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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin and british prime minister boris johnson addresses the nation after 7 weeks of walk down but if anyone was expecting a rapid enter restrictions they'll be disappointed with the 2nd highest death toll in the world the u.k. plan is cautious also coming up on the show south korea's president calls on citizens to remain vigilant the country braces for what authorities fear could be a 2nd wave of the coronavirus after 34 new cases are confirmed. and rolling up for the only game in town socially distance rock fans in prague
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enjoyed live music at a drive in. i mean it is a welcome to the show britain's prime minister boris johnson tonight unveiled a roadmap for exiting britain's lockdown and a televised announcement he outlined a cautious relaxation of some of the measures but encouraged everyone to keep social contact to a bare minimum the u.k. has the highest official coronavirus death toll in europe. down must continue that was the key message behind prime minister. sunday as he won the british public. and thanks to you we protected. and saved many thousands of lives and so you know that it would be madness not. to throw away that achievement by allowing
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a 2nd spike with the government criticized for its slow reaction to the outbreak opposition members describe this update as a mixed message scotland wales and northern ireland have set their lockdown rules will remain johnson stressed the importance of maintaining lockdown possible taney asli introducing cautious many steps towards normality and from this wednesday we want to encourage people to take an even unlimited amounts of direct cites you can sit in the sun in your local park you can drive to other destinations happy earliest by june 1st shops would reopen and the younger pupils could head back to schools all this only if infection rates and the number of deaths what's a further decrease we must reverse rapid the. in care homes and in the n.h.s. and if we're to control the spars then we must have a beating system for testing potential victims and for tracing their
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contacts with the u.k. continuing to suffer the highest official death toll in europe it faces a long road ahead a return to business as usual maybe many months from now. as britain slowly begins to ease its coronavirus restrictions our correspondent charlotte parts has been reporting on the developments there she sent us this analysis from london. almost 2 months into the lockdown and the prime minister made clear that there will be no grand reopening of the economy anytime soon the highest death toll in europe and the prime minister's own near death experience with the virus have made boris johnson choose a slow careful and conditional approach on how to ease the lock down baby steps towards a new kind of normal and only if the reproduction rate of the barest stays down johnson can't afford mistakes on the way out of the locked out and too many were already made on the way in when the government reacted slow and half hearted at 1st
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now a recent poll has found that britain's belief that their government has handled the crisis worse than other major countries so far. correspondent charlotte in london there now let's have a look at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic u.s. vice president mike pence is self isolating after a spokeswoman tested positive for corona virus 10 says so far tested negative yemen has reported 17 new cases bringing the total number of infections there to $5018.00 people have died there so far spain has registered its lowest daily death toll since mid march the number dropped to 143 on sunday. here in germany the krona virus infection rate has risen above the critical value of one that means that every 10 patients are infecting 11 other people on average the country's public health agency says it's too early to draw conclusions but that the infection rate needs to be closely monitored this comes after many lock down restrictions have
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been lifted cafes and restaurants have opened in northern germany and the warm spring weather has brought more people out onto the streets and into parks. the rise in the infection rate in germany has also coincided with several clusters of new cases in meat processing plants the outbreaks have led to the temporary closure of 2 companies employing hundreds of contract workers from eastern europe our correspondent sent us this report from one of the affected towns in western germany. animals are no longer being slaughtered here but goods are still being transported this large meat processing plant has been shut down at least 190 workers have tested positive for the corona virus the real number of workers infected is probably higher and that's provoked a backlash especially against the working conditions where a subcontractor employs hundreds of workers from eastern europe. they take you still need of people have to work 60 hours
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a week and more people who have to live in rundown mold infested cramped conditions who are carted to work and back in packed buses and vans it's dangerous and that's why i am protesting the other reports of poor living conditions for these workers are nothing new but now the infection rate is rising and that affects everyone who lives in the area the regional government relax the lockdown conditions or we could go but not in the town of khowst felt. they got to have a cause of death all the way because here i think that and this wave of infections this exponential wave of infections will hit close held me up getting lots of calls from the local people and they're scared we're really scared and a local politician wants to show us why she takes us to a nearby village just a 15 minute drive away where many eastern european workers are housed. in that look they write all the names here. names on the door are all
