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the perfect person to talk to these folks thank you lou so it's not like there's really no way we're all in this together our new budget plans. to put out a bit of the. caravan. this is state of the news live from berlin nurses on the front line of the coronavirus and they make the speech house as we mark international nurses day to day and many say they are still not getting the protection they need as they risk their own health saving others also coming up. reopening for business we report from civill one of that spanish cities that's received government approval to ease
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coronavirus restrictions. at c.e.o. iran last defies knocked on the orders to restart production at the company's kind of one year process he says he's willing to go to jail to keep the assembly minds rolling. hello i'm christine want to welcome to the program the coronavirus and their make has brought the work of mrs into sharp focus as they struggle to care for patients suffering from close at 98 and today on international nurses day nurses around the world all speaking out to demand better protection as they risked their lives to do their jobs this nurse's day also marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of a pioneer of modern nursing florence nightingale. the original
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queen of hygiene florence nightingale she revolutionized battlefield medicine june the crimean war and laid the foundations for modern nursing on tuesday nurses in sri lanka celebrated her 200th birthday well also honoring the tartus work of nurses all around the world. at the demand event that in many of us they were not known or. whether there is a pandemic or not. nurses will do their duty. now that workers don't look for public approval. even expected thank you from a patient who leaves the hospital after getting well. but what they do expect is better protection working on the front lines of the coronavirus battle nurses are paying a high price with many falling ill or dying from covert 19 the international
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council of nurses says data on the number of infections among nurses is lacking it is calling for accurate records on the rate of infection and. nurses have become a symbol of resilience in the fight against the coronavirus but also strong advocates for further action from governments. in places like pakistan nurses have taken to the streets to call for better safety measures to protect them while working inside hospitals. in south africa they protested outside a cape town hospital also calling for better working conditions and more protection from the virus. the struggle faced by nurses is now in focus around the world among those praising their heroism is the pope who said they deserve to be fully valued but also bush's street artist banksy his latest work game changer. is
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on display at a hospital in southampton. joining me now is how it cason he heads the international council of misses in geneva switzerland hello to you how is your organization is to mates that of the 90000 health care workers worldwide have been infected with covert 19 and that hundreds of nurses have died why is this happening. good evening and happy international nurses day to you we have been very alarmed at the lack of protective personal equipment that's been reported to us by nurses right the way around the world and we have also seen high levels of health care workers and nurses infections infection rights of 151617 percent which is why too hard and then in addition we have heard tragically of the deaths of nurses we now where around the world of the deaths of more than 260
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nurses we believe the are related to the lack of personal protective equipment but governments are not collecting this information in a standardized and systematic way we think that seem porton because of course we need to recognize and honor those people who have died but if we collected this information it could add to our the science and our understanding about how the disease is treated smits it where people are working when they have contracts it it their symptoms it could help us improve infection prevention and control measures so that's why we want governments to collect this information it seems poignant on international nurses day 200th anniversary of the birth of florence nightingale if she was here with us i believe she would be calling for this as well. yeah would anyway i would say about the fact that the work of nurses has been put on this in the spotlight so to say with this kind of eyes pandemic and we know that many
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nurses around the world often work long hours for very little pay is it your view that nurses generally are undervalued by society. yes it is yes it is we are seeing the huge physical pressure and strain that nurses are under where working credibly long hours wearing personal protective equipment there's also the real mental health and psychological strain caring for people who are very anxious higher death rates people separated for their family and friends often it's now the nurse who may be the last hand that the dying patient touches or vice is that they see and we've great that we've seen people around the world come to their windows come to their balconies to applaud and congratulate nurses but what i hear nurses saying to me is that's great but it needs the applause needs to translate into actions we want personal protective equipment we don't want to be subject to in some countries where nurses have been abused we went into this shortage 6000000
