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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2020 7:00am-7:14am CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin a coronavirus outbreak in the white house those working at president trump and the west wing are told to wear face masks this after 2 stuff numbers test positive for covert 1000 sending top officials into quarantine goes to washington in a moment also coming up. france visas one of europe's strictest coronavirus lockdowns most shops and businesses are reopening for the 1st time in 2 months but some restrictions remain. instead of cash this a.t.m.
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dispenses rice to indonesian struggling because of the coronavirus restrictions there have cost millions of people their livelihoods. and east africa battles the pandemic and a plague of locusts are devastating crops across the region experts warn that this 2nd wave this year poses an unprecedented threat to food security. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program the coronavirus has reached one of the most secure complexes in the world the white house people working near u.s. president donald trump have been told they need to with face masks after 2 aides tested positive for covert 19 a number of top officials including vice president mike pence are in south isolation the virus has so far killed about 80000 people in the u.s.
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the outbreak at the white house could undercut a push by president trump to reopen the u.s. economy. a swift change in attitude as the white house scrambles to prevent the corona virus from spreading among employees everyone entering the west wing where the president works must wear a face mask that is almost everyone president donald trump has refrained from wearing a mask in public and private and says he still doesn't see the need. of there certain distance from a or there are certain distance from each other they do. in the case of me i'm not at the i'm not close to anybody i'd like to be close to these 2 gentlemen they're hardworking great men but they just said frankly let's keep it this way so obviously in my case i'm very far away from everyone the new facemask directive comes after 2 staffers tested positive for coverage 19 katie miller the spokeswoman
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for vice president mike pence and one of president trump's own valleys pens is now in south isolation along with 3 other high profile members of the government's current virus task force they include leading epidemiologists dr anthony fauci the face of the administration's response officials at the white house say that stouffer's are being tested regularly but employees and reporters working in the west wing have been voicing concerns over their safety the west wing is a very old cramped workspace lots of small offices next to one another some of them don't even have windows the ones that you have windows i'm not even certain they can open the windows are fresh air because of security concerns and everyone is asking each other in these narrow hallways going back and forth multiple meetings every day. as officials try to contain the virus sweeping the white house
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president trump is continuing to urge u.s. states to reopen their economies despite many wondering if it's still too soon. there are supposed to do correspondent stephens inman's in washington and i asked him why such mixed messages on the coronavirus well coming out of the white house it's the governor's it's the local communities the mayors of the cities where actually are at the front line who actually create the rules and regulations and saying like this is how the public has to react however commander in chief and president of the united states doesn't seem to be in any need of a mask or seems to be risk averse i don't know the problem here is that it's all or the context here is that it's all politics it's symbolic politics and you mentioned the elections this is what's actually important for trump he cannot find himself able or willing to wear a mask that sends the wrong signal for him that 2 staffers are now.
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coronavirus positive and self as elation of course is bad enough for him politically speaking symbolically speaking he doesn't want any thing to do with that and wearing a mask is falls right into this category for him i guess can the u.s. economy reopen and recover even when the white house is unsafe. you know that's a good question because that's the that's the key question in across the country how do you restart the economy if you don't know really how widespread the virus is be as soon as you open the country up a little bit local communities open up for business again and states open up for business again. and the numbers are then in the trajectory up north again so there is no and there's a trust issue of course people need to believe that they are safe before they go to work otherwise nobody's going to work and you do not open the economy then so
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that's the quote. the big problem here for the president and everybody involved with solving this problem ok stephanie simmons in washington d.c. thank you france has begun to lift its coronavirus locked on after 8 weeks of restrictions people can now leave their homes without a permit most shops and businesses have reopened and many children will soon return to school where 26000 say tallit he's france has the world's 5th highest covert 19 death toll. the streets of paris is starting to look more like they usual crowded selves after 8 weeks in lockdown french citizens are venturing out again it's been a cautious reopening with most shops welcoming customers and many people returning to work. but i think it's still very risky for the population but costs are rising for companies so we need to go back to work. harder you. know some you know i'm not
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afraid everything should be fine of people respect the distancing rules i took the metro this morning and people were really consider us. to be of a young what a. traffic on the paris metro is lighter than normal mosques and now mandatory on all public transport and signs advise commuters on how to maintain social distancing. people can now travel up to 100 kilometers without filling out a form to explain why. primary schools will also begin to reopen this week although the path forward for children and teaches remains tentative. see if it works the recess hour as i will take in the children and the parents and to the school will they wear masks what will we do if
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children are sick or run a high temperature so there are lots of questions in terms of organization. that you need. to loosen restrictions are based on encouraging numbers including a decline in daily coronavirus deaths or thora to warn that restrictions could be reemployed if necessary. the hope is that prudence will be enough to further reduce the spread of the virus allowing friends to continue on its road to recovery. indonesia has suffered asia's 2nd highest death toll from covert 19 behind china and in the past 6 weeks the partial lockdown is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus cost more than 2000000 indonesians their jobs to help its citizens overcome these hard times the government is turning to a novel form of social welfare. this isn't your typical a.t.m. machine instead of cash it pumps out another valuable commodity.