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romanian this man says he lives here he won't tell us his name but he says he comes from soup you a city in transylvania he's not wearing a face mask and tells us the house has been placed under quarantine. going to. the politician calls police to tell them that other people from the house are moving freely around the village and going shopping. local officials turn up half an hour later. than up and i'll be darned if i can i assume that these residential buildings had already been tested and that they put people who have been infected and people who had contact to them under quarantine and the border is over that it really doesn't look like that they've only just started testing and that's very late this is from about 3 good local people who are deeply concerned more than ever. now south korea's president
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mungy has urged people not to lower their guard in the battle against the corona virus this comes after south korea reported 34 new cases in just one day moon said the country needed to brace for a quote 2nd wave of the pandemic the country has been widely praised for containing its corona virus outbreak and last week began using restrictions. the sun didn't last long this is one of the 3 clubs a 29 year old man visited before testing positive for corbett 19 so far more than 2 dozen cases have been linked to nightclubs in the e.t.o. one district in seoul authorities i currently tracking thousands of people who visited any of the clubs the sole mayor quickly put the lockdown brakes on. the city of seoul issues an order immediately prohibiting gatherings in all entertainment facilities including night clubs clubs like boss and hostess. from
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this moment such facilities have to suspend their business and will face strict punishment if they breach the order. total. people working in the district on high alert. we hope customers will be more cooperative when we ask for their names for visitor records and i want to we all need to work together for a better future. and i think this incident could have happened anywhere not just an entire one on the. south korean president moon j n is warning of a 2nd wave of infections. you were in lucia's search but the infection cluster which recently occurred in entertainment facilities has raised awareness that even during the stabilization phase similar situations can arise again any time zones
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anywhere in closed crowded space it's not over until it's over. the new infections are a blow to south korea's image as the role model in the fight against the corona virus and they could be a warning sign to other countries considering easing restrictions. over the past few months the coronavirus has meant that face masks have quickly become the norm in many places and for many it's taken some getting used to but for the deaf community having everyone's miles covered means they can't understand what others are saying. when the indonesian government made wearing masks mandatory phys. knew it would make life hard for him completely deaf she relies heavily on lip reading for communication so the professional seems just took matters into her own hands. i made normal mass that the stars. but
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then i tried to make the masts with the clear windows. i thought it would be difficult to make the masks with windows. but after a few tries they turned out to be nice and useful. it's this which proved fruitful better written and her husband who's also death have already sold more than $200.00 of the windowed masks and of begun supplying bias all across the country user reviews have so fun being positive. that with ordinary mastery the people with hearing loss can guess what one is trying to say. because they can't hear lips move and we communicate with others. i have many friends with hearing loss and this innovation is very helpful. but. the sentiment being echoed around the world in belgium these diffs students are
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calling for transparent face masks to be moved ridley available they also want them to be used more widely and in the community they say it's not enough simply for diff people to wear them when you talk of the next 100 people. in the current situation with the coronavirus there are sales people for example at the post office or at the pharmacy who have musts the problem is excess ability when it comes to deaf people that's why we need more people to wear transparent musts for the hearing impaired masks can add to the anxiety of living through a pandemic and as they look set to become the new normal at least for a while many in the diff community hope they will also become more inclusive. social distancing slows the spread of the corona virus but it has also put an end to most cultural events across europe this spring no theatres no movies no music that's unless someone gets inventive like these festival organizers in the czech
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capital prague. a quick sound check. as the last few people roll up for the only gig in town. with concert halls closed and festivals written off across europe this pop up event is drawing the crowds of assault that produces ses it's fun but he'll be happy when it's over. for the 1st time in my life i'm looking forward to the end of a project i'm working on. going to be all over but it's great at least we're not stuck at home for a change and we get to listen to some live music so. i'm for the musicians it's a change from the locked down routine of practice back at home in front of
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a mirror. we've never done anything so out there playing for cars especially in this kind of weather where we might get wet and the others stay dry that's something new. music fans a look down this parking lot is as close to paradise as possible. if nothing else life under lockdown means more time to practice our hobbies an 11 year old skateboarding prodigy from brazil is making good use of his free time by becoming the youngest person to land a 1080 degree turn and the 1st ever to lead it on avert ramp that's called a 1080 it's 3 full 360 degree spins in the air young skateboarders name is geek curry his spin was a half turn more than tony hawk's best hoch only managed 900 degrees. tony hawk is still the king though you're watching the news don't forget you can
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get the latest on our web site that's com false on twitter and instagram news i'm all mini's of thanks for joining us. on the global corona crisis you can find more information online at d.f.w. dot com and on t.w. the social media channels. this state of emergency is the normal. people around the world are documenting peace traumatic time.


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