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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin people push back against coronavirus restrictions in germany thousands turn out in cities across the country to demand an end to closures cancellations and distancing measures but who is behind the growing anti lockdown demonstrations we take a look also coming up russia celebrates victory over an aussie germany in world war 2 victory day celebrations in moscow are scaled back due to the kobe 1010 demick 12 aircraft filled the sky and the streets below were nearly empty. and nowhere to
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go and has nothing to eat during the global pandemic thousands of people have been left homeless in the kenyan capital nairobi after the government wants their homes . omarion to evanston thanks for joining me the corona virus infection rate in germany has again risen above the critical value of one that means one patient is now infecting more than one other person on average this comes after the government loosened many of the restrictions that have been in place for weeks but in several german cities thousands of protesters rallied against these restrictions accusing authorities of infringing on people's rights the demonstrations remained largely peaceful but there are. it's about the growing influence of right wing extremists.
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unfamiliar scenes for a country where large gatherings and close contacts abound thousands defied distancing rules and got to protest the coronavirus restrictions families with children young and old. he's been here all my life and i'm here because i think the restrictions of gone too far. more and i don't think wearing a face mask is necessary in order to take wise i know it's clearly about limiting civil liberties and i'm always in favor of freedom. the demonstrators include some who believe in conspiracy theories others who believe forced vaccinations are coming. research of extremism all of a decade says disparate groups uniting across germany to oppose the restrictions. it's clearly a protest citizen protest based on the feeling that something has gone wrong in these last weeks but that feeling is being used and manipulated by the extreme
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right. money put is that what next. the government is monitoring the protest movement with concern worried that the mood in the country could sour. as this is the mitchell it's a questionable mixture this is gaining traction and it could potentially lead to the radicalization of some individuals that's what i'm worried about that's going on that's what. trouble arose around the edges of one demonstration in nuremberg the police forces attempted to break up the rally was what. we've observed some peoples in the extreme rights movements hanging around the edge of the demonstration acting aggressively that police say they included some well known members of germany's far right see. well for more on this let's bring in kate brady so kate the seems like quite a lot of people turning up to these demonstrations what are they so angry about
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which restrictions do they object to the most. but it seems that these protesters are effectively accusing the medical workers and politicians here in germany of spreading widespread panic and also infringing their freedoms and their rights to the down measures if you will in recent weeks of course germany hadn't seen quite as strict lock down measures as some other countries but there are still contacts restrictions in place albeit that there are plans in place now to ease those in the coming weeks depending on how that reproduction rate that you mentioned that developed which of course we now know is above $1.00 and also depending on how the number of new cases grows or declines or whether we'll see that plateau in the coming weeks but it does seem it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what unites these groups there's a real mix spread of people there from everyday citizens to the extremes of
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germany's political spectrum with people from the fall left and as we heard there in the report from the far right as well with some known holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists there as well so it does seem though that one issue they seem to all agree on is that position or rather the critique of the mainstream politicians right now. now cade's is this a growing movement that we're seeing or are these just several fringe groups coming together. ok as we have seen these demonstrations growing in recent weeks what started out as a few dozen people gathering here in the capital in berlin has now grown into several 1000 people in a handful of cities across germany which we saw this weekend that said they do still seem to be a minority and according to a poll that came out just a couple of days ago 2 thirds of germans still support the measures that are currently still in place that have been the restrictions that have been imposed by
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the state governments around the country but of course even that is a significantly lower number than earlier on in the pandemic when over 90 percent of the nation according to the same pollsters actually supported the restrictions that were in place at the time so it certainly seems that there is a sense of fatigue setting in here in germany but we could also be seeing something that was really referred to by a leading viral just here in germany just a few weeks ago at the idea of prevention paradox where people begin to see only the situation that they're in so of course these preventative measures that have been taken in germany seem at least to have helped the government get a grip on the pandemic and had a relative success compared to some other countries so it might seem that sometimes to some people at these restrictions seem a little over the top but of course as we noted the situation in germany still remains fragile and the government is keeping a close eye on the new number of cases and that all important reproduction right
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w.'s kid brady thank you so much for your reporting. well around europe countries are grappling with how to relax restrictions and allow more businesses to reopen in germany restaurants in the northern state of meth limburg western pomerania have opened their doors again diners can now return to restaurant tables though they must sit 1.5 metres apart from other groups and the staff have to wear masks the state has one of the lowest infection rates in germany but authorities warned that long down measures could return if infections increase. ok let's have a look now at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of confirmed covert 1000 cases has passed the 4000000 mark there's according to johns hopkins university in the u.s. the global death toll has surpassed 279000 egypt's president of the fatah el-sisi
