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as of course. there's the pandemic. darrius charge money transfer w. this is data being used live from the push is long for travel to open up again the e.u. unveils a plan to help people salvage their summer holidays off 2 weeks of coronavirus walk down to see it all make it tells us that reopening board is essential for europe's economic recovery also coming up. german gold make the girl i'm going to battle
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over the cracks in the country's absolute fire is if it's from containment strategy to economic recovery they demand answers. and leaves the man risking all to help vulnerable children in the conflict between people and the phones and francophones cameras. hello i'm christine one got welcome to the program the european commission has unveiled a plan to help revive europe's battered tourism industry and enable people to take their summer holidays off to weeks of coronavirus walk down the pandemic has prompted border closures across europe had temporarily ended all but essential travel commission's plan lays out the conditions for reopening borders between shank and member states but fear is off more travel related outbreaks or likely to
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alter the look and feel off europe's get always. these 3 year up speeches last summer crowded with some bathers. today they lay empty a consequence of the coronavirus restrictions across the continent the measures to contain the virus have impacted the tourism industry hard over a dozen shang and countries have put emergency border controls in place flights have been canceled and mandatory quarantines for travelers have been instated hospitality lobby groups say the tourism sector suffered an 80 to 90 percent loss in the 1st 4 months of 2020 and is braced for a disastrous summer season. interest hot spots like athens greece that's a huge worry for people reliant on paying guests for their income. my hope is that their goal of. doris bach. and god forbid if we don't that's going to
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billy bob floyd was just for me. airlines forced to ground most flights and suffering huge losses are also pushing to be able to resume travel across borders the e.u. institutions share their concern that this sort of leave border closures undermine one of the pillars of the european project free movement. the challenge which lies ahead of us is to restore dignity of the schengen area. by returning to only restrict free movement of persons goods and services let's be honest going back to morgan to know mary q would not be easy. the process will be complicated member states have introduced different measures you know very uncoordinated manner and unwinding these if it could different national restrictions will take some time. it's a process that can't come fast enough for many europeans waiting to find out
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whether they will be able to reach the beaches for their summer holidays. i'm now joined from brussels by one of europe's most senior conservative politicians my fave they have is they head off the conservative block in the european parliament welcome to you mr vevo we're starting to see a number of european countries pushing to reopen borders that's something that you support but is that not putting profits before public safety. public safety is always 1st so that is of main message still in the european union but we see in the last weeks already the national level the numbers are going down thanks to the positive behavior and development on national level having this in mind if we lock down keep. making the things more liberal on national level then we also have to have to give back the right of freedom of movement to the
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citizens of europe that's why both things are interlinked if your liberalizing on national level you have to open borders about. ok talking about you know that the public opinion polls show that many people in europe remain skeptical about opening borders how can you reassure people. well it's about come and standards and european union it makes no difference and the question of the fight against kobe in the fight against corona but the you're in a hotel in as a german citizens or whether you go as a german citizens to have it there is no no no difference so what we need is now european riot common standards a kind of a certificated where people can immediately identify that this hotel is working with the european standards and fight against corona out there is what we need now to come in understanding how to answer and the challenges in madrid the same like in berlin or in so that is what we have to put on the table we need an european wide standard ok talking about a european wide standard you're talking about
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a common understanding but i want to ask you if this is a another example of going it alone that we've seen in europe throughout this crisis is they had joint coordination here or do you have different governments feeling very differently about how to go forward on the issue of opening internal borders. well i see currently a common. is the development towards a common understanding about what to do know so we see european wide in the last 2 weeks opening of our dumb ass to groups and to a more liberal approach and now we hear for you signals today used for example from the german government from the all serene government to come back to to a free and open europe and police have in mind if we talk about the economic dimension of the whole challenge ahead of us and that will be will be an enormous chilling challenge for europe then europe cannot recover these closed borders it's a single market is a fundamental principle for our economy and our companies cannot restart to do
