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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2020 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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is this because certain measures are being taken because now we've heard it's not going to finish until june they got something with a welcome by the minister of the chancellor's office visited you yesterday i don't know if you didn't speak about the app toll but if you didn't i'm happy to talk about it with you the chancellor's office has a coordinating function in all projects of the german government the health minister is responsible for. the health aspect data protection is the ministry of interior and the chancellor's office just coordinated and now you know that we're pursuing a number of approaches we have decided to go for the decentralized approach france has gone for the centralised approach. we believe that the decentralized approach will give us better public acceptance so that's why we've gone for that obviously designing an app like this takes time there's a great deal of trust that this requires as well and i'm pleased that telecom and as a p are involved in this project we need an interface with the operating systems
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providers. because most for most smart phones and that's being provided in the days to come and i know that they are working as hard as they can here but it has to be done properly the data protection must be addressed the b.s. and the data protection commissioner is also involved in this. you said that the chancellor really coordinating this might perhaps be able to explain to me why beyond the coordination well itself things are being decided in the chancellor's office or could you confirm that this is the case for example that the design of the coloring of the name of the coronado warning. is being decided in the chancery is office and not by the designers by telecom or s.a.p is there any particular reason for this and perhaps you can say one other
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thing too if we have to wait so long for this. peter and it's being delayed would you say that that will come before the vaccine or after the vaccine or am i confident that it will come before the vaccine unless there's some vaccine miracle and i know it will be available before the vaccine is. safe he and telecom complained that we're not responding to their design proposals or what the federal pres office is responsible for you know their agencies who put forward propose this is not the chancellor's office that makes decisions like this it's all of the portfolio is responsible for it and so far as i know where it was a peaceful process if somebody complained to you then let me know who that was maybe we left some one out. marker and remind. you do you see as you can speak. for
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consulate in madam chancellor. coast but my constituents see the news many new infections and i'm massively upset because of the best industry the discipline of the people in this area is ignored i'm just shocked and horrified at the cost. the industry in this area are suffering as a result of the meat industry failings and in the agricultural industry too as well and now you have the expectation that we carry out a quarantine and i think it's important that we talk again about the accommodation of workers in the meat industry and so my question would be here on the 6th of may in a meeting with the state premiers you said that in the case of clear.
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regional arises. infection means that. you would be quarantined just locally but that you could still use some of the measures in other areas i mean do you have ideas about how you can just quarantined for those of you ensure that companies like best flush meat industries don't get to do this elsewhere. but the decision that we made together with the state premiers. was something made in the state assemblies and with the local municipalities as well and it is indeed the case that you know if you have hospitals or care homes or companies like this one in factories like this one but it's not just the factory it's also the accommodation where the workers are housed and that makes it it's spread a little bit more the risk of infection than if it were just in the company nobody
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be allowed to leave this factory say so the decision was made. and ensure that the easing of measures in north rhine-westphalia not to take place here and i'm pleased that we're acting so quickly and clearly because i think we will be able to contain this outbreak of the infection there as a result. another question. find back from the left party. chancellor angela merkel there speaking to the bundestag about her government's response to the coronavirus pandemic from its lockdown measures to managing the economic fallout medical again reminded parliament that we are still living with this virus will be for some time and she urged caution from germans as the country reopens and let's bring back our a political correspondent kate brady now who has been listening into this for us hi kate we heard the chance are facing some critical questions or particularly from the far right on the economic measures what's your impression how broadly do
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lawmakers support the steps that her government has taken. largest speak in there has been a lot of support where the criticism comes in really is on this matter of restrictions of both when it comes to when those restrictions were imposed and how those restrictions are being eased as well and one of the most contentious issues that we have been addressed just now as well is idea this is this idea of an emergency break so the idea was that last week angela merkel agreed with the state premiers of germany 16 states that if a specific district reported more than 50 new cases per 100000 inhabitants over the last 7 days then the response or an appropriate response would be necessary from the states and so what we've seen is some districts in germany now postponing the relaxation of measures and that has been a largely due to these small outbreaks in slaughterhouses in germany in
