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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2020 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin russia begins using its walk down even as the number of prone of virus infections race is high and president vladimir putin says many sixes off the economy will begin reopening but restrictions will stay in place in some regions including hard hit moscow will get an update from the capital. nurses on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemics be conscious as we mark international nurses day to day many say they are still not getting the protection they need as they risk their own health saving others.
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i'm christine want to welcome to the program russia has begun easing its walk down despite a surge in corona virus infections the country now has over 230000 cases facing it behind only the united states and today the kremlin's chief spokesman was hospitalized with close at 90 despite the outbreak president vladimir putin is pushing forward with a plan to roll back restrictions across the country but hard hit moscow has introduced new rules people have to wait clubs and mosques and supermarkets as well as in taxis and pepper a public transportation use every show would reports. rob no entry without gloves and a mask the employees here tell people. the many. market in the center of moscow is
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sticking to the city's new rules despite a huge drop in profits due to lockdown measures the store can now only let people wearing protective gear shop. we all know that these are precautionary measures but people are unhappy about them and it's hard to find gloves and masks at the pharmacy at the moment otherwise we would give them out to people so that they could buy things at our store restaurants and non-essential stores remain closed in the capital but construction work has now we started the words have said that workers aren't at risk of infecting the public. on monday president vladimir putin announced an official end to the so-called non-working period in russia allowing a gradual easing of the lockdown across the country. based on an analysis of the situation and on the opinion of the chief medical officer as the heads of each individual region will decide what restrictive and preventative measures should be in place and on how i didn't want order they can be gradually eased maintained in
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the signature isa continued. moscow has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus over half of russia's cases are in the capital but the lockdown is also a huge blow to russia's economy and that is the main worry for many people now. know you have the most and i don't think it's too early to come out of lockdown most people don't have any savings and people need something to live on a way to feed their family and pay their rent but i chickened out not so you think the restrictions should be in place for 3 years why not make it 5 there just messing people around. there could look around that if you put it out on the streets anywhere no matter what restrictions that. political analysts argue that the kremlin's decision to ease restrictions is politically motivated and surveys show trust in blood in your putin has fallen to new lows along the main reason for
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these changes is that russia doesn't want to fall behind the west much and many european countries have already started coming out of corn team they've been successful in their battle against the pandemic. things are going back to normal there knows that if he falls behind he will lose out when it comes to public opinion in russia. meanwhile offshore eighty's in the capital have been frantically working to expand the number of beds for covert 1000 patients turning buildings like this exhibition center into temporary hospitals after all thousands of new cases are still being reported in russia every day. emily who silence the reporter you just joins me now from a studio in moscow i am late so russia now has the vault 2nd highest number of corona virus infections but its death rate remains relatively low why could that 8 . so the high number of cases i think is partially to
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do with the fact that the russian authorities have really stepped up testing in the past few weeks parents they have carried out nearly 6000000 tests so far but yes the number of deaths is comparatively low and recent media reports have pointed out that there may be a discrepancy in the number of reported and the number of real deaths they point out that there has been a rise above around 20 percent in the death rate recorded in april but meanwhile that would be almost $12000.00 cases if that's true but meanwhile the number of reported coronavirus cases this is in moscow is much much lower so there is some suspicion that there could be a discrepancy there but it's not clear at the moment that's not confirmed how watery people in russia about the coronavirus.