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their business if we have still closed borders so everything is interlinked and that's why let's try to come step by step back let's open the borders for scum and health standards is unified health and there's an european level and then we have a good chance to manage it ok so what about the external board is when do you think that the continent will be free and open or should be free and open to the rest of the world. we have a very good understanding and a very good knowledge about the situation inside of the european union the numbers are clear the death rate is is is is public is transparent so we know what is going on in the european union that is not the case in africa that is not the case in the middle east or in south america that's why i think for the external border of the european union be have to live for a long time to close the borders is mainly closed borders and and probably we need 1st of all medicine and answer to board seek
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a coronavirus before we can really open all borders ok we knew that so so what is your message to say the american businessmen all of the indian student who wants to come to europe is the mrs that you're telling them is you're not welcome here for the moment. everybody's welcome europe is an open continent and if you're a partner for everyone he wants to work together strongly with the rest of the world and it is about the challenges of the future but currently again we have not a proper over about the risks. in the corona in corona terms. and that's why you must be fact based that is what we do we do this in europe again i underline this again we have countries who have not opened the lockdown already like others did in germany in europe having this in mind this is a flexible mechanism to open borders if you have to guarantee that you have corona
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under control on national level then you can open borders and that is on in europe the case and that is all the extremities of case mr david just just more broadly freedom of movement has been central to the european project what must impact all these lockdowns and border closures have i mean after all the on the tourism people's lives have been impacted. so actually we lost some freedoms we lost some rights of the of the europeans which we achieved in the last decades in europe and that's why it's fundamental i don't allow that national rights which are guaranteed by your constitution are seen as higher rights as more important rights for the citizens you know what when you are in the european you have also guaranteed rights and these rights are equally important and one of them is the freedom of movement and that's why if we come back hopefully step by step no always this helps 1st in mind to a normal situation in europe to
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a more normal situation europe then the european rights must be equally treated freedom of movement is extremely important all right that's one trade baby he heads the conservative block in the european parliament thank you. thank you so much. the german government has announced that. it will start relaxing border controls with the e.u. member states this weekend but chancellor angela merkel has warned that progress made towards containing the coronavirus must not be jeopardized by moving too quickly to lift restrictions in parliament the chancellor faced questions on that economic impact of the disease as well as on conditions for seasonal workers after a larger prone a virus outbreak at a slaughterhouse germany is now emerging from a nearly 2 month lockdown but medical warned that people would be living with the disease for some time to come as a bit of the premium and view it would be depressing if we had to reintroduce
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restrictions that we all want to leave behind us because we want too much too soon . so let us be courageous and vigilant let us reopen public and economic life step by step whilst keeping an eye on how the pandemic develops for i love you under about all let us return to our workplaces schools cafes and sports clubs whilst following the new rules social distancing hand-washing and respecting the need to protect each other and. i firmly believe that if we remain consistent and prevent a relapse then we will all benefit. and others because then in the next phase of the pandemic both a possible protecting people's health and letting our economy recover as quickly as possible protecting jobs and enjoying a social life. position of his leave money in before the good for more on this i'm
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joined by political correspondent emmanuel shaz hello emmanuelle so we've just heard the german chancellor talking about striking that difficult balance between controlling the virus and easing restrictions how is the country doing on that front. well indeed america the chance of a war and time and again that the country must not spoil its progress containing the virus by moving too quickly to leaf actions yet the government's cause of action a course of action has been criticised by a position parties for example such as the far right out sanity of a forward germany or by the liberals now easing off relaxing when i say sions the radio station sorry all the rest of the easier the dividing. of clothes the economy equivocations off the pandemic of the year as is the case in any other country does despite germany's good results so far in tackling the pandemic for some the easing of the rest simply isn't going fast enough there's those so the question of the
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efficiency of the emergency mechanic isn't that no acts as a safeguard and that means that if more than 50 cases of infection are detected per 100000 inhabitants over the last 7 days then rest when they put in place again up to the local level but given think of asian time of the virus the figure is only of affected situation a week or so later so there's also questions as to how effective would that emergency make on the stand by many one of us know that in the german population not everybody is content with the government's coronavirus course as you've been saying and here's a report about protests in different german cities against measures being taken to keep the pandemic under control. germany hadn't witnessed scenes like this in weeks thousands gathered at an official demonstration in downtown stuttgart last weekend calling for greater freedoms during the corona pandemic despite a recent loosening of restrictions about how big i think the way they're dealing with this pandemic is a bit over the top driving the whole country into the ground by on the marketing
