and that all important reproduction right. brady thank you so much for your reporting. well around europe countries are grappling with how to relax restrictions and allow more businesses to reopen here in germany restaurants in the northern state of meth member western pomerania have opened their doors again diners can now return to restaurant tables though they must sit 1.5 meters apart from other groups and staff have to wear masks the state has one of the lowest infection rates in germany but authorities warn lock down measures could return if infections increase. all right let's take a look now at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of covert 1000 cases has passed the 4000000 mark that's according to johns hopkins
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university in the united states the global death toll has surpassed 279000 egypt's president. has approved amendments to his country's state of emergency that grant him and security agencies additional powers former u.s. president barack obama called donald trump's response to the pandemic quote an absolute chaotic disaster obama made the comments about his successor during a leach call with former staff members and now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world 3 members of the white house coronavirus task force are in self quarantine among them as dr anthony found the face of the u.s. virus response that apparently come into contact with a white house staff member who tested positive for coded 19. south korea's president in his urge people not to lower their guard in the battle against the
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corona virus this comes after south korea reported 34 new cases of cope with 19 in just one day and said the country needed to brace for a 2nd wave of the pandemic. a polar vortex in the middle of may has led to some 0 temperatures and snow in the northeastern u.s. and canada it's a cooler low pressure system that occasionally spread southward the u.s. national weather service has issued a freeze warning extending into early sunday for most of the northeastern united states. russia has marked a 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 victory day in russia usually means a lavish display of national pride and military might but this year commemorations were scaled back because of the coronavirus pandemic with a traditional red square military parade and a large scale procession postponed. an explosive
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and colorful and to subdue day of celebrations and commemorations. the night sky over moscow lifting the spirits of a city in lockdown. earlier russia's parade of military might took to the sky. coronavirus precautions kept the streets nearly empty this victory day. but muscovites watched from inside their homes it was meant to be an especially large celebration this year as russia marks 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 but the planned mass processions postponed by the pandemic. president vladimir putin did lead a scaled down ceremony at the eternal flame war memorial. but not a word about the virus. instead a rallying cry to the nation. this is why we know you and firmly believe
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that we are invincible when we stand together 1st congratulations on victory day. by the end there. a day of pride in russia's past but people here have plenty to grumble about corona virus infections are on the rise and the economy is sinking. presiding over another time of national crisis putin faces plenty of challenges ahead. with millions around the world living in refugee camps health experts warn that an outbreak of coronavirus in one of them could prove catastrophic lebanon's camps in particular are cramped and overcrowded making social distancing all but impossible a 12 year old girl is using social media to warn about the risks of covert 19 but
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many are more concerned about getting enough to eat than about getting infected. spaces at a premium in shatila just apartment blocks lots of people and not much green space this is one of the biggest refugee camps in lebanon and it's where knowledge she lives with her family who fled from palestine a 12 year old was born in shitty places her home and now in the coronavirus is here to be trying to stay safe in the crowded streets is not easy most people here don't wear masks and the though there are hygiene rules few stick to them no idea things people don't realize how dangerous the virus actually is the mind that instead of that i work laughs animosity and i try not to touch the basket in case the viruses on them are from i'm going to i also try to keep my distance because the someone costs us sneezes next to me they could infect me. that in the battle.
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lebanon is currently going through the worst economic crisis since young history its currency is worth almost nothing. prices are skyrocketing and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy then the coronavirus came along shops and restaurants were forced to close. lives with her 4 sisters 2 brothers and mother in a small apartment one of her brothers works for an aid organization he's the one who told her about the dangers of the virus and batters inspired her to help others she makes videos explaining the dangers and post them online a main message keep your distance. with schools and also closed nadira sent her homework on her mobile phone. viruses causing
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a lot of uncertainty for her and her family. and especially. feeling when i think about the next few weeks they have already been cases and other refugee camps who knows what will happen here i really hope i don't use any one i left because of the virus and i want to be the best in my class. a goal that makes this state of emergency that little bit easier it's a bad hope that things will be better in the future. i remind her now of our top story. thousands of people protested against coronavirus restrictions in several german cities the biggest turnout was in stuttgart with fine sounds a participant according to organizers of the demonstrations went ahead after germany's constitutional court overturns an earlier ban. well richard is considered by some to be the founding father of rock
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keep your. sounds to. video game music on t w.


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