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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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oh. this is do w. news live from berlin people pushed back against coronavirus restrictions in germany thousands turn out in cities across the country to demand an end to closures cancellations and distancing measures but who is behind the growing empty lockdown demonstrations we take a look also coming up. south korea's president calls on citizens to stay careful as the country braces for what its origins fear could be a 2nd wave of the coronavirus that's after $34.00 new cases are confirmed in a single day plus.
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the flamboyant father a brocken role done teaching the 7 little richard is known for changing the face of music in the 950 s. and really audiences with his exuberant performances. i'm married to evanston thanks for joining us the corona virus infection rate in germany has again risen above the critical value of one that means one patient is now infecting more than one other person on average this comes after the government loosened many of the restrictions that have been in place for weeks now but in several german cities thousands of protesters rallied against these restrictions accusing authorities. infringing on people's rights the demonstrations remained
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largely peaceful but there are concerns about the growing influence of right wing extremists. and unfamiliar scenes for a country where large gatherings and close contacts abound thousands defy distancing rosenstock got to protest the coronavirus restrictions families with children young and old. it's been young but i'm not because i think the restrictions of gone too far. more and i don't think wearing a face mask is necessary in order to take wise i know it's clearly about limiting civil liberties and i'm always in favor of freedom. the demonstrators include some who believe in conspiracy theories others who believe forced vaccinations a coming. research or vic stream ism all of a deck assess disparate groups you know it's an across germany to oppose the restrictions. it's clearly a protest citizen protest based on the feeling that something has gone wrong in
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these last weeks but that feeling is being used and manipulated by the extreme right. what next. the government is monitoring the protest movement with concern worried that the mood in the country could sour. as this is the mitchell it's a questionable mixture this is gaining traction and it could potentially lead to the radicalization of some individuals that's what that's what i'm worried about that's going to. trouble arose around the edges of one demonstration in nuremberg the police forces attempted to break up the rally was. we've observed some peoples in the extreme rights movements hanging around the edge of the demonstration acting aggressively. the police say they included some well known members of germany's far right see. well for more on this let's bring in kate brady
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so kate the seems like quite a lot of people turning up to these demonstrations what are they so angry about which restrictions do they object to the most. well it seems that these protesters are effectively accusing the medical workers and politicians here in germany of spreading widespread panic and also infringing their freedoms and their rights to the down measures if you will in recent weeks of course germany hadn't seen quite as strict lock down measures as some other countries but there are still contacts restrictions in place albeit there are plans in place now to ease those in the coming weeks depending on how that reproduction rate that you mentioned that develops which of course we now know is above $1.00 and also depending on how the number of new cases grows or declines or whether we see that plateau in the coming weeks but it does seem it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what unites these groups there's
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a real mix spread of people there from everyday citizens to the extremes of germany's political spectrum with people from the fall left and as we heard there in the report from the far right as well with some known holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists that as well so it does seem though that one issue they seem to all agree on is that position or rather that critique of the mainstream politicians right now. now cade's is this a growing movement that we're seeing or are these just several fringe groups coming together. ok as we have seen these demonstrations growing in recent weeks what started out as a few dozen people gathering here in the capital in berlin has now grown into several 1000 people in a handful of cities across germany which we saw this weekend that said they do still seem to be a minority and according to a poll that came out just a couple of days ago 2 thirds of germans still support the measures that are
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currently still in place that have been the restrictions that have been imposed by the state governments around the country but of course even that is a significantly lower number than earlier on in the pandemic when over 90 percent of of the nation according to the same pollsters actually supported the restrictions that were in place at the time so it certainly seems that there is a sense of fatigue setting in here in germany but we could also be seeing something that was really referred to by a leading viral just here in germany just a few weeks ago at the idea of prevention paradox where people begin to see only the situation that they're in so of course these preventative measures that have been taken in germany seem at least to have helped the government get a grip on the pandemic and had a relative success compared to some other countries so it might seem that sometimes to some people at these restrictions seem a little over the top but of course as we know the situation in germany still remains fragile and the government is keeping
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a close eye on the new number of cases and that all important reproduction right w.'s kid brady thank you so much for your reporting. south korea's president in has urged people not to lower their guard in the battle against the corona virus this comes after south korea reported $34.00 new cases of covert 19 in just a single day rooms and the country needed to brace for a 2nd wave of the pandemic the country has been widely praised for containing its corona virus outbreak and last week began easing restrictions. the fun didn't last long this is one of the 3 clubs a 29 year old man visited before testing positive for corbett 19 so far more than 2 dozen cases have been linked to nightclubs in the e.t.o. one district and sole authority is i currently tracking thousands of people who visited any of the clubs the sole mayor quickly put the lockdown brakes on. the
