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i mean there's something wrong with. the cleaners social media shadow industry starts joining on t w. this is the doubly news live from russia says it's locked down as the number of corona virus infections. president putin says many sectors of the economy will begin to reopen but restrictions will remain in some regions including hot it was to bring you an update from the capital also on the program the group warning from the u.s. government's top infectious diseases expert dr anthony found she wants of needless
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suffering death and the deep economic damage if the country relapses it's. too soon . a mysterious illness that's affecting dozens of children in chasin terms with a potentially deadly disease and might be linked to conflict 19. and nurses on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic speak out as we mock international nurses day many say they're still not getting the protection they me. time feel go welcome to the program russia has begun to ease its lockdown despite a surge in corona virus infections the country now has more than $230000.00 cases placing it behind only the united states and flemmi spokesman was today hoss. but
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lives with cough it 19 despite the rising tide of infection president putin is going ahead with plans to roll back restrictions across the country but hard hit moscow has introduced new rules people now have to wear gloves and masks in supermarkets as well as in taxes and on public transport the w.'s emily showing reports. no entry without gloves and a mask employees here tell people. the mini market in the center of moscow is sticking to the city's new rules that despite a huge drop in profits student lockdown measures the store can now only let people wearing protective gear shop. we all know that these are precautionary measures but people are unhappy about them and it's hard to find gloves and masks at the pharmacy at the moment otherwise we would give them out to people so that they could buy things at our store. restaurants and non-essential stores remain closed in the capital but construction work has now we started the author worries have
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said that workers aren't at risk of infecting the public weeks they ship on monday president vladimir putin announced an official end to the so-called non-working period in russia allowing a gradual easing of the lockdown across the country he loaded you will based on an analysis of the situation and on the opinion of chief medical officer says the heads of each individual region will decide what restrictive and preventative measures should be in place and on how i didn't want order to gradually eased or maintained in the speech it isa couldn't. moscow has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus over half of russia's cases are in the capital but the lockdown is also a huge blow to russia's economy and that is the main worry for many people now. for the most and i don't think it's too early to come out of lockdown most people don't have any savings and people need something to live on a way to feed their family and pay their rent. and that that's
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a good thing the restrictions should be in place with 3 years why not make it 5 that just messing people around. there could look around people get out on the streets anywhere no matter what restrictions or. political analysts argue that the kremlin's decision to ease restrictions is politically motivated as surveys show trust in blood in there putin has fallen to new lows. the main reason for these changes is that russia doesn't want to fall behind the west much and many european countries have already started coming out of korean team they've been successful in their battle against the pandemic. things are going back to normal there knows that if he falls behind he will lose out when it comes to public opinion in russia. meanwhile offshore eighty's in the capital have been frantically working. to expand the number of beds for covert 1000 patients turning buildings like this exhibition
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center into temporary hospitals after all thousands of new cases are still being reported in russia every day. the report was produced by moscow correspondent ed lee sure we asked emily how much of a threat russian frustration with the law is to the president trust and loving your putin is lower than it has been for over 10 years usually the trend that we see is that the russian government kind of takes a hit in approval ratings when people are upset or dissatisfied but not putin himself but that seems to be changing now the economic dissatisfaction is a huge factor and a sociologist i spoke to recently was saying that if economic kind of measures from the government aren't stepped up and that support isn't there then the kremlin could have protests on its hands when locked down really has left it.