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various parts and so that now being questions raised about how effective this emergency brake can be because in the meantime of course of the businesses as we heard that during the chancellor's question time other industries are now suffering as a result of these breakouts juicer the meat industry and some of the accommodation have been questions raised about the accommodation living standards and also working standards of workers that and so that's now having a knock on effect on other industries as well but as you say there was a question as well from from the the largest opposition party in the brain the star of the far right alternative to germany about the economic repercussions as well and how germany continue plans at least to continue cushioning the economic impact of course already we've seen a huge historical financial aid package signed off by the german government some 750000000000 euros it's already been signed off to keep businesses of all sizes and
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keep employees afloat but have. course as restrictions remain in place we are seeing a hospital hospitality reopen and so that's been quite a relief for many businesses but still under certain restrictions and so a lot of businesses are still on being able to return to normal circumstances and still going to be short on their usual income so it was interesting that the medical pointed out there that while this virus is still with those they can only at least plan at least for now this seems to be the strategy that the german government is taking is is planning for the moment and making policy according to the moment of course things could look very different within within 4 weeks in the same way that 4 weeks ago things looked extremely different in germany and it seems at least for now things seem to be taking a more positive direction in terms of both the number of new cases and also that
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reproduction rate but of course those figures will say continue to see experts analyzing those over the next few weeks because of course there is also a lag between when new cases are reported and when those tests a process or the effects of restrictions being eased right now we might not even see that for another couple of weeks yet so those are all factors that are going to be taken into consideration both in terms of public health policy and economic policy here in germany all right our political correspondent kate brady reporting for us thank you kate. a staying in germany of the country is set to ease border controls with neighboring countries starting this weekend in a further step towards loosening its coronavirus lockdown measures of the german interior minister who says agreements have been reached with france switzerland and
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austria to ease trouble restrictions starting saturday a border checks of luxembourg will be entirely lifted from that day and similar measures are being discussed with denmark germany closed its borders to all but essential travel almost 2 months ago before the formal. or let's check in now on some other headlines from around the world the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert has warned lawmakers that cities and states could see a spike in coburg 1000 deaths if they lift their lockdowns too quickly anthony expressed his concerns while testifying before the u.s. senate from his home twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey says staff can continue from working working from home as long as they see fit even if it means forever he said the social media company favors the centralization of a flexible workforce but for those who prefer the traditional model twitter's offices will be their warm and welcoming selves once it is safe again.
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now fresh violence in afghanistan is threatening to further undermine the peace process that started in february between washington and the taliban the latest attacks on a funeral for a police commander and on a maternity ward were infants and mothers were among the dead and a warning to our viewers some of the images in this report are distressing. another day of deadly violence in afghanistan in the capital kabul gunmen disguised as police stormed a maternity hospital they killed 16 people including 2 newborn babies mothers and nurses. gun battles raged for hours as the security forces struggled to evacuate over $100.00 women and their infants. that was similar she looks like took my grandchild to the hospital to get a vaccine but. when i heard a gunshot we were outside of the hospital. i wanted to go inside. they
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shot me and one of my grandchildren was killed i think that has been. so far no group has claimed responsibility but the day's violence extended beyond kabul a suicide bomber in the eastern province of naga hard target to the funeral killing 24 people and wounding dozens more the so-called islamic state which has a strong presence in our heart has claimed responsibility for this talk the violence has provoked a strong response from the afghan government president ashraf ghani said the attacks left him no choice but to resume offensive military operations. to defend the country for the security and safety of the people in public places not to prevent the threats of taliban and other terrorist groups that. the afghan security and defense forces to come out of defensive mode back to offensive and
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start their operations against the enemy. afghan forces have been refraining from offensive action against the taliban as part of a cease fire deal brokered by the united states the taliban deny involvement in the attacks but there's a serious risk now that moves toward peace talks between the group and the government will be. derailed. that's your news update thank you for watching. the right sound. of. decides on who wants or whom we spend our money.
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on our minds about cars cars for cars sounds determined on made in germany. next on d w. africa. love and warmth is the way to save listen endangered species. and bills are threatened by environmental destruction. a south african project tries to protect the baby birds lovingly rearing them by hand. but there's nothing to stop nature from calling eco africa. in 60 minutes d.w. .
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myers's some. cities will sink into the city. in time stretches of land will be abandoned. and the water continues to rise some high masses waters are supposed to prevent flooding but they only delay the inevitable. the future 66 meters of rising sea levels starts june 1st on d.w. . just what do you hear music kids playing a neighbor drilling raindrops hammering against the window your own heartbeat the
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