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an exclusive summer destroyed city. in the sights of our starts may 20th w. w news live from berlin on the american gets grilled over germany's coronavirus response the chancellor phrases lawmakers questions over cracks in germany's anti-virus efforts to try and tame a strategy to economic recovery they demand answers look at what back home plans and her words of caution with also coming up the push is on for travel to open up germany well relax border controls us earlier this weekend but house and travel
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resumed safely with the continued threat. plus a split the studios reopen and some parts of germany would take a look at how the new hygiene and social distancing rules work there. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us germany's chancellor angela merkel has warned that progress made towards containing the coronavirus must not be jeopardized by moving too quickly to lift restrictions in parliament the chancellor face questions on the economic impact of the disease as well as on conditions for seasonal workers after a large corona virus outbreak at a slaughterhouse. germany is now emerging from a nearly 2 months lock down but medical warned that people would be living with the disease for some time to come. and spirit of the opinion of you it would be
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depressing if we had to reintroduce restrictions that we all want to leave behind us because we want too much too soon. so let us be courageous and vigilant let us reopen public and economic life step by step whilst keeping an eye on how the pandemic develops and lessons and above all let us return to our workplaces schools cafes and sports clubs whilst following the new rules of social distancing hand-washing and respecting the need to protect each other and. i firmly believe that if we remain consistent and prevent a relapse then we will all benefit. than the others because then in the next phase of the pandemic both possible protecting people's health and letting our economy recover as quickly as possible protecting jobs and enjoying a social life. because it off because we have money in the foyer and going for it
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let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady for more on this story hi kate we heard the chance are there talking about that very difficult balance between controlling the virus on one hand and also easing restrictions on the other does the government have broad support across parliament for its measures. oh the certainly been a large gap between different parliamentary groups in the last week or so when it comes to specifically the easing or relaxation of restrictions in germany and a lot of that comes down to this rather contentious issue of this emergency break which was decided on the last week between angela merkel and the state premiers which means that if a district in germany reports more than 50 new cases per 100000 inhabitants over the past week then action appropriate action needs to be taken so we have seen some place in germany that have put on hold the easing of restrictions there because that has a not knock on effects on the local industry so going forward this will be something
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that the government and of both federal and state level will be keeping an eye on as you mentioned as well there have been these outbreaks slaughterhouses as well which have had an impact on local numbers so there certainly imagine will be perhaps a reassessment in the coming weeks as to how effective this emergency brake is and how effective and these easing of restrictions are as well as of course the effects that they might be having on the new number of cases which is being closely observed here in germany kate what about among the german public i mean is there still widespread support for the government's course so far. well if you look at the polls around 2 thirds of germans are currently support the current measures in place and the restrictions are still to a certain extent in place here in germany but of course that's a big drop from earlier on during the pandemic when over 90 percent of germans supported the restrictions that were in place and the action that was being taken
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by the german government and at the same time as well just a few days ago at the weekend we saw an increasing number of demonstrations thousands of people across the country in various cities taking to the streets accusing politicians of infringing their rights and their freedoms here in germany but of course those protests have been looked at very closely in the following days this week particular as it's now become clear that they're worse than far right extremist walking among normal citizens your average citizens who were out on the streets calling for for the protection of their rights and so that is something that the government will be keeping an eye on as well as local authorities as well in the coming weeks as there are of course fears that those protests may even grow yet and get earlier we did hear the german interior minister what they hope to talk about easing some water controls bring us up to date on what's happening there. or
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basically as of saturday may 15th there will be relaxed controls on the borders of from switzerland and austria and on the border of looks and the border controls will be completely lifted and that could also be the case even with denmark as well but the horse able for and i'm going medical research as well during the chancellor's question time that the plan is to have you free free travel across the e.u. by mid june but of course in the meantime germany's global travel warning still remains in place all right our political correspond keep grady there for us thank you. well as germany and many other countries across europe loosen their lock downs the aviation industry is preparing for a resurgence in passenger numbers that depending on the airline back could mean a radically different airport and on board experiences let's take a look at what taking to the skies. flying during
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a pandemic passengers on board this booked out of ryanair flight from london to lisbon may have been wearing masks but they weren't able to keep much distance from each other. all over the world airlines are having to contend with the realities of the coronavirus at air france officials have been taking temperature readings of passengers before they board in the hope of stopping people with symptoms from flying. the captains or disinfected every 5 days and some efforts are being made to keep people from getting too close to each other for stuff it means issuing and in forcing new restrictions. i'll make an announcement to the passengers to ask them to limit their movements during this flight to respect social distancing. movies think they said to. onboard caesarean is being kept to a minimum and duty free shopping is no longer on offer all our customers are very