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now the u.s. government's top experts on infectious diseases dr anthony found she has warned that reopening the country too soon could cause a new spike in corona virus cases testifying from home he expressed concerns to a senate hearing about the risk of a fresh outbreak the easing of lockdown measures is rushed it also told the panel that it covered 19 vaccine would not be available in time for the autumn school to test. get the latest from d.w. corresponds to all of a salad in washington welcome oliver what else did dr fox you have to say. well he issued a stark warning phil as you just mentioned and one that is very unpleasant to hear for president trump well he does say that the u.s. is moving in the right direction but at the same time he says the outbreak in the country is not under control and that opening the economy too quickly would result in new spikes and that the states therefore have to be ready to close their economies again so nothing the president trump really likes to hear about let's
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listen in to what anthony found she had today when he gave his testimony today on capitol hill. expressed then and again it's my concern that if some areas city states or what have you jump over those various checkpoints and prematurely open up without having the capability of being able to respond effectively and efficiently my concern is that we will start to see little spikes might turn into outbreaks. so all of a sudden talk to the president have clashed repeatedly over how to deal with the pandemic so how is the white house likely to respond to his testimony. this rifle and at the same time and as well as deborah burks of the task force repeatedly had to correct president trump's claims sometimes really bizarre claims like the one about injecting a disinfectant and his aides then told him that he would damage himself and then
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stopped his corona virus briefings of course today anthony fall she testifying he was able to give his own take and that's not a very flattering one for president trump but he is in a very tough spot president because anthony felt as well as the very popular figure so attacking them could simply backfire and result in the loss of popularity for the president himself and how the our american seeing this tension between getting back to work and being and dealing with the condit 90. well yes so he has trumpet his administration facing facing a lot of criticism there's a recent poll suggesting that a majority of the americans think it's not worth risking the public health for opening the economy too quickly i think that the major allegation here is that trump and his administration acted too late with as we know trump didn't take the threat posed by the corona virus very seriously we're now counting 80000 casualties in the united states with 1300000 infections and counting and president obama at
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the same time is still bragging with his work with the work of his administration in countering the outbreak we could see that very well at a press conference on monday when he said the united states and germany are leading the fight against corruption of course delivering a very distorted image so he's facing criticism but at the same time it's also fair to say that his supporters still continue to back him all of a sudden to washington thank you. now let's take a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world now u.s. president donald trump has tweeted his support for electric car make a tesla the company restarted its factory in california defying a local order restricting nonessential businesses c.e.o. evil must instead to pull the factories out of the state if officials don't allow production to continue. the suicide bomber killed at least 2 dozen people at
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a funeral in afghanistan's eastern and. province the attack and detonated explosives join the burial of a local police commander thousands of people had gathered for the ceremony islamic state has claimed that it carried out the attack. europe's biggest budget airline ryanair plans to increase flights to 40 percent of its usual capacity by the 1st of july as the company plots a route out of the crisis since mid march ryanair has run just 30 flights a day as restrictions have effectively closed europeans. and like other european nations as spain has started to ease some of its coronavirus restrictions restaurants hotels and museums in some cities are now allowed to open but many regions are still locked down the government says almost half the country has yet to meet the criteria for lock downs to be lifted and even in cities that have received the green light business on this remain cautious from seville this is the
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1st time in 2 months that. has opened his doors he stands at his coffee machine at 7 in the morning just like he has in the last 20 years and ever since this opened the cafe in the center of civic but things are very different now you regulations state he can only serve customers outside with half as many tables as huge numbers i'm told you hold so few patrons book or his cafe might not survive. the last few months. been really tough we had operating cost but absolutely no income state assistance help but it's still just learned we have to fight back and somehow keep our business afloat. we have to try at least to be honest it's all very depressing. but i can but we don't we are. civill fulfilled all the criteria to qualify for an easing of social restrictions a low rate of infections and a good supply of hospital beds that puts it at
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a better footing than the capital madrid but many civil businesses will still stay closed this time of year is peak season for until a new specialty snails but currently at his restaurant he hasn't even said. he's running a small delivery service but had to lay off his whole staff is frustrated by a lack of clear information from the government. i'm not going to go we were just told ok from today you can open again but up until the day before they told us they didn't publicly announce anything about what that meant and exactly what regulations would have to be met for you. besides restaurants small businesses and hotels are being allowed to open this week at least on paper many shopkeepers also keep their businesses closed due to the strict regulations some have already given up and to shop windows and for rent fines are becoming more and more common in