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83000000 healthy people in lock down and winding the economy down that's never happened with all this is what i think of the all. the reason we're here to show that we're not outsiders people here aren't from the green party or eco freaks or hippies are from the alternative for germany or whatever we're normal people from the middle of society that we actually sponsor and we always have to we're responsible citizens. we get our really good bill goes in the demonstration is allowed but peaceful and most here respect the social distancing rule but protests like this one have also attracted people who are using the crisis to promote their own cause among them conspiracy theorists and extremists according to eunice gonna . look i wish i wasn't in stoke i was in berlin and it's clear to see that the number of people trying to hijack the demonstration especially right wing
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extremists is far higher in the limb than in stuttgart. at an unauthorized demonstration in central berlin things got out of hand. anti vax is conspiracy theorists and right wing hooligans were among the crowd. prominent participant is. killed one became known for his vegan cooking videos on social media these days he's demonstrating against coronavirus restrictions and spreading conspiracy theories he also claims that sedatives have been added to billions drinking water his social media channel garnered 30000 subscribers in just 2 weeks come up you can laugh about it and wonder what kind of person crazed such attention in times like these but of course it's also totally dangerous because he's calling exactly these kind of people to arms saying we have to defend
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ourselves we're facing a superior enemy and so anything goes. but german government has expressed concern that violent right wing extremists could sway opinion especially among those doubting the validity of the current restrictions for the large demonstrations have been announced for this weekend. in may oh how much did these prices reflect public sentiment here in germany we have seen them break out across the country well you know 2 thirds of germans are happy about the current state of things and support arrest fictions in place that's a bit less than at the beginning of the pandemic but overall general public has been generally following the social the sensing rows and wearing masks in public transport and shops and keeping them this censors from one another in public space now of course we see patients wearing thin here so there is a concern that those process will grow of course but also beyond the area of a minority that their fundamental rights are being infringed there is also the worry of
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a majority of people that for example far right extremists or anti faxes and might use those protests as a platform as well as we've just seen ok that's. emmanuel shahs with the view from poland thank you. you're watching news still to come as fitness studios reopen in some parts of germany we take a look at how new hygiene and social distancing rules work at the bank. but now it's for a brief look at some of the stories making headlines around the world donald trump's former campaign chairman for man of 40 has been released from federal prison into home confinement of a coronavirus concerns manifold was deemed a high risk due to age and creates a state medical conditions he is serving a 7 year sentence after being convicted as part of the probe into russian interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. in turkey children aged 14 and are being allowed to leave
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their homes for a few hours today that's the 1st time it's happening in more than a month the country's elderly population is still subject to curfews. the conflict between the majority french speaking government in cameroon and the phone militias is showing no signs of coming to and more than 3000 people have lost their lives in the conflict since it started in 2016 children are among the most badly affected our next report focuses on the work of one man doing his best at some personal risk to help some of those children it begins with images that some viewers may find disturbing 60 year old media will should serve a times in the fifty's in her home in 2070 she's a victim of a brutal conflict between total security forces under food so produced in the west of the country. her fears was badly injured by the bullets skin had to be grafted
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from other parts of our body. she now has to communicate through this medical device on heart pruett. since the conflict began here in swing to 16 according to unicef or what 800000 children have been out of school incomers north west unsolved west these year on the 14th of february when the world was celebrating the last 15 children went out incomers northwest region. this mine has made it a duty to protect vulnerable children in the under 4 regions i.i. i've been there runs a local ngo named after his father here are the foundation set of fees he thinks girl 4 to one boys some as young as 11 all of them were caught in violent clashes last close really to use and got displays due to the conflict ion has taken them in
