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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany fights a flare up of infections as it loosens lockdowns restrictions as frustration builds in some circles of the government's handling of the pandemic new coronavirus plus to strengthen the country's progress towards normality also on the program. commuters in paris receive masks as they had to work for the 1st time in 2 months most shops and businesses are reopening asked the country begins lifting its lockdown. and british prime minister bridget johnson details government's plans to ease the lockdown in england following
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a national address was criticized as confusing. in east africa battles the pandemic and the plague locust said devastating crops across the region experts warn this 2nd way if i think yes poses an unprecedented threat to food security. i'm still going to welcome to the program the w.h.o. has expressed the hope that germany can get a decent a flare up of corona virus infections under control the country's been scrambling to contain localized cough in 1000 outbreaks in some states the health ministry also says it's closely monitoring a recent increase in the country's virus infection rate a difficult step on the country's tricky path to reopen its economy. wasting has become the name of the game in germany. and not only at supermarkets
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now and the america like much of the nation is waiting to see the effects of gradually easing restrictions in recent weeks but many other things it's important to me to once again draw attention to the fact that we are now in a new phase of the pandemic it will now be necessary in easing restrictions that we ensure safety so following the basic requirements that means keeping our distance wearing a mouth and nose covering and having consideration for others. that's very important . because the. clusters of new infections some linked to meat processing plants have emerged in several german districts that pushed new cases in those areas above the maximum agreed by america and state government leaders and locally put the brakes on easing restrictions elsewhere in germany there are some signs of returning to normality as many businesses reopen but on the streets
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a vocal minority is getting louder thousands of people demonstrated on saturday accusing politicians of infringing their rights concerns are growing the protests are being used as a platform for conspiracy theorists and far right extremists. usable for practicing claims hateful stereotypes theories that either result in a scapegoat or in a kind of world villain is supposed to be pulling all the strings people spreading this want to stir up conspiracy theories that haven't gain much traction before. anyone who spreads something like this want to divide our country and turn people against each other. dimension of monday so the opening of berlin's coronavirus treatment center weeks later than originally planned the hope is that beds here will stay empty when the effects of easing restrictions become clear. ok we get the latest from a d. w.
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political correspondent shows ok emmanuelle how concerned are german health authorities about the increase in the infection rate. well this weight has been circulating up and down over the past few weeks so it's being as 1.07 at the moment doesn't mean that the hospitals would reach full capacity or be overwhelmed just now what it means though is that every 100 infected people would infect another 107 what is of concern however is that if that number keeps on increasing and it probably will the loosening of restorations are said means more social interactions then we might face new outbreaks such as the cases in nursing homes in through those install to houses registered over the past 2 days here in germany. and drew what is the political climate here in germany than our position politicians generally behind the government's handling of this pandemic. when on the one hand we have the governing coalition the social democrats
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and the conservatives who shows a united front at the moment but indeed if you look at other politico factions and a 1st opposition party that of the far right for example they've been up in arms against the restoration measures shops being closed the individual rights being limited because of social distancing for example they stated that this was a breach of constitutional rights and also the labor as of the if not the biggest promoters of the measures implemented it was a vice president of the bundestag the german parliament even talking about breast fictions against fundamental rights so with each region leaders being handed over to this stage and making for the measures of rest to action we bound to see that there will be differences in how the crisis is handled in each of the lender the german regions so the reports we just saw mention the growing number of protests against lockdown measures how representative of a of public opinion. well there's certainly
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a concern within the german society that fundamental rights could be stomped upon when individual freedoms limited and that issue is being taken very seriously and being taken into account in the decision making and across the political spectrum however within the german society to seems to be an antagonism between conspiracy theories sympathizers of all kinds of acts and a majority of the germans in fact more than 80 percent of the germans who are quite happy about how the krises is handled and many where mosques not only in public transport it's mandatory but also in the streets for example and they're also happy to work from home and those people the majority are concerned when they hear that paos of people gather to protest without trust i think so so they're sensing measures for example thank you for that political correspondent emmanuel shows after 2 months of france has begun making a cautious exit from one of the strictest lock downs in europe people are now
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allowed to leave their homes without a permit and many shops and businesses have reopened fronts currently has the world's 5th highest death toll from coffin 19 with more than 26000 fatalities. the streets of paris starting to look more like they usual crowded selves after 8 weeks in lockdown french citizens are venturing out again it's been a cautious reopening with most shops welcoming customers and many people returning to work. i think it's still very risky for the population but costs are rising for companies so we need to go back to work but it all you. know some people know i'm not afraid everything should be fine if people respect the distancing roles i took the metro this morning and people were really cautious you . could go beyond what