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nurses sure world wide these are things that require investment money political commitments to strengthen health systems and the health workforce and that's the legacy that nurses would want to see from coronavirus i'm sure ok if that's how it cason of the international council of nurses and here. it's. like other european nations jane has started easing some of this current of ours restrictions restaurants whose house and museums in some cities are now allowed to open but many regions are still rocks down the government says almost half the country has yet to meet the criteria for lock downs to be lifted and even in cities that have received the green lights business owners remain cautious more now from sale. this is the 1st time in 2 months that. has opened his doors he stands
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at his coffee machine at 7 in the morning just like he has in the last 20 years since this opened a cafe in this sea of it but things are very different now you regulations state he can only serve customers outside with half as many tapers as you nonetheless until you hold so few patrons book or his cafe might not survive. the last few months have been really tough we had operating cost but absolutely no income state assistance help but it's still just learned we have to fight it all back and somehow keep our business afloat. we have to try at least to be honest it's all very depressing. there are a lot of. civill fulfils all the criteria to qualify for an easing of social restrictions a lower rate of infections and a good supply of hospital beds that puts it at
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a better footing than the capital madrid but many civil businesses will still stay closed this time of year is peak season for antonio meadows specialty snails but currently at his restaurant he hasn't even said the shots he's running a small delivery service but had to lay off his whole staff is frustrated by a lack of clear information from the government. we were just told ok from today you can open again but up until the day before they told us they didn't publicly announce anything about what that meant and exactly what regulations would have to be met. he cites restaurants small businesses and hotels are being allowed to open this week at least on paper many shopkeepers also keep their businesses closed due to the strict regulations some have already given up. and 2 shop windows and forensics are becoming more and more common in spanish
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city centers spain is one of the country's most affected by the crisis at all levels where the pictures of overcrowded hospitals are only a few weeks old the latest economic figures are causing you experts are warning of unemployment rates of more than 30 percent. say the terrace is slowly beginning to fill up he's been able to reemploy 3 office format stuff he's hoping the next easing off restrictions might mean he can soon invite customers inside to . india passenger trains have resumed services off to a 7 week suspension i missed the announced the world's biggest lockdown on march 25th which included india's huge rail network in delhi thousands of passages turned up at the railway station for a chance to finally make their way home. of what's. it's already been an exhausting day pretty not but did. she stop in before sunrise to
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walk 20 kilometers to the baby station. to gadgetry in british. she was visiting her daughter debbie when the lockdown was declared since then she has been unable to return to her husband and 5 children there were guys been stuck here for 7 weeks we've been trying to get a ticket for days so we finally spent 2 hours on the line to book my ticket. i left home at $230.00 am i came here on foot. after almost 2 months india is resuming operations for 30 special passenger trains. a fraction of the $12000.00 trains before the lockdown frequent disinfection temperature checks i'm foolishly distancing are the new norm at the station that usually sees half a 1000000 passengers per day but tickets are only available online. that's been
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a challenge for us to meet up with jodi who doesn't use the internet but relatives in delhi are asked to leave because they didn't have enough food she says she's been steeping of the really station paul weitz hoping to get back to mumbai. the lot i've been trying to get home but how do i lay that they will if they can't telling us everything is closed i tried to get a ticket today they say booking online but i'm not educated i don't know how to book tickets online. she's now pinning all hope will be on her teenage daughter in mumbai to book one. and it isn't just stranded visitors today who were scrambling to get out. while passenger trains have started running from today especially trains for migrants have been running for over a week now however migrants here tell us that these have not been easy to get all. these migrant construction workers from be hard also walked 15 kilometers to the railway station this see it is impossible to get on the special subsidised trains
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for migrants some couldn't even find out how to apply for a ticket. others said the wheat was too long. be paid 3 and a half 1000 rupees or over 40 euros for the ticket. 10 times the usual fare. but with no prospect of jobs all the ages this simply had no choice. we don't want to stay here. i'll see if i feel like returning otherwise i can spend my life farming about karma i just want to get back now. they're all lying no one is telling the truth they keep saying they're giving this and that we haven't received a single thing which of the. put these men social distancing is an observed concept . in delhi 6 of them crammed into one group which this old and. waiting to finally get on the train home why this is the least of their wedding.