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city of seoul issues an order immediately prohibiting gatherings in all entertainment facilities including night clubs clubs like abbas and hostess. from this moment such facilities have to suspend their business and will face strict punishments if they breach the order. but the. people working in the district are on high alert. we hope customers will be more cooperative when we ask for their names for visitor records and i want to we all need to work together for a better future. and i think this incident could have happened anywhere not just an entire one. south korean president mungy in is warning of a 2nd wave of injections. you go in lucia's search but the infection cluster which
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recently occurred in entertainment facilities has raised awareness that even during the stabilization phase similar situations can arise again any time zones anywhere in the crowded space it's not over until it's over. the new infections are a blow to south korea's image as the role model in the fight against the corona virus and they could be a warning sign to other countries considering easing restrictions. and joining me now from seoul is correspondent frank smyth hello to you frank now south korea has been considered a role model and his handling of coronavirus now we're seeing this relapse did the easing of restrictions come too soon. i think that's really a very very difficult question we need to recognize a couple of things we know about the coronavirus coded 1000 number one it's highly contagious number 2 people can spread it with when they are not showing symptoms in
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the initial media reports indicate the patient that visited e.t.a. wanting to visit several nightclubs didn't have any symptoms when he visited there so that makes it extra difficult to determine that question that really. balances the economy with public health and that's a very very difficult question to answer i think well we've heard from the president that 2nd wave of infections is a possibility how can south korea prevent that well it has quite successfully gotten you know off an infection level down to even 0 per day domestically through its intense testing and contact tracing which it's doing now to try to track down all those visitors to eat a one on the nights in question were suits several text messages to my phone
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telling me if i visited there that i should come forward and get a test and it's going to continue to do that to try to you know contain this recent cluster and what do you think other countries could learn from the experience of south korea well i really think that the president said it best in his speech which you highlighted just early just earlier this isn't over until it's over. frank smith reporting from seoul thank you very much. now the man widely regarded as the founding father of rock n roll has died little richard was $87.00 the singer brought a distinctive voice flamboyant showmanship and the lightning fast rhythms to popular music in the 1950 s. he was one of the 1st african-american artists to cross the racial divide of the music business appealing both to black and white fans.
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and with me in the studio now is the senior music editor warner paul and hello to you warner so little richard is known as a pioneer of rock n roll music just how did he change the face of music in the 1950 s. well you know it's indisputable that rock and roll changed the society revolutionized music and spread to say the little richard was a rock n roll in his own words he referred to himself as the king and the queen of rock n roll you know experts might argue the technicalities whether he actually invented the john or probably not but he was hugely hugely important in its development all of the all of the rock'n'roll stars of the 1st and 2nd generation were directly inspired by him by his glam by his image you know that was what made him unique is that he was the 1st one of the 1st artist to have such
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a strong image due to his overt sexual energy and fearlessness i mean you have to remember he was a gay man an openly gay man in the fifty's forty's fifty's sixty's in the south of the u.s. and that in itself was you know hugely hugely controversial to societal norms and as was rock n roll music so i mean they're the kind of went together they both were really a revolution in their liberation to some parts of society. you know and that's in the end it just turned out to be that he people thought irresistible you know i think that the best experience how irresistible he was reserved quick listen in to his biggest hits.
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well there you have it you know the full package the foot up on the piano the makeup the hair you know the the screeching style of singing all the moves and everything that full monty. now so many people are responding to the death of little richard sending condolences you know messages who were his biggest fans and days like today you can almost ask who wasn't you know i mean among them you've got the beatles arguably the most popular pop band ever he was a hero to all 4 of them the rolling stones bob dylan bob dylan wrote in his high school yearbook that was his ambition to join little richard you know then getting more to our generation you got prince sultan john david bowie they all of course picked up on his music but also as rock'n'roll got more visually driven you know m.t.v. they they really experimented with little richard's gender bending in glad to make up the hairstyles that all became so important and all of these. icons
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quoted him visually and musically and they all took little parts of his act emitted their own are i have to wonder paul and always great to talk to you thank you so much. and you're up to date on d w news omarion and steams thanks for watching. this state of emergency is the normal. people around the world are documenting this traumatic times. they're keeping the koroma diary. and welcoming us into their lives. their lives get as up close and personal as the pandemic will allow a. diary starts many teams on t.w. .


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