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a. traffic on the paris metro is lighter than normal mosques and now mandatory on all public transport and signs advise commuters on how to maintain social distancing. people can now travel up to 100 kilometers without filling out a form to explain why. primary schools will also begin to reopen this week although the path forward for children in touch is remains tentative. will see if it works the recess hour as how well taken the children can the parents of the school will they wear masks what will we do if children are sick or run a high temperature so there are lots of questions in terms of organization. and. the looser restrictions are based on encouraging numbers including a decline in daily coronavirus deaths or thora he's warned the restrictions could
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be re impoverished if necessary. the humpies the prudence will be enough to further reduce the spread of the virus allowing friends to continue on its road to recovery . well just across the english channel from france british prime minister barak's johnson has published his government's a plan for easing the lockdown in england it includes a call for people to wear face masks in public and sets out necessary conditions for a gradual reopening of schools and businesses today's details following sunday's national address from the prime minister on reopening the economy which prompted to confusion and criticism. should they stay or should they go british prime minister boris johnson has replaced the nation state home slogan with a stay alert message the rebranding comes as johnson tries to sell britons on his plans to ease the lockdown but trying to balance restrictions while pushing people to return to work has proven confusing. i just
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bought him bars killed so and had a great opportunity to be really the sense of direction to even just say look we're not entirely sure of the next step on them but it's a very bad thing to. raise more questions than he did answer. that continues right now is his future people don't believe it last night. johnson 2nd shot at outlining his latest plan for the nation came before the house of commons on monday our challenge now is to find a way for with the preserves our hard won gains easing the burden of the lock down i'll be candid with the house this is a supremely difficult balance to strike his roadmap for the country set out a 3 stage approach to end britain's lockdown it begins wednesday with
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a relaxation of limits on outdoor exercise and he's encouraging the healthy to go back to work if they can non essential shops and schools for some students will reopen in june if there are no new spikes in the numbers the gradual. reopening of restaurants bars and other businesses is planned for july if the data supports it the u.k. has the world's 2nd highest 1000 death toll johnson fears if he doesn't get this right a 2nd deadly wave of the infection would have a heavy human cost. let's take a brief look at some other pandemic related stories around the world russia's president vladimir putin says his country's economic shutdown will end tomorrow though some regional restrictions will remain as a person says it will be for regional offices to decide which companies are allowed to open and who can return to work. saudi arabia has slashed its oil output again the kingdom's energy ministry ordered national oil company around code to make an
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additional voluntary cut of a 1000000 barrels a day from next month's global oil demand has slumped by about a furnace a coronavirus pandemic devastates global demand. shanghai disneyland is the 1st to disney resorts in the world to reopen albeit under strict conditions as is now have to show up to date or else if it has to be allowed in crisis has hit the disney group hard with theme park closures slashing income by difference of $1300000000.00 in the 1st quarter. now to kenya where a 2nd wave of desert locusts is descended on east africa estimates and decayed that the swarms will be 20 times worse than those which hit the region just 2 months ago the u.n. says the locusts pose an unprecedented threat to food security and to livelihoods. this is home for the tribe and since recently millions of locusts but to rain is
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difficult but locust track is working for the you when food and agriculture organization only have 2 helicopters locals often go by foot normal it's likely a lock us to places that's going to be accessible by i don't know that my back so the if we're going to local fulcrum that's in the valley locust swarms can engulf hectares of land and as they eat their own body weight each day the swarms devour practically everything in their path the world bank warns that the horn of africa could lose more than $7000000000.00 euros worth of crops crops like moses motors tomatoes. you see the 7 but i don't know whether god will send us any angels the truth is that we farmers have been totally written off it's obvious will be wiped out regular rainfall has been contribution to the explosion of the locust population and the covered 19 crisis is slowing down the fight against this
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infestation. and it just isn't me using the we who are getting them from us and. and what you harvey is when if i mean just locked down everything transponders and all these and then you are there is a little movement of this. the you when feeds 20000000 people in the region but is now warning twice that many could be threatened with hunger. a $1000000.00 that's a starting bid for the gates are played by no fan a front man kurt cobain joining the band's celebrated unplugged concert in 1993 it's one of a number of cobain memorabilia items of combatting memorabilia being auctioned off next month in beverly hills trading a setlist from the same show the famously erratic frontman killed himself at the age of $27.00 after nevada rocketed to 5 back of grunge albums never mind then. it's time to remind of our top story this hour germany's health ministry says it's
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closely monitoring an increase in the country's coronavirus infection rates the announcement comes to force yourself fights to control recent flare infections linked to cut meat packing. plants its value up to date of movie and at the top of it i. am. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. his response was.


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