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fine everything on the train. crew members who we. knew once to relieve all fruit. and everything we spoke to individually at the leonardo da vinci international airport in rome and they've been trying so-called smart helmets they allow temperature readings to be taken while people are in motion they work within a 7 meter radius it's just one example of a number of innovations in health and safety that have arisen because of the pandemic. you'll be a little bit of the airport official will be able to identify even within a group of people quits individuals have a fever that needs attention. the majority. as lockdowns ease on travel resumes airlines will be left with a great service sponsibility then after for maintaining public health. or let's
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check in on some other stories from around the world now donald trump's former campaign chairman paul man a ford has been released from federal prison into home confinement over a coronavirus concerns man a 4th was deemed a high risk to age and preexisting medical condition he had been serving a 7 year sentence after being convicted as part of a crow until russian interference in the 26000 u.s. presidential election. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is in israel meeting prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his new governing partner pentagons ahead of the talks pompei all said they would discuss the pandemic the talks are also expected to include israel's plans to annex parts of the west bank israel's new unity government will be sworn in tomorrow about the. officials in yemen say at least 12 people died in fierce clashes in the southern province of on tuesday fighting broke out between saudi backed government troops and separatists backed by the united arab emirates the 2 sides were allies i'm told
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by separatists declared self rule last month. fresh violence in afghanistan is threatening to further undermine the peace process that started in february between washington and the taliban the latest attacks have been on a funeral for a police commander and on a maternity ward where infants and mothers were among the dead a warning now to our viewers some of the images in this report are distressing. another day of deadly violence in afghanistan in the capital kabul gunmen disguised as police stormed a maternity hospital they killed 16 people including 2 newborn babies mothers and nurses. gun battles raged for hours as the security forces struggled to evacuate over $100.00 women and their infants. that was similar she looked like took my grandchild to the hospital to get a vaccine. when i heard
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a gunshot we were outside of the hospital. i wanted to go inside. they shot me and one of my grandchildren was killed in action i would think that has been. so far no group has claimed responsibility but the days of violence extended beyond kabul a suicide bomber in the eastern province of naga heart targeted the funeral killing 24 people and wounding dozens more the so-called islamic state which has a strong presence in our heart has claimed responsibility for this talk the violence has provoked a strong response from the afghan government president ashraf ghani said the attacks left him no choice but to resume offensive military operations. to defend the country for the security and safety of the people in public places not to prevent the threats of taliban and other terrorist groups that. the afghan
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security and defense forces to come out of defensive mode back to offensive and start their operations against the enemy. afghan forces have been refraining from offensive action against the taliban as part of a ceasefire deal brokered by the united states the taliban deny involvement in the attacks but there's a serious risk now that moves toward peace talks between the group and the government will be derailed. now the coronavirus lockdown has meant that most people who would normally go to the gym to work out at home here in germany some states have now allowed fitness centers to open again but only with strict hygiene regulations in place they went to one gym to find out how it all works. finally back in the fitness studio but lifting weights isn't the only challenge in coronavirus times wiping down after a workout is compulsory this gym in bone in western germany has been permitted to
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reopen but new rules have been introduced so that social distancing and increased hygiene procedures become the norm before the need as we are all members to wash their hands on entry or use disinfectant we have disinfectant dispensers in the changing rooms and the showers well the toilets and also in the restaurant area there are disinfectant sprays for the equipment right across the premises the hygiene standards now very high. employees also clean team apparatus at regular intervals they wear masks but it is left to the discretion of members whether they follow suit many are just glad to be back and i got them off to have long hoped that the fitness studios would reopen before the summer i'm very happy because just training at home isn't the same the motivation is not the same. pieces of equipment must be placed 3 metres away from each other well jim members have to stay 1.5 metres apart at all times just like
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a normal life. as the rules are good and they're not too restrictive because in the last 2 months we've got used to the idea of washing our hands more and using disinfectant and it's not mandatory to wear a mask while using the equipment so i don't think the rules are over the top. people in other parts of germany hope their fitness studios can reopen in the coming weeks many gym goers were hygiene conscious anyway but now it is a new ritual for. the bundesliga is starting again this weekend but with no fans allowed in the stadiums because of coronavirus regulations that includes colognes famous mascot hennis the goat while a goat has been at every. just like a home game since 2000 eggs will come to an end in cologne's match against my. fans hope the loss of their lucky charm will not hurt their chances cologne had surged clear of the relegations out when the bundesliga was suspended back in march
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because and. right coming up next our covert $900.00 special are we ready for a 2nd wave of corona virus infections rob boss will be talking to experts about that for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching to have your news. for. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. in our corona update. from the grid 19 special next on d w. i'm doing crazy thing in time.
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how to handle our new lives into.


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