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here just budget airline brian it will ramp up its flight in july it's going to 1000 flights a day or about 40 percent of its prepared to make operations passages will have to wear masks and they'll need to crew members before getting up to use toilet ryanair has been running a mere 30 flights a day to travel bans and weak demand for fly. rather it may is senior air transport measurements at cranfield university in the united kingdom. so for the most part travel bans austin in place and many people are still afraid to travel will they even be dimanche to fly in july. i think there are 2 thoughts on that there are some people who say people will be so desperate to travel after months of lockdown that there will be demand while other people are
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much more cautious and there will be those people in the 1st group who say i really have to file want to fly i think that group will be relatively small i think the 1st people who we see who will travel again were will probably be people who fall into the catch query cold v.f.r. visiting friends or relatives so want to see family friends abroad. how realistic is ryan is planned i mean just considering the hygiene requirements. i mean they said they will clean the aircraft i think they announced once a day and to do a thorough clean now i think the cleaning itself is probably one side of it but we hear a lot of our social distancing nothing that is a much bigger problem social distancing on an aircraft is very very difficult to achieve and we've seen that easyjet for example announce that they want to keep the middle seat free for a certain period of time while running over a dismissed that and it will be very very difficult for airlines are to to operate
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profitable if they can't use the middle seat. this is talking about tenses brasil's in line subsidiary they've just announced a 1000 job cuts so this is basically making it the latest airline to to slash jobs is the industry on the brink rabbit. i've been in the industry for over 20 years i remember 911 and that was the worst catastrophic to see never up to that point i remember the 20082009 an actual crisis which again was an unprecedented event and again now we see unprecedented developments as well so while this is not comparable to anything that we've seen before one thing i think that the aviation industry has shown is over the years how resilient it is and unfortunately we will see pro job losses in the coming months and we progress see that airlines will reduce the number of aircraft that they operate but hopefully in
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a couple of years time it will be able to pick up again so i think although we have no reference point really about anything on that magnitude what we've seen is one of the aviation industry was faced with because sickles big challenges they measure overcome them in the long run ok that's robert knight talking to us from the u.k. thank you thank you. now until there is a vaccine for curve at 19 people around the world are looking for ways to protect themselves what if one of those ways involves an addictive substance scientists in paris probing with us moe king and mikko team can stop people contracting the disease. masses has been looking into it. take a deep breath to get ready for what's coming next before covered 19 francis reputation as a land of heavy smokers sparked only negative headlines but in the middle of the grown
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up virus crisis the fact that more than a lot of french people smoke doctors to discover something they found hard to believe. every morning i was i was. noticing whether the patient was on nots smoker and then i have seen that we had virtually no difference workers in hospital or. the professor's hypothesis is that smoking could protect against covered 19 he teamed up with one of france's leading neuroscientists who suspects nicotine might help prevent coronavirus molecules from invading the body but just i mean my sanity the life which is there all night. that's a year you know a few weeks we were able to build up with these. i need to accept the
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french academy of science and again it may take a few weeks you probably are right all clinical trials where both health workers and cover 1000 patients will wear nicotine patches have been approved at record speed the french authorities also follow the researchers the device to risk trick sales of nicotine products in pharmacies to stop people from stockpiling patches and gum. if trials are successful that would undermine the current world health organization's advice that smoking likely makes people more vulnerable to covered 19. the french doctors say nobody wants to believe them so does that include the w.h.o. what do you make of these findings. covert 1000 is a respiratory illness and smoking causes damage to the longest and there are a number of studies out there that have been published that have found that smoking
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leads to more severe disease development of severe disease and puts people at higher risk for being put on a ventilator being in i.c.u. and for dying the w.h.o. also warns that increased contact between lips and fingers while smoking or even sharing a cup are coproduct is an additional infection risk. the paris based scientists do not recommend taking up smoking. not smoking because smoking is getting in fancy about 70000 people is even more than that it will be 90 the scientists in paris are working day and night as well as looking at nicotine they are exploring alternatives which would not be addictive. or we are trying to design a study reason one of these compounds is still confidential a horrible. and we know that this compound. effect
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passed for the nicotine patches don't try this at home the team strongly warns against self medicating and unless the trials come up with definitive proof hopes of a new coronavirus treatment could still go up in smoke. now for a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world russia has the world's 2nd highest number of corona virus infections just. after reporting just on to $11000.00 new cases on tuesday the country's total is now more than 230000 officials say the high numbers are the result of a huge testing campaign the death rate there still remains relatively low. a kind of stuns interior ministry says more than a dozen people have been killed in a gun attack on a maternity hospital in kabul newborn babies their mothers and this is all reported to be among the dead the taliban has denied involvement in the incident.