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and provides for their needs. there is an ongoing conflict involving 2 parties to a warring camps and the humanitarian challenge is just. very great of all the extraordinary various need that someone shows up to care the suffering to cap the debts that's why i responded to the call there today here knew exactly how deadly this conflict peace 40 year all hands was caught in crossfire between cameron soldiers an english speaking militias are people. so history should be right back up or so or the balls to one. or 2 for. 2. there are far too many stories like these here. i often organizes counseling
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sessions with a keats. it is a true consolo so he's using his skills to bring here. it's believed that on this 150000 children have been displaced from their homes these increases the trauma a make them over the ruble to exploitation very very strong always with illyria and equality is senior central africa researcher at human rights watch she joins me from rome italy hello to you ilario we've just seen that report this very very distressing scenes in that report just from from your perspective and the work that you do on this country how would you describe the situation for children in cameroon. well the final in crisis in young regions of camarade nest headed disproportionate impact on children children have been caught between 2 fires
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targeted both by armed separatists and also by government forces hundreds have been kidnapped assaulted threatened some but been killed the state said in their previous reports many of been displaced and are living in extremely difficult conditions in remote areas without access to what the quit ford what are sanitation and here they face multiple threats 1st of all they are out of school since now over 3 years and also. the fact that they are hope school they also exposed to other risks including early marriage order recruitment from the separatist group you wrote in a recent report that children were being targeted for going to school tell us a little bit more about that. yeah exactly we have documented how separatist groups have targets children specifically for going to school kidnap children they have
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assaulted them the mutilated them just for going to school or for carrying school books in their beds or for fusing to join their separatist groups hundreds are currently out of school as i said before and this is not because of the corby 1900 mic visit is because of a despicable boycott of education that separatist groups as implemented it seems now 3 years ilario what what erast an impact is this going to have in this region well the crisis in young love for region so it's been a catastrophe for children education a spin you will stay as a weapon to separate as a means to gain politically on the ground and these arrests resulted into depriving hundreds of thousands of children of the fundamental right to education children are entitled to go to school in
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a safe environment even in time of by humans but in coming or on attacks on schools on children on students on teachers seriously cheaper diaries to children's security and also their education that's an area and across the she's senior central africa researcher at human rights watch thank you thank you. now the coronavirus walked on has meant that most people who would normally go to the gym have had to workout at home here in germany some states have now allowed fitness centers to open again but only with strict hygiene regulations in place you went along to one gym to find out how it all works. finally back in the fitness studio but lifting weights isn't the only challenge in coronavirus times wiping down after a workout is compulsory this gym in bone in western germany has been permitted to
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reopen but new rules have been introduced so that social distancing and increased hygiene procedures become the norm before the need as we are all members to wash their hands on entry or use disinfectant we have disinfectant dispensers in the changing rooms and the showers well the toilets and also in the restaurant area there are disinfectant sprays for the equipment right across the premises but hygiene standards is now very high. employees also clean gym apparatus at regular intervals they wear masks but it is left to the discretion of members whether they follow suit many are just glad to be back and i have off going off to have long hoped that the fitness studios would reopen before the summer i'm very happy because just training at home isn't the same the motivation is not the same. pieces of equipment must be placed 3 metres away from each other well jim members have to
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stay 1.5 metres apart at all times just like in normal life. as the rules are good and they're not too restrictive because in the last 2 months we've got used to the idea of washing our hands more and using disinfectant and it's not mandatory to wear a mask while using the equipment so i don't think the rules are over the top. people in other parts of germany hope their fitness studios can reopen in the coming weeks many gym go as well hygiene conscious. anyway but now it is a new ritual for all. sports now the bundesliga is starting again this weekend but with no fans allowed in the stadiums in a virus related regulations that includes colognes famous mascot hennis the goat now good has been at every bundesliga the home game since 2008 but the run will come to an end in cologne's match against mines on sunday fans hope the loss of their lucky charm will not hurt their chances to learn has. off the relegation when
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the bundesliga was suspended in watch because he and. the record. next alcove in $1000.00 special all be ready for a 2nd wave of infection. into experts about that washing d.w. news there's more on our website dot com and you can follow us on twitter and on instagram that's news from my self-esteem and by the team it's been great having your company.
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