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well i would say judging by the situation in moscow people aren't very worried despite the fact that the capital has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus people in the last few days which were holidays here in russia have been out on the streets it's been sunny there really were a lot of people out on the streets and it seems to me that people here are more worried about the economic situation than about the coronavirus itself that's at least what people tell you here real wages after all in russia had been falling for years even before the pandemic now the global oil price has taken a huge hit which of course affects the economy in russia significantly and people say that yes the government is rolling out support measures for families for businesses but they say that it's simply not enough and that much of that support really just isn't reaching them. ok so if that really does go on to feel a growth in public frustration how much a 5th rate would that pose to president bush. well
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trust implied in your putin is lower than it has been for over 10 years usually the trend that we see is that the russian government kind of takes a hit in approval ratings when people are upset or dissatisfied but not putin himself but that seems to be changing now the economic dissatisfaction is a huge factor and a sociologist i spoke to recently was saying that if economic kind of measures from the government aren't stepped up and that support isn't there then the kremlin could have protests on its hands when this lockdown really is left it right there in the show and reporting for us in moscow thank you the coronavirus pandemic has all the work of nurses into sharp focus as they struggle to care for patients suffering from cope at 19 and today on international nurses day nurses
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around the world are speaking alts to demand basic protection as they risk their lives to do their job now dismissed as day also marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the pioneer of what an interesting florence nightingale. the original queen of hygiene florence nightingale she revolutionized battlefield medicine june the crimean war and laid the foundations for modern nursing on tuesday nurses in sri lanka celebrated her 200th birthday well also honoring the tartus work of nurses all around the world. at that i'm in need and that in many of us they were not known or. whether there is a pandemic or not. and i met them i got in my nurses will do their duty. now that workers don't look for public approval i mean. even expected thank you
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from a patient who leaves the hospital after getting well. in need but what they do expect is better protection working on the front lines of the coronavirus battle nurses are paying a high price with many falling ill or dying from cope at 19 the international council of nurses says data on the number of infections among nurses is lacking it is calling for accurate records on the rate of infection and. nurses has become a symbol of resilience in the fight against the coronavirus but also strong advocates for further action from governments. in places like pakistan nurses have taken to the streets to call for better safety measures to protect them while working inside hospitals. in south africa they protested outside a cape town hospital also calling for better washing conditions and more protection
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from the virus. the struggle faced by nurses is now in focus around the world among those praising their heroism is the pope who said they deserve to be fully valued but also bush is street artist banksy. this latest work game changer is on display at a hospital in southampton. now full a brief look at some of the stories making headlines around the world afghanistan's interior ministry says more than a dozen people have been killed in a gun is hacked on a maternity hospital in kabul newborn babies and their mothers and misses are reported to be amongst the did the taliban has denied involvement in the incident u.s. president donald trump has tweeted his support for tesla the electric car maker restarted its factory in california defying a local order restricting nonessential businesses the chief executive has threatened to pull operations of the state if officials don't allow production to
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continue. lithuania woke up to around 10 centimeters of snow after a storm swept the country overnight cheese steaks high winds felled trees and saw thousands of homes left without electricity for pos a the way they say to warm up once again ahead of the weekend's. last month that became the 1st country in sub-saharan africa to ease its coronavirus lockdown after ramping up its testing capacity but it's a tricky road back toward normality the pandemic has brought 3 years of economic growth will hold in the outbreak is also brain new social challenges as well as a canadian mist with a man living near the capital accra is a vide coronavirus but is now facing a new problem. the $55.00 few old diplomatic mission wicca simulant a nazi was one of the face people to test positive for the virus in ghana he became
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infected during a visit so friends he ses he stein in isolation german treatment was a difficult period in his life as he thought he was in schooling to survive. we go to a point i told you about. the. bridge . since then simeon has made a full recovery and test negative for the coronavirus but he and his family are now facing stigmatization from the community. farm there was more lies from the community. wanted to do business with my business knew i wanted to do business on to get my businesses to close because i'm waiting to. see me only it's not sure when he can open this show where he sells provisions as
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a side business simeon sister fellatio prates a restaurant in the community it's used to be poplar that's now struggles for custom is. meeting brought. out and now ever since my brother was reported to have been infected by the virus i have lost my customers here. i am ridiculed in public needs people call me corona. i feel terrible. when community leaders had about the nazis troubles they met to discuss what to help. we want community members to know that the virus is real but also when someone is infected by can recover. they shouldn't be stigmatized by others. are.
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gonna house one of the biggest coronavirus outbreaks in africa authorities are working to get some local transmissions under control they have also launched education efforts to persuade people not to be afraid of recovered 1000 patients simeone hopes things don't get west freeman his family moving forward but getting back to his old way of life is not guaranteed. news from the sports world now in formula one racing ferrari has confirmed that germany's sebastian vettel will leave the team at the end of the current suspended season contract runs out in 2020 but that contract won't be renewed talks over an extension broke down little joints are already in 2015 off to win it for well titles with red bull but he never achieve the same level of success with ferrari and had is seen as position as the team's number one driver threatened by teammate shells.
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it watching the news. dot com you can also follow us on twitter and on instagram for. news from myself and the team thank you very much for your company see it extract. one which. any time.


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