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the electric car maker to say has restarted production at its factory in california in defiance of local restriction orders the chief executive in on mass has been in this standoff with authorities for weeks over the measures put in place to prevent the spread of the current eyes baker it is is yet with more all of that story let's get us up to speed chris day a long mosque is kind of a fan of twitter as we know uses the platform a lot and on monday he announced that tesla which has been shot since the story the california factory has been shot since march 23rd he announced on twitter that they were going to resume production he wrote tesla is restarting production today against alameda county rules i will be on the line with everyone else if anyone is arrested i ask that it only be made so the factory employs about 10000 people in the county and some employees told local reporters on the ground that they'd
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already been working since friday actually so the state lorin california allows a fine of up to $1000.00 u.s. dollars per day flouting the restrictions ok or 90 days jail it doesn't really look like they are going to be any arrests because the police have said they're not going to arrest him right or far as he's there's a bit of back and forth but i don't trump has chimed in now just shortly before i came into this year actually he said i'm on twitter in support of tesla and you know mosque he said that california should start restart today now so a bit of ok to look to talk to us about the north that tesla has also filed against the county right so over the weekend tesla filed a lawsuit against alameda county now alameda county have basically said that test is factories non-essential business so they can't reopen like some of it is mrs. mosque has threatened to move its his crib quarters on twitter to texas or nevada
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immediately and suggested that the company. start working in california all together which would be a huge financial loss to the state but it's important to point out that where the factory is situated is in a part of california that has stricter laws than the rest of the state so the governor gavin newsome announced rules to allow some manufactures to open but where in alameda where test is situated they caught so that's what he's particularly annoyed about he said and why you know basically why can't we stop production as well we've hodgins down it's ok for baker says with that thank you. you know the current virus has transformed every day lives but it's also transforming our city and how we get around the pandemic is inspiring a push for climate friendly mobility with more space for people and bikes and this will cause we take you now to belgium's capital brussels it's early morning
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brussels is still asleep as it's traffic revolution began 170 signs are put up explaining that pedestrians and cyclists now have priority across the central part of the city american books martin you know we've noticed that the measures we're introducing to reduce traffic are making the city more resilient at a time when we're fighting a pandemic. we want to give pedestrians and cyclists more space. and that makes our city more livable healthier safer. yes all of all of the. traffic lights in central brussels have been virtually switched off because pedestrians and cyclists now have right of way and they're allowed to use the entire road cars and buses have to respect a 20 kilometer per hour speed limit the new traffic rules are intended to help people comply with social distancing going to putin putin but here in a city center the speed limit was 30 kilometers per hour anyway driving
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a bit slower doesn't make a huge difference to me. as a cyclist you feel that there's not always place for you in a city especially in the big 3 there's not. there's no. protection for the cyclists it's a lot there is a lot of aggression focused could be it's a good thing for the quality of life in the city of bicycles get more space. life is starting to pick up again and belgium after the pandemic lockdown shops are allowed to open people are meeting up again so everything is at a distance and under strict hygiene rules. face masks are mandatory and busses trams and subways are being sold in vending machines as well 5 masks for 7 europe's covered $1000.00 forced life in brussels to come to a halt for 2 months time the city spent overhauling its traffic policy to make it
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more friendly to cyclists and now that the city is beginning to wake up again it's likely that these changes will survive the pandemic. you're up to date every new more now website dot com you can follow us on twitter at instagram we're at d.-day previews by myself in the team it's been great having your company see you next hour. to.
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kick off special. time some defeated european champions. and. i'm a little bit big. national soccer team but some. comments
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to germany's women footballers also such. long t.w. . supply. the lifeline of connecting. the river of students that protects us. along the canadian amazon. river still most of it's natural most of. the counties government has big plans to develop the region. to the horrors of environmental indigenous peoples close up to. 60 minutes g.w. .
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rises some of our cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of land will be abandoned. and the water just arose so. massive the borders are supposed to prevent flooding but they only delay the inevitable. moves in the future 66 meters of rising sea levels from starts june 1st on g.w. . good for. a fight and fight against dentists i get a woman and stout you want to stop this but it's time to have a go at it have to transact things it's good if i don't it there's no such out of baghdad.


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