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price. for free. the one and a half kilo rice rations help these residents near jakarta who are struggling to make ends meet because of the coronavirus. if. i was laid off by my company last week and my husband was laid off too without severance pay although it isn't a lot it's still very helpful. those eligible are given special rice a.t.m. cards which they can take to the dispenser to collect their daily ration of rice. every day we prepare one and a half tons of rice for around a 1000 residents multiply that by 2 months we'll continue doing it every day without wrist even on weekends we will keep distributing. but.
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according to the government the pandemic has set back its efforts to eradicate poverty by an entire decade. restrictions are being eased to allow markets like this one in central java to reopen even though it's still not clear if indonesia's covert 19 curve has been sufficiently flattened. what is certain is that initiatives like this rice a.t.m. are needed to keep those who are struggling from going hungry. now to kenya where a 2nd wave of desert loka go usa is the locust pose an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods. this is home for the each day the swarms devour practically everything in their path for the world bank warns that the horn of africa could lose more than 7000000000 euros worth of crops crops like moses
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motor's tomatoes. 3 i don't know whether god will send us any angels the truth is that we farmers have been totally written off it's obvious will be wiped out regular rainfall has been contributing to the explosion there is little movement of this. the you when feeds 20000000 people in the region but is now warning twice that many could be threatened with hunger. the coronavirus has transformed our everyday lives but it's also transforming our cities and how we get around for the better the pandemic is inspiring a push for climate friendly mobility with more space for people and bikes and less because this next report takes us to belgium's capital. it's early morning brussels is still asleep as its traffic revolution begins 170 signs are put up explaining that pedestrians and cyclists now have priority across the central
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part of the city. so we've noticed that the measures we're introducing to reduce traffic are making the city more resilient at a time when we're fighting a pandemic. the human we want to give pedestrians and cyclists more space. and that makes our city more livable healthier safer. yes all of all of their traffic lights in central brussels have been virtually switched off because pedestrians and cyclists now have right of way and they're allowed to use the entire road cars and buses have to respect a 20 kilometer per hour speed limit the new traffic rules are intended to help people comply with social distancing going to pick youth and beauty but here in a city center the speed limit was 30 kilometers per hour anyway driving a bit slower doesn't make a huge difference to me. that cyclists feel that there's not always place for you in the city especially in the streets there are. spots there's no.
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cycling routes no protection for the cyclists you see that's a lot there is a lot of aggression focused could be it's a good thing for the quality of life in the city of bicycles get more space livin. life is starting to pick up again and belgium after the pandemic lockdown shops are allowed to open people are meeting up again so everything is at a distance and under strict hygiene rules. face masks are mandatory in busses trams and subways are being sold in vending machines as well 5 masks for 7 europe's covert 1000 forced life in brussels to come to a halt for 2 months time the city spent overhauling its traffic policy to make it more friendly to cyclists and now that the city is beginning to wake up again it's likely that these changes will survive the pandemic. it watching the dublin is
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