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spanish cities french us spain is one of the countries most affected by the crisis at all levels where the pictures are overcrowded hospitals only a few weeks old the latest economic figures are causing you experts are warning of unemployment rates of more than 30 per cent. say the terrace is slowly beginning to fill up he's been able to reemploy 3 office format stuff he's hoping the next easing off restrictions might mean he can soon invite customers inside to . doctors are trying to understand an illness in children with possible links to the coronavirus the condition share symptoms with a rare and potentially life threatening callas acne disease which causes toxic shock cases were 1st reported in the united kingdom italy and spain and now it's been identified in the united states. i mean the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic it was one of the few comforts for families the coronavirus really
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affected children now warnings they could be more vulnerable than 1st thought. this is every parent's nightmare right. your child me or surely be affected by this riders but it's something we have to consider seriously. the u.s. hotspot of new york is investigating dozens of children taken to hospital all showing symptoms similar to cows aki disease a rare inflammatory condition. and it's associated with. a rash oftentimes don't at all discomforts things like. doctors increasingly see a link to coated 19. the reason i believe that we're seeing war right now is just because of the sheer number of children who have. the concern is also growing in europe as children head back to school after weeks of
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lockdown now parents are asking if it's really safe. from the last 10 days is that this disease the scimitar color sucky for young children may still have a lot of questions but for now health authorities around the world have few answers other than to be vigilant and gather more data we've asked for is for the global network of clinicians to be on alert for this and to ensure that they capture information on children systematically the statistics still paint a positive picture for children showing them unlikely to fall ill to the corona virus and doctors stressed the link to cause ocular symptoms still isn't 100 percent. we've all maldonado's especially for the fractious diseases on the profession of pediatrics at stanford university in the united states welcome to the don't be so we have lots of children showing these sentiments in cities with substantial coverage 90 outbreaks is there anything else that indicates that this
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is likely to be related to coronavirus well stanford we actually think we identify probably the 1st case documented callus sakis associated with covert 19 back in march so the main thing that we notice was the child at classic symptoms of callous sakhi disease and also had a positive test by p.c.r. so we know that there was a definitely association and how dangerous is this condition. well how is that he's known about for many many years it's been around for a long time and it is associated with inflammation probably related to many different kinds of infections bacterial as well as viral so this could be very similar in the sense that the virus that coated a virus sars kovi to might be triggering an inflammatory response but it's not very
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common so parents shouldn't it didn't should necessarily what i mean the pet is a guy quite a lot to worry about at the moment this seems to be something else to put on their plates. yeah i think i understand the concern i have 3 children myself there and else and but this is actually quite a rare disease in fact even in the u.s. for many years we've been tracking callous saki and we don't see more than a few dozen cases a year in the u.s. on a regular basis and the disease has been that described as you know in the u.k. and other countries in europe but not in high numbers it is unfortunately. can cause serious complications but those are all treatable and most the vast majority are treatable right so given its rarity is that should local health authorities be doing anything different when it when it comes to their guidance to about children
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and covered 90 well i think what we're doing is pediatricians is we're letting all over pediatric colleagues around the world know that they should be on the lookout virtually every pediatric doctor knows what callis actually looks like and what it is and we have very strict very good guidelines for how to treat it so as long as people are aware that it's a possibility that it could happen and for parents they should know that if their child has a high fever and they have a rash. which many children do but if they last for more than 3 or 4 days they should be in touch with their health care provider to check with them and see if there's anything they should be doing about it and then just a quick wouldn't coronavirus itself it does seem to be a particularly tricky custom another we use it new but it seems to display behaviors and cause effects that leave lots of clinicians scratching their heads.
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it is it's a very puzzling virus so i hope that over time we will learn more about why it triggers the various symptoms that it does it's not typical of very much that we've ever seen before it has a very strange combination but we are very fortunate that there are lot of people all around the world working hard to try and understand why it's causing the disease that it does but good talking to thank you for joining us professor but i do from stanford university. if you. well a crown of ours pandemic has brought the work of nurses into sharp focus as a struggle to care for patients suffering from cough and 19 today international nurses day nurses around the world are speaking out demanding better protection as they risk their lives to do their jobs businesses they also about the 200th anniversary of the birth. of modern nursing florence nightingale.