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has approved amendments to his country's state of emergency that grants him and security agencies additional powers former u.s. president barack obama called donald trump's response to the pandemic quote an absolute chaotic disaster obama made the comments about his successor during a leaks to call with former staff members and now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world 3 members of the white house coronavirus task force are in self quarantine among them as dr anthony found changed the face of the u.s. virus response that apparently come into contact with a white house staff member who tested positive for covert 19. south korea's president in has urged people not to lower their guard in the battle against the coronavirus this comes after south korea reported 34 new cases of covert 19 in just one day moon said the country needed to brace for
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a 2nd wave of the pen demick. iraq's new prime minister has ordered the release of prisoners arrested during the anti-government protests that began last october. also promise justice for the more than 550 people who were killed in the unrest those protests led to the fall of the previous government. a polar vortex in the middle of may has led to stop 0 temperatures and snow in the northeastern u.s. and canada it's a polar low pressure system that occasionally spreads southward the u.s. national weather service has issued a freeze warning extending into early sunday for most of the northeastern united states. russia has marked 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 victory day in russia usually means a lavish display of national pride and military might but this year commemorations were scaled back because of the coronavirus pandemic with the traditional red
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square military parade and a large scale procession postponed. an explosive and colorful and to a subdued day of celebrations and commemorations. the night sky over moscow lifting the spirits of a city in lockdown. earlier russians a parade of military might just took to the sky just. coronavirus percussions kept the streets nearly empty this victory day. but muscovites watched from inside their homes it was meant to be an especially large celebration this year as russia marks 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 but the planned mass processions postponed by the pandemic. president vladimir putin did lead a scaled down ceremony at the eternal flame war memorial. but not
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a word about the virus. instead a rallying cry to the nation. this night we know and firmly believe that we are invincible when we stand together 1st congratulations on victory day. by the. what i have. a day of pride in russia's past but people here have plenty to grumble about corona virus infections are on the rise and the economy is sinking. presiding over another time of national crisis putin faces plenty of challenges ahead. more than 7000 people have been left homeless in the kenyan capital nairobi after the government forcibly evicted them and then bulldoze their homes authorities say the settlement was built even legally on government owned land but according to
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residents the vixens could not have come at a worse time amid economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic by returning home to scavenge things to sell or to help themselves build new temporary accommodation. like the us. government everything that is happening around demolishing our houses. very early in the morning 5 in the morning when you are sleeping especially in that 10 years doing that is ok. but i'm sorry to say that the government is not seeing as a. good so ships on monday because. mostly when people were sleeping at home with their families. they came and demolished our houses and we have nowhere to go now are just the markets now they should tell us where to go my child is outside i have come to
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a household so i can get rent for house jobs has been lost we want to know where our rights. the must demolitions ignored a court order to wait and hear the case of the carrier banky residents who the government claims were living illegally on state time lines they triggered riots the police responded with tear gas and water cannons. on saucily morning politicians handed out food parcels to needy families so what we're saying is at this time let's think of the least interested the less fortunate that we want to know what the host was a. little girl but the food will be little comfort to the thousands who just lost their homes during a global pandemic. german football fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of the bundesliga this month but could their hope soon be dashed 2nd division side dinamo dresden have been ordered to send their entire squad into
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quarantine for 2 weeks after 2 of their players tested positive for covert 19 that means they're unable to play their scheduled match against hanover on may 17th to cologne players tested positive last week but only they are not the whole squad were told to self isolate the decision by the local health authority and residence as a president that could put resumption of play across germany into jeopardy including in the top tier. a quick reminder now of our top story. thousands of people protested against the coronavirus restrictions in several german cities the biggest turnout was instant dark with 5000 participants according to organizers of the demonstrations went ahead after germany's constitutional forward overturned and earlier banned. and finally the man widely considered to be the founding father of rock n roll has died little richard was $87.00 the singer brought
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a distinctive voice one boy in showmanship and lightning fast rhythms to popular movies. in the 1950s it is one of the 1st african american artists to cross the racial divide in the music business is best known hits include long tall sadie and to leaf through to leave you now with some of his music. and language courses. any time any.


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