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the original queen of hygiene florence nightingale she revolutionized battlefield medicine june the crimean war and laid the foundations for modern nursing on tuesday nurses in sri lanka celebrated her 200th birthday well also honoring the tartus work of nurses or around the world. at the demand event that in many ways they were not known or. whether there is a pandemic or not. the money nurses will do their duty. now that workers don't look for public approval i mean. even expect a thank you from a patient who leaves the hospital after getting well. but what they do expect is better protection working on the front lines of the coronavirus battle nurses are paying a high price with many falling ill or dying from cope at 19 the international
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council of narcissus data on the number of infections among nurses is lacking it is calling for accurate records on the rate of infection and. nurses have become a symbol of resilience in the fight against the coronavirus but also strong advocates for further action from governments. in places like pakistan nurses have taken to the streets to call for better safety measures to protect them while working inside hospitals. in south africa they protested outside a cape town hospital also calling for better washing conditions and more protection from the virus. the struggle faced by nurses is now in focus around the world among those praising their heroism is the pope who said they deserve to be fully valued but also bush's street artist banksy his latest work game changer is
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on display at a hospital in southampton. are in formula one racing ferrari has confirmed that german driver sebastian vettel will leave the team at the end of the current suspended season fattal's contract runs out this year if he's team announced today that it won't be renewed. sebastian fattal in happier times that ferrari but after he was unable to agree a new contract his time in a team with the prancing horse emblem has now come to an end in festivals where it's their relationship will finish at the end of 2020. the german driver arrived at ferrari in 2015 after winning 4 titles with red bull his aim to surpass the 71 by his i don't michelle schumacher which settle could never manage the same level of success at ferrari that he founded red bull and last season he was out showing by his younger ferrari teammate charlotte clare tensions often boiled over on to
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the track like here at november's presidium grand prix for the audition i thought that i got so much shock up my share of cost because i want to see my city fail. but while the class signed a new contract last year fattal's future was in mort's out. if your 1st race isn't until june or july then we should have enough time i don't want to say to get it out of the way but enough time to reach a conclusion. and it's the worst place in. today leclaire showed his gratitude to fats on social media saying he'd learned so much from the german where federal goes next is uncertain especially with the f one season currently on hold his seat at ferrari is now vacant but the bigger question is whether he will remain in this sport. larry football germany's blunders leader is back in action this weekend but without the fans the strict guidelines matches will be played behind
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a closed door support with supporters only who voted to follow the action on television in the league famed for it's a passionate support the lack of outness fear is a concern but an apt develop in munich may provide a solution. the blunders leader returns this weekend with dice to sheeler matches without fans but a new app may provide a solution to eerie scenes inside stadiums across germany one of its inventors victim raz believes it could make upcoming games more enjoyable and interactive for fans watching on t.v. . you know nothing really bad about it really good. chances are most stadiums have really good sounds that sounds amazing it's really fun and. you know it's cool you know press a button and the whole stadium is cheering for. some german club such as bris human blood bath have found novel ways to fill their stands these cardboard cutouts of
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fans faces cost $19.00 euro's a pop with proceeds going towards community projects the problem though they don't make any noise. the app provides an abundance of options cheering clapping singing and even whistling fans have their say at home and speakers inside stadiums respond the technology has already been in use in better roos one of the few european leagues to continue playing throughout the pandemic rises invention even provides a sense of home and away support to those watching from their sofa. the songs for one theme come up with the left loudspeaker designs for the other to come up with the right loudspeaker ration blocks which you have been stadiums usually but could artificial atmosphere be too much for beleaguered blunders league fans to stomach. it's not the real thing we'll never never said the real thing that did so much
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better than nothing you know amazingly better than the the bundesliga is yet to adopt the idea and will make do without noise at the weekend but should eerily silent games cause fans to switch off perhaps a bit of extra buzz may need to be brought in. a quick look at top stories at this hour russia has begun to its nationwide economic down despite a record number of new covered 19 infections in the country's total more than 230000 kremlin spokesman to meet your past office been hospitalized with the. u.s. government's top infectious disease expert has warned against rushing to lift lockdowns in video testimony to the u.s. senate to be found she said the country risked and needless suffering and economic damage if restrictions are relaxed too soon. and as the world marks international
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nurses day many nurses on the front line say they're still not getting the protection they need it's a risk their lives i'm not healthy to care for corona virus patients. i don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download from google play it from the app store and i will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of the new story you also use the app to send us photos and video games. in just a moment of with the day and meantime of course as always the website d w dot com have a good day. those
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ruins are always. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian
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population. mayans fighters occupied the city center in 2000. president detail. was killed. by littering will never again will hold. the reconquest turned into tragedy. it is not the kind of freedom that we. did not going to become a gateway to islamist terror i think you see sorry guys i mean was it the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the snow. starts in may 20th on d w. when the water rises cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of land will be abandoned.
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and the water has to. stop it's happening faster than anticipated. massive recorders are supposed to prevent flooding but they only delay big enough. how will we live in the future. 66 meters rising sea levels starts june 5th on g.w. . i'll meet a county california has a coronavirus lockdown it also has a tesla car factory and a factory owner who is reopen the plant in defiance of stay at home orders and worse elon musk a strat to take his factory elsewhere if he doesn't get his way and the president has tweeted his support of the fact is reopening i'm phil gale in berlin and this
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is the day.


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